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Sony Ericsson releases more mouth-drooling phones

by Chris
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Contributed by: IceClimbingMonkey

While Sony Ericsson is scheduled to release three new models (the T650i, S500i and T250i) come the third quarter of the year, they’ve already announced much newer ones scheduled for release on the last quarter. Two Walkman phones (the W910i and W960i) and a Cybershot phone (the K850i) are expected to take the next generation of mobile phones to a new level.

The Sony Ericsson K800i (left) vs. Sony Ericsson K810i (right)

Owners of K800i find no good reason to upgrade to the recently released K810i with its lack of substantial new features apart from its slightly overhauled design (note the circular keypad of the K810i above).

Sony Ericsson K850i

But with the introduction of K850i, fans of the Cybershot line of Sony Ericsson will surely be delighted (I included) by several points of interest not present on the phones carrying the brand available in the market today. It’s features include:

• A 5 megapixel-camera with Automatic camera cover
• 3-LED video light (as opposed to two)
• A bigger 2.2” TFT display
• Network support of Tri-band HSPDA (3.6Mbits) & quad-band EDGE
• Versatile memory card slot compatible to both M2 and Micro SD cards
• New media browser and Music player 3
• Video Recording ability of 30 frames per Second (QVGA) doubling the ability of current phones to record with only 15 frames per second

Sony Ericsson W910i

Fans of the Walkman series will also have several reasons to celebrate the announcement of W910i and W960i. Aside from the usual music-playing capabilities, both handsets will feature SenseMe, which is a technology that automatically customizes the visual background of a track playing depending on its tempo. This is reminiscent of the visualization we see when we play our songs on the Windows Media Player. It somewhat categorizes the songs you have on your phone so you can create playlists for later use. Like the K850i, these models will also carry the new media browser replacing the old file manager system of previous Sony Ericsson phones.

Sony Ericsson W960i

The main difference between the W910i and W960i is that the latter is built-in with a 3.2 Megapixel camera (with auto focus) while the other one only has 2.0 Megapixels. Other differences include the W960i being shipped with a bigger memory capacity of 8GB as compared to W910i’s default 80MB internal memory (which could still be expanded by memory stick duo).

The announcement of these phones proves how technology quickly evolves. Features like the 5 Megapixel camera on the k850, and the 8GB built-in memory on the W960i (along with Apple’s iPhone), further expand the gray area on how these gadgets essentially function. Such figures might now let you see them as a “true” digital camera (in the K850i’s case) or a portable music player (in the W960i’s case) first and then secondly as a means for communication.

Images by: Sonyericsson.com

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