If your girl is a gold-digger chances are you have come to your worst nightmare and when I mean nightmare I mean it literally.

See, for those who have no idea what we mean by gold-digger it simply means that the girl is ONLY after your money – no more, no less! And with that idea you have to learn the skill on spotting whether the girl your dating is indeed one. Following are clues that will help you to identify if the hottie your planning to go out with is indeed digging for your bank account.

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1. She doesn’t eat at “less” expensive restaurants

This is one of the most obvious clues. If you find yourself bringing not less than 5,000 Pesos in cash just for a dinner date with her – bravo, you may have found your gold-digger. Take it from me – if the girl really likes you she would be very embarassed if you take her to a very expensive restaurant.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out at class A restaurants once in a while. What I’m trying to point is that “test” your girl. If you happen to have a date on a very expensive restaurant, see if she’s willing to offer to share the expenses. If she is then you’re safe.

2. She is choosy on gifts she receives

You could see very well a girl’s reaction upon opening a gift. If you have consulted every guy and every girl in the planet and ALL of them agree that you have bought your girl the perfect gift then watch closely. Ask your girl to open the gift in front of you. If she truly likes you then she would appreciate any gift you would buy her, after all it’s the thought that matters most. Otherwise if she frowns and asks for something better (maybe a signature watch) then start to fret and suspect….

3. She refuses to go out with guys who don’t drive a car

This one is too damn easy. Self-explanatory and very obvious. I have seen many girls like these. I mean why wouldn’t a girl try to go out with a guy who has no car? Seriously that is way too shallow… If a girl isn’t a gold-digger she could have fun with you even if you two are just riding a jeepney…

4. She traces your family’s wealth

Okay this is the most dangerous… If it is your first, second or third time on a date and she asks you about the background of your family when it comes to money matters then this already means something.

5. She is known to like guys pretty much older than her

I don’t mean to stereotype. Girls in general do love that their guy is a bit older than them. But if your eyeing for a girl who has a reputation of their extreme obsession with older guys (say 7-10 years older) then chances are she is a gold-digger. Why? Because generally they think that older guys have thicker wallets and are way too damn rich. But this one is just a hint. It may or not apply for every girl though.

The above given tips are just clues or hints. It doesn’t mean that if a girl falls to any or all of the above she’s already a gold-digger. You need to investigate on your own to prove that she’s one. The best proven way to avoid gold-diggers is to introduce yourself to her as an average or better yet a poor guy. If she takes you for what you are then she truly loves you right?