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Nokia N96: Successor of the N95?

Image by: Engadget

For us guys, its another high-end tech toy that we drool over. Meet the Nokia N96 – the rumored successor of the all-in-one device we used to know as Nokia N95

Just less than a year after they released the N95 worldwide, they have already come up with a successor. Compared to the older model, the N96 has a 16GB built-in memory plus an additional slot for a memory card (something the N95 8GB edition lacks). It now has support for mobile TV as well as various video formats including MP4, Windows Media Video, and Flash Video. It also has two LEDs along with its camera for better pictures.

However, I think there is not much difference compared to the N95. So if you already own an N95 I don’t think it’s worth to upgrade to N96.

What do you think?

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Right! That made me feel better, the not supposed to upgrade to N96 just yet, hehe, my N95 8gb is doing great and suddenly this N96 comes in the picture, grrr, hahaha! Pero pareng Chris if it has xenon flash like the N82 plus all the goodies of N95 and more, why not upgrade diba? Parang standalone digicam na talaga pag ganun… N95 kasi is a multimedia powerhouse na and unless they include TV here sa N96 like sa mga cheap china phones super panalo na talaga to I’d buy one right away (pag may pera,hahaha), Kaya lang two led lights lang so parang wala lang, wala rin masyadong cutting-edge upgrade from the good-ol-N95 8GB, just the 16gb mem, and I don’t like the design parang fingerprint magnet? Hehe rationalization ito, I hate nokia! One moment this is the best fone, then the next day may super best naman! Hahaha! I remember when I first bought my 7650 it’s around 27k pero ngayon 2k na lang, lol… Hahaha… =P

  • Hahaha, yeah Marky.. I think Nokia updates their phones every 6 months (which only shows how fast-paced technology is) so I can’t really blame them if they release updated phones every now and then.

    Remember N95 used to be 45 thousand Pesos when it was first released? Now it’s only 20 thousand pesos less than a year after.. haha!

    And the 7650 costing 2,000 Pesos is seriously making me laugh! 😀

  • hey chris

    I have a question, though, forgive me, it’s off-topic.

    I dont know where to post this question of mine since there’s no related article about this. I’ve tried to get in touch with you through your Contact PGG page here, but it seems like it doesn’t work, maybe you can fix it.

    Anyways, my question is about blogging.

    I would like to ask if pwede ba na mag post ng isang picture ng isang bagay, without direct permission from the owner of a said picture, but the article relating to it is not libelous naman, nagkataon lang na related ang pic n nakita ko sa internet, so I intent to use it on my post. Now, pwede ko bang gamitin un without direct permission from the owner BUT with acknowledgement naman, or the credits is given to the proper owner.

    Ok lang ba un? I hope you can answer it, dito kasi ako medyo confused about legal right/copyright issues on blogging.

    Hoping for your response.


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