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How to be the guy that girls go crazy about

When you have a lot of friends you create a form of social connection. And as for me being with a lot of people has gained me a lot of knowledge on how to be the type of guy that girls go crazy about. Well I am not saying that I am that guy, what I am actually saying is “how” to be that guy. This is what I learned after interacting with several people and having chat sessions with female officemates. You see our circle of friends is a co-ed type, something which I find to be very beneficial.

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1. Be a gentleman
Nothing really beats being a gentleman. You see, I have been told that women notice easily if a guy is a gentleman. It’s definitely something that turns them so on. Think about opening the doors for her, being on her side as you cross the street and lots of other stuff most of which you learned from highschool.

There’s a catch! You should be a gentleman in every possible way. Don’t open the doors for a girl just because you like her. Be a gentleman to every girl even to those you do not like. According to friends, women notice if you are just faking yourself to be a gentleman. Actions indeed speak louder than words.

2. Be sociable
While some guys who are the silent type may appeal to some women, most do not. You see women love to talk. They want someone who they could share their thoughts with and someone who they can lean on and talk to whenever they have problems. So learn how to speak up. When she talks, listen. When you have something good to say speak up and be heard. After all speaking your mind the good way leaves a positive impression to the ladies, an impression that shows you have something in between your ears.

3. Learn to make her laugh
You don’t need to be a McDonald’s clown to make her laugh. Just throw out some natural jokes. As corny as your joke may sound, if you have what it takes to make her lips smile then you’re on your way to be the guy she’s crazy about!

4. Be a man of decision
This is very important. Most women agree that guys do carry a relationship. And how could you be that guy when you couldn’t even decide on simple things.

A concrete and very simple example is when you invite your girl for a date. The common dilemma? Where to eat. You can NOT afford to say “Anywhere you like”, “Anywhere you want” statements. It just shows that you are a guy who is not even confident enough to make simple decisions. In cases like these you could give out suggestions where you would like to take her. For instance you could say, “Oh I want us to eat either at Shakey’s or Dencios”, then let her choose between the two (at least you have given your part in deciding where to eat by naming a few restros that she may like)

5. Dress neatly and smell your best
No girl would want their guy to look like complete nerds. You see you need to watch out for the trend. You know what I’m saying? You need to be in style. Be hip and be “in”. Make sure you always smell clean and fresh. Put on your best perfume and surely you’re on your way in becoming the guy that every girl dreams about.

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


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