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PLDT Telpad Quad Core and Vyne Restaurant at The Fort

A few weeks ago, I attended PLDT’s launching of their new Telpad Quad Core at The Fort.

The folks from PLDT chose to launch their newest landline tablet, the Telpad, at Vyne – a classy resto bar at the area. My date and I had no plans that night so we decided to chill and check out what the new Telpad had to offer.

The venue was awesome – this is how it looks inside.


The way PLDT showcased the new Telpad is by setting-up three booths so that visitors can try firsthand the power of the new quad core landline tablet.

First there’s the movie booth where users can watch movies using the Telpad. They conducted a contest there were you will guess the title of the movie as fast as you can and win a prize.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (9)


Then there is the gaming booth where users can play a race track game. As the Telpad is an Android tablet, it can swiftly run games such as this. I played at the booth and was able to finish 4th place if I’m not mistaken. I had so much fun.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (21)


There was also a music booth where the guests at Vyne can listen to their favorite sounds using the Telpad. They conducted a name-that-tune contest too. My date joined the contest and was able to guess three songs in 36 seconds. Damn, she’s good.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (13)


PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (14)


Now the winners of watch, play and listen booths then competed with PLDT Telpad online ambassadors, Team Kramer. My date, Cielo, was a finalist for the Play booth so she competed with the couple celebs and believe it or not – she beat both Doug and Cheska Kramer! haha.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (45)


Just for the record, Cielo is a Soundcloud addict. She knows so many songs and can guess the name of the tune in a matter of seconds. She won a 4,000-Peso GC plus other gift packs from PLDT Telpad. She owes me dinner! Haha.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (66)


We had a fun date at the Vyne. After the event we stood by the balcony of the resto bar and chilled as we saw the spectacular view of The Fort.

PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (7)


PLDT Telpad Quadcore Event (32)


Going to the more technical side of the Telpad: it is a landline tablet for home use. It is always online and you can listen to your favorite songs from Spinnr and Smart Music, watch HD movies and play powerful EA games. It also has a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service app as one of its upcoming features.

By the way, I suggest you also check out Vyne Resto Bar at BGC. It’s an excellent place to hangout with your date.

Learn more about PLDT Home here.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PLDT Home.

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