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Del Monte Fit N’ Right – is it the right choice?

Del Monte introduced last year (if I’m not mistaken) their product Fit N’ Right. For those who don’t know about it, well it’s just a juice drink which contains L-Carnitine, a substance that speeds up the body’s metabolism which means that it could aid in weight loss.

But is it effective?

A friend of mine said that his brother is drinking religiously thrice a day because accordingly drinking it that often will be beneficial for your body weight. And yes, as a matter of fact his brother lost a bit of weight within the first few weeks without changing any part of his diet. If this is the case, then what more if you combine diet and exercise too?

The only drawback of this is that it costs around 20 Pesos and drinking this three times a day will cost you 60 Pesos per day – an amount almost equivalent to the cost of Fitness First gym membership for one day! Aside from that, I think anyone will get tired drinking the same old juice that many times per day. The best thing to do is to combine diet, exercise and Fit N’ Right since drinks like these are more of a supplement for weight loss rather than a total replacement to the real thing!

Have you ever tried this? Share your experience…

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  • if you chek the content of fit and right it does contain sugar and if you tried drinking it, youd say that it contains a lot of sugar, though l-cartinine helps burn fat but dont just depend on it…

    eat properly and exercise is the best approach

  • If one is just after the L-carnitine content, then why not just take Fitrum. Anyone here who tried this one too?

  • fitrum is good..actually tlgng papayat k kc nawawalan k ng ganang kumain..i think ok din ang Fit ‘n Right(nde ko p sya natry)kc juice sya from natural fruits..d b sabi nga nila mas malakas magpapayat ang fruits..lalo kung pineapple..

    try ky natin pagsabayin ang fitrum at fit ‘n right?kaso masakit n sa bulsa..

    sana makainvent nman cla ng pampapayat k nde n need magexercise…what do you think guys?

  • i lost a lot of weight in just one month with fit n right and daily exercise! it brought back by abs and even got me 2 modeling stints last summer! take note, i wore a string bikini! it really works!

  • I don’t agree that fit n’ right is effective. I’ve been drinking it for about 3 months already and it disappointed me which what I expected to be the outcome was surely became its opposite. I gained 10 lbs. (I think) when I started it drinking. I guess it’s the sugar-ontent which made my body shape this way at present. Though it has L-carnitine, it still can’t help you lose weight because it is counterpated with a lot of sugar contents by each serving. So as you take many servings of Fit n’ Right, many sugar contents will accumulate your body which will eventually become the source of greater deposites of carbs in your body. Many carbs n the body can make a person fat, right? Eating foods loaded with sugar (esp. refined sugar) increases the body’s “fat storage” as insulin “promotes the storage of fat.”

  • Drinking lots of water is better. It has no sugar content, costs less and is available anytime. Drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water a day will not only help in the detoxification but will also rehydrate your body. It helps in the replenishment of fluids lost like urine, tears and perspiration. But I believe that proper diet is the right key towards keeping the right weight. Remember the saying, You are what you eat. Add exercise and you will achieve additional health as well as aesthetic benefits. 🙂

  • I drink Fit ‘n Right 3-5 times everyday. I lost 5 pounds with proper diet and exercise. By exercise, I mean CRUNCHES. I do it at least 100 times everyday.

  • Hi Guys,

    My 2 cents worth on this!

    First of all, L-Carnitine is not a miracle slimming ingredient on its own. You need to partner this with exercise for it to work. You will not lose weight from just drinking fit and right alone. If you think about it, you’ll actually lose more weight by exercising and drinking water than Fit and Right! Why? Because you dont add any calories with water! With Fit and Right, you take in alomot 100Cal per drink. Doing this 3-5 times a day is like drinking a milk shake already!

    I agree with Janus on the proper diet bit along with exercise!. Just remeber that burn more than what you take in and you will lose weight! Drinking this may help but there are more practical ways of losing weight.

  • I think it works if you will have a proper diet and exercise. It will not work if you’ll just drink without doing anything. It helps burn fats but you also need to have a proper diet and exercise. Maybe Del Monte Fit N’ Right helps for 40% only but exercise and proper diet is 60%

  • at first im skeptic about this product, i dont believe that a certain juice could help lose my fats, but then i was wrong, when i was so desperate because i gained a lot of wait, i tried this wid less exercise and a very strict diet… i was shocked with the outcome, when i started to drink it last july 14 2008, i weigh 260 lbs roughly 120 kilograms.. and would you believe that today December 19, 2008 approximately 5 months later would you believe that im now 205 lbs or 94 kilos.. i didnt expect that i would really attain my weight now… if you want to see difference, just check on my friendster, just search RANDY MEDADO… and you would see the difference… just scan my photos there.. and also please drop by some comment..

    heheheh… more power to del monte…
    thank you

  • i drink one bottle of fit n right one hour before exercising, i leave about half the bottle for when i actually start exercising.

    before i used this product, i sweat hard, but now, i sweat REALLY REALLY hard, and its a good motivation at that. i lost 8 pounds after three days of using it, but if you stop exercising, you WILL eventually gain back to the weight you once started.

    i don’t recommend you use it though if you aren’t exercising, it is sweet and it will make you crave for more sweets… just drink water

    and right after exercising, if you want to build muscles… drink milk, not the low fat stuff.

  • just like del monte fit n right, FUZE drink also has L-Carnitine and it also has antioxidant but with only 5 calories per bottle some of the flavors has 10 calories and they have different delicious flavors like dragon fruit lime, strawberry melon, pomegranate and acai berry, tropical punch, orange mango,peach mango, pineapple banana colada, tangerine grapefruit, cranberry raspberry, blueberry raspberry, black and green tea and a lot more. but the only thing i don’t know is if the philippines has those beverage drink, coz here in the states they sell those for $1.47 each

  • actually

    silicon emulsion is a carrier of the active ingredients. some active ingredients lose their efficacy/degrade during thermal or heat processing as juices such as fit and right undergo to attain safety. carriers are important to prevent or minimize losses.

    l-carnitine is actually a non-protein amino acid that functions as a transporter of fatty acids (breakdown product of fat) through membranes of cells where they are “burned.” the effect of increasing l-carnitine in the diet has apparently affected the rate or speed of transport of fatty acid and consequently, their burning thus aiding weight loss.

    -these may have some mistakes (based on stock knowledge kasi)
    -im a food technologist with background in nutrition and biochemistry

    btw, to the owner, nice site. keep up the good work! ill be posting some comments and some nerdy facts in some topics. haha

  • i just wanna know when is the most effective time to drink fit and right, b4 meals or after meals? i tried it b4 w/ empty stomach and i started pooing for 2 days but i lost 6 lbs.

  • Fit n Right is really a good start to lose weight. I drink it 3times a day and before I sleep I do 50 sit-ups and u know wat?It amaze me to lose 10lbs for jst 2weeks. I noticed my waistline is slimmer than it was. I would suggest u must try doing it and believe me it wud really work. And try to add fruits an apple or pineapple maybe to give u a fresh looking skin….

  • we’ll it works the same with Vit-water.. pink color drink…
    it consist with l-carnitine…the benefit????? less expensive…
    fit n right cost 20pesos… vit-water is only 13.50pesos…

  • Check any product for consistency,compliance and practicality of use. Fitrum is L-Carnitine, those in RTD’s are questionable.some have D-Carnitine which is a waste. besides lots of sugar in RTD’s. By compliance i mean,that you need more than 125 mg. of L-Carnitine for a fitness claim,Fitrum has 250 mg at 3x/day plus 150 mg of Teavigo for fat burning also. which means you get twice the effect for its actual value. take fitrum with a lot of water na lang instead of rtd’s.If you’re extra tolerant to caffeine,take it with a lot of coffee,it works twice as better. Fitrum is by Herbs and Nature Corp.but we had it developed in france through pfizer and roche nutritions.for more info,e-mail nyo lang po ako for the clinical studies and specifications nf Fitrum.andalkenji@yahoo.com Maraming Salamat Po. -Kenji Andal,HNC

  • I’m actually sick of weight loss product coz I’m at the edge of the slim side, and i haven’t seen any products out there except L men (They have gain mass, and loss weight, too) and Appeton (which does embarrassing ads, by the way) so I began thinking if obesity is such a problem in the Philippines rather than malnutrition ( would have preferred to use, “undernutrition” except it’s not one-word). Everybody seems obsess with getting fat, and nobody seems to notice that hello, there are thin people out there too. We’re like, many. You know. Crap.

  • indeed it is effective. but of course with proper exercise. maintenance lang naman talaga sya. i lost weight and still maintains my 100 lbs weight w/ out changing my diet. i still eat a lot. but the scary things lang, it really has sugar. reason why i need to cut it down a bit.

  • panu ba yung tamang pag inom>>?? after excercise? or bfore excercise?? kasi may ngsabi.. pagkatpos daw mg excercise mgandanggmitin.. wanna make sure lang.. hope for your answer..

  • effective tlga 2ng fit n right.mga 2 weeks na aq na inom n2 with proper diet and exercise and i loose 10 kilos already…what can i say fit and right help me to bring back my confidence..tnx to fit n right…

  • fit n rigth is so effective i’ve been drinking this product 4 almost 5 months now, and i lost 105 lbs. checkout my friendster account for you to believe or should i say to be amazed.. just type cheeky

  • i’vE beEn dRinKing fit n ryt juiCe drinK,foR 2mos. na i thinK. ..anD frOm my 55kls weight. ..i lose 1okls. ..nOw, i just weight 45kls. ..soO hapi !! hahaHa

  • i tried fit n right, 1 week, actually, i just didn’t have something to drink at work coz the cafeteria sold only FIT N RIGHT, i didn’t do any exercise but i just usually walk a lot going to work, i was amazed because i though i didn’t do any proper diet, i still found my waistline
    2 inches smaller than before…(JUST IN ONE WEEK)

    but i had this experience wherein upon opening the grape flavored fit n right, there were lots of ants!! the taste was awful and there were residues at the top of the bottle…

    other than the price which is a little expensive for the “common tao”,
    i am really satisfied with the effect of fit n right when it comes to the enhancement of one’s metabolism

  • actually, studies have shown that the most effective way to lose weight is to lessen your food intake. and a friend of mine which is a doctor told me that this substance L-carnitine will only work if you exercise which means fit n right will only be effective if coupled with exerceise.

  • It needs exercise because L-Carnitine burns the fat and turns them into energy. If you don’t exercise, the unused energy turns to fat again (which actually doubles your fat due to the sugar that’s included in the drink).

    Might as well drink the product and exercise.

  • Guys there is an available L-carnitine capsule in the drug store. so less hassle to drink juices hehe. hmm bec ive encoutered my patient taking it.

  • Wen is the right time to drink fit n right? BEFORE, AFTER OR DURING exercise? i hope for your answers. thanx!

  • 2 hours before exercise is the perfect time to drink fit ‘n right. your body should have absorbed all the nutrients required and all you have to do is get your heart rate up to the fat burning level. how to do this? do aerobic or cardiovascular exercises like jogging or swimming.

  • hello
    everybody, i tried fit n right, its the best.
    but still you need to exercise to have result that you want.
    its a work but its worth it.
    buy the 1litre fit n right for 1day that will really work its 3glasses a day only 54 pesos.

    try it guys and love it

  • fit n ryt is so cool…u must try it…the good thing in fit n right is its fasten ur metabolism..and nawawalan k ng ganang kumain..aside from that nde k nang hihina kasi its turn ur fat into enrgy..samahan mo lgn tlg ng konting exercise pr madali ang resulta..take it 30 min before ur meal…at grabe kahit gusto mo pang kumain..ayaw n ng tyan mo kasi u feel full n..so kahit my calorie sya..its ok kasi nalelessen nmn yung pagkain mo ng rice…

  • I already took fit n’ right before, I think that was mid of 2008 then I stopped. But that time, I can proved that I lose weight, just not sure about the exact figures. Anyway, just wanna share, my guy friend is drinking this fit n’ right, just the small bottle, at least 3x a day and he actually do it with exercise in the gym 4x a week, and wow! He actually lose a lot of weight, from what I know, he was weighing like 210lbs before he did those stuff, and now, believe it or not, he’s like around 130lbs and he only did it for like 5-6months. But the bad part is, he was suddenly diagnosed to have UTI because of lack of water intake. Now, I’m drinking fit n’ right again, I can only drink this 1 liter for like 2.5 days when I’m usually in the office(call center job), it make me a move good and energetic. So, let’s just hope that I’ll lose weight too, I’m currently on 59kgs. and hoping to be in 45-48kgs so I can wear all my favorite shirts and jeans again. Woohoo!!

  • Delmonte Fit N right, palpak na product bumili ako ng delmonte Fit N right at M.Y supermarket in Tacloban, located in Tarcela St. Tacloban City. Pag open ko may kalawang ang loob ng takip at madumi, pinasa uli ko para palitan, hindi pinalitan ng staff ng M.Y supermarket in without any reason, make sure your product na malinis, ang laki ng company nyo pero burara kayo, maraming bumibili di lang ako ang ang biktima nyan. i also complain to the staff of M. Y supermarket they doesnt know how to handle the customer, kulang sila sa training from their head, hindi nila alam ang custmer service.

  • I take fit ‘n right not just for burning fat but also para makapagconcentrate during lectures. I am a med student and usually i listen to 3 hour lectures so i think i need the other effects of L-carnitine. I used to take FitShape, which is a supplement tablet containing L-carnitine and green tea extract. The effect is also good. I lose weight and it improves my concentration as well. I just switched to fit ‘n right because it is a natural fruit juice. Not only will I burn fat and increase concentration, I also like the taste of it. Usually I mix it with water kasi nga medyo matamis. Pero FitShape ok din sya. 🙂

    If ur interested in FitShape (L-carnitine + Green Tea extract)150mg capsules, 50 capsules/bottle – contact 0922-8392149

  • Just buy Optimum Nutrition L-Carnitine tablets – about 20 pesos per 500 mg..

  • hayy! naku i tried a lot slimming pills already pero d naman work itry ko bukas yung fit n right kc gusto ko tlagng pumayat im only 14 yrs. old at malapit na js namin eh bka wlang magkasya. kaya try ko bukas ang fit n right. xenical d naman nag work sa body ko ang mahal pa 45 pesos per capsule pero try niyo rin fit anf right with biguerlai in just few weeks

  • Ive been drinking it for 3 months now.I lost a lot of weight.But I don’t think it will work without proper diet and exercise.

  • my brother gave me a mass compliment before, well coming from him it is. he said it looks like i have lost weight *super smiles* :D|AmyyCatherine|my brother gave me a mass compliment before, well coming from him it is. he said it looks like i have lost weight *super smiles* 😀


  • curious me before bout fit n rite im about 90kilos and so i tried it in the morning after jogging i drink one then mag less rice ako and im not eating after 6pm, I only drink water after 6pm til i get to sleep. within a week i only jog 2-3 times fri-sunday in the morning and after a month i loss 5kilos amazed din ako.

  • @myrand :

    I think you do not exercise, since u gained weight. Its written in the packaging of the bottle to also exercise and diet. Not only drink fit n right. Also I think, correct me if im wrong, fit n right uses Sucralose which, i saw in wikipedia, is an artificial sugar and non-caloric.

  • alam ko totoo yang fit n right na effective but i dont have time to exercise,ok na po ba yung diet lang??gusto ko lang magbawas ng kilo but hindi ako mataba,,gusto ko lang talagang maging slim,,nakakadagdagkasi yun ng sex appeal eh…

  • I love FIT N RIGHT also but yes, it’s too sweet for me. I tried drinking it for a 3 months and lost 2 pounds only. I don’t know if it’s because of my inconsistent intake that’s why it’s not that (but exercise and diet are consistent naman) effective. Anyway, I tried last week a new drink which is Easy Pha-max wheatgrass Ready-To-Drink. I got curious kasi I’ve been hearing about wheatgrass juice for the longest time and when I passed by a 711 store, I tried to give it a shot. It’s not that bad as I thought since I have this misconception that “wheatgrass” tastes like “damo” but so far, I’m loving it naman. It’s honey-flavored din so it tastes sweet 🙂

  • actually khit anu gamitin mo to lose weight,kung wala kang twala sa iniinum mo its super useless its true?! mas mani2wala aq jan sa ksabihan nla….commentors can i ask kac i plan to try fit in right.oki lang ba kng hindi aq mka pag exercise kahit minsan?? pls post kau to comment this….

  • ..problema nyo magpapayat..ako nga hirap magpataba e..mabilis din ako pumayat although payat na tlaga ako..hahaha
    ..gusto lumaki naman kahit papano…

  • fuck fit n right. total waste of many buying that stupid fat burning drink that doesnt work. they claim na nakakapayat un. of course mag.eexagerate sila para makaattract ng customer kc gs2 nila kumita.. marketing strategy yan mga chong… best way is burn fat is to have a good diet at samahan nyo ng exercise and konting weight training..

  • bsta ako i drink fit n’ right when i feel like it.. kc parang nawawala ang uhaw ko pag iniinum ko 2….. pero i also do my regular exercise which helps me to lose more weight..

    imagine 111kl ako noon ngayon 67 kl nlng ako ang laki ng nawala sakin no.. hahahaha

    hndi nlng iniisip kng nagdidiet ako bsta i always do what i feel like doing..

  • ` saqn effective ung fit ‘n right,, uhmm.. everyday nag ttreadmill aq for atleast 15-20 mins, kasabay nun umiinom aq ng fit ‘n right, dati pinagpapawisan dn aq but not like nung cnimulan q ung fit ‘n right, grave ung pawis q.. then sa umaga tinapay lng , tas sa tanghali rice tapos sa gabi tnapay lng let.. aun.. effective naman..

  • If you drink many bottles of fit n right without proper diet and exercise and just sitting all day. It doesn’t effects. The best thing you do is drink fit n right with proper exrcise and diet. You can see the result…

    I try it. It’s so effective when you are responsible and reaching good body…. 😀

  • I’m drinking fit n’ right and for me it was effective. My old weight is 55kg and now I’m 50kg i lost 5 kg and I only drink this once a day but of course I do some work outs/exercise together with a healthy diet. 🙂 I’m drinking fit n’ right after exercising. And there after 1 week I lost 5 kg

  • Hay nako, I am drinking fit ‘n right everyday pero i can’t exercise talga kc dahil sa work even afternoon hindi talga pwd.. during friday afternoon and weekends lang talga pwd.. anong tingin nyo? kaya ko kaya pumayat? I will buy weighing scale tomorrow and more fit ‘n right + tea nlang din

  • Actually, no need to drink or take anything kahit hindi ka mag exercise ok lang. Ito lang tatandaan niyo : Count your daily calorie intake for example 1300 calories per day bawasan mo lang ng 100 or 200 calories kasi ang calories ang nag papataba s atin. Huwag mag consume ng high calorie food kong hindi niyo kayang sunugin. Kakain ka tapos hihiga wala kang gagawin sa buong araw hindi ma susunog calories mo at magiging taba.

  • Hmmmm… mas ok talaga proper diet and exercise…..tpos water…..o kya fit n ryt nman.,… pra maiba lang ツ

  • Nagsawa nako sa dami ng gnmit ko…. pills, tea, coffee na pmpapyat…. ngddwnload pko noon ng diff application sa cp ko….all about pmpapayat…..

    bgla sumuko ako, sabi ko ayoko ng phirapan srili ko… ndedepress nko… ndidisappoint ako lgi sa srili ko….kaya eto diko nlng msyadong pinoproblema taba ko… kinakain ko lhat ng gusto ko….chocolates, etc.,…

    pero isa lng tlga ang pinag-aaralan ko ang hindi pagkain ng sobra… nung sinamahan ko sa center pinsan ko naisipan kong magtimbang…. abay akalain mong 9kgs n pla nbwas…haha sobrang ntwa nlng ako…kung kelang hindi ako nkafocus sa pgpppyat haha..

  • Fit and right works for me. But it will work better with proper diet and regular excercise….AS for me, I lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. No Pain No Gain! c”,)

  • Oh noh fit and right is not working, 6 mons na akong umiinom nian pero wala nman nabago sa weight ko,with household work, gnawa ko nlng xang substitute ng softdrinks,masarap kasi kaya im stil dringking pero wala tlagang nagbago sa wt. Ko.,urgg!!!…:(

  • I think it’s effective, I had drunk fit ‘n right religiously before and it worked quite well (I had a little zumba at the same time).. Now that I’m gaining weight again, I’m planning to go back to this healthy drink . . . I hope I’ll get the same outcome as before.. Just once a day, I think more than a bottle isn’t effective anymore.. Maybe that’s the reason why you receive the opposite result than it can give you ’cause of too much sugar you take in each day.. Good luck, guys!

  • fit and right??? is this really effective?? for me NO proper exercise plus diet you. like me from 95kg to 80kg for only 2 weeks..

  • Erwin, what kind of diet did you do? I want to lose weight din kasi just dieting and exercise 15mins before going to sleep

  • Nde lang po 50mg of L-carnitine ang nagppyat cnyo, meron dn po etong 450mg GCE (Green coffee bean extract) which is more effective kaysa L-carnitine..ska its just 6g of sugar, compare sa amount of sugar na nsa sodas. Sa mga di tntablan ng product na to, wag lang po tayo umasa sa effect ng juices, this is just a dietary supplement which kelangan pdn ntn ng proper diet and exercise…No Pain, No Gain!!

  • I love del monte products that I always share with my father and mother every now and then to bond with them 🙂 I hope that del monte will continue to produce new products and new flavors to choose from… I always avail bulk of these in https://www.goods.ph/ Thank for servicing Filipino family with every inch of happiness that your products can give…

  • I may believe that it will reduce body fat but is it safe for 13-14 yrs old?

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