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Emma Watson: PGG’s Hottie of the Moment

by Chris
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If there’s one person I’d like to see a a few years from now, I am sure it would be Emma Watson. Only around 17, she has grown from an ordinary kid like this (on the left):

Image source: Exposay

to a beautiful young lady like this:

Image source: Exposay

See, I’m not into girls younger than me. The youngest I would like would be 2-3 years below my age probably 18 but Emma, 17, is just an exception. I seriously believe that she’ll get more beautiful as she grows…

Image source: Stinkstein

In case you didn’t know, Emma plays the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. And before the Harry Potter hype ends, it’s just a “must” to put Emma Watson as PGG’s Hottie of the Moment.

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