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Yahoo! unleashes unlimited email storage

A few days ago I was logging into Yahoo Mail and guess what? This announcement surprised me…

It seems that the battle between Yahoo Mail ang GMail is being taken to the next level. Unlimited email storage? No way Yahoo is got to be kidding… but no they’re not…

I just couldn’t believe that they are going to boost up their storage space to accommodate millions of Yahoo Mail subscribers’ storage capacity. There is a catch though – according to Yahoo Mail they will be on the watch for abusive users, meaning they will monitor if you are just using your email as an online storage server. I don’t know how Yahoo is going to monitor that but I heard rumors that they will send out a warning or suspend your account once they prove you’re abusing the unlimited storage.

I like Yahoo because my personal email accounts are hosted by it and it’s very user-friendly. I remember I was already a Yahoo subscriber when their email storage started with 4MB, then 100MB then 1GB and now unlimited.

But currently I prefer GMail for my large accounts. I like the way it loads so fast. I also like the way you could accurately search for an email using Google search. As of now, I haven’t even gotten close to my 2.8 GB (and counting) limit but I am wondering how would Google react over Yahoo’s unlimited storage? Let’s wait and see…

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  • That’s the only thing I don’t like about yahoo — it’s slow (slower than gmail, anyway). Though the tabbing thing within the mailbox that yahoo has is something that I prefer.

  • after 10 years…
    Gmail was launched last 2004 or 2005 and yet it launched with unlimited storage. I still prefer Gmail than Ymail

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