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Beach Shirts for Men

by Chris
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Last time, we talked about Boardshorts for Men which is basically the “in” thing for men when it comes to resort bottoms. This time, let’s see some shirts or beach tops which are ideal for this sizzling summer season.

Short Sleeves Wetsuit for Men

Image credit: KayaksAndPaddles

I guess the upcoming Olympic Games this year has a strong influence in men’s summerwear because this short-sleeves wetsuit is actually a swimwear for men who are into swimming competitions and water sports such as scuba diving, wind surfing and the likes. They are usually made up of materials which serve as thermal protection for the body. See here for more info.

Currently they are available in Speedo outlets as well as in other sports apparel outlets. However, I think this is not advisable to wear unless you’re into diving.

Cut-off sleeveless shirt

They are easily available anywhere and they are relatively cheap. You could even make your own out of your existing T-shirts by just chopping-off the sleeves. Just make sure to get one which has summer designs since graphic tees are the typical designs these days. Cut-off shirts are comfortable to wear for your summer getaway.

Tank-tops (aka “Sandos”)

Want to show some skin to the ladies? Well tank-tops are the way to go! Just like cut-off shirts, these are very comfortable. There are several choices of tank-tops in department stores which are also good to wear while you’re in the water! That’s right – you can use this for actual swimming too just like the one in the photo. The best thing about tank-tops is that they make a perfect match with boardshorts. Just make sure to buy one which has summer prints on it.

…Or just go shirtless
If you are already in the beach and really want to show more skin then its time to go shirtless. After all, the summer season is all that we’ve been waiting for to show-off the product of diet and work-outs in the past few months!

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almansur February 11, 2011 - 12:56 pm

its nice but it only fits on big body men!


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