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PGG Show Your Style 3 Featuring: Lewej

So let’s get the ball rolling for PGG Show Your Style 3. In this post, PGG reader Lewej, all the way from Dagupan City drops by to show us his style and what he likes to wear.

On Lewej: Skyblue plain shirt from Mossimo, pink top long sleeves, blue denim pants from F&H and accessories from SM accessories


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PGG Show Your Style 3 - Lewej (1)
Over here, Lewej is wearing checkered long-sleeves and navy blue pants from Penshoppe, eyewear from Msense, a fedora hat and accessories from SM accessories.


Style tip from Lewej:
“What I consider when buying my clothes are the following:
  • I make sure everything fits impeccably
  • I want a wardrobe that looks great on me, but I don’t overdo it.
  • I change the way people see casual, because casual doesn’t have to be boring
  • I am aware of buying something just because it’s “in” right now. I stick to what I truly like because a lot of people rush to get in on the latest trend and end up with a bunch of clothes they don’t wear.
  • I am buying the item not simply because of the brand name but because I love the quality and style.”   -Lewej

There you have it. Thanks Jewel for sharing your look here on PGG. You now have a chance to win Birkenstock footwear.

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