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36% of PGG readers wear earrings for men

by Chris

If you guys noticed, I conducted a survey here in Pinoy Guy Guide asking if you guys do wear earrings for style. The results are quite amazing:

14% of PGG readers wear earrings on the right ear;
22% of PGG readers wear earrings on the left ear;
0% on both ears
while 64% do not wear earrings at all.

So what’s my point-of-view on wearing earrings for style?

Well earrings are basically like clothes. They look good on some but look bad on others. It actually depends on the person who is wearing them. But I’d have to say that I am one of the 64% who do not wear earrings for the following reasons:

1. I do not like to get my ear(s) pierced
I never did like to get pierced on any part of my body. So getting one for my ears isn’t really appropriate, besides even if I do get one I don’t think I’d even bother to put earrings on them.

2. It is not good for city professionals like me
If you are an office professional like me, well you wouldn’t want to talk to your boss who happens to be staring at your ears right? I guess, it would be better for a professional guy to not wear earrings at all.

3. It’s just not my style
Last thing is that this isn’t really my thing. I like bracelets and all but this one is some sort of style that I’d really skip.

Believe it or not, earrings for men started in the 90’s but soon faded away. The very reason why many guys consider wearing earrings is that it somehow gives the “astigin” tough-guy look. From what I’ve heard, ladies normally find this as a turn-off, unless if you are a rockstar by profession of course.

Anyway, if you are into earrings, I recommend you guys to wear them only during gimmicks and informal occasions since it projects a bad boy image. There is always an appropriate time to wear earrings for men and I leave it to you guys to go figure it out.

So why or why do you not wear earrings? Tells us and we’d be happy to know.

*Image source: Chainz

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Remcyl Viloria December 1, 2007 - 12:18 pm

I’ve worn earrings before but grown out of it. I somehow got myself to a point where it was awkward seeing them on me. So I took them off and never put them back on.

I guess when you’re young it’s a must-try just to relieve ourselves from the curiosity of getting our ears pierced. I got 6 piercings before and believe me, those days are over.

but I’m not closing my door to other types of piercings. I’m thinking of getting my tongue pierced early next year.

What do you think?

ROT 908649 October 1, 2008 - 6:37 pm

Hi Chris,

Tagal na nang post before me, anyway post pa din ako…

Maybe pwedi maghanap ng earclips (parang ilalagay lang sya sa upper part ng ears)….that way, hindi na i-pierce ung tenga…heheh

Have u seen those? I always ask sa mga malls but apparently they dont have those..I’ll keep looking though…hhehehheh


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