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3 Unusual places to meet hot women

Ever been to a place where you never expect to see a beautiful woman? Well, as for me here is my list:

1. Hospital
Last year I was in a hospital for my medical only to find out that the nurse, is well – hot. The bad thing was she was asking me to take off my clothes [as in totally!] for my medical check-up and I was like “What the heck?”. Who will expect to find a hottie asking me to undress? It was such an embarrassing experience for me.

2. Office Building
I came to our Ortigas office early morning the other day since I got loads of stuff to do. Guess what, we had a new receptionist and for some reason she looks like a girl from Binibining Pilipinas – long hair, tall and pretty face. Too bad I don’t see her often because she’s on a shift.

3. Underpass
I was with my friends walking in one of Makati’s underpass. We were walking along when a pretty girl walked by. She was so astounding that even one of our friends who happened to be a girl was like “She’s hot”. And we all stared at her. I will never forget that underpass

4. Well, there is actually no number 4
Share your own experience. Feel free to add to the list.

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