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Whatever happened to Bb. Pilipinas-World…

By now most of us guys have seen what happened in Bb. Pilipinas 2008. Yes, they are all hotties and even if 17-year old Janina San Miguel flopped during the question and answer portion, she is still the official candidate for Miss World. See video below:

She has the looks and everything except that she failed the final Q&A portion. Well according to her it’s her first pageant and I think she can still work on it until the actual Miss World 2008. While it was really disappointing to watch her, she still has a few more months to improve. Who knows she might even win the crown in the end?

Nevertheless, she’s still a hottie!

Image courtesy of Bb.Pilipinas

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  • I don’t mean to be rude, pero my definition of a hottie pareng chris is someone who’s not just beautiful but is also brainy as well… hottie rin dapat is someone who’s confident and able to handle herself in times of pressure, hindi yung overly-confident sa una pero sa totoo hindi naman pala… I watched kasi the video and yup, very disappointing yung nangyari sakanya, I wondered bakit sya yung naging Bb. Pilipinas – World, what happened to the concept of beauty and brains sa mga beauty pageant? Pero naawa rin ako sa kanya dahil sa mga nababasa nya and naririnig nya na mga comments sa kanya, pero she can take it as constructive criticisms to make herself better… like you said in your entry, she can still work on it dahil matagal-tagal pa ang contest nya, sana lang by that time she can be someone who we’ll all be proud of, lalo na representative sya ng Philippines… =)

  • Yeah, it’s alright pareng Marky :). I actually feel sorry for her because the pressure is all over the media and the Internet. But I think the real reason she won is because of her looks – no more, no less! Maybe the pageant thinks that it’s easier to pick a good-looking candidate and teach her how to answer Q&A portions for the Miss World rather than pick a not-so-good looking one.

    As for Janina, I guess she really has to try to bring home the crown to prove herself at the Miss World Pageant 🙂

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