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Penshoppe and that Anime Look

by Chris

If you have seen that very huge billboard between SM City North Edsa and Trinoma you would see the exact advertisement of Penshoppe like the one above.

It seems that they are trying to bring back that sort of anime, comic-book look in today’s young generation. It’s not bad in my opinion since right now my hairstyle is spiky like that. We can also see that the smart-casual look (the polo shirt plus jeans) is everywhere.

I wonder what you guys think of this style anyway.

*Image source: Penshoppe

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remcyl October 24, 2007 - 9:43 am

Hmm, as far as the anime hair is concerned, this is one I’d rather skip. It’s too high maintenance for me. I’d prefer the bead head for now. It’s very easy to manage and wax isn’t that expensive compared to that of the gel.

With the apparels, I’m happy people go for the deconstructed which is good news to us of course.

Let’s see where this is heading. I’m guessing we’re right behind China or japan’s style.

Chris October 26, 2007 - 12:11 am

It’s actually good for some of us to follow Japan’s style.

Paolo August 19, 2008 - 2:04 pm

let’s face it. We’re lagging behind China and Japan. Some of us Pinoys sometimes imitate guys from Japan with their anime style. No offense but i think it doesn’t suit some of us to actually imitate their style of clothing cuz of some apparent seasons. One, some of us are fashion victims, even if the style doesn’t suit them, or making them uncomfortable, they still wear it because they think it’s IN and makes them look cool, get a life. Last, some of us exaggerate foreign style. We experiment things that is way off the market. Yes, you will stand out of the crowd, but do you think people will actually acclaim you just because you dress different/good? no..it’s because they find you eccentric and not very pleasant in the naked eye. Last week, when i was at Mall of Asia, i noticed that some teenager guys wear tight jeans with this slim ties and emo fused with anime style..kinda weird actually because they dramatize their sense of style so much it becomes a bother.

People have different opinions, ako too.. 🙂

hey September 29, 2008 - 3:14 pm

i wonder who does penshoppe’s ad campaigns.

i think they’re trying too hard.

especially with the graphic tees that pass off as ‘bastos’ instead of being funny

nice blog, btw.

catalysmic September 29, 2008 - 9:53 pm

Ay naku those anime-cross-rocker = emo fashion are worthless. wala lng silang decent na damit. Hello parang sqautter pa ang dating nila at ang dudumi nila compared to the western emo influence. They have good shirts and pants whereas dito parang aswang na itsura nila kasi payatot na sun-burnt skin pa, kinky hair, plus kacheapan na gel and bling-blings only a bangkay would be caught wearing = ugly and hideous disaster. Pinoy sila, they should be fortunate to wear clean and decent clothes, not pa kunwaring emo na hello wala breeding talaga ang dating nila. at ang dumi pa ng sneakers nila! kahit black yan sana they keep it clean naman. kulang na lng lata ay bitbitin nila papuntang SM at d na sila papapasukin ng guard baka mapagkamalhang mga pulibi. Goodness, Ilonggo people would look down on you if ganyan ka dito. It shows walang breeding.

Inkhiel13 February 4, 2010 - 11:52 pm

Boo !

Inkhiel13 February 4, 2010 - 11:56 pm

HMM .. Mas okay qng gyahin nlng nla ung fashion nang korea “KPOP” db?
Kaso mdming pilipinong sunog .. GRRR ! .. Wak nlang haha ! Ü
eniweis , penshoppe tees really rocks ! O,o \m/


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