You know what, I’m in a love and hate relationship with the summer season.

It’s something that you always wait for all year round, but then when it comes, you’re not exactly sure if you’re really enjoying the heat or if you want it to end right away especially when it reaches a scorching 36°C.

But then again, even though it reaches that hot, I still prefer the summer months than the rainy season of the year. I love the blissful fusion of the sun, the sea and the sand and how I can perfectly match my clothes and accessories with the bright and vibrant colors of the season, just like this ensemble from Mango Man.


H.E by Mango Spring Summer 2015 (2)


H.E by Mango Spring Summer 2015 (4)



What’s on me: Khaki Men’s Shorts (Mango Man), Ultrathin summer men’s shirt (Mango Man)

H.E by Mango Spring Summer 2015 (3)



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