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Tips for Wallet Owners

Wallets come in various forms and styles that suit different persons with different lifestyles. Whether you’re a student, a professional or a party-goer you should learn the basics when it comes to wallets. Here are some tips that I could give when using wallets:

1. Keep your wallet slim
Wallets reflect your personality. Make sure to keep it slim no matter how well-to-do you are. Keep only the valuable stuff and throw out the rubbish that is inside (e.g. receipts, old business cards). I’m sure you wouldn’t want your wallet to look like the one below.

2. For formal occasions, use a formal leather wallet
For formal occasions, use a formal leather wallet. Choose a black or brown wallet for use during gatherings, dates or even day-to-day office work.

3. Bring a sporty wallet during games
If you’re athletic, make sure you have a sporty wallet. You wouldn’t want to bring your leather wallet during basketball. Leather wallets will easily be damaged during physical activities so make sure you choose a canvass sporty wallet like the one below from Adidas.

4. Have an all-around casual wallet
All-around stylish, casual wallets are especially useful during gimmicks with friends and also on casual dates. This is usually the wallet you show-off around with your very cool outfit so make sure you are equipped with a similar one below from Penshoppe.

5. Putting wallets in back pocket is not recommended
Guys certainly do have a habit of putting wallets in their back pocket. This is not advisable for two reasons. One, is that your wallet will easily be damaged and deformed once you sit on it. Two is that it can easily be stolen.

6. Have a small coin-purse around
If you have a lot of coins, it is certainly good to have a small coin-purse around. Having lots of coins in a wallet is a total eye-sore.

7. Long wallets should be avoided
Long wallets used to be the trend a couple of years back but this should also be avoided.

Based from experience this type of wallet has a tendency to slip off your pocket. This happened to me when I was in college. My wallet used to slip until I finally lost it. Sad, but true.

Have other tips to share? I’d love to hear them.

***Wallet images are brought to you by Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana and Penshoppe. Other images are forwarded by email. As such sources are not available.

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • “Putting wallets in back pocket is not recommended”

    This is true, only if your shirt is tucked-in.

    Putting wallets on the side pockets is not safe either, because each time you sit, the wallet get lodged out (Just like the Long Wallet).

  • it isnt good to put your wallet at the back, not on the sides? so where do you put it then…?

    i put my wallet at the back when walking, in the mall, out on a date, i out my wallet at the front, when ill be watching a movie, so as not to feel uncomfortable during the whole time.

    try to keep your wallet as slim as possible, limit what you put inside it.

  • Hmm, i definitely think men should start considering wearing man purses. Seriously, with all the metrosexuals invading the straight guys’ world, it’s about time we do something to extend the trends for men.

    everytime a new trend sets in for the guys, we have to wait for a gazillion years before a new one replaces the former.


  • anonymous1: you’re right with the tuck-in shirts I guess.

    anonymous2: as I have posted, keeping a wallet as slim as possible is very important

    remcyl: what are man purses? I’m not sure if I’ve already seen one.

  • A lady once asked me about where I put my wallet in an attempt to develop a psychological profile on me. Does anyone know anything about this “personality trait”?

  • nice blog. ^^
    ..but I’m wondering where do we need to put long wallets?
    (since anonymous3 said it wasn’t meant to be put on a wallet)..so do we need to carry it always? like a umm..a purse? for a lack of term

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