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Tricks facial cleanser anyone?

Last week, I was emailed by a reader asking me if I have tried Tricks Facial Cleanser for Men. With permission, I am quoting his email below but I changed his name for the sake of privacy.

good day!

i’m jake and I am an avid reader of your blog :p

a couple of weeks ago I got curious and tried using the facial cleanser from tricks, they call it exfocleanser. it says in the bottle that it has a “micro-exfoliating action” aside from that it claims that it has anti bacterial properties as well. it also says that it is more potent than the leading brand (master??)
i got the oil control (violet) one and i tried it out for 2weeks, as of now it really works well for me. i am wondering whether you have tried this product and i was hoping that you give a review on this so us guys can be better informed on the product specifics which up to now confuses me. btw, i was a user of the classic master facial cleanser.


Honestly, I haven’t tried this before since it is a relatively new product. Moreover, I usually stick to soap and water and seldomly use facial cleansers for men because I am quite careful in selecting which ones to use. The best advice I could give when choosing face products for men is to check if the product is dermatologically-tested and approved. Also, when trying out a product, apply a small portion on your neck and check if it has any effects on you (e.g. itching, allergies etc) before applying to your face. If it has, then you should not use it anymore.

Going back to the product, I am glad that Jake here has tipped us that Tricks indeed works. However, we all need to understand that what may be effective for some may not be effective for others. It’s up to you to choose and try what is best for you.

Anyway, has anyone ever tried this product? I like to hear what your feedbacks are.

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  • It’s very tricky to advice people with skin care since reactions to such varies. my advice though, is go to a dermatologist, ask about home regimens you can do without having to purchase any of their products (but products can be good too), and see what works for you. by doing so, you’ve saved yourself from a nightmare waiting to happen by not taking risks only because of hearsays or word of mouth.

  • in trying out new products make sure that they are dermatologically tested and approved.

    – do a skin test, take a small amount of the desired new product, put it in your neck, or your skin on the opposite side of your elbow, where they take your blood during blood chemistry.

    – if no redness, itchiness for 8-12 hours then it is safae for you to use.

    – however this doesnt guarantee that the product will work on you, if you have sensiive skin, dont just believe on what is advertised, sometimes they are tempting yet doesnt really work or worsens your case.

    – as for me, i use eskinol, since high school, then switch to master, and when i do get pimples, i use proactive and panoxyl, ive tried several products as well and it will only cost you so much, stick to the basic and kill the problem not sustain them

  • hi mga bro.. im looking for this product for almost 3 years.. because pi na try ako nito ng sister ko dati 1 bottle lang becoz ang dami kong pimples super,. at diyan na wala ang pimples ko.. san ako makakabili nian plz… badly needed?? bumalik kasi mga pimples ko nung na ubusan ako nian.. plz. guys.. tell me where to buy>?? wala sa sm nian eh.. email me here plz.. (imaww_099@yahoo.com) thank you.. ill appreciate it pag may nag email sakin plz..

  • Grabe Michol.. pareho lang pl tayo.. almost 3 years ko rin yan hinahanap. ito lang kasi ung ginamit ko na sobrang effective sa akin. Nawala ung mga acne spots ko at kuminis ung balat ko. pero after ilang taon bumalik ulit kc sa stress na rin, kaso nga di ko na mahanap yan sa amin. email nio rin nga ako kung may alam kayong mapgbibilihan nito.plz.
    (j.niwa@yahoo.com). Salamat po.

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