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Stolen – PGG’s Music of the Moment

If there’s one song that I couldn’t get off my head (for about a month now), that would have to be Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. To get an idea of what I am talking about, click play below to listen to the sample of the song.

If you’re quite familiar with the band, they have been around for quite some time performing hit songs like “Hands Down”, a soundtrack of One Tree Hill as well as “Vindicated” which on the other hand is a soundtrack of Spiderman 2.

Image Cover of Dusk and Summer Album of
Dashboard Confessional featuring the hit song “Stolen”
Image Source: IShawYu

“Stolen” has become a hit in the radio and is PGG’s Music of the Moment. The one who wrote the lyrics of this song is a genius!
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  • The music video version is better than the album version (?). It is a bit faster.

  • i’ve seen the music video and it’s great…

    i don’t know but i think i like the slow version hehehe…

  • How about Augustana’s Boston? There are also two versions. One slow and one a bit upbeat. Have you heard both?

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