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"Guys are so plain" – says women

I’ve read in many books, a few mags and talked to some female friends and almost all the three have a common observation among us men and that is – “Guys are so plain”.

Now here are the top 3 reasons why women think that men are so plain. Surprisingly, most of them speak about a guy’s sense of style and clothing:

1. Men wear black slacks – no more, no less
Of course, if you’re still a student you can’t do anything about those black slacks because that’s your uniform. But given the fact that almost all men wear black slacks in the office makes women think that us guys are just so plain. Accordingly, it’s so monotonous to see that men wear black slacks four to five times a week and the only thing that is changing with their clothes are their polo shirts.

Image Credit: SeeJackShop

How to get out of the stereotype?
I’m a little guilty about this since most of my slacks are black and this is the norm in the office for men. Nevertheless, it would be good to have a variety of slacks in other colors. Cream or dirty white, gray and also khakis would definitely do for office attire.

2. Men wear plain boring t-shirts
Most guys wear plain T-shirts and for women, they find this boring. My female officemates even told me that wearing plain-colored shirts make all men look like clones of one another.

How to get noticed with your shirt?
Wearing graphic tees is one and the other would be to wear bright, multi-colored shirts. Layered-tops are still quite good but stripes should be minimized since it’s rapidly running out of style and almost everyone has them.

3. Men seldomly wear accessories
I agree with this because we usually don’t bother to get ourselves bracelets, anklets and necklaces since more often than not, it’s kind of a waste of time and money to wear them one by one. We would rather spend our money on expensive gadgets instead of expensive accessories.

Image Credit: Top100WatchSites

What’s the real thing about men’s accessories?
You could forget about wearing all the other accessories you can think of except, your watch! I have been told by many that whenever ladies meet a new guy, they tend to look for his watch since it’s one of the accessories that we guys wear that turn them on – after all, watches make us look like a gentleman! That being said, all the other accessories are optional.

I hope that the mentioned tips will help every guy to get out of the stereotypical thinking of women that we are so plain. Try some of these tips and you’ll surely stand-out. Have other tips in mind? I’m sure you do so please type in your comments below.

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • i have noticed these things when i got GF during High School life..so right now, i always put some extra thing to my outfit..like wearing anklet when i am in Short attire and wear this thing they called layering…thats it!

  • a good pair of glasses add to the porma look as well, if its sunny wear your sunglasses, this serves as an additional element for style as well as protection from harmful uv rays.

    wear sandals with a variety of style but keep it to a manly designs.

    pair your tops and bottom very well, its not how plain it is but how you wear them, a good piece of clothing is something that you could wear and it must wear you.

    experiment your belts, shoes and even ties, wear something that is conspicuous, yet it speaks for itself.

  • anonymous – I like the tip on pairing your tops and bottoms. I agree that this is very important!

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