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Deep V neck Sweater for Men

The cool breeze of the upcoming Christmas season brought the need for sweat shirts and jackets. And lately, I have seen the influx of new and stylish sweat shirts called Deep V neck sweaters like the one here.

The Deep V neck Sweater is so-called because the front has buttons which are placed way down, forming a letter V as shown above. This is great to wear especially when you want to show off your sweater and also a portion of your shirt inside.

What I like too about this sweater is the hood that it has on the back. It’s absolutely a great way to dress and to impress don’t you think?

I have seen quite a number of these sweaters already available in department stores. I want to buy one but most of what I saw have no hood. Anyone knows where we could get one with a hood?

*Image source: Nordstrom

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