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New Hanford ICE Reverse Underwear

I know it’s quite unusual to start posting innerwears, specifically underwears in the blog but I thought that this would be beneficial to everyone since this is Pinoy Guy Guide after all.

I have here my newly bought Hanford ICE Reverse underwear. What I like about it is that Hanford did a great job in using a very soft piece of clothing for the underwear yet making it look like your blue jeans (isn’t that cool?). Moreover, the striking yellow-green color on the sides really captivates the eye. I know that underwears are often hidden, but this one in particular is very good in cases where you just want to show it off. Well, that is if you were a model! Hmm, what else were you thinking? 😉

Click image to enlarge

What’s more interesting is the fact that this underwear could be reversed revealing a lighter shade of blue.

Just a bit of info, Hanford ICE (Inner Comfort Enhanced) is a product line of innerwears that is targeted for the youth. For years, it has been well observed that Hanford never really concentrated on the youth market until the introduction of Hanford ICE.

In case you were wondering, the price tag of this is around 160 Pesos each and is available at leading department stores nationwide.

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