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Rich Girl, Poor Guy

by Chris

A while back we talked about gold-diggers (where the guy is obviously richer). But if we reverse the scenario in a way that the girl you’re dating is too rich for you then you may find yourself singing “You’re way too rich girl, that’s why it’ll never work you’ll have me suicidal, suicidal….”

Alright, that line is from a song and it’s just a joke. But why am I talking about stuff like this? Well this is because in our society, men are expected to be the provider and it would seem like a guy’s “manhood” depends on the size of his wallet. So when you start liking a girl who is more well to do than your are, you may find yourself in a dilemma whether to pursue the girl or not. But how would you exactly know?

Jack and Rose of the blockbuster movie Titanic.
A perfect example of Rich Girl, Poor Guy

Here are the things you should know before anything else:

1. Know if you got chemistry with the girl
Do you have the same interests? Can you make her laugh? Are you two both outgoing? Yes, these are small signs but they are important for you to determine if the relationship would be strong enough to work out and last.

2. Know her lifestyle
If she goes to spas, massage centers, sports clubs, exclusive restaurants, night-life bars or even out-of-town trips do you think you could go with the flow? I once met a girl who I had chemistry with but we have totally different lifestyles, and yes, she is more well to do than I am and it simply didn’t work.

Also, does she know how to commute? Can she afford to ride on public transportation or even on a cab? If she always rides on a car it would be difficult for you especially if you do not have your own. It will just be a complete disaster.

3. Know her family background
While still early, you should learn about her family background. If you’re lucky enough, her parents wouldn’t mind if their daughter is more well off than you.

If you think you could live with all that has been said above then these are the things you should do next:

4. Get a stable source of income
That is, you should have a job first! Even if the girl is not rich, she wouldn’t want a guy who is jobless because it is a sign of being irresponsible. So go ahead, get a job and excel in your career.

5. See if you could handle the pressure
Nothing is more pressuring for us guys than to have a date who is way too rich because you will need to exert a lot of effort just to prove yourself.

But proving yourself doesn’t mean that you need to change your lifestyle and literally empty your bank account just to fit in. If the girl is really worth pursuing she will accept you for who you are and appreciate the little things you do for her despite you two having different backgrounds.

6. Is it really all worth it?
It is always the girl who has the final say whether this kind of relationship would work or not. And since you are going to embark on a difficult challenge, ask yourself: “Is this girl really worth pursuing?”

Of course it is really a challenge. But make sure that at the end of the day you remain to be the same person as you are from the very beginning. If you find yourself doing things beyond your capabilities to the extent that you lose your true self then maybe it’s not worth it because the kind of girl that is worth all the effort is the one who will accept you for who you are despite any differences you may have.

Anyway, if the winds of fate are good on you, then you will become like Jack and Rose of the movie Titanic. But if it is not, then learn to accept that some things are just not meant to be. Remember that by 2020 women will outnumber men with a ratio of 4 is to 1. So, I’m sure there is plenty more out there that you deserve!

So, have you ever experienced being in a situation like this? Share to us what advice you can give.

*Image source: BBC

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joey October 25, 2010 - 7:29 am

Acctally I’m dating lots of rich girls, and the reason i think they like me is because of who i am i never changed my self for them, like my gf of naw whe got 1 year, and was 1 year of fun i may poor but she likes me, what i learned is that poor people got more experience in relationships then rich people, So maby it is because i already had a few behind my back, or maby it how i am, the scar on my face the no fear, the protection i give her idk but i know whe love eachother. Yea her parent like me but not to much, because i had some trouble with police in the past(kids time) but one thing is sure i never lie to them to no girl i all hope for you if u wanna have rich girl u get 1 and those tips from this man are usefull, but my golden tip keep yourself dont change for her and dont be nervouse cause she is probally more then you goodluck x

englishteacher February 23, 2011 - 1:02 am

get your english straight man

callcenterguy February 23, 2011 - 4:27 am

Di naman requirement ang mag english dito e. Tagalogin mo na lang “Joey”. At baka atakaihin sa puso si “englishteacher”. 😀

ISTJ Man March 29, 2013 - 5:25 am

In my case, I haven’t dated any rich girls yet. But I think it’s really a big factor in planning to have a relationship with her if you have somewhat like a heaven and hell status. In my opinion, I don’t see any problems in having a commitment with her, I will just have a big problem in dealing with the family. ‘Cause you know, I am a guy which thinks about setting my life first before I plunge into a serious relationship. So, that I can provide very well for my chosen one even if it’s not that much, but just enough to satisfy the needs and wants with a little something to save. Being poor can not be a hindrance but being irresponsible could be.


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