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Are we just friends?

by Chris
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Once in your lifetime, you have probably come to point when you asked yourself this dreaded question:

“Are we just friends?”

See, one of the most excruciating things that happens to boys and girls alike is the self-realization that you are liking someone more than a friend. You start out as friends, chat a lot, share the same experiences then start to realize that there’s too much in common that you are now pondering “what if we become more than friends?”

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in the movie Just friends
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But after a few talks with my peers and some experiences, I could give out some signs and tips to help you determine if the girl you’re eyeing likes you two to be more than just friends.

1. If a girl likes you, she won’t really be talking about other guys
That’s hint # 1. It has been proven that girls wont talk about other guys in front of you. She would rather talk about you two together instead of other people, after all if she likes you, why talk about other guys in the first place?

However, this rule sometimes doesn’t work because some girls would just want you to feel jealous by talking about other guys. So you have to see that when it’s coming.

2. Telling you lots of personal stuff about her could be a BAD Sign!
If a girl talks to you about some confidential stuff that she wouldn’t normally tell other guys or her other girlfriends then be wary. This is a sign, a BAD sign because she sees you only as a good friend – no more, no less.

For some guys, this could prove to be the most disappointing things ever. I mean how could a girl trust you so much only to find out that you’re just friends. You have to draw out that fine fine line between friendship and relationship… only you can tell the difference!

3. Body language are quick signs
Though not all guys are good at this, if you are then you’re lucky coz this is one of the quickest signs to help you out if a girl has this thing for you. Ask yourself these questions:

• “Does she like me being around?”
• “How comfortable is she when I’m around? Does she love talking to me?”
• “What facial expressions does she project when I’m beside her? Does she smile? Or does she just show rejectful expressions…”

In short, if she’s comfortable around then it may be a good sign.

4. Tell her how you feel
Finally if all else fails, this is the last thing you could do which is a sure way to get you answers.

Tell her how you feel. Though you shouldn’t expect much to avoid being hurt, telling her the ultimate truth could save you from countless nights of thinking what’s really in store for the two of you. If she feels the same way good for you. If not, move on.

While many guys don’t reach this stage, this is the surest way to find out. Who knows she may be feeling the same way, only that she is also waiting for you to confess (Seems like you two are waiting for each other in eternity)… So why not risk your first step?

So can anyone else add to this list?

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1 comment

louie April 3, 2008 - 4:24 pm

whew! i like this one. nakakarelate ako. hehe


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