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Fitness First Platinum and Regular Rates

Based from my most recent poll here in PGG, everyone wants to lose weight and build muscle – ask any guy around and majority would answer the same too.

Coincidentally, I happened to have passed by Fitness First in Trinoma and they were giving away flyers containing the cost of membership in their state-of-the-art gyms. Just for your information, Fitness First Platinum is the “premium” gym of Fitness First among all other regular branches. There are only two Platinum gyms that Fitness First has which I know of – one is in RCBC Plaza (which even has a swimming pool) and one in Trinoma.

Fitness First – SM City North Edsa

I have taken a look into both regular and platinum gyms of Fitness First. What is surprising about Fitness First Platinum is that you wouldn’t need to bring your work-out clothes with you to the gym because they will provide you with one. Not once, not twice – but everytime you hit the gym!

As for the current rates, here they are:

Fitness First Regular
Joining Fee – 500 Pesos
Admin Fee – 1,900 Pesos
Monthly membership fee (12 months/any branch except Platinum) – 2,450 Pesos

Fitness First Platinum
Joining Fee – 3,500
Monthly membership fee (12 months/any branch) – 3,600 Pesos

One more thing: I heard that they are going to increase membership rates after January so if you wish to enroll, well I guess now is the time. But with the said rates, would you still do?

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • your company does not deserve to be called fitness first it should be MONEY first! Do not register or commit to their agents who are trained to promise you in passing your membership to other clients if you cannot comply with the payments they demand of you. So many are fooled by their marketing strategy and you will be surprised to know how people are troubled on how to quit their program. Fitness First should never have been introduced here in the Philippines. Its a fitness scum!

  • I advice, try nyo sa curves circuit workshop located at serendra bonifacio global city….its more cheaper, its exclusive for girls only….

  • This diet is called “The Abs Diet, Eat Right Every Time.” From David Zinczenko, editor and chief from Men’sHealth Magazine. I have the book, and I understand what to eat for regular meals, but what do you eat for your snacks 2 hours before meals?.

  • I am leaving manila and go back to province.i want to cancel the contract and i already made an advance for one month, cash basis.
    The money first, ooops,i mean fitness first do not want to cancel the contract and still they billed me for the remaining months.
    I need some legal advice here.I am thinking not to pay the bills because i cannot use their facilities.in short i am billed for nothing!
    Please help me!

  • @Troy

    i think you should have thought things through before seeking legal advice, i don’t think they would ask you to pay a certain amount of money knowing that you will be leaving for the province. It would have been nice to know where you stand before getting into something like that. Had you known that you would be going back to the province most likely you wouldn’t have enrolled correct so legal concelling would not be an option here i’m sure pag tatawanan ka lang ng judge pag dinala mo yan sa korte.

  • i’ve been a member of fitness first platinum in Trinoma. i had no problem cancelling my membership (maybe because i finished the 1 year contract din kasi). The manager even offered me na if i would decide to be a member again, just look for him and they will not charge me for joining and admin fees. 🙂

  • Tingin ko lang ha,depende din kasi yun kung paapano explain ng Membership consultant yun sa client niya..Kung anu ba benifits na makukuha niya,kung mag-gain siya..They really need to know the needs of the client 🙂

  • Its really hard when you purchase the one year contract in fitness first because if someting came up and you cant avoid quitting your program ,you dont have a choice but to pay for the remaining months.Too bad!

  • you know what?! there are terms and condition that you have to follow once you signed up at fitness first. mybe the reason y u had problems with them is that you did not read the contract.. i am a member for 6 yrs and i dnt hv any problem with them. ndi lahat ng gusto nyong mangyri e dpat sundin. you should follow their terms dhl tau ang pumasok s company for the membrshp.

  • Never give your credit card to fitness first.

    What I did was I compelled them to accept my 12 post dated checks. So at the end of the 12month period they cannot continue to charge me unless I continue.

    Should you need to freeze your membership, you can just easily call the bank and hold all payments for the checks you issued.

    Problem solved

  • There is a contract, depending on the contract u signed, 4mos. or 1year you can easily get out of it if you could transfer it, otherwise just finish the term. So far I have encountered problems when it comes to their PT (personal trainer contracts) one even resigned and informed me via text, how unprofessional (gal kc), and even more unprofessional are the female PTs at their Southmall branch, the female PTs there, Angie, Ren and Jen are like walking displays, they would not even assist members and they even laugh at members whenever members used the equipment incorrectly. Kaasar, they should be assisting members instead na nagpapa-“cute”, they do have credentials but you wouldn’t think they are capable because they themselves could not do the exercise and movements they are teaching their clients – hindi nga nila magawa bakit ka maniniwala na magaling silang mga trainor?

  • Dose any one knows how much is their membership fee and monthly fee? I inquire through email. A trainer from fitness first called me and ask some details and also ask me if I’m available today to discuss about my concerns and maybe to try free workout. He didn’t mention any price. I just want to know how much because I might not afford it if it’s to pricy.

  • these people screwed up my credit card. charged me twice in a month and promised to reimbursed me in 3 mos. i demanded to speak to the manager to have it reimbursed through cash cause its already my due date and i have to pay it already, cant wait till 3 mos otherwise i’m screwed with penalties cause according to the not so polite agent there, they wont shoulder penalties… they said that the “arrogant manager” is still working out and will attend to me in a few.. its already past 5pm which is off banking hours and he didnt showed up at the lobby where i was told to wait. i ended up paying out of my pocket for the extra charge they made and opted to wait for 3 mos. instead.. 3 mos. passed and i was never reimbursed… i cancelled my contract irregardless of what agreement i had with them… and to their arrogance, after a few months, another agent is calling me asking me to go back to them as if they havent messed up big time.. i will never go back to fitness first..

  • 1 week pa lang ako sa fitness first, pero gusto ko na icancel kc masyado mahal.. na-sales talk lang ako.. credit card pa ginamit ko. what to do? please help

  • Tracy – I think there is not much you can do since there is a contract. Better yet transfer your member to someone who’s interested.

  • so since i read a lot about others feedback to fitness first, i would go to Gold’s Gym. at least dun no many negative feedback but the fact na mas maganda talaga ang facilities ng fitness first platinum which makes me like it

  • So far may experience in FF is okey, be careful lang sa pag sign nang agreement, once you agree panindigan mo, It’s not their fault kung nadala ka sa sales talk nila, ang point the point is, are you capable of paying their monthly dues? if not, then say NO. May Gold gym naman, hintay ka lang ng Promo 🙂

  • No problem with FF Platinum Aura. Facilities and dance classes are great. People should really read and discuss well with your sales agent what you are getting and the what ifs. Hindi kase masama magtanong specially if you’re paying for it.

  • I paid for a promo at FF. instead of paying 10k+ membership fee and all, they lowered it to 1,5k. they just gave me a receipt. Unfortunately, I have a problem with my card. we would like to ask for refund. Since madami kami. But they said no refund daw sila. and that was not mentioned at all. help please.

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