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In the history of abortion, induced abortion has been the source of considerable debate, controversy, and activism. An individual's position on the complex ethical, moral, philosophical, biological, and legal issues is often related to his or her value system. The main positions are one that argues in favor of access to abortion and one argues against access to abortion. Opinions of abortion may be described as being a combination of beliefs on its morality, and beliefs on the responsibility, ethical scope, and proper extent of governmental authorities in public policy. Religious ethics also has an influence upon both personal opinion and the greater debate over abortion.

Abortion debates, especially pertaining to abortion laws, are often spearheaded by groups advocating one of these two positions. In the United States, those in favor of greater legal restrictions on, or even complete prohibition of abortion, most often describe themselves as pro-life while those against legal restrictions on abortion describe themselves as pro-choice. Generally, the former position argues that a human fetus is a human being with a right to live making abortion tantamount to murder. The latter position argues that a woman has certain reproductive rights, especially the choice whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term.

In both public and private debate, arguments presented in favor of or against abortion access focus on either the moral permissibility of an induced abortion, or justification of laws permitting or restricting abortion.

Debate also focuses on whether the pregnant woman should have to notify and/or have the consent of others in distinct cases: a minor, her parents; a legally married or common-law wife, her husband; or a pregnant woman, the biological father. In a 2003 Gallup poll in the United States, 79% of male and 67% of female respondents were in favor of legalized mandatory spousal notification; overall support was 72% with 26% opposed.

legalize or not?.. Kung may gusto ka pang specific conditions, type it in!

We might want to know the view of PGGers regarding this issue..

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Abortion is defined as delivery of a fetus less than 20 weeks age of gestation or when the fetus weighs 500 grams or less. There are two types of induced abortion: (1) Elective Abortion and (2) Therapeutic Abortion. Therapeutic abortion is done mainly when the mother's health is at stake. However, elective abortion is done at the request or will of the mother. What we are supposed to be clearly against at is ELECTIVE ABORTION. This type of abortion, where in the mother purposely aborts her baby, is unacceptable. However, with regards to therapeutic abortion, I am for it. Most of the time, when the mother's health is at stake, the same goes to the baby. The scenario is like this: don't abort the baby, then both mother and baby die. But abort the baby, mother lives, the baby dies. Which do you prefer?

I'm against Abortion

Iìm pro-life so NO.

why abort? dapat nga magpasalamat ka at di ka baog.  ;D

this happens to teenagers who don't want to open to their parents/relatives

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this happens to teenagers who don't want to open to their parents/relatives

yeah, more like afraid to take up responsibilities and consequences of their actions.

^ at nadala lang ng kapusukan ng pagiging kabataan.

kaya dapat sex education should start in high school and tackles abortion, contraceptives and other issues. Let the students be educated first and foremost and OSY too

paano b ang procedure ng abortion? im just curious..

alam nyo study shows daw na mas nagkaka trauma ang mga lalaki(father) kesa sa mga babae(mother) pag nagpalaglag yung babae.

pano ba kase gngwa yang abortion. eh hinde nmn magkakasya sa pekpek ung bata kung hinde iii-re at hinde pa kabwanan eh... hinde xa magsusuper stretch.

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alam nyo study shows daw na mas nagkaka trauma ang mga lalaki(father) kesa sa mga babae(mother) pag nagpalaglag yung babae.

Talaga? Pakipost naman ng mga detalye ng study na yan. Mas maganda siguro kung matignan kung papaano nila ginawa yung study na yan.

actually nabasa ko yun way back pa when I was still in college, marami ka parin naman makikitang article dito sa internet about that. Based daw sa study mas matagal daw maka recover ang mga lalaki psychologically , meron daw yung di mo sila makausap lagi sila umiiyak. Nakalimutan ko lang kung anong university sa US yung gumawa ng study.