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Boardshorts for Men this Summer!

By now you can feel the extreme heat during the day because it’s officially Summer! Yesterday I was on the look-out for good resort and beach wears to prepare for the upcoming summer escapades. So what’s in for guys this summer? Boardshorts!

Boardshorts are the type of shorts that surfers usually wear. They’re quick-drying, a bit longer than most shorts and are brightly colored. Also interesting about it is that it uses a string and hook & loop fasteners (velcro) on the front instead of a zip or button.

In case you’re wondering, this next photo from Wikipedia shows how it looks when worn:

So, if you’re going to the beach or resorts this summer, this one is a must-have for every guy! I bought myself one and they’re really nice to wear.

Next time, I’ll be talking about shirts for the summer.

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