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Predictions for Men’s Stuff in 2008

Since 2008 is still in its infancy, let’s see some predictions on men’s stuff for this year. These involve Filipino men’s style, fashion, cellphones and gadgets as well.

Some of my fearless forecasts are the following-


Khakis will be the “in” thing
Jeans will come in different cuts (mostly skinny and slim-fit) but khakis will start to emerge in department stores and be the “in” thing for men.

Skinny Jeans as sold in Levis Store

Stripes will start to become obsolete
There is a new shirt design that is coming your way and I have already seen it. This will make stripes to become obsolete. I will feature the new shirt design in my succeeding posts.

You will buy more stuff from Pinoy Guy Guide
This year, you will buy some goodies from Pinoy Guy Guide such as bracelets and interesting things soon to be featured on the PGG Store. [ *wishes and keeps my fingers crossed* 😉 ]


Nokia will come up with new cellphone names
Nokia will run out of names for N-Series phones due to huge volumes they release every year. I think they will need to come up with a new cellphone naming convention. It’s quite noticeable that they have tendencies to reuse names of old cellphone models as we have seen with Nokia 3110.

ASUS EEE PC will “not be that” ubiquitous.
Just because the 199-dollar laptop is now readily available in the Philippines, you’d see quite a number of people using it. But due to its limited features, some will reconsider if they will indeed get one or choose a full-blown laptop instead.

Alcatel C825 as seen on CellGadgets

Alcatel mobile phones will become better than ever
For the past year, we have seen Alcatel releasing very nice cellphones suited for everyone at a very low price. This year they will take their products to the next level and push their market to Filipinos.

Everyone will own a MyPhone Duo or any of the cellphone clones
It seems that lots of Filipinos are jumping into the bandwagon of owning a dual-sim mobile phone. So whether it is a MyPhone Duo or simply a cellphone clone – the ability to be reached using two mobile networks at the same time using a single phone seems to be getting fashionable even for guys these days. And by the end of the year I may even find myself owning one of these phones.

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.

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