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Vandalism and a Woman’s Virginity

This is hilarious so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Last Monday, I was running late for work. I took a bus and while I was sitting I noticed a graffiti, sort of a vandalism text written on the headrest of the seat in front of me. Take a quick look at the photo below and try to read what is written.

It reads:
Wanted: Girlfriend
Requirement: Original copy of Virginity.

LOL. :mrgreen: Funny indeed and I laughed even though I was already late for work.

In the first place, is there such a thing as “Original copy of Virginity”? And let me ask you guys, how important is a woman’s virginity for you?

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  • now a days only few who conserve their virginity….
    what matters the most is the the love and respect you have with each other and the rest will follow.

  • Ideally, virginity is one of the best gift that a woman could give to her husband (I’m still wishing on it) but we have to face the reality nowadays that we are living in a new generation.. so let’s see ^_^

  • it is still important, but not in the sense that if a woman is not a virgin anymore, you’re not going to treat her right or cheat on her or whatever. of course, you’d want to be the first.

  • It is still the ‘gold standard’ – the one that fetches the highest bid, the first choice, the ideal not only for the girl but for the guy as well. I mean it’s a pearl that you just don’t throw away to pigs. It’s a gift worthy of preserving for that “one” person.

  • nd naman laging kailangan yun diba ang mahalaga yung ngayon at hindi nakaraan na tyaka dapat hindi laging girls ang issue pag virginity na ang pinag uusapan dapat minsan dapat isipin din yung mga boys!!

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