About a week ago, I finally broke one of my office leather shoes – thanks to Typhoon Egay which really had my shoes sip around 2 gallons of water resulting into a complete disaster!

So finally my shoe was no longer usable so I suddenly had to rush to buy one over the weekend for a replacement. And since I am trying to save-up for a gadget, I was looking for something that will replace my old shoes for the time being. I was basically looking for a leather shoe that is inexpensive but still, stylish and elegant-looking.

I came across Mario D’Boro and I completely found what I was looking for:

I initially thought it would cost more than 2,000 Pesos but surprisingly, it wasn’t even that expensive at all! I was stunned to find that it carries a price tag of only 1,100 Pesos! A price which is perfect to not ruin my budget…

However, since it is my first time to buy a shoe from this brand, the durability is yet to be tested. (Anyone care to comment?) I just hope that this shoe lasts long enough. Though it’s cheap, I really like it!

So if you are also trying to save-up and looking for a cheap but elegant leather shoe, try Mario D’Boro. Their product line is one of the least-pricey you could see around. 😀