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Nokia N8: Cheap compared to its predecessors?

I had a chance to ask gadget shops how much they are selling the new Nokia N8 – the latest Nokia smartphone. Surprisingly, it’s not that costly. It averages around 25,000 Pesos only.

Do you still remember the time of Nokia 7650, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95 and the likes? I remember that when these phones first came out, they cost around 40,000 Pesos during its first few weeks. Pretty steep. But I guess Nokia is really fighting hard these days to win back former Nokia owners after losing much of its customers to iPhone, Samsung and Android phones. They just had no choice but to make Nokia N8 cheaper even if it is a flagship, high-end phone.

If you ask me, the N8 is a great deal and its fairly low price is something we consumers could take advantage of. Here are some of its features:

  • AMOLED 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch
  • 16 GB internal memory. Expandable via microSD card slot
  • 12 Megapixel camera with Xenon flash
  • HD-quality video recording
  • 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS-ready
  • Integrated social networking
  • Symbian^03 Operating System
  • FM Radio and Music Player

Although its features are almost the same with my Samsung Wave, I have to be honest that the most important feature of Nokia N8 which my Samsung Wave lacks is the Xenon flash. Xenon is so important when taking photos in low-lighting conditions and if you have a camera phone with Xenon, you don’t need to bring your stand-alone camera on trips because your phone will surely suffice. In the future, I might buy the N8 just because of its Xenon flash!

Now let me ask you:  Will you buy the Nokia N8?

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Image credit: Nokia

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  • I would like to have this cool gadget but not now since 25K is still big for me. I would wait for a few months more or until the price goes down before I will plan to buy this cool gadget. =)

  • I’m buying a new phone mid-December and I’m looking for phone reviews like this. I had also a chance to see this phone (N8). The features are pretty good most especially the camera with flash. but the housing of the phone is not that good. not elegant unlike the samsung phones although that would only be an extra feature.

  • personally, I would opt for Samsung Galaxy S. Since its cheaper than an Iphone and it isn’t disposable like the iPhone. its around 29,000 locked for globe network only. 33,000 for openline. not bad.

  • i do agree with you, it probably has something to do with the competition. a lot of nokia users are now switching to other phone brands.

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