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Guy Guide: Choosing the right Headphones

by Chris
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Whether we care to admit or not, we just love music! And what better way to enjoy your playlist than listening to it using the perfect headphones right? So what should you look for when buying headphones?

1. First you need to decide whether you would be needing an earphone or a headphone.

An earphone is basically a small bud which is placed inside your hears (ok raise your hand if you haven’t seen one yet. hahaha). While a headphone is basically similar to the photo above. It covers almost your entire ears.

If you are a traveler and you’d like to have your music stuff around in a small handy bag get an earphone. It’s smaller and easier to carry. But if you work on your laptop, computer or let’s just say you’re also a traveler, but you’re lucky enough to have a big bag to carry around – then choose a headphone! It’s big but it’s sound may just be worth the added extra weight.

2. Choose an earphone or headphone with strong bass.

The better the bass sound of a headphone, the better the sound quality right? After all you don’t wanna hear My Chemical Romance playing drums that sound like Coke cans being smashed to the ground right? πŸ˜€

3. If you choose a headphone, make sure it’s open-air

Alright this may be a little confusing. Headphones similar to the one above are open-air headphones. They eliminate external noise by almost 60 percent. However, there is one type of headphones called closed-air. Now this headphones cancels almost completely all external sounds so you could only hear your music. The problem? It’s hot – I mean your ears gets hot. You would feel like your ears are just being burnt by fire. That is because the cushion that surrounds your ear to eliminate external noise does not give enough ventilation to your ear and it could be damn irritating. If you wanna know the difference between open-air and closed-air ask the sales clerk.

4. Choose a headphone with volume controls on its cord

This is very important. It’s good to have a volume control on the actual headphones.. This is good so that you could immediately adjust volume when you accidentally play your music too loud. It also prevents you from pulling out your music player out of your pocket just to control volume.

5. Know whether you need a mic or not.

IF you don’t need a mic then don’t buy a headphone with one. But if you need one I would recommend a headphone wherein the mic is also built in on the headphone cord. It’s way better than having a mic crossing to your mouth making you look like an idiot. After all you don’t want to look like Britney Spears singing in a concert right? That sucks big time! And it’s a huge turn-off for girls haha

6. Choose a headphone that’s in style!

I used to like Apple IPod’s earphones. It’s very stylish. But take a look at it now, it’s so widespread! Everyone is using it that it kinda lost its appeal to me (no offense to Apple though). What’s even worse is that there are so many fake ones being sold around. But still this is a must-buy because its style never fades. It’s been there for quite a few years now.

Aside from Apple’s earphones, I’ve noticed that stylish headphones to choose from include the ear-clip types, as well as big ones like the photo above. If you want to be hip then get one of those trust me! πŸ™‚

Now with those six tips given are you now ready to choose the right headphone for you? Well in case you didn’t know, the photo above is my new headphone for my PC. I bought it for only 230 Pesos. It’s cheap but very nice. I really like it. You know you don’t need to get a 5,000 Peso headphone just to enjoy your music. Just look around and you could find a relatively inexpensive one like mine. Good Luck!

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