“Would you date/marry a girl who has the same surname as yours but is not a relative?”

This random question popped in my head just recently. Why? Because I have a very rare surname. And for my entire life I have never met a non-relative who has the same surname as mine. But guess what? A new hire at our office (who happens to be pretty) has the same surname as I have. She’s not a relative. We tried to trace each other’s family tree to see if we have a common relative, but there was none.

Then my boss teased me saying: “You know what, you are single and so she is. She is pretty and I think you two would make a good couple.”

I replied: “I know, right? But I’m having second thoughts about it because we share the same surname. What if we got married? It would be something like “Santos-Santos nuptials”. Not a good idea. And for some reason I feel like it’s incest.” LOL.

(by the way, Santos is not my surname. It’s just an example I made up.)

After our conversation, my boss laughed boisterously. :mrgreen:


It sounds funny. But I am having lots of reservations about the idea. Not that it’s a big deal really. It’s just that my surname is really rare and I don’t want to wake up one day only to discover that I might have married a distant cousin. I remember I even asked this same question at the PGG Forums and PGG Facebook Fan page and I got interesting replies.

How about you? What do you think?