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Samsung Wave. Brilliant!

I just celebrated my birthday last August and it was indeed a blast! And to make it more memorable, I bought myself a gift – the Samsung Wave S8500 mobile phone.

It is one of the latest from Samsung and it’s the most record-breaker phone I ever had for the following reasons:

1. It is my first non-Nokia purchased phone.

2. It is my first Samsung phone.

3. It is my first full touchscreen phone

4. It is the first phone I ever bought without doing some research and reading online reviews about it. What happened was, I saw it in the store, asked the sales clerk about its features and bought it in an instant.

So why did I fall in love with this phone? It is because of the looks and the features such as:

1. Super AMOLED Screen – it’s just super bright and brilliantly colorful. I feel like I’m holding a small Samsung TV. Surfing the web and viewing photos is such a pleasurable experience.

2. Multi-touch touchscreen – a feature similar to the iPhone wherein you use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out through pictures or web pages.

3. HD video recording – if you are like me who loves taking pictures and shooting videos of memorable events in your life, then this one is for you. The high-definition video (HD) is just awesome.

4.  Alphanumeric keypad – I am not really a fan of QWERTY touchscreens. It’s a bit annoying when you don’t feel the key presses while you are typing on such a keyboard layout. But with Samsung adding the alphanumeric keyboard layout, I have the option not to use QWERTY. Plus with the super sensitive screen, it makes me more sane when typing long texts.

Aside from the above, the Wave also has the specifications that I can’t live without: Internet, Music player, FM Radio, 5 MP camera with flash, expandable memory, Wi-Fi, video calling and GPS. And in terms of performance, the phone is super fast with Samsung’s new operating system Bada.

The cost for all those features? Less than 20,000 Pesos only. Now, who wouldn’t buy it in an instant?

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*Image credits to Samsung

Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • gaano n katagal sayo yang phone? ok ba sya? interested kasi ako sa phone n yan kaso im also considering htc android phones. pls reply asap. im planning to buy a phone kasi.

  • i want to try the touchscreen. this is going to be my first time to have one. android phones are good but pricey. saw the wave, very affordable but im looking for a very solid phone with a good os. dont like the iphone 4. too complicated for me.

  • Maganda talaga ngayon ang mga Samsung Phones. My phone right now is the Samsung Corby Pro. Mura lang siya pero ang ganda ng features. Satisfied with it.

  • I’ve been using Samsung Wave for almost 3 months now. Powerful phone at cheaper price less than S$700. check out this link for reviews and comments from users. ….my fave spec Super AMOLED Screen—> yup its true prang Samsung LED TV lalo na pag HD/HQ ang videos nyo.

  • nice Chris. sana nga mas tangkilikin natin ang asian products kesa sa European (Nokia) at American (apple) products kasi we are asian in the first place hehehe

  • I think I’m buying this phone this next week. I’ve been searching for a good long-term phone and this one really looks impressive. I also like the Samsung Galaxy S but the camera has no flash which is one of the features I’m looking into a phone.

  • hey chris, you’re using this phone for how many months na? ok pa rin ba sya? di ba nagpi fail? how about the battery life? hope you can answer these questions asap. thanks!

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