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Visor Beanies: New variation cap for Men

by Chris
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What happens when you combine a knitted head-gear and a visor cap? The result is a Visor Beanie, a knitted cap which was popularized some years back.

Knitted variation as shown in Tonsai

However these days, there is a new variant of the visor beanie, one which is not knitted similar to the one I bought below.

Visor in front

Visor at the back

Anyway, visor beanies are usually worn by people living in countries with winter. But the Philippines seems to have adapted to this type of cap because it is a nice headgear for men. What I like about the new variant is that it is no longer knitted (so it’s not hot to wear on your head). Also the new style coming in stores is more manly than the previous knitted one. I like wearing it either with the visor in front or at the back. Astig! You’ll feel like a rockstar.

Visor beanies are also available at the PGGStore

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1 comment

jm April 8, 2010 - 5:13 pm


been having trouble finding beanies here in manila.
do you know of stores that sell them here?



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