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Paintball: Not for the faint-hearted

by Chris

Last month, our company had an outing at a Sports club. I was one of the very few who joined extreme games – which included paintball etc. Call me a risk-taker or whatever you feel like but indeed I am. I haven’t tried paintball at all so I told myself why not give it a try right?

This game is not for faint-hearted peeps. It’s extreme and tough. According to our coaches, it’s number 3 of all the most extreme and dangerous sports in the country.

So what the heck is paintball?

Ok in layman’s terms Paintball is a game consisting of two teams. Now each member of the team holds a gun. Your objective? You need to shoot members of your opponent team. In order for your team to win you should either capture the flag at the home base of your opponent team OR shoot your opponents until all of them get eliminated. Simple right? As for our game, our objective is to eliminate all members of our opponent team.


Each gun in a paintball game is loaded with paintballs. The balls are around twice the size of marbles and it’s loaded with paint so that the moment it hits the opponent, paint splashes all over. So you could just imagine at what velocity the ball gets fired in order for it to burst upon hitting you. In other words if you get hit by the ball with no skin protector you will get INJURY!

That being said, it’s not easy to prepare for the game. You need to wear a goggle (face-mask) and a set of vests, hand and knee protectors.

THE GAME (based from personal experience)

The game was pretty tough. I felt like I was in the midst of a battlefield. hahaha 😀 I actually got my leg hurt. It had a bruise and It’s been there for like three weeks but it’s almost gone.

I was able to shoot down 2 opponents and I was happy for that because it was my first time. It’s a tough sport and it’s a great one for fearless guys (or even girls) out there. It’s really fun! Just don’t forget to gear-up and practice the necessary precautions for your own safety.

For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paintball.

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Anonymous May 15, 2007 - 3:12 pm

nasubukan ko na to… masakit nga… tagal mawala.

Crazy41 June 28, 2007 - 1:30 pm

Very nice. I have been playin paintball for about 5 years and i can’t stress enough on wearing a mask(goggles)!! This is a really fun sport to play no matter where just keep the guns shootin under 300FTS.


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