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Tricks Hair Styling Clay

Last Saturday I watched Transformers the movie (btw, that movie is just awesome! can’t wait for the sequel). Afterwards I looked for something new to style my hair with because I just had a new haircut and since my hair has become a bit shorter, I sometimes look silly applying gel on it.

A half-hour walk in the mall later, I came across Tricks Styling Clay! Something new to me but I’ve heard some guys using this stuff before. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I haven’t researched what this product is all about, but then I told myself why not give it a try.

You see the first thing you notice about Tricks is that it’s very unique. As you can see the package is shaped into a Hexagon and until now I am still wondering who had come up with that crazy idea.

Anyway Tricks Styling Clay is so called because when you apply it to your hair, hours later you could still “re-mold” your hair just like clay, without the need to reapply. If you take a look at the inside of the bottle, the substance is just like a white hair cream which is non-sticky. So don’t expect you’d be putting “Play-Dough” all over your hair because trust me, it doesn’t work that way. It’s actually a creamy white substance very similar to Gatsby Hair Wax.

Tricks Styling Clay comes in two variants. The Yellow one is basically for those who want their hair to somehow look “wet” throughout the day while the blue one is a “matte-finish” thus, making your hair look a bit dry but very natural. I tried the blue one for a start and it is really cool and non-sticky. You could easily style your hair the “out-of-bed look” way without the greasy feel.

Besides, it’s true – after about 3 hours I was still able to “re-mold” my hair without the need to apply more. Just add some water though if it is already very stiff. Anyway if Tricks isn’t available in your area, I could get you one by Clicking here

So anyone else using hair styling clay?

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • I’ve tried this, di ko nagustuhan kasi malagkit. lol. yung yellow kasi ang nagamit ko.

  • waaaaaaaa.. kaw chris..mabait talaga..aehehe.. alam mo, i once used that blue tricks pero my hair dont like it.. so ever since, i used Gatsby hair wax..pero ok rin yan.. 🙂

  • dude, i have to agree. astig yung tricks clay. sa gatsby kase, mahirap alisin & ang tigas sa buhok.

  • hi to both of you ^^^

    sorry, we were speaking in tagalog, the language in the Philippines.

    We were talking about Tricks hair styling clay.

  • i tried this tricks clay.. ung blue..
    at first, after applying it, aus lang naman ung look… very… shall I say mukang bagong gcng… un na ung uso ngaun dba ndi na uso ung glossy look na nakukuha sa gel.. and gel often dries our scalp which will ultimately lead to dandruff… tska.. acc to my derma, nung ngka pimple(s) ako sa forehead, she said that it was caused by the hair product that I was using… cause when we sweat, xmpre ssma sa sweat ung konting gel/wax/clay wateva… nakaka clog daw ng pores un kaya aun… pimples…

    tska I agree with chris bout the smell of tricks na blue…

    after a few hours… napalingon ako sa katabi ko… tumingin ako sa ilalim ng sapatos ko… kc… it smelled like shit… embarassingly, it dawned on me na ang naamoy ko pala ay ang clay na nilagay ko sa buhok ko… after that ndi kona ulit gnmit ung tricks clay na yan…

    kc khit ung mga katabi ko sa fx hinanap nila ung tae… hehehe nakakahiya tumahimik nalang ako baka mahalata pa nila na buhok ko un… so embarassing.. pero ndi ko cncraan.. shinare ko lang ung experience ko… lol.

    try nu rin. who knows magustuhan nyo ung amoy.

  • ^^^
    funny experience anonymous! 🙂

    akala ko ako lang yung naiibahan sa amoy ng tricks.. hehehe.

  • Umiiba ung amoy ng blue na tricks styling clay after a few hours.. Dahil rin cguro sa pawis.. Nung nakatapat ako sa fan, sabi ng classmate ko, “sino kumain ng BAGOONG?”.. Ahahaha!!!

  • ok lang naman ang tricks… pag naubusan ako ng gatsby at kulang ang pera ko ng pambili nito eh tricks ang binibili ko kasi mas mura…

    xur kayo amoy ng blue tricks? ok lang naman ah…jeje
    they say if you wont shampoo your hair, eh meh epek talaga sa amoy ng hairstyling product moh…

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