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Skinny Jeans for Men

Last Sunday, I went to the mall with my family. I was there in the department store with my older brother because I was helping him out to choose jeans for himself.

So anyway we passed by Levi’s, Jag and RRJ and we noticed that everywhere we go we see skinny jeans for men. And the thing is that all the sales ladies were there promoting the same style – nothing but tight pants. So if you don’t have any idea of what in the world I am talking about take a look at this.

You know just by looking at it initially, you get to think about two things: One, is that this is so gay. Or on the other hand you may think that maybe you would look so damn hot in it – Reason behind? Well these are the type of jeans rock stars wear.

Out of curiosity my brother and I tried fitting a pair of these jeans and to our surprise it looks good to both of us. Even though I initially thought about weird things upon wearing skinny jeans, it turned out that I looked good in it. I actually looked like an amateur rock star.. oh yea! hahahaha. Now that’s beside the point because I believe that these type of jeans won’t really look good on everyone. It really depends on who is wearing it and how well that person carries the outfit right?

But seriously if you were to get a pair don’t ever get an ultra-tight skinny jeans. Choose one which still has room for your legs to breathe. If you’re a guy, wearing this could be quite uncomfortable at times especially because most skinny jeans use buttons instead of a zipper (oh damn!). And trust me it looks and feels weird in the crotch area, especially during the “wake-up” times.. haha.

So what do you think about this style? Do you wear skinny jeans?

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Skinny jeans are for skinny men. If one has legs like tree trunks – or even legs that are remotely muscular – I’m not sure if one could pull it off.

    I know I couldn’t.

  • waaaaaaaa.. i do like to wear that but i quiet macho to wear it.. nyahaha.. the word is macho (huh!).. anyways, i always chose straight cut than that..

  • ganns – yeap.. i guess they are for skinny men..

    tanom – if it looks good on you then why not? 😀

  • To the blog poster, ano yung brand ng jeans na na try nyo i fit (or binili nyo ba?)?

  • i tried RRJ (rough rider jeans). Costs 800 Pesos but I still didn’t buy it coz I want to hear opinions from other people. 😀

    btw it’s cool because it has buttons instead of a zipper… though it was quite uncomfortable at times but it’s okay.

  • Skinny jeans? Like hell, who came up with that idea? It’s like emo, it’s nonsense.

    Yeah, I don’t want my Mr. Happy to be crushed by those jeans. If know what I mean. 🙂

  • What about my favorite jeans like Diesel, True Religion, Rock & Republic and Seven for Humanity? Are’nt they in?

  • hi kiro

    i like diesel too. you see everything you see selling in the stores are those that are in.

    this blog, like a magazine features random “in” stuff. we can’t expect to cover everything 🙂

    nice choice of apparel kiro! though i’m not really familiar with some of them, only with diesel. thanks for droppin’ by.


  • Diesel is European. True Religion, Rock & Republic, Seven and L.A Denim Atelier are all American. Sorry, I did’nt mention I’m U.S. based. I like everything that you feature here though. It updates me with all the local trends there. I don’t have to check with my cousins anymore. More power to your blog. Btw, I’ve txted you last night.

  • hi kiro. i received your it and responded. did you get it?

    by the way are you filipino? or half?

  • I’m a mutt. Pinoy, Chinese and Spanish but predominantly Filipino. Yes, I got your message. Thanks for the reply.

  • Hey, how bout posting an article on all types of Jeans for men. You know, like a brief description of all types of cuts out there. I’m having a hard time choosing which is best for me.

  • ^^^
    great idea, i’ll try to do a separate post for that.

    You could try looking into the Clothing topics, I believe I have already posted some types of jeans there 🙂

  • skinny jeans rocks! it’s very modern and it suits the season. fall and winter. very european and indi. the best kind you can get are from Levi’s and Forever 21 under Heritage. GAP has some great selections but i get most of mine from buckle or deisel. check it out and you will be “in”

  • skinny bottoms are everywhere now. notice how i said “bottoms”? it’s because of the fact that skinny jeans are not alone. there are also skinny chino’s, skinny producer pants for suits, etc. i actually had a few of my suits altered just so they match my pants. prepare yourself world, you will see more of these in the next few years. oh and to carlo rey, mr. happy never gets crushed underneath those jeans. in fact, A LOT of women love the look of skinnies on men because it accentuates their family jewels, if you know what i mean. haha but seriously though, they really do. way to go for the “man-buldge” lol.

  • Skinny jeans finally let you show your shape again. Jeans had become so bloated and “relaxed fit” expanded that they had little connection with the original Levi’s (like the 501’s). The “skinny” jeans are basically a return to the retro 50’s and 60’s jeans, AND THEY LOOK GREAT! I love the Levi’s 511 and even the super skinny 510. I stick with the ones that have a bit of spandex in them so that I still have the comfort and freedom to move. Earlier comments about having the right body for this fit is true. If you’re heavy or have thick thighs, this is not the style for you.

  • I agree w/ anonymous of March 6 above. Those who are up in arms about skinny jeans on men are either too young to remember or just plain don’t remember–when Levis ruled the blue jeans world in the 50s and 60s, they were meant to be worn slim and tight. New Levis styles like the 511 all are about returning to that classic look. I frankly love them and won’t ever go back to wearing loose jeans even when they cart me away to the nursing home. I’m now 50. But I’m fit enough and tall enough to wear them, so why the hell not. I think they look good on me, and I love the rocker feel to them.

  • I love skinny jeans! Seriously skinny jeans. As far as “relaxed fit” jeans – I hate them. I finally gave up on men’s jeans years ago and have been wearing women’s jeans ever since just to find jeans that hug me nice and tight. Had Levi’s 510 and/or 511 been out then I probably would never had gone to wearing women’s jeans, but now that I’m hear I don’t look back. So if you are looking for some seriously skinny jeans, try womens. Urban Outfitters has a great selection!

  • As a guy, I love skinny jeans. i am not gay if that is what you all are wondering. i wear skinny jeans everyday. but me being black, it dont look right on some girls if their legs are taller than their body, or if the weigh 300 pounds. in that case, they should be called fat jeans. I sag with mine to make it look boyish and i wear the vans with a rockstar shirt. i love them whoever came out with these should be thankful.

  • Enough is enough ! Fashion freedom for males ; not the transvestite/cross-dressing freedom that females have been fetishly enjoying the last 45 years, but freedom within historical menswear, including skinny pants ! The gender double standard against normal males is never exposed by I will have just done it .

  • Ok, it is obviously a trend that doesn’t have to be limited to skinny guys… Guys who are muscular around the legs should be able to wear them too, I mean, I do… It is all about how you wear them and how you carry yourself… The trend started on 06 and it’s only increased, so I say go ahead and try a pair on… “)

  • I really want to try skinny jeans but I’m a Japanegro so i don’t no if it’ll match on me

  • I wish I could have the guts and courage to wear those damn skinny jeans in public.. I have them legs of Ben Johnson but only shorter. I just dont know if they will fit on them skinny jeans.

  • i LOVE skinny jeans i have like 5 pairs of them and love them so much. im not gay if your wondering. i think its how you can pull it off when you wear skinny jeans.

  • Alright, the bit about not getting ultra tight skinny jeans is complete BS.

    The skinny jeans I wear are manufactured for girls by Bullhead, a brand sold exclusively at PacSun, and the style is Hermosa Super Skinny (look those up on their website if you want), and they fit extremely well, without any folds or wrinkles (except in the knee), with a nice tight fit around the ankle.

    And it’s perfectly comfortable. My junk has enough room to breathe and what have you.

    Any my girlfriend loves them too.

  • i wear skinny jeans. and it does depend on how ur body is. i run track at my high school, and my legs have LEAN muscle, so i can wear them. and u guyz are right, thee ladies like em.

  • i bough 2 skinnies, a black and a red (yes the red one from bench), i dont want to invest on an expensive skinnies cause i know that this will just be a trend especially the colored ones.

    why red? if real man wears pink why not a red jeans, you can easily pull it off with a plain white tee and a sneakers.

  • I love skinny pants!!, and they’re not gay!! i wear them and i get a lot of girls cuz of them you’re and idiot if you dont like them!! even the guys from metallica wore them and they rock!!

  • skinny jeans are not for me. i tried fitting one sa PRP with the flor de liz logo. my mother kept on saying that it looked good on me but i though otherwise. kaya i didn’t bought it kahit na inexpensive. if you’re looking for a great pair of skinny jeans you should try the ones in prp with the flor de liz logo. 🙂

  • SKINNY JEANS ARE THE STYLE WHERE I AM! SAN FRANCISCO! i mean there are some IGNORANT people who say “OH U MUST HAVE A SMALL DI**” or “U MUST BE GAY” hell no im not gay and if i was gay i’ll show you how “SMALL” my penis is. it really does depend on how you wear them like if you wear them with a very BIG WIDE AND LONG SHIRT then u are goign to look weird. but as for the body size..it doesnt matter if you’re fat, skinny, average, muscular, athletic, etc. as long as you wear them the right way or whatever you think looks good. it’s called style for a reason there is no RIGHT WAY FOR ANYTHING! i am skinny/athletic myself so i wear them with vans/nikes a medium or small t shirt and i wear the skinny colored pants and jeans! purple, blue, red, orange, green doesnt matter to me. as long as i got a shirt and hat and shoes to go with it im good. a lot of TURF DANCERS wear them and that’s the dance i do and WE DO out here so it’s a style for us. SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT GAY!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! baggy jeans are not the style for me anymore..it reminds me of the old me when i gang banged and was into bad street life. now im a dancer and i changed alot and one of the big changes was my style in dressing.

  • Also in 2009 they still look very nice for men. Nice to see that it is not a short trend because I think those jeans are FANTASTIC!

  • feeling weird for your crotch because of wearing skinny jeans?!?

    ok lang yan… be proud na ma-e-emphasize ang ‘curve’ nyan when others look at you hahaha

  • Yah. I rock skinny jeans. I’m quite skinny so i can pull it off. I suggest getting a pair of black ones, pretty tight, but not like girls, and a bright colored solid v-neck, or any bright colored top….. and no. im not gay.

  • Its really a “to each there own” thing. If you like em, wear em. Just dont get all pissy when your friends nickname you “squirel” 🙂 I just laugh and say, “Jealous?”
    As far as finding ones that fit… I try’d womens jeans – ouch! A lil tight in the crotch. i looked on the net. Sorry Ruffskin, I’m not paying $150+ for a pair of jeans. Then i found http://www.makeyourownjeans.com – all you need is a cheapy clothing tape measure about $65 (give or take), and 15 minutes. It took about a week for mine to be shipped, and they fit like a glove. The only thing i recoment differently than what the site said – measure your waist without pants on – otherwise they might arive a lil too loose.

  • i like slim straight, boot-cut & skinny jeans but i don’t like how for guys its not elastic enough & still stiff. i have a fascination to try different brands so i just grab all the sizes that fit & try them on. that way u know what fits best. i recently tried on women’s skinny jeans & have to agree with Chris that Bullhead Super Skinny fit very well but it sucks that PacSun only has odd sizes. i like to pick the low-rise, skinny &/or stretchy materials so u can breathe & move freely w/o restrictions. just bought a pair of express women’s novelty skinnies & they fit nicely & its got 13% elastic! yet its not form-fitting skinny so that’s a plus. i’ve recently also tried on AE & all the MetroPark skinny fits for females. diesel’s Nevy fit nicely & similar to bullhead super skinny. is there other brands out there that has about 7″ front rise, at least 2% elastic, low-rise & slim straight?

  • I just bought Zara – super slim fit with “stretch” fabric.

    I like the “stretch” part since you won’t have to do adjustments when you need to sit down. It’s comfy. I got it for P1,950 (from 2,450). Kinda pricey but looks and feels well worth it.

    First time I wore them now. It’s really tight but looks good nonetheless.

    It’s my first time to wear them and my legs are still not used to being wrapped tightly but so far no complaints (they’ll get used to it eventually).

  • Hey! ghuyS

    ehem! like ku ren mag suot ng skinny kasi katamtaman lang naman ang size ng kataawan ku eh! mas cute ka kasi pag naka skinny ka!
    ahm! maganda din ung skinny ng (Levi’s) mas maganda ung tela nya compare mo sa iba!


  • i like PRADA jeans, especially d one rob pattinson
    rocked when he got featured on GQ magazine…

  • I love skinny jeans. If u are looking for ultra tight skinny jeans then i suggest Hot Topic. their rude and stinger fit are great.

  • I agree with Ganns; if you have the figure to pull off skinny jeans then go for it, otherwise stay well clear – your poor ‘tree-trunk’ legs will be pleased you did!

  • Skinny jeans are great.

    I can say this as a skinny 16-year-old skateboarder who likes to keep up with the style.

    There is nothing wrong/gay about them. They don’t crush your “Mr. Happy,” which seems to be what a lot of people worry about. In fact, if you buy guy’s skinny jeans, they are specially made so that they DON’T crush Mr. Happy. Of course, I know they can be hard to find. But if you live in the US (idk if these places ship to other countries), check out CCS.com and Hot Topic.com. Hot Topic is a bit emo, but they have nice skinny jeans. CCS is a skateboard shop, but they have good skinny jeans as well.

  • ok, im not fond with skinny jeans, but last night i tried to buy a jeans in Lee and the saleslady told me this X-line jeans and i tried it on , seems like it looks good somehow with my toms. so i bought it and i’ve noticed that is is somewhat skinny when i tried it on . anyway i hope that it will look goodl when i wear it outside hahahha. Don’t judge me heheh

  • it’s nice the men have choices these days. not the old regular cut. it will look gay if you act like one. anyway, those who don’t like skinny jeans might be those people who can’t appreciate it. maybe they just wear shorts or something different.

  • Dude, I gott’a feel comfy in my jeans, I like ’em loose. So is this pushing more feminine guys to come out and declare it? That’s what I’m seeing – I’m not saying everyone who wears skinny is feminine, but it does give a raise to be open about it.
    Mark Martinez,
    Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

  • For me anyone has the choice to wear it or not. I just think it looks better on skinny people.
    My suggestion is if you want to get this look but your body type is on the heftier side or if you just want something more comfortable then you can get “slim” type jeans.

  • been wearing skinny jeans for a long time now since its the trend here in Singapore its very common to see guys wearing it regardless of leg size or built hehe…if u wear loose pants here for sure u will be out of place ^^

  • skinny jeans look good on slim framed men. .but keep in mind its on how you carry the whole outfit!!

  • It depends, If it’s too skinny it definently looks gay.I don’t like the kind that are tight on the butt, though. That with the fading on the butt makes look gay. Skinny Jeans – I found it fashionable and it depends how to carry it and the person who is wearing 🙂
    Try the eonline.com

  • I wear women skinny jeans more then 5 year, now I’m choose to wear the korean style women tight jean. Only women style is call tight to me, I wearing skinny jean as tight as legging, that what only call tight!! And wearing soo tight is very enjoyable…can’t live life without a pair skinny tight jean!!!

  • Yes I like skinny jeans but you still have to choose the right fit for you. Not all skinny men can wear these type of jeans. And btw there is also this slim fit type of jeans its actually something similar to skinny but the difference is that it’s not that tight as the usual skinny jeans. There’s also the so called semi-slim fit and semi-skinny. So choose the right one for you. If you think you are uncomftble wearing these jeans choose the regular straight cut coz that’s a classic type of jeans that never fades.

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