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Layered tops for the rainy season

by Chris

While I am aware that this style is not new and has long been the trend (up to now), I can’t help but feature it in Pinoy Guy Guide. This is because it is the rainy (and stormy) season so it’s somewhat timely to wear clothes such as these to help keep you warm:

Long-sleeves inside, short sleeves outside and that’s it. Just make sure that the colors of the two individual shirts blend well to make it outstanding so that you wouldn’t look like an idiot. It’s been there for quite sometime (I think it started about a couple of years ago) but due to the very hot weather in the Philippines plus the global warming phenomenon, it is almost impossible for us guys to wear them.

If you still remember the advertisements of Gatsby Wax, the endorsers wore these shirts.

There is actually a variation of these layered tops but both are short sleeves and one has a collar.

Edited: According to anonymous, correct term for these double shirts is layered tops. Thanks

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Anonymous August 26, 2007 - 6:59 pm

the correct term is layered tops, not double shirts.

Chris August 26, 2007 - 9:32 pm

thanks anonymous for the correct term.

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