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Adidas Philippines Track Jacket

With the Beijing Olympic Games coming your way this August, nothing beats the love for your country by wearing this Philippines Track Jacket by Adidas.

Image by SoccerEvolution

We’ve seen Filipinos wearing shirts and jackets from other countries but this time, why not wear your own national colors? Talking about nationalism I must say! But these jackets are not only attractive, they really put you into style to show your support for the Philippine Team in this Olympic Games or any other event. So while it’s still early it’s good to secure yourself one while the supply lasts. I’ll probably get myself one before the end of March. How about you?

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  • They’re available in Adidas outlets. But if you couldn’t find one, I’ll be selling it on the PGG store soon 🙂

  • No fashionable person would ever wear something with flag, on this case, something that’s a flag.

  • they just like it
    they say it’s sick or tight.
    of course, other filipinos ask me where i got it from.
    but pretty much everything positive,
    never negative
    (unless it’s a marquez fan ahaha)

  • Awesome! Please do let us know when you get them because just about everywhere I’ve looked online has been out of stock since late 2007.


  • there’s another jacket which has a different logo at the back. instead if the ball, it’s the sun. i dunno if it’s fake.

  • hey!

    I was able to watch Bandila the other day, and with their news, I thought that a particular NGO here prohibits anyone who’ll gonna use the Philippine flag for whatever purposes for print media, cyber, etc.

    So is this legal, the design and all?

    Just asking.

  • Anybody have any news where and when can I grab a jacket like this? Seen lots of ads but they are way to expensive. any ideas?

  • Hey guys, I want this jacket sooo bad. im going back to canada by the end of this month so pls pls pls pls. help me find one of these.

  • I already have one of these and I wanted to buy another one just to keep it as memorabilia…I was contacted by one of Adidas’ branches and I was informed that only members of the Philippine team are allowed to have them…good thing I already bought one late last year…I saw an offering in ebay and it costs up to 15kphp…the original price is around 4.5k php only…

  • are they still available?
    where could i order it online?

    and can you send it in a APO adress?

    I NEED ONE! A F***N SAP!

  • I was told about this jacket that anyone who is caught wearing this, excluding the Philippine Team players, will be penalized.
    If that’s the case, lucky for me, I’m on the national team, so that means I can wear the jacket anytime!

  • OJ – Really? Why will you be penalized?

    Anyway – you’re lucky you’re in the National Team. What do you play for?

  • I play Karate in the national team. My teammates told me that we can wear the adidas jacket.

    Well, I’ve read some articles in the internet that adidas was supposed to have a re-release of the flag jacket. Unfortunately, the government told adidas to stop producing these jackets because it violates Republic Act 8491, which is the Policy of the Philippine National Flag and the Heraldic Code of the Philippines. It states that it’s forbidden to wear the flag as a whole in a costume.

    But for me, I find the penalty unjust. I mean, is national pride a crime? People want to wear this jacket because it looks cool and they’re proud to be pinoy.

  • hi the jacket look cool to me….its very useful especially in the line of work i do….i/we really need jacket to keep us warm in the office…hope i can have one in a cheap price…

    where can i get one like this???

    im also looking for new friends here………
    if you will contact me just inform and also indicate if were to got my number 09238613794…


  • jaganium2008, if you ever find an authentic one, you will NEVER get it for a CHEAP price. These jackets are very rare. Adidas stopped producing them because they were informed by the gov’t. to stop. You can look in Ebay, and you’ll find an authentic one for probably around to $200-$300.

  • Please help us find one.. Were currently in Singapore and wishes to buy 2 pcs.. Pls email me back.. thanks!

  • They’re selling fakes in Greenhills for P2000. Tawad is P1800. It looks just like the original, including the zipper and tags! You’ll never know the difference.

    Available sizes are S, M, and L.

  • If we really want change in our country, we must be the change that we want to see. Let us be patriotic in every sense of the word, buy Philippine made products, food and patronize Pinoy restaurant. We can not rely on the government to solve our problems because it is the government which is the problem.

  • hi there folks….

    i ordered one online from jersey haven… there are two kinds – plain flag jacket without sponsors; the other one has…

    i paid Php 1,500.00… my order is on the process. i just hope it will be fine….

    considering this number

  • Hi i need an adidas jacket wit phil flag design XS is the size i need, please email me at clsroxas@pldtdsl.net or text me at 09175156674 so that i can contact you on how i can buy this… thanks

    carlos roxas

  • hi, please tell me where i can buy the jacket in the phils, or any contact number we need 5 jackets please contact us via email.



  • hi there.. i like the jacket.. i already saw it before in myx, but i don’t know where can i buy one??

  • hi, meron sa may greenhills.. mkkakatawag pa kayo hnggng 900… ung nga lang ndi sya orig… well, it doesn’t matter nman kung orig sya or fake… basta ang important dun eh… ung flag… proud to be pinoy! yeah!!!

  • i got mine in the philippines in manila robinson mall inside by greenhills.
    cost P4,500. ”NOT FAKE” its original authentic.

    .i think the original is sold out now.
    you can buy one in ebay,
    just make sure its original authentic or else ,RIP OFF.

  • Your only chance to get the real deal: eBay.
    So many fakes are flooding everywhere.

  • hi! is there anyone can sell me the original philippine flag adidas jacket! i dont mind khit second hand as long as it is original! i got one pero fake!or if you want i got nike airforce 1 shoes philippine flag edition (brand new) na si francis m. ang model and im willing to swap it!no time waster pls>>> this is my number 09053606328…just txt me

  • I also sell Team Pacquiao MP Windrunner Nike Jacket. I visited the factory of my supplier and it was amazing, most of the sports apparel available at stores are manufactured there -100% original. I manage to convince the owner to sell to me some few stocks. I got 10 pcs per size available. email me at sperida@yahoo.com for more details:)

  • hello! im looking for adidas or nike tract jackets..for women.. please text me at 09065182599

  • I would have loved to have one jacket like that, but seeing this post is way back in 2008, I doubt that I have any hopes of buying one for myself, plus I also don’t think I’ve seen this lately in their stores.

    But hey! If ever Adidas ever decides to market that design or anything similar for the Philippines I’ll readily go to any Adidas store near me!

  • I need to get 3 jackets for boys ages: 9, 11 & 13. Do they make them in children’s sizes? If so, where can I get them from in the Philippines?

  • I just recently went on a trip to see my Lolo. Then he gave me this exact track jacket as a gift . It was just sitting in his closet unworn with the tags still intact. It’s such a nice jacket and very flawless. Then I researched around for this jacket and it happens to be really rare. I can’t believe I was gonna just wear it instead of having it as a collectors item.

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