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Acer Aspire 4310 Laptop

Who says you couldn’t buy a decent laptop worth 29,900 Pesos? Well, anyone who said that is definitely wrong because we have this beautiful laptop from Acer – the Aspire 4310 Laptop.

Image source: Acer

It is as if this computer was heaven-sent. It’s not only good-looking but its specifications are way beyond what you would expect from a laptop costing this less. Here are some highlights of its features:

Intel Celeron M 520 Processor (1.6 GHz, 64 bit ready)
512 MB DDRAM – a memory exceeding Windows XP requirement and just about enough for Windows Vista
14.1 Inch CrystalBrite LCD
80 GB Hard Drive – huge enough, I must say
Built-in LAN and Wireless capability (802.11b/g)
5-in-1 Card Reader for MMC, XD, SD, MS, MS Pro – means majority of memory cards for digicams and cellphones would fit your laptop slot
•Built-in Webcam
•Built-in DVD R/W drive
•Built-in Speakers in Dolby Digital Surround Sound
•USB 2.0 Ports
•Headphones, Speaker, Mic Jack
•S-Video Port
•Weight: 2.6 KGs
•Operating System: Linux

You could definitely see that the features are stunning and way beyond compare any laptop that costs around the same. The built-in wireless capability, card readers, webcam, DVD and speakers are some of its best features.

Though I don’t really expect a laptop costing as cheap as this to include a dual-core processor, the Intel Celeron and 80 GB harddrive plus the 512 MB memory compensates to that.

For that price, it doesn’t really include any operating system so don’t expect it to be loaded with Windows. If you want genuine Windows you could buy it at an additional 4000-7000 Pesos depending on the edition that you want. But in case you still don’t have enough money to buy such, then you could settle with the Free Linux Operating System it is provided with. I have used Linux before and it’s very similar to Windows. It just takes a little while to get used to.

Image source: Acer

Acer truly has been doing a good job these days. I think they are really serious in becoming the third largest PC vendor. But before anything else, I want to get this laptop first! 😀

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • Yeah! I must agree. I am enjoying one right now, using it to post this comment here. To enjoy it better with Windows Vista, shell out a few more bucks and upgrade the RAM to 1 Gig… then… enjoy!

  • But does it run well under extreme usage? Like running MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, and a couple of browsers all together?

  • It runs good. But for optimal performance like what Dan said, upgrade it to 1GB RAM since Windows Vista is heavy on resources.

  • Thanks Cris. You’ve been a help. Though I’m no fan of Vista. I may ask the techs at the shop I’m planning to buy the laptop on to install Windows XP instead. Works well on a 512mb hardware. (Besides, I’m only gonna use the laptop to catch up on my work when not in the office) Lol!

  • LOL. No Probs rhilanthos. I’m actually on Windows Vista. It’s really nice but I still do have some issues with it. I hope to get the latest update from Microsoft soon…

    Windows XP is good. If you’re planning to install XP, let the vendor install it for you. I believe that Acer Aspire is designed for Vista so it will be better to ask for assistance from your vendor.

    If you get one, post a comment here on how your laptop goes with Windows XP. 🙂

  • Your right, it does come with Windows Vista. But I’m totally uncomfortable with the system. 😀 I’m only just waiting for my next salary then I could afford this baby.

  • I bought one here in Bangkok, costs only 17.9K Baht, about 22K Pesos. I realize different countries have different specs, because the Thailand version has Bluetooth, 120GB Memory, Acer Tools and Utilities software, 1.73Ghz processor and DDR2 RAM.

    Ive been using it for 4 months already and so far, Im one very satisfied customer. I had used XP on it (ran perfectly), then I recently upgraded to Vista and added 2GB RAM (upgradeable to 4GB) for 1,500 Baht (around 1,800 Pesos) as Vista is resource-heavy. Performance is very good so far.

    One thing though, I can’t seem to use the Camera on Yahoo Messenger. I can use it on Windows Live Messenger though. Any of you guys have the same problem? Is there an additional driver to be installed?

  • Chris, yeah, Im using Vista. But even while I was still with XP the problem persisted.

    But good news, after some searching on the net, I found out that Acer recommends installing Bison camera driver (available in its website) to resolve this. I did and YM now detects my camera 🙂

  • hello to all 🙂

    I’m a very satisfied user of this laptop, both with Windows XP and Linux, I got all accessories running well both on Windows XP and Linux, I used Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10) distro for the Linux and works perfectly well (after doing the necessary updates)…webcam, card reader, wifi, movies USBs and CD/DVDs all work well, I even used it for my presentations and the In Focus LCD projector I used worked magically as it does in Windows XP…

    I could not find the complete installer online pre-installed in it, the Linpus Linux, good thing I discovered Ubuntu which does alot of wonders to me

    I’m so happy I discovered this wonderful laptop and even the equally fantastic Ubuntu 🙂


  • bryan,
    hi i was reading your comment, currently i’m using ubuntu right now, it works well i’m learning as of now, but there is problem with my webcam it doesnt work, or it cannot detect but couldn’t driver for linux, i need help.thanks

  • Nice review Chris, but I think this setup (with the default ram) on windows xp and specially windows vista, this won’t run optimally, and in vista, there’ll be no available physical memory and vista will use virtual memory (swapfile) to compensate, this would really slow down the performance of this desktop replacement laptop(too big to carry around for me unlike the eeepc), but upgrading ram would resolve that. I suggest 1gb minimum for windows xp and 2gb for vista. As for linux use, 512 is pretty good enough, just dont use eyecandies on your gui like those opengl accelerated things in xfree. But your right, this unit is pretty cheap yet very functional with its default configuration. BTW got my unit second hand and at a really dirt cheap price.

  • just want to ask… can this laptop run 3d max9?
    if not.. any suggestion what kind of laptop can i buy…

    can u help me?

  • ay! ung 4310 ung saken,.i upgraded the mem to 1 gb,.then my OS is Windows Vortex Vista Second Generation 2008,..i need it for my course,.hehe!
    8 months so far wla pa xang problema,.

  • [steve](ay! ung 4310 ung saken,.i upgraded the mem to 1 gb,.then my OS is Windows Vortex Vista Second Generation 2008,..i need it for my course,.hehe!
    8 months so far wla pa xang problema,.)

    -ganito yung sayo? 3dmax9 nag rurun wlng problem? kumusta nmn yung performance?. kung windows xp gamit ko? ok lng ba? yung sayo? mabilis ba?

  • hi acer 4310 din ang gamit ko, window vista stater ang gamit ako
    my mga time na talagang sobrang bagal nya lalo na pag mag oopen ako inaabot ako ng 10 to 15mins..ano kaya ang problem nito eh bagong bili ko palang nito yung july 2008 baka meron makatulong sakin

    more power

  • i have a acer 4310 vista ang OS, in upgrade k na sya sa 2gb ram.. as of now ok ang flow ng system i donrt experience any hagout… pero i have a little problem i cant go with xp coz i cant access the bios coz it have a password…

  • Yeah I also have this baby, good in small multitasking, but I have a problem lately the wireless driver in the cd bundle is not working, and I can’t use the built-in wireless. Anyone can help me about this? Thanks in advance

  • guys, i also have this baby. :)) happy naman ako sa kanya. but i have one prob right now, nagkavirus kasi itong acer ko. then nag reformat ako. but after ive install ALMOST all the drivers. my wifi cant work anymore. can anyone help me on this?


  • Ihave laptop acer aspire 4310 and ihave proplem in wireless it is not adjusted and the drives in cd drivers of wlan not ok

  • my acer aspire 4310 processor celeron have proplem in wireless drive adjust in BROADCOM 802.11b/g itis appeared with yellow label after setup and not work Iwant solution .
    the properities like that mentioned above

  • Hi! How can I access the SD card slot in Acer Aspire 4310? I want to download some of the pictures I got from my digital camera to my computer. I think my computer cant read the SD card inserted. I would appreciate any help that I will get. Thanks!

    Specs: Intel celeron, 2 gig memory, Windows Vista Starter & 80 gig hard drive.

  • Bought mine in 2007. Hurray for BPI Madness!!!

    Awesome LCD! Friends are amazed at the clarity and brightness. But its awesomeness also drains the battery quickly compared to other laptops. LCD needed repair a few months after pruchase (damaged connector ribbon), luckily was still under waranty.

    The fact that it is the only laptop designed by the BMW team also never ceases to impress friends! BTW, Team Ferrari also designed an Acer laptop (the red one).

    Audio volume also very weak. You have to connect external speakers specially when watching DVDs. Uninstalled the provided Realtek hi-def audio driver – more trouble than its worth: intermittent plug and play, tiny volume.

    Wifi worked well, no bluetooth though. Sony memory cards needed adapter to fit in card slot (lost the card reader protector! damn!).

    Only 4 USB ports, not enough for basic home setup of mouse, speakers, laptop pad, wireless, printer, scanner, AND flashdisks, phone, mp3 players, etc.

    Installing XP was a pain because it could not detect the laptop’s hardisk – unless I buy the latest XP SP3 installer.

    After I bought it, I dual-booted it with Vista and Kubuntu 7. Worked decently with Vista, being the crappy OS that it is. Worked better after RAM upgrade to 1Gb.

    Couldn’t install the Acer Launchpad. Also, lefthand Wifi button worked in reverse. If it lights up, wifi is off. Funny.

    Still using it now, currently dual-booted to Windows 7 Beta and Kubuntu 9. Runs ok with Windows 7, but currently experiencing problems with the Realtek Audio driver. Am currently looking online for a more decent replacement.

    Overall, best value for money — at the time! Now, there are better laptops for 25k and below. Latest Acer Aspire models basically looks the same but have better specs – and are cheaper than the purchase price of my 4310! Argh!

  • for LCD problems: apparently, the early aspire series (4310 included) was probe to LCD ribbon damage (its the thing that connects your LCD to the motherboard). You have to have this replaced by Acer. Pray that you purchased an extended warranty when you bought your laptop.

    for Wifi problems: reinstalling the drivers in the provided CD should solve ye problems. If not, then surf the web (look for Acer) then download the necessary drivers.

    for Memory Cards: Sony cards need adapters in order to fit into the card slot of the laptop. Call it the “proprietary curse”. An alternative would be to just connect your camera via its USB data cable.

    for gaming: Can play most recent games, but not the most latest 3D graphics intensive ones such as Fallout 3.

  • Please help me! anyone know why I can’t not use bluetooth built-in? when I Prees Bluetooth Button. It appear that No bluetooth device found but I already in install driver. My Laptop Acer aspire 4310 ram 512mb hardisk 120gb.

  • Im also using Acer Aspire 4310 for 2-3 years now.Mine is running on XP. No problem on LCD, but like ahmedmkaa Wi-fi isnt working even if I install/ reinstall the driver so many times. Can you suggest a solution? Im wondering if it’s really wireless ready or I was just deceived by the pc store (and the Acer brochure).

    And also, there’s a blue tooth key but no blue tooth installed?
    Can you tell me which product features are available for the units being sold in the Phils? It’s only these 2 problems that makes me somewhat disappointed.

    Do you know where the ACER service center is?

  • hey cecile.. we have the same problem..
    bluetooth and wifi won’t worl. driver reinstallation says the devices were not inserted. seems the unit doesn’t really have the devices built in. email me if you got yours solved ;)kimxavier23@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot!

  • Hi! I have same problem as mentioned above. My wifi would not work. When i open the device manager it has a yellow exclamation. Please Email me how to resort this problem. Thank.

  • Hi! please help me what’s happen in my acer 4310 i cannot reformat, they appear a;

    (set up did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. make sure any HD drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. this may involve running manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or set-up program.)

    but my old OS is working i would to reformat bec, they have virus. but my bootable disk wont work! my OS is original but XP i buy this as vista, there is the for that? please can you help me, i o u. thanks!!!

  • Hello, I’m having problems with my acer aspire 4310 LCD – the screen just turns white every now and then. There are also times when the screen is white even after the start up. Can u please help me… thank you so much!

  • Hey guys.. can u help me?.. my acer mini laptop did not start with the BIOS.. but the Power BUTTON is still lighting… what is the BEST solution for this..???? T.Y.

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