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Globe on 50% off 3G mobile surfing

by Chris
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Good news for Globe subscribers, well according to the network company they dropped cellphone 3G Internet surfing from 15 cents per kilobyte (P 0.15) to 7.5 cents per kilobyte (P 0.075) – That’s 50% discount until September 19 only.

But I must say that dropping it to 50% off is still not worth it. I mean why pay per kilobyte? It’s still too expensive! Just logging in to your Yahoo account is how many kilobytes already? Still, nothing beats Smart’s 3G Internet surfing where you pay only 10 Pesos for 30 Minutes. No need to count the kilobytes at all! I hope Globe does that as well… but until that happens, Smart is still the best choice for mobile phone Internet surfing.

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