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Neo Xplore X1: Mini Notebook Anywhere!

I was looking around tech shops this week and I just found out that the Neo Xplore X1 Mini Notebook is already released in the Philippines.

Dubbed as the “Asus EEE PC Killer”, the Xplore X1 notebook is produced by local inexpensive laptop manufacturer Neo, which seems to be producing more feature-packed laptops at affordable prices! Take a look at the Xplore X1 Specs below:

Intel Celeron M Processor
Windows XP Starter OS
512 MB Memory
7-inch LCD Display
30GB Hard Disk Drive
802.11b/g WiFi
SD/MMC Card reader

Aesthetically-speaking, the Asus EEE PC looks better, slimmer and more elegant than this one. But the X-Factor of the Xplore X1 is its 30GB Hard Drive! The Asus EEE PC carries only an average of 4 GB which is too small for me. And of course, you could install Windows easily on the Xplore X1 due to its bigger capacity unlike in the Asus EEE PC where installation of Windows is not that useful if you only got a 4GB flash drive.

These two PC’s make it difficult to choose which ultraportable laptop is the best. But if you would choose one of them which one would you opt to buy?

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • the ASUS EEE PC chris… mas ok sya kasi nowadays we dnt need a bigger memory sa mga laptops kasi ang dami na ng mga portable storage media…

    Curious lng ako ha… pang ang display na to was taken dito sa ILOILO CITY correct? sa ATRIUM?

  • buying NEO laptop is last on my option. If you have enough money try to purchase laptop with a brand that is known world wide. Ung isang dr dito sa work ko eh bumili ng NEO laptop. aun, 2x na niya binalik sa pinagbilhan niya.

  • neo laptops are cheap but the quality is very spotty. and the customer service is even worse than their products.

    if you like the feelig of frustration that comes from spending your hard-earned money on a defective product and if you like dealing with an inept customer service then neo is the best brand in town.

    and yes i am one of the many frustrated consumers foolishly taken in by the cheapness of neo laptops.

  • Pag 800X640 that means baba lang resolutions ng pics? . sayang bibili na sana ako tanks for the advise

  • @OBB – ang alam ko yung pictures as is pa rin yung resolution pero kapag ni-view sa X1, possible na 800X640 lang yung resolution na ma-view mo 🙂

  • I have a classmate who have one.

    I occasionally borrow it when I do immediate blog posts, and I must admit that it’s not a very nice one.

    Same with Anonymous, given the chance, buying Neo of that same kind, would be the very last on my Christmas List.

  • There are neo with a price din naman.
    so if you guys want the quality neo, go
    for the high price neo, wag ung cheap one.
    so that you will not be wasting ur time putting
    nonsense comments about ur neo laptaps.

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