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Is your girl a gold-digger?

by Chris

If your girl is a gold-digger chances are you have come to your worst nightmare and when I mean nightmare I mean it literally.

See, for those who have no idea what we mean by gold-digger it simply means that the girl is ONLY after your money – no more, no less! And with that idea you have to learn the skill on spotting whether the girl your dating is indeed one. Following are clues that will help you to identify if the hottie your planning to go out with is indeed digging for your bank account.

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1. She doesn’t eat at “less” expensive restaurants

This is one of the most obvious clues. If you find yourself bringing not less than 5,000 Pesos in cash just for a dinner date with her – bravo, you may have found your gold-digger. Take it from me – if the girl really likes you she would be very embarassed if you take her to a very expensive restaurant.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out at class A restaurants once in a while. What I’m trying to point is that “test” your girl. If you happen to have a date on a very expensive restaurant, see if she’s willing to offer to share the expenses. If she is then you’re safe.

2. She is choosy on gifts she receives

You could see very well a girl’s reaction upon opening a gift. If you have consulted every guy and every girl in the planet and ALL of them agree that you have bought your girl the perfect gift then watch closely. Ask your girl to open the gift in front of you. If she truly likes you then she would appreciate any gift you would buy her, after all it’s the thought that matters most. Otherwise if she frowns and asks for something better (maybe a signature watch) then start to fret and suspect….

3. She refuses to go out with guys who don’t drive a car

This one is too damn easy. Self-explanatory and very obvious. I have seen many girls like these. I mean why wouldn’t a girl try to go out with a guy who has no car? Seriously that is way too shallow… If a girl isn’t a gold-digger she could have fun with you even if you two are just riding a jeepney…

4. She traces your family’s wealth

Okay this is the most dangerous… If it is your first, second or third time on a date and she asks you about the background of your family when it comes to money matters then this already means something.

5. She is known to like guys pretty much older than her

I don’t mean to stereotype. Girls in general do love that their guy is a bit older than them. But if your eyeing for a girl who has a reputation of their extreme obsession with older guys (say 7-10 years older) then chances are she is a gold-digger. Why? Because generally they think that older guys have thicker wallets and are way too damn rich. But this one is just a hint. It may or not apply for every girl though.

The above given tips are just clues or hints. It doesn’t mean that if a girl falls to any or all of the above she’s already a gold-digger. You need to investigate on your own to prove that she’s one. The best proven way to avoid gold-diggers is to introduce yourself to her as an average or better yet a poor guy. If she takes you for what you are then she truly loves you right?

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Carlo Rey May 26, 2007 - 11:23 am


*interrogates girls*

ha ha. Just kidding.

Chris May 26, 2007 - 12:54 pm


if your girl says “do you drive a car to work?”

hmmm.. something fishy.. hehehehe

Anonymous July 6, 2007 - 3:13 pm

hah hah I actually agree with everything in this post and I’m a girl..my grandparents are rich but they wouldnt give up a dime to their grandchildren. I grew up appreciating not being able to buy everything when you wanted and i look down on gold diggers cause they dont think/make enough of tehmselvs to make their lives better spending their own money…not someone elses

Chris July 7, 2007 - 2:46 am

^^^ so true

i mean if you truly love someone why marry for money? there’s much more life has to offer than that.

anyway where are you from? you’re a girl? welcome to pinoy guy guide. hehehehe. πŸ™‚

diana August 17, 2007 - 7:42 pm

i don’t agree with the car thing. i don’t really mind eating out on a cheap restaurant… kahit fast food πŸ™‚ but, we ladies just hate the smell of pollution sticking to the dresses we spent the entire night choosing carefully for you. madumi sa jeep. plus, it’s safer in a car.

the rest are okay though.

Chris August 18, 2007 - 6:59 am

hi diana.. welcome to the blog. i see your point with the car thing πŸ™‚

Anonymous June 12, 2008 - 2:17 pm

i totally agree. my brother have that experience and until now he so “TANGA” on that Gold-Digger girl. and that’s not it, the girl is acting like she is the richest girl in town knowing the fact that they are from the mountain where eagles lay there eggs. hahahaha

Anonymous June 30, 2008 - 9:55 am

as you can see my name is very fitting for Filipino ladies (ripoffandscarper)of all ages, they now have a bad name around the world as gold diggers and thats just what they are. They have no knowledge of other countries cultures and try to keep their own even when married to any man outside the Philippines.Never ever trust them,they are all well eduecated in the art of bedding men and then possibly marrying them and then thats it, its annulment of divorce for you my friend and off they go with your money, think again and again before getting involved,your heading for a black whole my male friends out there. Don’t be blinded by their smile, behind it is a hiddden agenda.

makesalotofsense July 26, 2008 - 9:15 pm

This is so true. Specially the car thing. If she doesn’t wanna go out with you coz you have no car, chances are – she doesn’t have a car too! hahaha that’s right. Otherwise she would bring her own if you don’t have one. ^__^

It’s true…too many Filipina’s live life in poverty. And they are sick of it. So….they will find anyway to get out of that poverty…the easy way..

kenny January 28, 2009 - 12:04 am

im scared.i went to the philippines last august and met a woman there.we spent some time together(2 weeks in a hotel room).when i returned home to the usa we continued to talk on messenger nearly every night for 2-3 hours.she has really managed to sink her claws into me and now im crazy about her.i have been very suspicious of her all along mostly because it is just my nature to suspect everything.she seems very nice,but i have been sending her money every month to help her with expenses.(approx $100.00 usd per mo.)thats the part i dont like.i almost cant do it because im a major money tightwad and not rich.i am returning there in 2 months and i will be staying for 50 days were i am to go to her town and meet her family.i figure this 50 days will tell all and really determine whether or not this reltionship is worth pursuing.if i dont like what i see,when i return home again i will break it off.she actually displays behavior that is opposite from what a gold digger displays.she is simple in taste and has actually refused to accept money from me before.on the other hand she wants me to buy her a rifrigerator when i come there.hahhahha.i told her i would.but really it depends on how expensiv it is.

Pinoy Guy Guide » Blog Archive » Beware of gold-diggers in bars January 28, 2009 - 1:41 am

[…] It’s IronMan’s car in the movie. I wish I saw the girl’s reaction upon seeing this car. So guys next time, beware of gold-diggers! […]

Sir A Ulomo May 10, 2009 - 4:17 pm

Kenny, if you get that once in a lifetime screw, is it worth being screwed?

jon December 27, 2009 - 11:54 am

Fraud by phhilippine goold diggers has become a tidal wave. but there is a guy called Master Hughes he has been putting a stop to alot of the internet fraud and k 1 visa fraud by philippine women, go to http://www.interpal.us to find out more <I know they hate him because he exposes them and even worked with a agency on one fraud case.

haciendera January 3, 2010 - 8:24 pm


i am Filipino but i don’t need any foreigner to support my finances.
I am educated have Masteral degree. I can go any country i want.
I own a translation company.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

rf September 11, 2010 - 1:27 am

Filipinas some good some bad but if u get a bad one God help u

aine November 15, 2011 - 6:06 am

your mean.. thats why im not speaking with western guys cause you look down on us filipinas. yeah maybe were poor,but not all filipinas are gold diggers cause majority of us are only honest to our hearts.

we are loyal, sweet , and caring.. veerrryy caring

we always try our best, we always workhard, even if were in pain, youll still see our sweet smile.

we’ll sing you sleep at night, and in the morning, if were not soundly asleep you’ll smell your breakfast waiting for you,everything ready, and we’ll never let you go till you kiss us.

we’ll laugh at your jokes though its not funny.. we’ll hold you hand if your disappointed or even hug you really tight.we always support our man but we always advise them of their limits, we’ll praise them even for the smallest thing that they do..

we aprriciate everything, and if were wrong, we may start an argument but just kiss or hug us, we’ll calm down and admit our mistakes..

okey yeah im guilty maybe some are gold diggers but trust me.. they dont intend to, and i know.. that they place you in their hearts, just dont make them feel that your judging them, or your suspecting them of their emotions. Filipinas are loving people, i should know, im a filipina.. πŸ™‚

but I still wont speak to western guys that thinks of filipinas that way.

aine November 15, 2011 - 6:11 am

Ha?? I dont really think we need to educated ourselves in bed, that comes natural.. hahahahahaha thats a funny comment anonymous.. πŸ˜€

aine November 15, 2011 - 6:12 am

*educate.. πŸ™‚ wrong type.. πŸ™‚

Suckthispopsicle April 23, 2012 - 11:29 am

The ultimate and most dangerous test to discover a gold digger is Mary one and still keep your money. Either she will leave or act so crazy and violent that you will feel like leaving.I had to call the cops on this crazy gold digging pinay today and the cop himself said,”you know how filipina women can get,their pretty passionate.they like them knives.” I had to explain to him why I had to keep all the money.WHen we had a joint account she emptied it 4 times without explaination and I noticed the shoes kept piling up.(talk about Marcos!)I don’t know how many times this lady randomly punched me in the face.Warning, a gold-digger is an abuser and is prone to physical,verbal,emotional
And of course,financial abuse. Riches and poverty can both breed greed and violence.Poverty seems to breed more liars and thieves from 3rd world country’s though.ESpecially women selling themselves for dough.

Chris April 23, 2012 - 12:31 pm

Suckthispopsicle – good point. But of course not all Filipina women are like that. I’m telling you, there are lots out there who are decent and have good breeding (not to mention hot and sweet as well). You just have to find them. Good luck!

Kay May 7, 2014 - 12:55 am

I know this is an old blog but I really disagree with the car statement. I went out with a guy with no car and it was horrible. We used my car for everything, he borrowed it for his own purposes too without me. When he damaged it he refused to pay and left me with hundreds of dollars of repairs damage he didn’t want to share ’cause it was my car. Many times he tried to take advantage as far as money was concerned. I would not date another guy with no car again ’cause of this. Girls need to be aware of guys like this, not fair to brand women as gold diggers if they themselves don’t want to feel used.

Max December 13, 2017 - 10:04 am

Being (unfortunately) an expat in the Phillipines, most of the mixed couple I see in the street are 18-20 years old girls with over 60 yo men. In other asian countries there are some couples with a big age gap, but never as much as in the Philippines (90% of the couples)Β No need to wonder if they are gold digger…There are also very overrated, but that is a matter of taste. I expected very beautiful women, there are supposed to be mixed, but most of them are little fatty, if not overweight, so disapointed.

Chris December 13, 2017 - 11:19 am

Hey Max, welcome to the Philippines.

I hope you don’t find being an expat in the Philippines unfortunate. If you do, is there any reason why?

Anyway, yes I agree that the big age gap is just too big. However, if you are looking for very beautiful women, then maybe you might try travelling to other parts of the Philippines. Where are you located? Are you in Manila?

Chris+ September 5, 2018 - 5:50 am

Gave up women 28 years ago, and no I am not gay. Had 6 serious relationships and with few differences basically they were all the same, liars and gold diggers.

Matt January 12, 2020 - 6:10 am

My Step mother is a gold digger, its so cringey and wrong. She’s one of those working class Pinoy women that cares about all the big brands while being on an hourly wage. Which caused her to wrack up massive debts before marrying my father. She also is one of the hoarding types who has so many clothes and materialistic possessions that she stores in her childrens bedrooms. I personally think she’s a clown because her mind is set that she wants brands like gucci and stuff despite the fact she is a working class woman living in a state funded house(welfare payments) prior to marraige. She probably has a high opinion of herself despite the fact no one cares what she wears, honestly does anyone in public really judge? lol.

I even said to my father for years she’s only after your money and he still married her. He claims to love her despite the fact she never pays for anything and somehow manages to end up having to buy her stuff everytime they go out for things like shopping. I’m somewhat relieved that he claims that he will stop doing this as she’s financially exploiting him and apparently will have “crisis” talks as he’s willing to end the marraige should she not change her gold digger ways.

Its a stupid situation as I can’t openly confront her because I don’t want to be blamed for ruining their marraige lol.

Matt January 12, 2020 - 6:18 am

Oh and in the Christmas just passed, my Dad bought her a really nice(and expensive) gift, but rather than be all appreciative and thankful her first thought was to remark that it wasn’t a more expensive brand(Name escapes me..). When he tries to talk or reason with her about her behaviour its like he’s talking to a brick wall. I said to him that she clearly has no respect for you if you “long thoughts here about her behaviour” and she doesn’t at least acknowledge that she has done something wrong or try and change.

John November 18, 2021 - 12:45 pm

TRUE.Most Filipnas women I know here like over 40 of them and about 98% are GOLD DIGGERS.They all left their husbands who spent Tens of thousand of dollars to bring them over and support their family in the Philippines.They always find an excuse to blame their husbands so they can leave once they get their resident visa to stay in the country.Some are FRAUDS who lied to the immigration on their Fiancee applications and are still married in the Philippines.I know of one who is going to be deported back within the next 6 months once the Australian immigration have all all the evidence to do so.GOOD RIDDANCE OF SOME BLOOD SUCKING PARASITE GOLD DIGGER.


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