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Upside Down – PGG’s Music of the Moment

6 Cycle Mind has been doing good in the latest hit charts. After jump-starting their career with songs like “Sige” and “Sandalan” they are now reviving songs of the past. I am quite amazed that they even have endorsements from Tanduay Rhum which only means to say that they are indeed a popular group.

Anyway with their current album, they have revived some songs and it is interesting to see how well the group has performed their revivals. They have done well in “Prinsesa” and as of now I would like to feature their revival of “Upside Down” – It’s just superbly done! In case you haven’t heard it, here is a sample of their song.

So what do you think? Rate their song.

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  • There is another remake of the same song but by a different pinoy band named, “Candles”.

    They released their debut album under Viva Records last year.

    You can listen to their version here.

    I find their version much much better.


  • 6Cyclemind is a very good band, although for some reason all my classmates consider it uberstupid. So for me, it’s like a guilty-pleasure feeling.

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