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Rebound by Silent Sanctuary – PGG’s Music of the Moment

by Chris
Two weeks ago I went to Eastwood. To my surprise, Globe Kantabataan, [a battle-of-the-bands nationwide search which is sponsored by Globe] was conducting their regional finals out there and it was just so cool. Did I mention that I dig bands? I just love them. By the way, to tell you guys honestly, the finalists of Globe Kantabataan were really really good.

What made me enjoy more the night I went to Eastwood was the gig-type performance of Silent Sanctuary who happened to be a guest band at the Globe Kantabataan. In case you are not aware, this band sang the popular song entitled “Ikaw Lamang”

I’d like to feature on Pinoy Guy Guide the hit song they sung. It’s “Rebound” and though it’s been there for a while, it’s one of the best songs in their album. Click Play below to listen to the sample.

If you have listened to their songs, you would notice that they do play the violin. It’s interesting because they are one of the very few bands out there who play such an instrument for their songs. I guess this is their asset that separates them from the rest of the bands out there making their music to top the charts.

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cyril October 16, 2009 - 5:29 pm

hi! thanks for bringing back fun memories! 😉 i was having a trip down the memory lane through google and upon typing Globe Kantabataan, i stumbled into your page. 😉 you see, our band (Sober Sunday) was one of the regional finalists who performed in that event and we actually made it through the national semis. so, a million thanks to you. btw, silent sanctuary really rocks. recently watched their gig at mayric’s. ciao!

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