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My Chemical Romance Concert Experience

Two words that best describe the MCR concert: MIND-BLOWING!

While I understand that not all Pinoy Guy Guide readers are fans of the band, I still hope that there are some here sharing the same sentiments.

I was at The Fort with my friend last January 25 where the band went live here in Manila. The experience is beyond any other entertainment event I’ve ever attended to. The band plus the audience had just too much energy that I felt my adrenaline-rush all over me for the entire 1.5-hour music concert.

Their performance of my favorites: “Welcome to the black parade”, “Famous Last Words”, “Teenagers”, “Helena” and “I don’t love you” was amazing! I like the way their vocalist, Gerard, sang their music. It sounded exactly the way it did on their album which is something that doesn’t normally happen on live concerts!

I was just a little disappointed with the venue. Since this is a rock concert, the organizers should have removed the chairs since people stand and jump during these types of concerts. The chairs just consumed a lot of space in a way that members of the audience didn’t have a chance to come closer to the band.

Anyway, Kudos to My Chemical Romance for a perfect performance! Guys, if you happened to miss this one, there are still many more artists coming your way for concerts. I’ll post updates soon.

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Cool Concert.
    wassup chris? i can’t see you shout out box ^_^

    tc..your blog still rocks!

  • chris im doing good.too bad i didn’t make it to the concert I’ve been a very busy nurse ^_^ Do you have any other photos that were taken in the concert?

    peace bro! ^_^ tc

  • guian, you’re a fan of my chem too? that’s great!

    i have other photos but it’s a bit blurred because it was at night and the spotlights were on.

    anyway, good luck on your nursing career! i’m sure you’ll make big $$$$$

  • hey pinoy guy!
    i can so relate to this post of yours!
    i truly agree…
    except mine was held in s’pore!
    its the best ever.
    what you hear in their album is what you get and that is something not many bands can render.

    just like you…
    i hate the location-max pavillion-
    im sure my fellow s’porean fans agree with me.

    im a super big fan and i dare say it awesome! fan oriented ppl…
    so ppl…
    start listening to these five beautiful boys!
    they’re all the goodness of life!

  • awesome sana maulit e2ng concert!!!at d second tym gusto ko nsa malapitan ako,,sa gold ba,,ayoko ko na sa G.A ang layo2x,, ilan ba mnanood ng concert???

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