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Magbalik by Callalily: PGG’s Music of the Moment

I know this is a bit late but hey they’re still the one of the hottest bands around. I’m talking about Callalily, the OPM band which sang “Stars”.

I’m featuring their current single Magbalik as Pinoy Guy Guide’s Music of the Moment. What I like about the band is that they started out young. I believe most of them are studying in UST and are in their sophomore year in college. Their ages are just around 17-18 but they produce excellent music.. They’re very very popular nowadays. Now here is a sample of their song

I remember when I was still in college, my friends and I used to hear about Callalily as a new band coming from our school. We really ignored them since they weren’t that popular. During those times (around 2005) we were chasing concerts of established bands like Sponge Cola, Rivermaya and Hale. Callalily wasn’t famous that time so even if they come from our school we weren’t that interested in their concerts. But look now…. they’re way too popular and now we are chasing them.. hahaha. Isn’t it ironic?

Image courtesy of: Titik Pilipino

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