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Whitening skin for Men

I want to quote the message which was sent to me by a PGG reader a few days ago asking what is the best way to whiten skin for men:

“Hi Chris. i just wanna know if you guys are also frustrated in getting white skin.are there advantages if you got fairer skin? Would you consider taking whitening pills like *********? Hope you can make an entry about this. Thanks.”

Well, first of all I would like to say thanks to the reader for sending me his question which I am very happy to answer.


The only advantage of having white skin which we are all aware of is that you have a tendency to become a “head-turner”. This is not necessarily because people find you attractive, but because you stand-out from the rest of the crowd where everyone else has this tan “kayumanggi” complexion.


Personally, I don’t think it makes a lot of difference whether you have dark skin or white skin especially if you are a guy. This is because according to surveys, some Filipino women are attracted to men with white skin tone while others are attracted to men with dark skin tone. But if you want some tips on how to improve your looks when it comes to skin here are some of my suggestions:

1. Wash your face
Your face is the first thing that other people notice. More than anything else, it’s very important to keep your face pimple-free and acne-free. Wash your face at least twice a day. Using Master DermaClear-C to remove pimples is effective for me. You could try that too.

2. You can try to use whitening soaps
If you want to whiten your skin, I suggest you try whitening soaps since these are safe and effective to use. Remember to choose one which is dermatologically-tested.
You could also check out Nivea for Men products. Though I haven’t tried it, I’ve received feedback that it’s good.

Nivea for Men advertisement saying football players
should use Nivea whitening if they have sensitive skin
3. Eat Fruits and Veggies
Aside from keeping you healthy, eating fruits and vegetables is known to make a person’s skin glow. So make sure to include them in your daily diet.
4. Pills for whitening – not recommended
I do not recommend taking pills for whitening. These could have side-effects which may or may not be known to date. These are expensive too.
If anyone else have tried ways on how to whiten skin you could share your thoughts by posting a comment. Hope this helps.


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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • wow!! i’ve been wanting to ask you same thing chris. hehehe i definitely agree with you pareng chris. With regard to NIVEA for men, I would recommend their product too. I’ve been a nivea user since college.

  • THANKS radz, yes i have heard it’s good but I haven’t tried it myself. maybe one of these days i will.

  • My frien is drinking this product, called Snow, that does 2 things: whitens your skin, and burns fat..
    Its available in any SM Supermarket, and costs only Php 62.00. Although I haven’t tried it — yet– he says its effective.

  • hi blake,

    i wonder if you were the guest who asked the question.

    anyway you could try Nivea for Men Whitening Moisturiser. It’s available in SM supermarkets around 150+ Pesos. based from it’s name it doesn’t only whiten, it moisturizes too.

    you could also try papaya soaps. as mentioned, choose one which is dermatologically-tested. remember to stop using any product if you feel that it doesn’t suit you.

    i know it sounds weird because i’m a guy recommending these products. but I believe we guys deserve to look good too… 😀

  • Haha Chris, great article. Kasi when you’re fairer, mas madali pumili ng color ng damit… mas clean looking pati… anyways about the pills, it’s glutathione and i believe that it has no bad side effects, actually it is an antioxidant much like vit. c, e, etc., and it is called the master antioxidant which fights free radicals. The side effect of this glutathione is skin whitening and no other negative things has been noted if taken on higher doses, pero syempre lahat naman ng sobra siguro masama..? according din sa research, ok sya sa liver kasi it detoxifies i… haha hindi ako endorser, na curious lang ako kaya nagbasa basa ako…google is my friend, search search lang, hahaha…

  • ^^^ Hehe thanks marky, may kilala ka ba gumagamit nito? ano results?

    I have also made a research out of curiosity and found the same stuff as you did. But I am not really into whitening pills.

    Soap, Master and Nivea for Men is already enough for me. 😀

  • hi chris,
    nah, this is my first time to post here. i mostly read your blogs since a friend of mine recommended this. I’ll try to find the nivea product you mentioned. thanks!

  • Hi Guys,

    I’ve used Nivea for Men and it does clear up and whiten skin. Yung moisturizer meron din SPF something kaya nakaka protect din from UV rays. Try it.


  • Yung Licorice daw nakakaputi. It’s one of the main components of Godiva products.

    Naglabas na rin ng products yung BELO. Sabi nila nakakaputi raw. Mura lang yung sabon nasa 50 to 60 pesos yung malaking bar.

  • Hmmm yep yung isa ko friend gumagamit nun and maganda naman result sakanya pumuti sya and skin is really glowing… anyways pwede naman to itake kahit yaw mu magpaputi as a supplement lang once a day yun… hehe… ako naman regimen ko, wash, tone moisturize, hehe although focus ko sa face lang talaga kasi body ok naman maputi ayoko namang maging sobra, face lang expose kasi sa sun kaya mas darker ng mga 2 shades kesa sa body… hehehe… may moisturizer ba ang Nivea for men na may whitening effects? sa face? hehehe…

  • Wow sige matry nga yun, kaso kasi I’m using sunblock na pag umaga, so pano lagay ko nun? after ng moisturizer sunblock naman? or is it the other way around? Haha gotta try that Nivea, how much naman does it cost? Dapat nga try ko yung Olay Total Effects as moisturizer kasi I heard it’s good, pero mejo pricey at around 800ph?! Woah! :0)

  • ^^^Active ulit ako ngayon kasi konti trabaho tsaka holiday hehehe

    Anyway, Nivea for Men whitening moisturizer is less than 200 Pesos last time I saw it. 😀

  • @chris,
    sorry kung ngayon lang ako nakareply, anyway, wala daw side-effects ung Snow..

  • Hi chris.I was the guest who asked this question. Thank you for making this entry. For sure, its gonna help me. Btw, i am aeta from the mountains of zambales. Is nivea for men available at watson’s? One more thing, do you think Gatsby hairwax gonna work with my kinky hair?

    You got great blog. Keep it up.

  • ^^^
    hi Oni,

    No worries. I appreciate being asked questions especially if I think I would be able to help. =D Anyway, you’re from Zambales? wow that’s cool. I want to go there sometime.

    I think Nivea for Men is available in Watsons. If not, try in SM Department Stores. Anyway I’m just curious, how dark is your skin? Is it dark brown, or light brown? Well you could also try the other tips by those who commented here but it’s up to you to find out which method to whiten skin suits you best.

    As with Gatsby, you could try the Mat and Hard variant (It’s color black). It will probably work if your hair is quite long.

    See you around,

  • I use Nivea Men Whitening 5 in 1 facial wash. Effective nga po siya. My friends notice it.

  • hey chris… are you using soap for your face???
    isn’t that bad cause it’s gonna dry up your skin… and a lot of soaps has a lot of ingredients which clogs your pores???
    just curious

  • Yes, I do use soap on my face. It’s actually important to use one since soap is necessary for cleaning purposes. Just make sure to use a moisturizing soap. 🙂

  • hi chris, how about yun pampaputi ng armpit? haha!.. kumbaga yung front side lang niya (i’m not sure if that’s the right term, basta yun sa hindi loob talaga). nagka allergy kasi ako nun high school, di ko na matandaan kung ano yun cause nia. tska hindi pa naman ako masyado aware sa mga ganyan noon. hehe. ano bang mgandang gawin? hindi naman siya maitim na maitim, gusto ko lang malighten man lang sana. any products? btw, i’m from ilocos pa, kaya imposible ang belo, aside from malayo, siguradong mahal. hehe.

  • i noticed yong medyo mataba (not all) may maitim na kili2, singit, leeg (likod). Ciguro isa sa mga cause ay yong friction na dulot kaya in the long run, naiiritate sya kaya nangingitim.

    sa underarm, i use NIVEA that is for sensitive skin. ung hindi matapang.

    sa face, i use nivea facial cleanser or foam for sensitive skin kasi madali magreact ang skin ko pag medyo matapang. i don’t use astringent kasi may alcohol at nakakasunog yon sa balat lalo na pag lagi ka nasa labas. always check the content of the product kung may alcohol.

    skin lotion. bihira lang pero kailangan pag nasa malamig ka na environment (office) kasi nakaka dry ng skin. pag mahilig ka sa labas, i use yong may SPF 30 to 50.

    soap ko naman, dove or ivory.

    i take vit.c everyday. it helps whiten your skin and strengthen your defense against sickness.


    I’M Tata, a guy from Iloilo City, and would like to help my fellow guys on their whiter skin quest…

    I am an avid Nivea fan. Especially Nivea Sun and Nivea for Men. I have been into skin whitening for almost 3 years na. Eto ang top skin and whitening picks ko:

    1. Nivea New Skin w/ 99.9% pure Vitamin C – whitening plus anti-aging (405)

    2. Nivea for Men whitening range, both face wash and face cream – whitening plus anti-aging (wash 100+, cream 120+)

    3. Nivea Sun Daily Protection Milk Whitening SPF 30 – whitening plus SPF protection (200)

    4. Hype Gluta-C anti-aging and whitening moisturizer w/ SPF 25 (295)

    5. Olay white radiance w/ SPF 19 – whitening plus SPF (99, old variant. 199, new olay INTENSIVE white radiance) effective both.

    all prices are in PhP

    Best OIL-FREE Fast Absorbing Moisturizer and GNC VITAMIN C CREAM you can buy it sa CGN stores at PHP 162/jar.

    Please visit my blog: http://skinandhealth.blogspot.com/ for new skin info… but with all due respect kay chris, pls ask your questions here kasi mas proper na dito po ang interaction natin. I’ll on answer questions here para d magalit c chris.


  • Hi Chris.

    I’ve just found this blog in the BlogFlux directory, it really works noh kasi I was able to find this blog of yours na I can say, is a really big help to me.

    Anyway, 17 years old pa lang po ako, and I’m glad na at last, open pala dito ang usapin about whitening tips for men. Kasi diba nga naman, sabi nila whitening is only for women. hmpf.

    I’ve took Metathione 500mg last January and mind you, I’ve spent my entire savings on my bank account just to buy one bottle of it. And I was really sad when I realized it didn’t work for me. Imagine, sariling pera ko ginamit ko. hmpf.

    I hope you’ll be able to recommend to US effective pills or facial wash. I’ve read some of the comments and I’ll give it a try tomorrow po siguro, bibili ako.

    Anyways, thank you for a very informative site.

  • to charlesmark:

    curious lang po ako about that Snow na product.

    Ano po ba yang “ini.inom” na yan? pills or talagang liquid in a bottle?

    I wanted to give it a try kasi.

    Thank you.

  • Welcome to PGG Patricio! Thanks for visiting the site. As I said before, Nivea for Men is good. You can try that and also the other tips mentioned here.

  • hi kuya chriz this is my first time to post my question para sainyo kuya i just want to ask you kuya if how to remove the redness and the scars over my face i was so worried to my face, what can i do and what the best product that should i use to cure it all… hope u responce … i’m patrick 18 years old from mandaluyong city

  • hi kuya chriz i’ll just w8 ur reply tommorow … hope you post your reply about mah question 🙂

  • try mo celeteque as your regimen baka kasi inflammed and face mo try any cooling face cream that’s water-based… avoid touching your face! try sensa tea tea facial foam as it has tea tree for inflammation at olive oil for moisturization. use SPF 15 UV block

  • Hi mga dudes! guess what anong nangyari sakin kanina since la ako kasama for malling… I went shopping again for skin whiteners.
    Here’s what I have bought:
    1. Palmolive Nutri-Milk soap – I am a belo essentials fanatic, pero para kasing konti lng ang ipinuti ko since using the soap and lotion since november last year. Count that, mga 6 months na. So try muna ako nito. Minsan nga Johnson’s Baby milk soap gamit ko or milk bath eh. I know d ako puputi masyado sa mga milk soap and baths pro at least makinis tapos whitening lotions na lng baha dyan.

    2. Loofah – for good blood circulation and slough off dead skin cells and for soothenning as well and no soap residue sa skin.

    3. Kojie san Kojic acid soap – super effective gamitan mo lng ng whitening mosturizer at UV block.

    4. Extraderm Age Defy solution #2 – Anti-wrinkle sya at depigmenting agent. I know po, 23 pa lng ako, pero I am not after the anti-wrinkle effects kasi gusto ko lng ma lessen ang mga pimple scars ko at one time lng to tapos whitening soap at moisturizers na bahala.

    I was thinking of buying Watsons’ own brand of 1 liter Whitening Milk lotion + Green tea pero d ako sure if effective. Kahit na generic lotion sya ng Watsons’ mura lng kasi at P99, 1 liter na! good for just moisturizing after using a whitening soap. Anu sa tingin nyo? D ko pa kasi binili kasi I have Skin white Power whitening pa eh, plus, Nivea for Men Whitening Lotion, plus Hype Gluta-C Intensive Whitening at ang huling plus na swak-na-swak sa budget nyo: BIOLINK VCO SUN DEFENSE SPF 20!!! @ only P69 for 100mL! D ba sulit kasi the higher the SPF, usually higher din ang price pero ito mura na our very own VCO pa!

    Golden rule in whitening: Skin whitening is useless if with adequate UV protection.

  • Hi mga dudes! guess what anong nangyari sakin kanina since la ako kasama for malling… I went shopping again for skin whiteners.
    Here’s what I have bought:
    1. Palmolive Nutri-Milk soap – I am a belo essentials fanatic, pero para kasing konti lng ang ipinuti ko since using the soap and lotion since november last year. Count that, mga 6 months na. So try muna ako nito. Minsan nga Johnson’s Baby milk soap gamit ko or milk bath eh. I know d ako puputi masyado sa mga milk soap and baths pro at least makinis tapos whitening lotions na lng baha dyan.

    2. Loofah – for good blood circulation and slough off dead skin cells and for soothenning as well and no soap residue sa skin.

    3. Kojie san Kojic acid soap – super effective gamitan mo lng ng whitening mosturizer at UV block.

    4. Extraderm Age Defy solution #2 – Anti-wrinkle sya at depigmenting agent. I know po, 23 pa lng ako, pero I am not after the anti-wrinkle effects kasi gusto ko lng ma lessen ang mga pimple scars ko at one time lng to tapos whitening soap at moisturizers na bahala.

    I was thinking of buying Watsons’ own brand of 1 liter Whitening Milk lotion + Green tea pero d ako sure if effective. Kahit na generic lotion sya ng Watsons’ mura lng kasi at P99, 1 liter na! good for just moisturizing after using a whitening soap. Anu sa tingin nyo? D ko pa kasi binili kasi I have Skin white Power whitening pa eh, plus, Nivea for Men Whitening Lotion, plus Hype Gluta-C Intensive Whitening at ang huling plus na swak-na-swak sa budget nyo: BIOLINK VCO SUN DEFENSE SPF 20!!! @ only P69 for 100mL! D ba sulit kasi the higher the SPF, usually higher din ang price pero ito mura na our very own VCO pa!

    Golden rule in whitening: Skin whitening is useless if withOUT adequate UV protection.

  • panu sa siko at tuhod? at sa UA? effective dibn ba ang nivea? any suggestion aside from nivea?

  • Hi Kicker! Dude try mo mga exfoliating solutuons like makipeel, age-defy by extraderm, etc. that’s for the elbows and kness lng ha… NIVEA for Men whitening roll-on… super effective!Puti na UA ko medyo may konti lng tan sa skinfold sa part na yon pero nagwhiten na in about 4 weeks of continuous usage.

  • hey guys welcome back.

    -patrick: i suggest you visit your local dermatological clinic. they can help you to solve your skin problems.

    -cataclysmic: thanks for the comprehensive list of advices

    -kicker: i’m a fan of nivea for men ever since and I love their products.

  • hello guyz!!. I’m new here and i read ur comments and suggstions..YUP, whitening s n0t only 4 women but also for men like us…i suggest, USE exfoliants like maxipeel..xmpre, mamumula talaga skin nu 4 d frst 2 wks.. Use m0isturizer and sunblock cream spf 50 and above.. That would really whiten ur skin.. U can choose the strength ,3,2,1 dpendng on ur skin tone..i am using 3..hnd naman ako nhhya coz, i want to feel good everytime na makikiharap sa mga tao dba?..mas vain na nga ata mga men ngaun kesa girls.hehe..isa na ako don..and i recommend MENA cream(pink),aftr usng maxipeel at nyt, then MENA NATUral pearl cream(white) effective 2 guyz..ü..

  • hello uli!.. Sya nga pala, drink plenty of H2O, take vit.c, vit.e, f my budget, glutathione, UNG MET or GLutawhite or snowcaps,kc un lng ang may mga tamang dosage as what t.v patrol world reported last may 23… Nagssi tlaga ak0 kc LUCIDA pa talaga ang bnili ko..nil0l0k0 nila consumers…hay..cge , keep n touch..

  • Jhunzkee,

    I won’t recommend Mena kasi, kautong namin gamit nyan parang sunog balat nya hindi natural ang dating kasi hindi gradual. Tapos if you have notived xa jeep ha, mga ladies na gumagamit ng mena halata talaga kasi na mumula ng sobra ang parang pinagbalatan mga face nila. Tapos hindi pa trusted name ang mena baka hindi safe at sisirain nya ang kutis mo. so if i were you use trusted names lng… medyo mahal pero safe naman. Low-quality ang mena…

  • Chris,

    Thanks dude napansin mo rin pala anyway pareho tayo na fan ng Nivea for men. Pareng Chris, may goodnews ako sa inyo may Nivea for Men Whitening Lotion na! i bought the 25oml at P190 sa watson’s. May Revitalizing Lotion din na for Men ang Nivea… Try nyo mga dudes…

    For Ponds Detox Cream users here like me, suggestion lng mga dudes. Buy na lng kayo ng ponds nyo sa sachet then tranfer nyo sa isang empty small container kasi mas makakamura kayo kasi mahal ang sa tube na 20ml lng naman ang laman ang sachet 10ml pero kahit 2x pa price mahal pa rin sa tube.

    3 Ponds Detox creams:

    Pinkish white – P16 (10ml sachet), P46 (20ml tube)
    Spotless white – P22 (10ml sachet), P56 (20ml tube)
    Age-defense Brilliance SPF15 PA++ – P29 (10ml sachet), LA PA TUBE NETO I’M STILL LOOKING PERO WALA PA. Bago kasi eh. This is the best UV block na sure effective at mura pa.

  • Hello peepz…yupz, talagang mamumula ang face m0 with mena f sobrang kapal ang paglagay m0 ni2 sa mukha m0..dpat k0nti lng,ung enough lng na malagyan ng pantay ang mukha pati liig.. Sa akin, ok naman xa.cguro dpnd dn yan sa mga skin types..in the m0rning, i use WHITE SPA MOISTURIZING CREAM, then petr0leum jelly konti, then sunblock NIVEA SUN SPF 50, then mena natural white..hehe..un, ganda naman ng result..n my body, i’ve tried etta’s powdr,.. I’m als0 taking GLUTATHIONE, i wl shft 2 met na aftr knwng the secrets of LUCIDA and VANIDERM..then, i’m also taking GLOWW CAPS.HAHA..WATSON’S AVAILBLE yan mga vains..hehe.. Lotion, NIVEA SUN SPF 50,ung with LICORICE…at saka, AVOIDING SUNLIGHT..Ü. I’ve tried din dati, nivea whitening moisturizing, ung 5 n 1, ‘am not satisfied..so i switched 2 other brands..Ü.

  • jhunzkee

    sobrang mahal ng nivea whitening SPF50 tapos malagkit kahit non-sticky ang nakalagay… notice ko lng ha the higher the SPF rating the more na malagkit sya. wag ka madaming tinitake, POLYPHARMACY ang tawag dyan, makaka-drug-to-drug interaction ka mamaya sa sobrang dami. Latest brand ko po, GARNIER by L`oreal. Super nice din ang water-based UV block ng NIVEA, ang REFRESH something nila na SPF 30… hindi malagkit tapos may glow ka na parang natural skin mo.. whitening din yan

  • Cataclysmic, hehe..ganyan talaga ak0 daming tinitake.. I know naman f wat na nangyayari sa katawan k0.hehe..kung hnd ny0 po naittn0ng, nars na po ak0,.hehe..wala lng..kaya alam k0 f ever sira na liver k0 or any organs of my body..hehe.. Nagrresearch naman muna ak0 b4 tntake ung mga vitamins..anyway, tnx.. Mahal nga ung nivea sun, but i love nivea sun facial sun block,ung nasa tube..kc i feel very pr0tected,anytym i go out..Ü.. Tsaka, ung tinitake k0 glutathione, vit.c and gloww.gud 4 the liver un..kaya n0 pr0bz.Ü..cge cge, til nxt tym..i’ll be back pag may bago nanaman ak0ng ndsc0vr ab0ut skn whitening..Ü..

  • jhunzkee, nurse din po ako. Alam ko yan pero kahit supplements yan they are still categorized as drugs kahit nga vitamins eh, OO andun na ako sa antioxidant properties nyan (i know) pero i is still eliminated sa liver… even vitamins and supplements. May study na nyan about polypharmacy na may lead to certain liver copmplications.

    Higher SPF doesn’t mean adequate protection yan ang common misconception. Actually, the higher the SPF rating the more risk for allergic dermatitis and penetration of molecules sa upper layers ng skin is slowed.

    SPF 5 = 83% coverage
    SPF 10 = 90% coverage
    SPF 15 = 92% coverage
    SPF 20 = 94% coverage

    so you see hahit SPF 70 ka pa or VMV armada SPF 50-60-70 ka pa, will its not money well spent kasi hindi ganyan ka significant ang UV block coverage when it really gets higher… Minsan nga especially after SPF 30 and above na ratings, YOU CANNOT HARDLY APPRECIATE THE COVERAGE KASI NGA IT’S LESS THAN 1% AS YOU GO HIGHER. THE KEY IS REAPPLICATION AND SPECTRAL COVERAGE… THAT IS IF ALAM MO ANG SPECTRAL COVERAGE…





  • Ok cata..u won.hehe..Ü… Very informative mo naman..wow..talagang nagresearch..Ü..natry ko na dn ung neutrogena ung may cooling effect sumthng, n0 effect sa kn.d xa hiyang sa face ko..pangkatulong kc ang face ko..hehe..cge po, pangkatulong lamang ang mena,..2ng mena talaga oo, gumagawa gawa ng products, pangkatul0ng naman.hay..i2ng LUCIDA dn, para lng pala sa maiitim at peke pa…hehe..nagkamali ako..dapat pala magpchek na me ng ALT at AST..tsk tsk..tsk tsk tsk..tanga kc i2ng c jhunzkee..cge peepz…

  • Ano nga pala ung READ ONE COMMENTATOR’S EXPERIENCE?..D KC nagappear eh.hehe..nasaan na kaya un.

  • Aw ilonggo ka gali ta?..c tata oh..dam0 damo gd xa nabal an about sa mga pampaputi bah…ako kay mango mango gd ko sina ba..haha..waay gd ko kbalo sina ba..hehe..sun block-uv block, increase spf- higher risk 4 dermatitis.hehe…amazing gd.. Hehe… unsaon naman lng ni ui, nag inilonggo naman sad ko…d man unta k0 il0nggo, pero kbalo k0 must0rya.hehe…unya cge, puhon, mag agi agi ra k0 dri..kay d man ko pemnente ganet, panagsa ra.cge guyz, ang makasab0t ra ani sa ak0ng gsulti, ka2 ra pud mga bisaya,sama naku.haha.. Cge, MAPAN AKON..-il0can0 nanaman.hehe.CGE..magpapaalam na ang KATULONG..Ü-MENA

  • jhunzkee, biro lng yan sa mena hehehe actually naka bili ako nyan before pero parang d hiyang sa akin kasi parang halata masyado eh… sa gabi lng cguro ilagay pwede pa? agree ka ba? kasi ang katulong namin yan ang gamit at effective ha kasi d lng siya gumagamit ng UV block kaya cguro d natural ang dating sa kanya at take note RDL #3 pa gamit nya, o d ba ang tapang… pinayuhan ko na nga eh. pro mena along i think is good it just that wag lng sabayan ng mga super tapang na exfoliants like mga #2 na strength. tapos if clear na skin nyo wag na mag exfoliant solution beyond 2 months kasi hindi advisable. at walang humpay na UV block SPF15-20. Kng mayaman kayo guys kagaya ni Jhunzhee, mag SPF 50 din kayo hehehe d loko lng… hehehe nag-iinvest ka lng naman sa skincare mo which is a good sign. I think maputi ka na kasi hiyang ka sa mena, ok hindi dark or super puti average lng na hindi mo matatawag na itim…

  • hahaha.. la lng..

    natatawa po ako dito, hehe..

    ang sosoxal nmn ng mga katulong nio, nagpapa whitening din, haah..

    kudos to him/her..

  • hay naku pare believe it… pagkakita cguro sa closet ko na 3 palapag ang skincare ko buli rin sya… heheh RDL #3 at mena cream gamit nya kasi hindi natural ang dating… d naman namin pinapakialaman… sa kanya cguro d bale pumuti kahit halata hehehe… satin kasi mga lalake dapat gradual lng kasi baka ma notice agad… mag DUDES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND POND’S AGE DEFENSE SPF15 PA++ P29 lng sa watsons… galing at mura na UV block at hindi nakaka oily…

  • I’m back pareng Chris!! I tried using GARNIER ung ini-endorse ni KC kaso mas lalo oily ang skin ko so ubosin ko nalang at balik uli ako sa NIVEA ko. hehehe

  • radz,

    I have GARNIER and I am using it… medyo oily at 1st skin ko pero ok lng d naman masyado and besides when it is absorbed medyo ok na… it has SPF kasi eh pero sulit naman. GARNIER is the natural approach of L`oreal skin care. kaya sulit yan tol i tell you.

  • @cataclysmic

    Yah,it’s true about GARNIER. Habang tumatagal nag aadjust nga ang skin pero after nito,balik uli ako sa dating brand ko which is NIVEA.Nasanay na rin ako sa NIVEA back in college pa.

  • To those who wanted a fast whitening effect here’s a recipe

    1 box Etta’s skin whitening powder
    1 small can alpine milk
    1 bottle of Etta’s liquid mixing solution

    Put powder into a basin then gradually mix it with the etta’s liquid mixing solution while then pour-in the alpine milk until u get a melted ice cream consistency.. get naked and spread the whole mixture in your entire body and let it dry for an hour.. u would look like a mummy for awhile but trust me its very very effective.i would suggest you do this in the bathroom and make sure the temperature is a bit cool so that you wont perspire while the mixture is drying up in your body..ul see the difference right after rinsing your skin.. do it for twice a week and in just 2 weeks or four sessions you’ll really see the big difference..btw, some parts of your body will feel itchy while the mixture is drying up. its normal kc component ng liquid mixture is hydrogen peroxide but its safe. try using the Likas papaya soap for daily use so that you;ll maintain your white skin.. sobrang effective talaga! Etta’s whitening powder would cost only 200pesos i think plus the liquid mixture which is only around 20 pesos..u can buy them in mercury drug and other leading stores nationwide. am not paid by etta for this. just sharing it to you all!

  • hey.. am back after a very hectic schedule from our class.

    anyways, tanong ko lng po kuya chris. since you and other people here recommended nivea for men i bought one for myself last saturday and it cost 109PHP.

    i was thinking on how long would it take for me to see changes or at least improvements? hehe.. curious lng nmn po eh.

    hoping for your answer. thanks!

  • @patricio.el.suplado

    Most likely after 2-3 weeks bro. Just avoid too much exposure from the sun starting 10am till 4pm. If unavoidable, don’t forget to wear sunblock with SPF15 or higher.

  • to all guys out there being natural is the best. But xempre kailangan din natin ng mga products na makakatulong maipreserve yung itsura natin diba. lalo na sa panahon ngayon na puro pollution. Im wesley chu, bibigyan ko kayo ng tips on how to improve your skin para mas dagdag pogi points sa mga girls. ako kasi i used branded products takot kasi ako magtry sa mga local products i used shu uemura foaming cleansing water for my face & then nivea mild milk spf50 both in the face & body bago ako umalis ng bahay para hindi magdry tsaka malose yung moisture ng skin xempre para hindi na rin umitim. hindi ako gumagamit ng whitening products kasi maputi na talaga ako half chinese kasi, ayoko kasi ng sobrang puti. And i take 1 capsule of metathione once a day as antioxidant para maflushed lahat ng toxins sa loob ng katawan ko. Kung gusto niyo magpaputi i recommend taking 2 capsules of met along with vitamin c twice a day basta continuous then apply sunblock pag lumalabas sa mainit avoid din masyadong magbabad sa araw magiging useless lang kasi ang paggamit niyo ng met. hope nagustuhan niyo yung mga tips ko mga pre.

  • hey radzdude!

    maraming slamat!

    i’ll followr your advice.

    another thing:

    it says in the box na it’s better to use it with the nivea for men whitening facial foam. is it a must? and..

    is it okay na mababad ako s aircon for approx. 5 hours aday? aircondxoned kasi room nmn eh, so i hope it won’t affect my usage of the product.. tnx anyways!

  • TOP Skin BODY Nourishers:

    1) Skin White PowerWhitening SPF 20
    2) Belo Essentials BLUE (at night) & PINK (during the day)
    3) Nivea for Men Whitening Lotion
    4) Watson’s Milky Whitening Lotion Green Tea variant
    5) Lander Advance Skin Firming Lotion (the best lotion for gym goes like me, it firms ups skin for muscles)

  • @patricio
    It isn’t a must to use facial foam but there is an advantage if you use a facial foam.It doesn’t clog your pores and doesn’t cause dryness unlike soap.

    If you are in an airconditioned room,your skin has a tendency to be dry and lose elasticity.You might as well use lotion.

  • @patricio

    a whitening foam from the nivea for men range isn’t necessary unless you can affort both face wash/foam and face cream. if u must choose, go for the face cream as it will be on your skin longer than the face wash.


    a lot of girls and women are now noticing how my skin looks better than theirs… when they ask what am I using I just say, “I exercise and sun screen…” Hehehe I am shy to say that my cabinet if full of facial care products hehehe but exercise did really improve my overall blood circulation and my entire skin now glows! no pimples pa! so hit the gym also guys! i work out 4x a week. so it pays off… i have less blemishes now and super clear na skin ko! little dis they know na grabe ang ceremony ko before matulog… skinwhite powerwhitening solution + 5-7 layers of different face creams every night… so tell me papanu hindi gaganda skin ko… jahe lng i have to say a “white lie” about it kasi nga naman halos lahat na lng nga babae nananotice na: close frnd ko, officemates ng nanay ko, tita ko, relative ko, ex classmate ko, hay naku the price i have to pay for superbskin… ok lng ba mag “white lie” hehehe kasi naman my nextdoor neighbor na amiga ng nanay ko also noticed and she tried to raid my closet! scarry noh? anu mga guys? any reactions? am I going overboard na?

  • for gym goers like me pala… try nyo lander before at after workout and see the reults! P99 lng for the big bottle… mura na effective pa… use on clean skin lng ha… no sweats at nasty stuffs on it unless you want microbes on you skin

  • @wesleychu

    Met to flush out toxin? you are mis informed. It is an anti-oxidant which prevents oxidation of certain vitamins prior to being metabolized by the body, pag na oxidize na kasi walang kwenta na yan at hindi na magagamit ng body tas they are converted to free radicals which eat up the oxygen in your system na dapat ay sa cells mo napupunta. Met/glutathione does not in any way flush out toxin! take note of that. They just optimize body functioning.

  • ei!

    napansin ko lng po.

    i’ve been using nivea for men 5 in 1 whitening moisturizer as recommended by some here for 5 weeks now.

    bakit po wala p rin atang changes?

    and minsan nga feeling ko mas umiitim po ang mukha ko, hmpf.

    anyways, any1 do have an explanaxon?

  • and hey chris!

    i have an impt thing to tell you.

    can i feature this blog into my blog?

    im planning to upgrade me blog kasi and i was thinking to have a feature blog page, and you’ll be the first one.

    sira kasi ata contact page ng blog nto so dito ko nalang nilagay.. tnx!

  • @ Patricio:

    Skin darkening really happens when you are particularly non-compatible with the product. Though it may be dermatologically tested safe and effective, it doesn’t mean that it is for everybody. That claim is true but remember each person’s skin may react uniquely to certain substances differently, that’s when there concept of allergy comes in.

    If you feel that your skin is irritated, this might be allergic dermatitis and you should stop using the product and consult a derma. Bring the tube of the moisturizer with you and have your derma check on it.

    If you think that you skin is getting darker (please be very objective about this), perhaps you have experience allergic dermatitis before and, depending on the serverity, you might have recovered from it unknwoning ly. but the sad news is that and harsh irritation to the skin especially if repeated over and over again can cause skin darkening as a response of the body to that substance. Add to that the damaging effects of UV, even though you have UV protection in that moisturizer, it was not effective because of skin breakage and allergenicity. Any scar/abrasion whether big or small can be darkened easily by UV, especially UVB which is the common cause of sun burns. But this explanation is just to give you an overview. Still nothing is better than seeing a certified dermatologist.

    Disclaimer: I, myself, have been using Nivea For Men Whitening moisturizer and I had good results with it. This is not to discourage PPG readers not to buy the product but just be alert when your skin says that it is not suited to the product. This aside, NIVEA For Men Whitening MOisturizer is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Please take not of that. This is the ONLY whitening moisturizer available in the Philippine market that’s specifically for MEN.

  • :::cataclysmic

    First, I want to say thanks for spending time writing a quite lengthy yet informative answer to my query.

    As for your response, I dont REALLY say na I’m getting darker, even people around me doesn’t say anything like that.

    Siguro lang until now, my skin isn’t improving in terms of its skin color, pero one thing or change in my skin na most probably the reason I should thank Nivea for is that: Many people noticed the better texture and aura of my face. It seems very smooth daw tingnan from far, and even better when they get closer.

    As for my comment naman, pansin ko rin my skin on the face is actually better than before. That, perhaps is the effect of Nivea to me? Well, I’m not really sure.

    Pero, I’m still using Nivea up to now kasi hindi pa naman ubos ang bottle ko, and I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks na ata, I’m still hoping na I could see improvements as to my skin color, hehe.

    Anyways, thanks ha! I am now planning to pay a visit to the derma my mother recommended me to go to, pero she was quite hesitant to send me there regularly since hirap ng panahon eh, hehe. And ang mahal pa ng tuition fee sa school namin.

    Again, thanks!

  • Heads up guys!

    Here’s a run down of the best soaps.

    1) Hype Duo soap (be it the original small soap, or the newer whitening plus anti-aging or the high end HYPE Gluta- C)

    REASONS: The soap is effective due to its FRENCH technology called Glyscosphere technology or GlycosTech for short. It delivers papain and vitamin C at molecular level for better penetration and that also equates to better whitening and efficacy because the active ingredients with no be rinsed along with the soap after if has been delivered at molecular level.

    Bonus: Ther’es also 2 kinds of lotions that goes with these soap for better whitening.

    2) Green Cross PINK soap (the one with almond milk and microbeads)

    REASONS: At P10, do I need to emphasize? Germ Protection + smoothening + moisturizing. It has a nice scent pa. Feel your skin after using it so that you’ll prove it to yourself.

    3) SkinWhite Powerwhitening soap

    REASONS: This soap works wonders, especially if used with the lotion. It whitens your skin in 7 days, REALLY! Visible lightening at 2 weeks and superbly whiter skin at 4 weeks! I even took it to Bora to prevent too much darkening whitle enjoying the beach.

    Bonus: It comes with SPF 20! It’s none greasy! And it has the Vita nourish formula SkinWhite is known for.

  • Heads up guys!

    PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE: http://www.skinwhiteningstudy.com/

    THAT’S THE SCIENCE BEHIND HYPE DUO… for better skin whitening, dapat we know kng what skin do we have and what type of products we should look for and use. Very informative yan, especially if your investing in your skin like me.

  • Totoo nga po ung mga reviews sa skinwhite power whitening line… Sinubukan ko lang ung maliit na bottle nun, mahal, 71.25php.. Pero nung naubos ko na, aba.. Na.notice ko na naglighten talaga ung skin ko… I’m planning on buying the bigger bottle.. Kasama na rin ung face solution at face cream, pati na rin ung soap.. Skintel Whitening Soap kasi gamit ko ngaun. Mahal din, 75php.. SkinWhite nlang ako.. Makakamura pa ako tsaka effective rin naman…

    Nga pala.. Pag maxipeel user ka, ito ang pinakamaganda na regimen.. Pag naliligo GENTLY rub ur face with your fingertips… DAhan2x lang.. AFter bathing, apply pond’s spotless white detox lotion, followed by the cream.. The lotion hydrates the skin so no flaking will be visible.. Lalo na pag nalagyan mo na ng cream.. Ang linis the after-effects.. Tsaka may sunscreen na ung pond’s kaya safe ka na against UV rays. Hehe.. Been doing this regimen for months now.. Lapit na ako mag.stop ng maxipeel kasi masama pag sumobra…

  • Proven ko na ung Likas Papaya. i used it for a couple of minths and malaki and naging change sa complexion ko. napansin agad ng mga tao.

  • GUYS!!!!

    May Belo essentials TONER at Whitening face cream na!

    Nakita ko na at nahawakan ko na kahapon!

    Bibilhin ko yon mamaya next week ang cream.

    Pro dami ko pa nga lng stocks nga lotions and personal products ko. Prang good for 6 months pa nga eh kaso I am so excited sa belo esstials line. Gusto ko ako maka una buy hehehe… baka sa maynila meron na, kami nga dito sa ILOILO meron na eh.

  • hi have tried a lot odf whitening products alredy… nest pay day i will but the nivea produst i will try that…thanks…

  • hi guys…im a newbie in this site…and i consider this very informative site for us guys…i do recommend to spread this site to every guys in town about stuffs that we don’t care to know about it but we must know it…alright…

    so. going back to the topic whitening thing…i really need some advise to this because i tried to use a lot of whitening regimen because im a “morino” i want to lighten up my skin to look better, i treid to use whitening soaps ( namely: gluta soap, kojic soap, skinwhite soap, top gel, a nd many more.) about this kojic soap its so effective to me but now i dont have the supply because i dont know to buy it my officemate before is the one who do the purchasing for me an its expensive its Php 250.oo per bar. (huhhhuh)..i also tried to do bleaching before with Etta bleaching powder and SK bleaching power when i was in college but now wala na kasi takot ako masira ang skin ko to chemicals…

    as of the moment i searching for effective product for me…i havent tried nivea maybe this payday i will buy one…

    guys i will just keep in touch if effective sa akin…

    im also looking for new friends here………
    if you will contact me just inform and also indicate if were to got my number 09238613794…


  • Hey jaganium2008, ang masasabi ko lang sa Nivea is ok cya, mild sa skin PERO matagal ung effect niya. I dunno bout the other guys pero un talaga ung na.observe ko. May facial scrub ang block&white noon and it really made me look white, parang the grudge.. Nasobrahan.. Na.shock nga ung mga tao at bigla akong pumuti. Kaya lang wala na sa mga supermarkets un ngaun.. Ewan ko ba, di cguro alam ng mga tao na super effective un kaya wala maxado bumibili, kaya tinanggal na ng b&w sa whitening line nila.

    Ang tip ko lang is gumamit ka ng soap na may glycolic acid/AHA… A very good example is skintel whitening soap. It costs 75php. Effective xa sakin at sa kaklase kong lalaki noon.. Pwd rin skinwhite powerwhitening soap, eto mas mura 58.25php.. Regular lang dapat ang paggamit ha.. Na.obserbahan ko lang, mas madali at mas grabe ung intensity ng lightening effect ng skintel whitening soap kesa sa skinwhite powerwhitening soap. Pero kung nagtitipid ka, better stick to skinwhite.

    To top it al off, everytime naghihilamos ako, final touch ko ung Gatsby Whitening Wash Foam.. Ginagamit ko rin xa sa arms ko para pantay.. ANd yup, effective rin xa.. Especially sa gabi, paggising mo kinabukasan di maxado oily ung mukha mo, malamig pa sa face pag ung product..

    Tsaka ung skinwhite powerwhitening face solution nga pala ung toner ko.. Ok xa, pangalawang bottle ko na..

  • hi pao…

    thanks for the advise….

    i will try it….


    pag register naman kau sa forum para marami na tayo….

  • Ey guys…
    yes effective talaga ang skinwhite power whitening toner… this is my third bottle… parang local version sya ng obagi… power whitening user ako from soap to toner to lotion. sa face, nagdarken skin ko kasi naman hardinero din ako dito sa amin hehehe ao ayon naarawan ako ng masyado, i use garnier light face scrub at foam then last belo patterned din ang belo after the obagi skin line. they key is letting the lather stay sa face mo for at least 2 mins for the wash and 5-10 mins for the scrub… then follow it up with skin white toner then garnier light face lotion + myra e + ponds = skin is reborn the next day… BEST if with at least 8 hours rest.

  • Hey!

    I’ve been using the Nivea for Men 5-in-1 Whitening Moisturizer.

    Um, nakaka 2 months na po ako and yet no improvements.

    I actually used it since it is recommended by you guys.

    Though I understand that the effectiveness varies from person to person, but do you have any suggestions for alternative ways?


    Stupid question pero curious lang po:

    Does the effectivity being affected by diabetes? haha. la lang po. from my wild imagination. am diabetic ata eh, though di p nmn confirmed tlga.

    Going back, any recommendations?


  • @ bea:

    Believe it bea. Kasi naman kayong mga girls gusto nyo ganito gusto nyo ganyan parate samin mga lalake so here we are nagpapagwapo.

    @ patricio:
    Try the garnier light range.
    UV block lotion like myra-e with SPF 15 or Nivea whitening with SPF 30

  • Hey.

    The Garnier’s too expensive.

    I can only *sigh*

    Anyways, here’s going back to my old NFM.

    Pag tiya-tiyagaan ko na lang muna to.


    Any recommendations na affordable?

  • @ patricio:

    dude, sulit naman eh…
    effective sakin…
    i bought the ff garnier light range:
    1. face scrub
    2. facial foam
    3. moisturizing lotion with SPF 15

    please please use UV block lotion ha…

  • @ patriocio:

    just continue using the whitening foam by nivea for men, it will give you the prep that you need for optimal whitening.
    Try skin white’s power whitening toner costs around 40 pesos. follow it up with the face cream. i suggest you use this tandem in the evening though it says it can be used day and night but don’t be harsh on your skin during the day time instead opt for a good UV block lotion line nivea sun whitening milk SPF 30 costs aroung 199 pesos. I usually follow it up with pond’s pinkish white cream to do away with the sticky feeling and to give the illusion of a moisturized skin with out the geasy feeling. Gusto ko bumili ng neutrogene ultra sheer sun screen with heliopex (patented UV blocking agent developed by neutrogen) pro it costs a whopping 500 bucks so I will just stay with nivea for now.

  • @cataclysmic
    super ang mga info mu sa pang puti…ur really into it….
    i think super puti muna….or artista kaba?
    if you need extra dito lng ako….
    by the way bro mag register ka nalang kaya para maka sali ka sa forum….

  • ::cataclysmic,

    thanks sa mga recoms mo ha.

    I’ll try those one of these days.

    Pero not all, mahal na ata lahat lahat yun.

    Aprrox, how much na ba yun lahat?

    Naku, finals na kasi, tuition na naman, hehe.

  • =>cataclysmic,

    thanx for sharing ur nightly routine..
    how about sharing ur morning rituals, like, the preparations that you do and the products you use to gussy up before you leave home?

  • morning routine:

    1) garnier light face foam then belo essentials to further enhance whitening kasi mas concentrated sya among all facial wash at it closes my pores.

    2) belo essentials toner + fasting absorbing powerful moisturizer like myra with SPF15.

    3) garnier light face lotion with SPF 15. If i think I’m going to be under the sun frequently most of the day like jumping from one building to another or walking from point A to B, especially at noon til 3, I use nivea sun whitening milk with SPF 30.

    4) To conceal everything I top it of with ponds pinkish white cream and a few johnson’s cooling powder to smoothen things up at para d halata. You’ll look like bagong ligo for a least 2-3 hours. Tapos the best part hindi pa halata basta USE in MODERATION.

    NIGHT regimen:

    same pa rin. pro i just use the garnier light face scrub from time to time every 2-3 days ata.

    skin white power whitening toner

    myra moisturizer

    garnier light


    try nyo mga dude. I had a lot of compliments na pro nahihiya ako pag na notice nila na ang ganda ng skin ko… hehehe sencia mahiyain talaga

  • hahah good question minsan nauubusan ako ng oras. I have my emrgency kit sa gym bag ko hehehe… just face wash plus dove SPF 15 yon lng… no fuzz ang emergency kit ko since i can’t carry whitening products noh so I just opt for sun protection. medyo addict ako sa sunscreem and UV block lotions.

  • how to avoid pimples? tips anyone?

    noon kasi kahit gano pa ako ka.late matulog cos of skulwork and thesis 1 di aq tinutubuan ng more than 2 pimples… pero ngaun bigla akong tinubuan ng 4-5 spots.. di kaya sa products na gninamit ko? tinapalan ko kasi ng ponds detox na gold ung skinwhite powerwhitening face cream eh.. Baka nagka.allergic reaction… huhuhu…

  • The best pa rin kung sa derma ka pupunta…try it once tapos pag nalaman mo na ang regimen mo, dun ka na maghanap ng alternative. For example ang facial sa derma ay 600 pero sa mga spa 250 lang. Very effective ang chemical peel kasi magiging clean and clear ang mukha. Then ang regimen ko (sa pimples kasi malamang na prob din yan) is erythromycin solution 2% and benzoyl peroxide (every night lang and alternate yung paggamit nung dalawa erythro ngayon bukas benzoyl naman). Important ang sun block SPF30 maraming products na ang mura. Yung nivea whitening moisturizer eh hindi dapat sa mga oily skin kasi maglalangis lalo face nyo. Pero it’s a good product dun sa mga pinalad na hindi oily ang face. Also sa derma, meron silang cream na prescribed…siguro medyo mahal pero one time big time naman ang effects. Hindi yung naghuhulaan. Yung Olay total effects maganda din ang feedback. Ayun…if you really like a good skin, medyo gagastos ka talaga (Clarinse for men is an example). Worth it naman kasi maayos ka naman tignan…lalo na yung mga mahilig mambabae dyan.

  • After the treatment may specified routine ka na and ingredients to avoid ask your derma. Good for pimples ang master na papaya at ponds anti-bacterial scrub.

  • May nakatry na ba sa inyo ng Gatsby Whitening Wash Foam? Effective talaga xa.. Ginagamit ko rin xa sa arms ko para pantay ung kulay…

    Matagal ko nang hinahanap ung skin whitener facial scrub ng block and white… Nakikita pa ba ninyo to sa shelves sa market ngaun? Kasi sobrang effective nun.. Talagang nashock ung mga kaklase ko pagbalik ko sa skul noon.. Para ngang the grudge ung kulay ko, nasobrahan.. Haha.. Melawhite ung whitening ingredient nun.. Ewan ko kung may facial wash and scrub pa ba ung Block and White ngaun.. Pag may nakita kau let me know please.. Miss na miss ko na kac ung “the grudge” ko na kulay.. Ang hirap ibalik nun. Hahayz…

    Tsaka, paalala lng.. Wag ipagsabay ang skinwhite powerwhitening face cream at ponds detox creams, kac unstable ung chemical reaction nito, at magkakapimples kau.. Buti nlang nakarecover na ung mukha ko.. Japanese mode na ulit ako.. Pero kulang pa para maging the grudge ulit. Hahaha.. INgats kau lagi

  • @ Pao:

    Hindi po totoo yan, stable ang chemicals for both ponds pinkish whitening cream at skinwhite powerwhitening cream. Otherwise, wala sya sa market.What you mean is when you combine it. Who are you to say na dahil nagkapimples ka e hindi na compatible yon. May be you didn’t observe proper hygiene when you use the products kasi may germs fingers mo tapos blame it on the products. O d kaya ineefective ang cleansing mo kaya there was germs and dirt na na trap sa llob ng pores mo. I tried it for 2 months, ok naman mas super effective pa sya. Synergistic ang effect nya. I am not saying na you won’t have a reaction pro its less likely lng kasi dermatologically tested ang mga yan kahit e combine mo pa yan hindi naman muriatic acid yan mo and once the skin is properly preped, mas deep ang penetration ng active ingredients.

    Please prep your skin properly. mild daily scrub plus powerwhitening solution plus powerwhitenning cream + wait for at least 15 mins then follow it up with bonds or any other whitening “leave-on” product like garnier or better yet opt for a light-weight UV block SPF 15-30.

  • @cataclysmic

    uhmm.. i gave it another shot.. i followed ur advice on putting the skinwhite powerwhitening face cream, then following it up with pond’s detox cream after 15 minutes.. i did that for 2 nights and no breakouts occured.. hehe.. i stand corrected… btw, im using the spotless white detox cream.. the skinwhite toner really improved the texture of my skin… im gonna keep on using it… thanx cataclysmic..

    If it isn’t too much to ask.. can I ask for ur e-mail add?.. so that if i have question with regards to stuff like this I’d ask you directly..
    Thanx again..

  • Gusto ko lng ishare sa inyo ang satisfaction ko sa skinwhite powerwhitening toner..

    Kahapon to nangyari..

    Bumisita ako sa tito at tita ko para kausapin sila about my grades’ status.. Then, nung nakita ako ng cousin ko na sabi niya sakin “oh, kuminis ung mukha mo ha”.. That statement of hers really made my day… Tsaka napansin ko rin na gumanda ang texture ng mukha ko, the look and the touch.. Ang sarap hawakan ng face ko dahil sa texture.. Thanx to skinwhite…

    Try nyo gamitin ung toner ng skinwhite.. Makaubos lng kayo ng 1 bottle eh makikita nyo na ang difference.. 😀

  • @ Pao.

    Sure Pao. Glad to be of help. ako din bumili ako ulit ng toner and cream. tandem na para bilis at maximum benefits. just post your e-mail and I’ll be more than happy to drop you a message.

    Sabi sayo eh. effective. and the best part? wala pa sya peeling at nourished ang skin mo. Glad to here the goodnews pao. Ako din I had the same reaction. Kala nila nagpapaderma ako kasi makinis daw. Just use any UV block cream or lotion sa face that you like of at least SPF 15 and you’re good to go.

  • hello guys share rin aku =]

    major prob ku tlga ang pag papaputi since highschool days ku. mrami kc ng ssbi skin pag maputi lng daw aku pede nku mag artista lol. medyo dark brown kc color ko eh. typically moreno tsaka pag tingin ko sa salamin feeling ku ang dungis ku sa kulay ku + super balbon pku nakaka plus factor sa kaitim too much hair. and dame ku na try na brand sobra!
    hiyangan rin ang labanan dapat mag hnap ktlga na effective sau.

    tips no.1 katulong myth (mena)
    mostly super effective tong product na toh mura pa.
    klban i2 ng chingchangsu watever! kaya lng nmn medyo
    turn off i2 kc mrami maid mali ang pagamit.
    mena+rdl or mena + astringent massira tlga muka nila
    mangagamatis ang dating super pula.
    the “right way” (mild soap+mena) grabe kapatid ko tisay na
    tisay. dahil sa mena at maganda pa pagkaputi as in white!
    dapat kc wag na gumamit ng harsh na sabon or astrigent!
    effective rin ung kalban nya ung shingshangsu ahihi!
    tips sa mga men’s na gagamit ng mena:

    sa first 2 weeks na pagamit very akward looking tlga kc
    prang ang puti maciado. teknik kontian lang nyo sapat lng
    sa buong face + powder konti lng rin pra mukang natural
    lalo na paglalabas then ung bilhin nyo ung mena stick my
    uv filter pag matagal nyo na gingamit mukang natural na
    tlga di mukang geisha hihi. fit 2 sa mga short sa budget!

    tips no.2 kojic soap (kojie san)

    super effective sobra! sa face at body ko toh gamit. ok to
    pag di sensitive ang face nyo. napantay tlga ang kulay ng
    tuhod ku at siko ku. eto lng ang side effect medyo nakakadry
    nid mo tlga moisturizer at lotion sa body pero linis kinis
    tlga ang dating mu. ang gamit ku ngaun:
    (kojic soap + nivea 5 in 1 whitening moisturizer )
    so far effective cya.
    dati kc ang gamit ko eh mild soap + nivea 5 in 1 di cya
    effective. pero nung gumamit ng kojic da best tandem.
    as i said hiyangan tlga!

    tips no. 3 gluthatione

    da best way magpaputi healthy pa sa katawan dapat makapal
    rin ang bulsa. effective ung lucida ds pero ung met
    di cya maciado effective kc antioxidant lng tlga cya di
    maciadong makakaputi baba pa ng dosage 250mg lng cya
    lucida ds + vitamins C super effective pumuti tlga ako
    un lng di ko ncontinue kc studyante plng aku dami ku
    gastusin my gf pa tapos gym hhaays! kung di effective sau
    mag pa inject kna super bilis daw ang effectiveness nun un
    lng my kamahalan rin.

    as i said hiyangan tlga yan…. nid mo tlga mag hanap na product na babagay sau at gusto ng skin mu. dami ko na try na product sobra konti lng ang effective. problema lng ko ngaun too much hair amblis pa tumubo ng vigote ko sa muka sana meron taga patay ng buhok pra di na tumubo.

    any tip????? tska pagamit ba ng shaving cream mag papalambot ng muka?

  • @vinci

    sinubukan ko gumamit ng Etta’s whitening powder, ung nilalagyan ng hydrogen peroxide(agua oxeginada)… Pinanipis nung ung buhok ko sa forearms, mejo nag.lighten nga eh, tsaka sa tingin ko namatay ung buhok o sa forearms.. haha.. Ilang years na pero ganun pa rin ung itsura…

    Subukan mo tong isa.. Pwd rin milk powder haluan mo ng agua oxeginada.. Ung consistency dapat parang ice cream ha.. Then apply mo dun sa hairy part. Pag makapal ung strands ilang applications pa cguro before mo manotice ung effect ng agua sa hairstrands.. Tsaka ung purpose mo sa paggamit nun eh para sa hair thinning, bonus nlang ung slight lightening effect sa skin..

    Nga pala, instead of taking gluta orally, ok na kung magvitamin E ka daily, 400IU/400mg. Vitamin E is said to inhibit melanin formation, and it protects u from the harmful rays of the sun inside-out. 😀

  • OH.. Another tip..

    I use skinwhite powerwhitening soap.. Pero pag tight ako sa budget ang binibili ko eh ung bioderm whitening germicidal soap.. “melfade” ung main ingredient for lightening. ung maliit costs almost 20php.. ung malaki almost 30php lng.. Ok ung effect nya.. At isa lng ang naririnig ko sa mga nirekomendahan ko with the soap noon hanggan ngayon.. Di daw sila mabilis umitim, and witness ako jan.. Naglakad ako under the sun noon without applying any lotion with UVA/UVB filters.. So sabi ko sa self ko, “hay iitim na naman ako nito”. To my surprise paguwi ko, parang wala namang nagbago.. hehe..

    Napancn din ng mom ko pati na ng 2 close friends ko na di cla madaling umitim dahil sa soap na un.. Wala pa akong allowance kaya im’ma use this brand muna.. ok rin naman eh, trusted brand rin naman ang bioderm when it comes to family soaps..

    Pero mga guys, hinay2x lng sa mga ka.ekekan sa balat ha, kawawa ang liver natin.. Watever we apply sa skin ang liver ang nagfifilter sa mga chemicals from the products that we use.. Whoah, ang haba na ng post na to ah.. hahaha.. cge hanggang dito nlang..


  • tnks sa mga info 😉

    about sa unwanted hair may dku maciado problem ung sa katawan ung prob ko sa muka ang dami eh my nkita akung pra cyang cream na niluluto pinapainit pala sa watson wax yta un pwede sa face dku alam kung pano gamitin.

  • about sa toner ganda rin ung belo white tight pores toner super effective cya best seller ngaun sa watson un eh. at ang mura pa

    small= 44pesos

  • @vinci

    depilation wax ung ibig mong sabihin.. ipapahid mo sa area na may buhok tapos tapalan mo ng hair-stripping sheet… un ang alam ko.. may ganun rin ata sa watsons…

    tsaka ung presyo ng belo toner at ung sa skinwhite almost the same lng.. pero ang effect di ko alam kung pareho, o baka mas magaling ung isa sa isa… si cataclysmic ata may alam kung alin ang may mas magandang effect kac he uses both eh.. hehe

  • na try ko lng ung belo nkakinis sobra lalo na ung belo white pore refining. ung toner ba ng skinwhite alang nkalagay na toner? anu kulay ng package nun?

    by the way ok ba ung wax? sana di masakit sa muka ko kc lalagay eh. nkakapatay daw ng roots sabi dun. pag lagi mo gngamit

  • @vinci

    Nasa box ung toner ng skinwhite.. Ang nakalagay “SkinWhite Powerwhitening Face Solution”.. Kulay nya parang Light Ocean Blue-Green.. Ok ang effect.. nakakakinis rin ng itsura at texture ng balat. Hmm, masubukan nga yang belo toner, parang na.curious ako eh. hehe..

    Keep the updates coming… 😀

  • ..
    hey! anu bang mgandang brand ng soap, as in yung nakakputi talaga?
    then…effective ba talaga ang nivea?

  • @Kenneth

    Soaps that are effective:
    -SkinWhite Powerwhitening Soap
    -Belo Essentials
    -Kojisan Kojic Acid Soap
    -Bioderm Whitening Soap

    Ok ang nivea, pero mabagal ang effect…

  • Grabe ang pagrerecommend ng neighbor ko to try KSA MAGIC soap. whole family nila gumagamit and I have to admit pumuti nga sila ng konti just enough para ma notice mo. Any reviews on this soap kng cno na naka try? I’ve read the ingredients at grabe ang line-up. Gluta, kojic, clair blanche, at skin vitamins pa (4-5 I think). And I peeked at the soap kasi kabibili lng namin kanina. It has no colorants, mercury or hydroquinone. simple looking soap sya, as what you would normally expect from a soap na madami ang active ingredients… Less ang mga additive na walang masyadong role sa effects nya. Which I think is good kasi alam mo mas dami ang actives nyan.


  • gusto ko rin sanang sumubok ng nivea… can’t afford lang e hehe

    glutathione pills din, i am convinced na effective din sya although di ko pa rin sya nata-try… napanimbang ko ito dahil sa marami na akong nabasang pro’s and anti’s regarding gluta, way back early 2000s [di pa sila sikat dito sa Pinas]

    anyway, may gluta soap naman daw pala ngayon.

    pero mas mabilis pa rin daw ang effect ng papaya soap

  • pero sa ngayon, nagdadalawang-isip na akong magpaputi.

    sabi kasi sa akin ng friend ko, ok na raw ang complexion ko… parang di raw bagay sa akin ang maputi… baka mapagkamalan daw akong bading hehe

  • nasubukan ko na ang KSA Magic Soap… and YES effective siya. Lalong naglighten yung likod ko.. Sabi ngi na ni mum nung topless ako “Ang puti ng likod mo, maiinggit yung mga babae nyan”.. wahehe..

    nung nabili ko cya sa watsons buy 1 take 1.. 120php ata yung presyo noon, ewan ko na kung magkano ngaun.

  • hi im duke, pure filipino. i just want to know if a 15 yr old guy can use nivea whitening moisturizer because i would like to have nice shade of skin tone in my face. tnx.

  • i would just like to add that it is “nivea FOR MEN whitening moisturizer”. is it too strong for my face ? i would just like to have an edge among the other guys in our classroom. hehe 🙂

  • hi duke,

    since you’re only 15 years old. your skin is still maturing and reconstructing itself to its optimum potential. you might wanna hold the idea of starting a complicated skin care. my recommendation to you are.

    1. UV block (wrongly referred to as SUN BLOCK) with SPF rating of at least 15 and go up to 30 during hot days and summer.

    2. try celeteque’s new exoliating face scrub with vit. C & E beads. it gentle and will produce good results after a few weeks of using.

    3. a tea tree oil based face scrub will do wonder on stubborn blemishes and clear all your nasty bumbs and lumps on your skin. 2 weeks use and you’ll creave for it. try the watson’s generic brand of tea tree oil face scrub and you’ll get your money’s worth.

    4. For gentle whitening try the CLEAR FAIRNESS range of clean and clear because they have a more gently formulation. Belo essentials is also good but use this when u get to college or in the 4th year of HS at least.

    5. nivea for men is good also as a starting product but dbt you dare experiment much because you will do lots of damage to your skin unless you know what you’re doing.

    rule of thumb:
    if it stings or stinks throw it in the sink,
    UV block all the way 365 days a year is the best tip for whitening.

  • thnk u very much cataclysmic for those great pieces of advise. ur ryt, my skin may stil be in its maturing and reconstructing stage. i will now be more careful in choosing products that will be used for my face. tnx again !

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Sushmita and I have been following this blog and comments closely.

    Let me introduce myself. I am a research student in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA. I am doing a study on Whitening products for men in Asia and I found this blog.

    Kudos to the blogger and all of you who have been asking your questions here and helping each other out.

    A bit about my research. The past few years have seen tremendous growth in the male skincare market. Since I am originally an Indian, studying and living in America has got me to notice the way the whitening and fairness market for men has grown in Asia (In the US whitening skin care is non-existent, a tan is more fashionable among men here!).

    This blog has been very informative so far, but I need more detailed views and opinions of all you guys who have used or are using skin whitening products. I would really appreciate if you responded and are interested in helping me out…I have many questions in my head about male whitening products and since I’m a woman this topic really interests me.

    Looking forward to your replies.



  • @ Sushmita:

    Hi there! I am assuming that you are an Indian lady. Am I right? I will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

  • Hey.. You guys ever tried a bleaching soap that contains only 2 ingredients namely: Calcium Carbonate USP, Magnesium oxide

    It tremendously lightened the discolorations in between my thighs and also the garter marks caused by wearing briefs.. And the entire bar of soap hasn’t even been used up..

    I shared the information to my classmates and they too liked the effect.. Even the older bro of my classmate used the soap and he liked it, he said his face really lightened. One of my classmates got compliments from her group of friends, they told her that her face cleared and lightened up. Even my sister is currently using it.. Her face cleared up to, and the discoloration on her elbows faded including the insect bites on her legs.

    The name of the product is Derma… It comes in 4 colors:
    Green -> for Dark-skinned people
    White -> for Brown-skinned people
    Pink -> for Light-skinned people
    Yellow -> contains papaya extract for double-whitening action

    Although I find the pink one more fast and effective… You’ll be shocked with it’s price.. With its efficacy you’ll be surprised that it’s cheap and affordable. Plus the product is produced by a trusted company name for years “Swallow-Derma Philippines, Incorporated”.

    All of their products are freaking effective! Even the lotions and face creams… Damn, I should’ve bought and consistently used their products years ago! Cos you need to let the lather stay on your skin for 10 minutes for optimum results. I got tired of it, so, I stopped using it. But now I gave it another try and I’m more diligent in using it.

    I still use Skinwhite Powerwhitening Face Solution as my evening toner though. And Myra-E as my face moisturizer. But everything else is “Derma”.

  • @ pao wer did you bye it? meron ba nyan sa SM? or sa mercury? anu itsura nya… pls provide a pic

  • Heto yung itsura ng Derma Bleaching Soap carton:



    The small carton costs 16php..
    The big carton costs 24php..

    Sa cosmetics department ng Gaisano ko to nabibili.. Try ninyo sa mercury drug kung meron.. Sa palagay ko di to available sa SM.

  • @ pao

    hay naku pao anu ba yan. i copied the link pro wala maidisplay ang link. i think dahil nasa private albums mo sya naka lagay.

  • Pasensya na po.. heto po ulit yung pics ng Derma Bleaching Soap (accessible na po ngayon):



    The small carton costs 16php..
    The big carton costs 24php..

    Sa cosmetics department ng Gaisano ko to nabibili.. Try ninyo sa mercury drug kung meron.. Sa palagay ko di to available sa SM.

  • @ Pao.

    Dude d ko mahanap ang soap na yan didto sa ILOILO CITY. Sa Sm wala din yan sa ROB wala din. Cge try ko pumunta sa gaisano mamaya baka meron.

    Ganda sana kasi mura lng at parang effective kasi may detailed instructions talaga.

  • anu po ba yung Moisturizer na tested na para sa FACE???? i use whitening soap,,, kya lng…. medyo dry sa FACE ko ehhh

  • @shiemer_net

    try myra-e face moisturizer… light lang cya.. tried and tested na.. i like the product.. actually si cataclysmic ang nagrecommend sa akin nun.

  • @ Pao. O di ba effective pao?

    now i’m using it together with belo essentials nyt therapy and kojie san to quickly fade my blemishes. still powerwhitening tops everything. kinis ng afce hehehe… kala nila derma hahahaha

    Pao and I share opinions.

  • Hello Pao and Cataclysmic..pde po bang bgyan nyo ako ng daily routine kung ano ggmitin ko..gusto ko po kcng pumuti..thx po!!!

  • My morning routine:
    1. I wash my face with a germicidal soap (Bioderm)
    2. I wash my face and body with ableaching soap (Derma) ->posted above
    3. I leave it (derma) on my skin for 5mins (rush), 10 mins (kung may extra time)
    4. Myra-E face moisturizer, either the original or whitening variant.. Both are fantastic
    5. iWhite Korea Skin Whitening Vita Face Cream… Pati arms ko nilalagyan ko.. bale, un na ang protection ko sa UV rays.. SPF15 cya.

    My evening routine:
    Same as 1-4.. But I don’t do number 5 at night. Instead my no.5 at night would be Skinwhite Whitening Face Solution. (sobrang okay to na product. Paggising nyo gaganda ang texture ng balat nyo sa mukha)

    Yun lang.. Si cataclysmic grabe ang ritual… hay nako.. ibang klase talaga. hehehe

    Tsaka pansin ko lang.. Ilang gabi na akong di nakakapaghilamos dahil sa pagod at katamaran.. Pero di na ako tinutubuan ng pimples.. heheh.. I’m so happy.. Galing talaga ng epekto ng “Derma” products.

  • Hi Pao!thx sa response mo…pede mo bang bgyan ako ng routine for whitening face lang kc concentrated lng muna ako ngaun sa mukha ko…need ko po pati ung di masakit sa bulsa..i’ll wait 4 ur response thx 🙂

  • Idol Pao..nakita ko ung picture mo..amp ang puti mo n nga!!!!wahaha…sana maging ganyan din ako kaputi pag tumagal..hehe..thx sa help mo…^_^

  • hehehe… sa friendster mo ba nakita? basta… sundin mo lang ang mga tips dito.. siguradong maaattain mo rin ang gusto mong kulay.. You’re welcome

  • Has anybody tried GIGAWHITE? from the looks and packaging it looks like it from abroad. I’ve tried doing research on it via the net and it has many international reviews. Any say nyo? Pao? Should we give it a try? Pro it’s on the pricey end, !190 for the face cover sunscreen with SPF 37 and 130 for the soap. the spot corrector cost a starggering 400+.

    Pao anu say mo my co-skincare aficionado.

  • hello…

    bago ko lng nakita tong blog na ito at nag papasalamat ako na meron plang nag bibigay ng mga payo tungkol sa skin care ng mga lalaki… matagal ko tong pinapangarap na meron sananng magbibigay payo tungkol sa pag aalaga o pag papaganda ng kutis ng mga lalaki upang mapanatili ang kagandahan nito ngunit akoy bigo noon kc di ko nakita ang blog na to…at ngayon 35 years old.

    meron ba dito makakapagbibigay payo kung ano dapat gawin to avoid wrinkles meron bang iaaply sa mukha? at sa mga pampaputi nyo pede pa un sa kagaya ko na may edad na kc hanggang ngayon single pa me 😀

    sana may sasagot sa mga katanungan ko.

  • Nakita ko na yang gigawhite pero sobrang mahal talaga… Kaw na lang muna cguro cataclysmic ang magtry nyan. Kasi ibang brand, ibang ingredients… Mag-aadjust na naman ang skin.. Grabe talaga c cata, sinusubukan lahat, ibang.. hehehe

  • Hi 35yrs!


    Good thing you stumbled upon here. Stick around. Dami kang matutunan dito.

    Visit ka rin sa forums para sa mas mabilisang response.

  • @35years

    if you’re worried about getting wrinkles, all you have to do is to moisturizer.. the older you get the heavier you should moisturize.. moisturization is the key to delay the common sign of aging which is wrinkles.

    subukan mo yung mga moisturizers na available sa market.. kung gusto mo rin maglighten yung mukha while moisturizing at the same time may variants din na nakakalighten ng skin.. case-to-case basis din, pag epektibo para sa iba di ibig sabihin epektibo na rin sayo. Remember magkaiba ng skin types ang bawat tao.. Trial and error lang until you find the right product which suits your skin. Cheers.. 😀

  • Naku naku….sa dami ng mga whitening products ngayon na lumalabas, mukhang wala nang mapagkakatiwalaan. Pero salamat nalang at na-try ko and mag products ng Herbalife. I used to have many pimples that is, at marami na akong nasubukang products pero wala akong napala. Thank God at natagpuan ko itong mga products ng HERBALIFE.

  • Hay naku! namumulubi na nga talaga ang herbalife na yan. kahit dito nag aadvertise pa. ipapatanggal ko yan. ka cheapan na talaga itong herbalife na to. kami ni pao we mention brands but not to the point na minamarket namin. itong si george na to nagaadvertise pa ng para mainganyo ang mga tao sa walang kwentang herbalife. pipitchugin na man.

    Chris, paki tanggal ng comment na nasa taas. maladvertisement yan.

  • pao

    maraming salamat sa mga sagot mo pede ko ba malaman ang mga brand sa mga sinasabi mo kc wla tlga akong kaalam alam sa mga ganyan, tulad ng moisturizer at ung sinasabi mong pang lighten ng skin ano mga brand nito.

    at papano ko ba malalaman ung di hiyang sa akin hehehehe obviously namn di nag la-light yung skin ko baka meron pa iba mga sign and ano ka haba ang pag oobserve ko sa skin ko kung itoy hiyang o hindi.

    at sana din lahat ng mga iyon ay mabibili ko lang sa mercury drug kc un lng ang may malalaking drugstore dito sa lugar namin.

    sana ay mapaunlakan mo ulit itong katanungan ko, god bless and more power.

  • @35years

    My recommendation to prevent or lessen wrinkles:

    1. facial scrub with microscrubs. try ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB or MASTER papaya scrub. use 2-3x a week depending on the need or skin tolerance. DON’T RUB TOO HARD, JUST GENTLE CIRCULAR MOTIONS ON THE FACE AND NECK.

    2. Use an exfoliant which is retinol-based. retinol is a vitamin A derivative and helps smoothen lines and wrinkles and also decreases the pimples. CAUTION: USE STRICTLY ACCORDING TO MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS. DON’T OVER APPLY AS YOU WILL GET BURNED. Try EXTRADERM’s age defy range strength #1 and the strength #2 if your skin can tolerate. but not number three as that may severely peel your skin to redness.


    it must have SUNCREEN rating of SPF 15 and applied daily. it’s not too late to save your skin.

    ****top skin moisturizers:
    —-MYRA-E VITAWHITE Whitening face lotion with SPF 15
    —-EXTRADERM AGE DEFY’S range of Day moisturizers
    yan lng sa budget range pro that will improve your skin basta strict ang disiplina.

    to ask me directly, e-mail me at cataclysmic21@yahoo.com


  • @adrain

    that’s just the oil and the play of lights on your skin. the skin is stripped of oil after you wash it so you see the tightened skin minus the oil giving you that fine and whiter apperance. the true measure of fairness is your skin a few hours after washing it when there’s normal oil on your skin.

    wear sunscreen always.

  • hello cataclysmic & pao…

    bakit nagka oil ung face ko nung akoy gumagamit ng MASTER papaya scrub di pa namn gaano katagal di pa nga nag wa one week ang pag gamit ko 2 days palng ang pag gamit ko d2 pero ive notice na nag oily ung face ko ano ito di ba ako hiyang sa srub..

    salamat sa pag sagot.

  • @35

    Nag-aadjust pa yung skin mo sa product..

    Kung naturally oily naman yung mukha niyo I suggest Gatsby Whitening Wash Foam.. Dry-skinned kasi yung kapatid ko, nung sinubukan niya lalong nagdry.. For Oily skin lang talaga yung product.. pero nakakalighten talaga ng skin.

    Pero I’ve stopped using it kasi lalo akong magtatagal sa banyo kung gagamitin ko pa yun.. Sa Derma soap pa nga lang sobrang tagal ko na eh.. hehehe

  • @35

    I agree with pao. Your skin is adjusting. just follow it up with a good dose of moisturizer. Not much, just enough only to prevent to much regreasing of your skin. Without it you will just prompt your skin to produce more oil. And there’s a benefit to this. Since wrinkles ang prob mo, the natural oil helps ward off fine lines and wrinkles. That’s why oily-skined people age less and much more slower if you are a man because of our skin’s thicker layer. But don’t go overboard with moisturizing. Try to gradually gauge it. Start with just an ample amount until you know that it’s too much.

    The gatsby whitening foam is also great just as pao said. Use gatsby for daily cleansing and master papaya scrub for exfoliation every other day or every 2-3 days, depending on skin tolerance. Never scub daily but if you must try to do it a night to give you skin a change to renew itself after a GOOD night’s rest. SUNSCREEN agad sa umaga until 3pm sa hapon.

    SUNCREEN is the best anti-aging product. If used together with a good exfoliant solution, it will work wonders.

    I cannot get enough of sunscreens! Use at least SPF 15.

    Best picks:
    1. Nivea Sun SPF 50
    2. Dove Essential Nutrients SPF 15 Day Lotion
    3. Neutrogena Sheer Dry with Helioplex SPF 50
    4. POnd’s Age Defense SP15 (anti-aging and suncreen combo)
    5. Garnier Lightening cream SPF 15 (Whitening and sunscreen combo)
    6. Olay White radiance SPF 19 (old variant)
    7. Belo Day Cream with SPF 15

  • can i ask something about the whitening pill? Does the metathione contains cysteine which forms in kidney stone? is it disadvantage?

  • hi there. i just started using kojic-san soap for my face(at night) and body. i also use nivea 5 in 1 whitening(daytime), im also taking metathione 2 caps. im also using Vaseline healthy sunblock spf30. is this ok na?? any suggestions?

  • @daisuke

    walang masamang epekto ang cysteine sa body.. infact it’s a good supplement.. i googled it and found nothing bad about it.. but i believe in “too much of something is bad enough”.


    that’s more than enough actually.. even I don’t take supplements just to change my color.. however, I take vitamin E 400 IU daily, it did help my complexion.

    If u want something effective try YSA bleaching soap (79php) or YSA whitening soap (80php).. They’re both effective especially the bleaching variant.. It FREAKING LIGHTENED my inner thighs and the thing between the thighs (if u know what i mean).. hahaha… Seriously, I’m not kidding.. 1 bar pa lang yun ha.. Tsaka vegetable soap yung base ng soap so ok talaga sa skin. The key is consistency and leaving it on the skin for 5 minutes (body) and 2 minutes (face and neck).

    Noon kasi effective nga pero pangit naman ang formulation ng YSA sa bleaching and whitening soaps nila, di bubbly.. Pero nung sinubukan ko ulit after 4 years, they’ve changed the formulation na pala.. Bubbly na cya ngayon.. Paalala lang sa bleaching soap, sa body pwede patagalin ang soap for the full effect, pero sa face 2 minutes lang, or else hahapdi talaga.. Tulad lang naman ng kojic acid soap, but faster and more visible results.. TRUST ME, YOU WON’T REGRET IT..

    I’ll share some before and after pics soon to show you the efficacy ang greatness of YSA bleaching soap. Cheers! 😀

  • oh, and one more thing.. the bleaching soap can be a bit drying as most whitening soaps are.. it’d be best if you apply a moisturizer on your face cos if you won’t your face will feel like it had just been botoxed.. you can’t even smile widely if you don’t apply a moisturizer.. hehe

  • @ Pao: can i have any contact number mo?

    i started using placenta soap na together with koji san soap…. ok na ba un? tas im taking met. so far, pumuputi namn dw ako sbi ng mga kaklase ko. 2 and a half weeks plang of met and 1 week of kojie-san.

  • @francisart

    iboost mo yung effect ng met with non-acidic vitamin C… what brand of placenta soap are you using?

    and a piece of advice, your skin is in its maturing stage sa edad mong yan, so be careful with all the stuff you put on your skin or else you’re gonna do permanent damage to it. you’re still a kid, so, don’t put too much garb on your skin okay? hinay hinay lang..

    stick to a brand which works for you, and give the rituals and routine a rest once in a while, para di ma-immune yung skin mo sa product na gamit mo, para effective pa rin kahit long term na yung usage..

    Cheers! 😀

  • Hey ya’ll.. Just wanna share something..

    Are you having problems with pimples marks and dark spots? Want them to go away or be less visible in a matter of days?

    Then do it the “natural” way… TOMATO

    Tomatoes contain 100% vitamin C.. This vitamin is well known for its influence in collagen synthesis.. Vitamin C when applied externally fades discolorations and dark spots, inhibits melanin formation and acne formation and evens out skin tone.

    -Cut the tomato in half (Half for the face, the other for the neck)
    -Squeeze the juice and enzymes out of the tomato and apply it on your face. Do the same to your neck. (Don’t mind the seeds)
    -Let the stuff stay on your skin for 15-20 minutes.
    -Rinse thoroughly

    Do this during bedtime cos there might be red patches on your skin, but it will be gone when wake up in the morning.

    You can actually use the tomato on any part of the body which needs lightening.

    I tried it last night.. I don’t wanna exagerrate but when I woke up, the pimple marks really faded and the texture of my face got better.


  • @Pao: Yung tinutukoy mo bang YSA whitening soap ay yung YSA papaya whitening soap? Wala na kasi akong makitang ibang YSA soap kundi yung YSA papaya whitening soap e. Salamat!

  • guys have you tried cosmo skin glutathione? it’s very cheap P1005 lang sa watsons. its 500 mg gluta with alpha lipoic and vit c. just wanna know if it’s effective. mejo mahal kasi yung met. if i can have the same effect with this one why not di ba?

    and also about the natasha gluta? yung chewable n glutathione. i did some research and i found one about glutahione being more absorbed if it’s place between the cheek and the gum line or yun n nga chewable.

    which brand of gluta or whitening soap is the best?

    hope you can answer these guys. im new at this.

  • @Jerry

    May 3 variants ang YSA na pampaputi:

    1. Papaya Whitening Soap
    2. Glycerin Whitening Soap
    3. Lemon Bleaching Soap

    Ang tinutukoy ko eh yung YSA Lemon Bleaching Soap… Pangatlong bar ko na.. I really love its efficacy. Subukan mo kaya para malaman mo.. Tsaka di lang ako ang witness sa efficacy nito, pati rin yung mga taong narekomendahan ko ng sabong to. hehehe.. 😀

    About the before and after pics.. Hintayin nyo lang.. Ipinagpapatuloy ko pa yung paggamit ng sabon para light na light na talaga yung kulay ko at makita nyo talaga ang difference.. Peace.

  • @Pao

    Ok kaya yung YSA papaya whitening soap? Yun lang kasi nakita ko sa mall. San ka nakabili nung Lemon B.S.? Salamat!

  • @Jerry

    Subukan mo sa Watsons.. Dun ako unang bumili ng improved version ng YSA L.B.S… Kung wala or out of stock, try mo sa mercury drug stores.. You’re welcome 😀

  • guys i have tried the ysa, papaya, for nearly a week now, so far i cant see much improvements, maybe it needs a it more time, well, my inner thighs have certainly gone whiter!!! hehehehehe

  • guys try nyo yung swiss l glutathione soap. very effective. pati yung gluta firm and white and yung orange peel gluta soap. all 3 are effective.

  • Hey Pao!!!Long TIme No Talk ah!!!!remember me??!! heheh… pede ba uli akong humingi ng help sayo..itatanong ko lang kung effective ba ang silka products lalo n ung soap kc un ang gamit ko ngaun e..sana matulungan mo agad ako..tnx^_^

  • Ei, tagal ko ring di nakabalik dito ah.

    I tried what Pao said before na SkinWhite PowerWhitening Face Solution and I’ll tell you guys kung effective ba talaga this coming days, hehe

    OT: Anyways, I’d like to share a product. Hindi po ito whitening actually. Kumbaga facial wash lang na inirecommend din dito dati ng isang reader. Ung sa Master Facial Scrub na may Ice Pore Minimizer. S ofar so good. Malamig sa mukha, and seems like effective naman.

  • @Pao: Nakakita na rin ako sa wakas ng YSA lemon bleaching soap. Sya nga pala, once a day lang ba gamit mo ng YSA? Gano katagal inabot ng isang bar sayo? Black bar talaga sya no? Hehe! Thanks uli!

  • @Adrian

    Silka soaps are fine, but it would really take time for you to see the results..


    Try the bleaching variant of YSA.. You’ll be surprised… 😀


    2 weeks ung bar naglalast sakin.. Everyday ko cya ginagamit as my normal soap.. 5 minutes ko pinapatagal sa body, hinay2x lang kung magsascrub ka lalo na sa inner thighs at sa twig and doodleberries.. haha.. sa face and neck mo naman wag patagalin more than 1 minute..

    Pero sa arms ko pag naghihilamos ako sa gabi pinapatagal ko halos 10 minutes, kasi mas exposed sa rays of the sun yung arms eh.. After nun obvious talaga yung change of shade.. magaling yan sa dark spots caused by pimples.. napansin nga ng kaklase ko kanina, ang ganda daw tingnan ng mukha ko, maaliwalas.. hahaha

    Tip ko lang manong jerry.. hatiin mo yung bar ng YSA B.S. into two, then bawat hawak mo sa sabon bumubula ito, ispread mo lang kung saan umabot ung lather.. That way makakatipid ka…

    Ok rin yung mga products na namention above.. pero magsasayang lang kau ng pera, eh may mas mura at epektibo naman..

    Pinagsasabay ko yung YSA W.S. at YSA B.S… Double-strength na yung effect.. Ang napansin ko lang sa YSA W.S. is yellowish-white yung undertone mo pagkatapos, unlike YSA B.S. na pale yung undertone.. Either way, both variants helped even out my skin tone.. Almost japanese-white na nga eh..

    I’m telling you guys, this soap is the most wicked soap I’ve ever bought and tried.. 4th bar ko na nga pala sa YSA B.S… Bibili pa ako next week ng YSA W.S. para double-strength… hehe..

  • ay naku mukhang nahuhuli na ako sa whitening dito ah. I’ve tried YSA before. yong bleaching soap nila na old one was contantly having a white “grease-like” substance around it after I use it. So it takes quite a while to lather once half-way ka na sa soap mo kasi barrier ang grease na yon. I’m guessing it’s the vegetable oil kasi vegetable soap-base sya. May YSA skin center dito sa ILOILO i’ll try to ask if meron pa sila nya kasi parang wala na itong variant na to

  • @cata

    New and improved na yung formula ng YSA Bleaching Soap, sobrang mabula na pati rin yung YSA Glycerin Whitening Soap nila, kaya tinitipid ko.. ang daming stock sa Gaisano at Watsons.. Kakabili ko lang kagabi for my 4th bar..hehehe

    PAALALA: Kung YSA Soaps ang gamit nyo lalo na yung Bleaching at Whitening (Glycerin) variants, ipasok nyo sa refrigerator yung soap dish na kinalalagyan nya kasi namamawis at nalulusaw yung soap pag room temperature eh.. This way, nakakatipid kayo.. Make sure lang na walang residue yung Bleaching soap, remember, itim yung kulay nun, baka mangitim rin yung pinaglalagyan nito sa loob ng fridge.. haha

  • just want to share something guys. i havent tried ysa lemon bleaching soap pero tried and tested ko n yung gluta white and firm. buong family ko yun n ginagamit. it started sa akin then nanotice nila n umook skin ko. then sa twin brother ko. ok sya guys. try it.

  • @sejabin

    sabon ba yan Gluta White and Firm? Magkano naman at gaano ka laki? Nakakalighten ba talaga ng skin?

    Let us all bear in mind na di nakakalighten ang glutathione when used externally. Ito ay nakakalighten lang ng kulay when taken externally (e.g. Glutathione IV, Gluta Pills + Vit.C, Gluta Oral Spray). Kung epektibo man yan eh may certain ingredient yan na responsible sa effect na yun.. And I’m pretty sure na keratolytic yung ingredient na yun kaya nakakaimprove ng skin tone and texture. Either salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, or alpha/beta hydroxy acid… Hingayan din naman yan.. Trial and error.. Hanapin niyo yung produkto na babagay sa inyo at sa budget niyo.. 😀

  • extenal application seems to have an effect pao. though hindi sya as fast and good as gluta taken internally

  • sa liver naman nangyayari yung lightening action ng gluta diba? nagrerelease cya ng yellow melanin.. pano yun mangyayari kung sa sabon galing? na-a-absorb ng skin?

  • Hey Pao…sa tingin mo pede n tong routine ko???…i wash my face with Ponds facial scrub then i use myra e moisturizes then myra e whitening face lotion then i apply ponds pinkish white lightening cream..is this enough??can u give me better suggestions??hehe..^_^

  • Hi mojow here,

    Super effective ang Nivea for Men line.
    Also tried Oil of Olay, effective to reduce wrinkles pa.

    Also for the skin, supper effective ang Likas Papaya whitening soap.
    Partnered with Nivea for Men na Whitening Lotion.

  • @adrian

    Ayos na yan chong.. I myself use Myra-e Vitawhite Faial Moisturizer.. Ok cya… Suggestion ko lang, don’t forget the other of parts of your body ha.. hehe


    Iba-iba talaga siguro yung effect ng mga sabon sa atin.. Magkakaiba kasi tayo eh.. Nababagalan ako sa effect ng Likas, or baka masyado lang mabilis yung effect ng gamit ko ngayon.. Tsaka yung Nive for Men Whitening Lotion wala rin ako masyadong nakita na improvement, yun nga lang ok cya na moisturizer entire body.

    Ngayon kasi kahit di ko na ipilit yung whitening lotion, kahit anong lotion na lang basta may moisture… Kasi nakikita ko naman yung epekto ng sabon na gamit ko eh, kaya ayos na kahit di man whitening yung lotion ko. That’s why bath time is my favorite time of the day.. hehehe

  • @Pao: Tama ba intindi ko? 2x a day gamit mo sa YSA? Once sa whole body while bathing time and once sa face, neck at arms while hilamos sa gabi? Tama? Kung ganun medyo matipid na nga kasi inaabot parin ng 2 weeks. Less than 1 min nalang ung tagal pag sa face, di na 2 min? Hehe. Napansin ko din madali humapdi sa mukha. Tingin mo ba kaya nya paputiin yung singit kahit may dark spots caused by peklat from rashes? Hehe! Salamat parekoy! Idol sa pagpapaputi!!! Yung before and after pics, san na? Sure ako madaming nagaabang. Hehe!


    My pics before and after YSA Bleaching Soap..

    Makikita ninyo na nagchange yung undertone ko, from yellowish-white to yellowish-pinkish-white na.. haha.. Of course yung color din talaga nag-iba. Lalo na dun sa pics ko a month after using YSA Bleaching Soap.. Super obvious talaga ang color change..

    TO SEE THE PICS, JUST CLICK ON MY NAME “Pao” right before “said:” 😀

  • all i can say is try it guys. it worked for my whole family. plus para syang dove soap. moisturized ang skin.

  • Hey Pao…ang kinis kinis naman ng mukha mo!!sana maging ganyan din kakinis mukha ko..im just concentrated lng kc sa mukha kc maputi n talaga body ko..ung face ko lang talaga ang nangitim kaya ganun..hehe..meron b nyan Pao sa mercury ung YSA??ginagamit mo rin ba yan sa mukha??!!

  • @Jerry

    Tama yung pagkakaintindi mo manong Jerry.. hehe.. And YES, nakakalighten yan ng singit, kahit na nga yung nasa gitna ng singit kayang ichange yung kulay eh.. Yung YSA Glycerin Whitening Soap din, nakakalighten ng singit at discolorations, pero walang hapdi.. Yung bleaching variant naman magaling talaga sa dark spots.. Ang gusto ko lang sa YSA Bleaching Soap is malinis yung feeling ko after every bath, unlike sa Glycerin Whitening variant nito.. Pero ang trip ko talaga is pagsabayin yung dalawa, double-strength na.. adik. hahaha!


    Thanx sa compliment.. Although, mukhang makinis nga yung mukha ko pero may imperfections din noh, at may konting scarring din dahil sa breakouts ko nung teenage years. Kaya lang makinis tingnan kasi maputi nga, pero ok na yung texture at tone dahil sa YSA B.S., bale pantay na yung kulay. Well, I can say na kuminis nga.. hehehe 😀

  • hahaha I’ve been to an NSO branch recently to get my birth certificate. And kanina lng, my mom told me na nakichismis daw ang kakilala niya na nilapitan ko sa NSO bakit daw super kinis ang mukha ko hahahaha na intriga na naman tuloy ako.. kaya lie low muna ako hahaha ang daming na iinggit anu ba yan! kala nila bading ako hahaha ganun ba talaga pag makinis ang mukha

  • @Pao: Buti naman dumating na yung pics. Parang wala ko masyado makitang difference kasi mukha ka nang maputi kahit dun sa before hehehe. Pero wag ka magalala, naniniwala naman ako sayo. Hehe!

    May napansin ako sa YSA. After sya gamitin, yung pag nagpupunas ka na ng towel, may residue na parang libag na white sa skin. Kailangan bang alisin yun using towel o kailangan bang ileave sya? Naisip ko baka part talaga ng soap yun na naiwan at may effect kung pinabayaan sya sa skin. O baka naman nag-pi-peel off na balat nayun, so kailangn alisin? Or pde rin puti nalang talaga ang libag ko wahaha!!!

  • @Jerry

    dead skin yun manong Jerry.. May microexfoliating actiong kasi yung soap.. Tanggalin mo yun while bathing thru loofah or any kind of panghilod…


    oo nga… grabe makatingin yung mga tao.. lalo na pag maputi… well, bahala sila.. hehehe

  • @Jerry

    Nga pala.. may difference sa pics.. tingnan mong mabuti.. lalo na yung glow ng skin (undertone)… iba.. pero yung first 2 pics talaga maputi na yung kulay ko pero mas pumuti sa following pics…

  • Hey Pao and cata…my question ako..ano b mas magandang pampaligo at panghilamos n tubig..ung malamig o mainit???at saka alam nyo b ang effects ng stresstabs???

  • Hey Pao and Cata…effective b ang iwhite Korea products???para kasig gus2 kong i try e..hehe

  • yes effective yan sila basta d super cheap ha. just make sure na registered ang mga yan. baka kasi d mu na alam ang pinanlangay mu sa mukha mo. just like any product try mi if hiyang sayo.

    share ko lng kais it’s summer na.
    TRY nyo ang sluta-milk line ng eskinol.

    effective. especiall the sun creen hindi oily!

  • @Pao: Kailan ko iloloofah yung dead skin? before YSA, after YSA o bago ibanlaw yung YSA?

  • @Pao: Ano pala mangyayari kung di ko inalis ung exfoliated dead skin? Babalik ba sila sa skin o kusa bang matatanggal nalang? Ang ginagawa ko kasi nagotowel nalang ako and basta tinatanggal ko nalang lahat ng matatanggal ko, kumbaga di seryoso, hehe. Tapos nagaapply ako ng moisturizer kasi parang dry yung skin e.

  • @Jerry

    Magloofah or hilod ka habang nasa katawan mo pa ang YSA.. Di yan babalik sa skin, dead skin na nga eh.. Wag mo nang hintayin na kusa silang maalis… Tanggalin mo na sila agad pag may nakita ka.. And tama na magmoisturize ka, as we all know most bleaching and whitening soaps talaga are drying..


    ok ang iwhite Korea Skinwhitening Vita Face Cream, kaya lang sa arms ko siya nilalagay, bale sunscreen ko siya..

    para kuminis ang texture ng mukha importante ang exfoliation.. products with glycolic acid, AHA, BHA, salicylic acid are good exfoliants.. Yung Skinwhite Powerwhitening Face Solution may glycolic acid.. ayos yun..

  • hey Pao…effective ba ang maxi peel n pang exfoliate??pa 2 days p lang kasi akong nagamit e may nalabas na flakes sa mukha ko…ano ba pati ang dapat kong gawin sa nalabas n flakes???

  • @adrian

    ay nako!!! ba’t ka nagmaxipeel??? anong number? 1, 2 or 3? nako nako nako… gumamit ka na lang ng RENOW-D face cream kung gusto mo magexfoliate… Ok naman yung maxipeel kaya lang ang daming precautionary measures na dapat mong sundin…

    pag nagka-flakes na, gently rub your face using your middle and ring finger after mong maghilamos.. dapat basa pa ha.. hanggang sa wala nang flakes na maramdaman yung mga daliri mo.. after that… pat dry with a towel.. then apply a liberal amount of moisturizer.. importante yun.. it hydrates your skin and conceals the remaining flakes.. sa umaga ganun yung gawin mo tapos dagdagan mo lang ng SUNSCREEN.. SOBRANG IMPORTANT YUN PAG GUMAGAMIT NG EXFOLIANTS… Please please please be careful..

    If I were you, switch to SKINWHITE POWERWHITENING FACE SOLUTION hanggang maaga pa..

  • Gusto ko man Pao e di un available d2..wala ako mahanp nun e…d n lang ako gagamit nun…anyways pano b iminimize ang pores sa face??

  • @Pao: Malamang yung loofah after na magstay for 5 min ung YSA sa katawan, ‘no? Yung tipong after mag-loofah, babanlawin na yung YSA. Tama ‘no? Tnx!

  • hi pao.

    HMMM… effective talaga ang na disciver ko na skin white powerwhitening face solution noh? d pa sya nag cocause ng side effect like maxipeel and all. PLS APPLY SUNCREEN HA

  • HEY Pao and Cata…anong pedeng kong gawin para lumiit ang pores ko sa face???visible n c xa e…

  • gumamit ka ng mga pore minimizing products.. pero ang pwede mo gawin after mong maghilamos, banlawan mo ng ice water yung mukha mo to close your pores..

    also, exfoliating can make the pores less visible.. 😀

  • Hello guys, first time kong mag post dito. Gusto ko lang mag react sa sabon na ginamit ni pao ang puti mo. gusto ko rin itry ang ysa bleaching soap kasi gusto ko rin mag peal ang balat ko kailangan ng balat natin na magpalit para kuminis at pumuti. Bibili ako nito tom and mag popost din ako ng result after using it. Good luck sa akin. haha.

  • ah ok try ko..Pao ang available lang kc ditong ysa soap e ung papaya e..effective din ba ang ysa papaya para pampakinis ng mukha??

  • i tried the ysa lemon bleaching soap and ok nga siya. after the ysa follow up ko is dove para maputi n and at the same time moisturized ang skin. para pa akong nag lotion buong katawan. then sa face skintel toner kasi refreshing sa mukha with pond’s.

  • i’m really glad n nakita ko tong site na to. i tried some of the products and these are the products that i can really recommend: skintel whitening soap (effective n pampa whiten and pampakinis pa), ysa lemon bleaching soap (fastest whitening result n na-try ko), skintel toner (very malamig sa mukha and alcohol free pa so di nakaka dry), pond’s whitening cream line (dati pa naman trusted and pond’s), dove (given n ok talaga ang dove).

    di ko p natatry ang skintel powerwhitening n toner or solution because i still have the skintel toner pa. effective kasi sa akin pero mejo expensive kaya inuubos ko muna.

  • likas papaya is very effective den for me at ang tagal pang maubos tapos samahan ko ng nivea whitening repair lotion tapos for my face naman i use nivea facial foam for men, master facial cleanser for toning at nevea whitening mosturizer for mosturizing. men, it work.

  • @sejabin

    sabi ko naman na magaling ang YSA Lemon Bleaching Soap diba? Mabilis pa yung effect..

    Medyo umitim nga ako ngayon eh dahil nagdirect ako nung nagshoot kami ng music video project namin.. Pero unti rin babalik ang kulay ko.. Bibili pa ako mamaya ng YSA kasi ubos na.. So, pang 5th bar ko na yun.. hehehe…

  • @adrian

    lahat naman ng sabon ng YSA eh effective at magaling.. ok naman yung papaya.. pero kung gusto mong sa mabilisan na effect, yung lemong bleaching variant yung bilhin mo.. yung glycerin whitening na variant mabilis din at mild version nung lemon… yung papaya ang pinakabasic, pero ayos pa rin…

  • @adrian

    ok siya.. but I really don’t suggest you keep on using that… it’s quite risky.. please find an alternative… 0_o

    hanapin mo yung toner na gamit ni sejabin.. yung skintel toner… it contains glycolic acid which is a good and mild exfoliant… so much better and safer than maxipeel’s hydroquinone content… 😀

  • sobrang ok yung skintel toner. malamig sa mukha at di nakakadry. at pagpahid mo ng moisturizer talab n talab. wla pang peeling pero after several days lalambot at kikinis face mo. mejo pricey nga lang pero malaki naman yung bottle eh.

  • Hey Pao..i think effective sakin ang maxipeel kc pa 3 days ko pa lang ginagamit ung astringent e kuminis na talga mukha ko..open pores kc ako pero ngaun d na xa kita dahil sa maxipeel!!d pati maxado nagrereact ang skin ko sa tret at hq kaya go lang muna ako d2…hehe

  • hay nako… heto na naman si cata… parang skinwhite powerwhitening face solution lang yang skintel toner… nasubukan ko na yan nung highschool.. maling variant pa nga ang nabili ko eh, dapat yung for oily skin pero pang dry skin yung nabili ko.. hahaha.. pero ayos pa rin.. di ko nga lang nasundan kasi mahal nga eh..


    actually nagmaxipeel number 2 din ako noon.. pero once lang… ayoko kasi magdepend sa hydroquinone eh.. nakakacancer kasi.. tsaka nagiging photosensitive yung skin.. just be careful when using that… tsaka, you alone are responsible for your own skin… 😀

  • parang hindi ok yung maxi peel kasi lahat ng mga kakilala ko n gumamit nyan halos nasunog ang mukha after pumuti. and hindi natural pagkaputi nya.

    hindi pareho yung skintel toner sa skinwhite powerwhitening solution. walang alcohol content yung skintel at hindi siya whitening. maglilighten yung skin mo coz mag eexfoliate sya. yung exfoliation nya is hindi halata at yun ang mganda dun.

  • I spent almost 500 bucks kagabi buying KSA bleaching cream 199, skinwhite powerwhitening lotion and face solution at YSA lemon bleaching soap. BUti na lng may YSA skin care branch dito samin sa ILOILO. AFter 1 week ang result kng KSA bleaching cream. post na lng ako pag may improvements na.

  • @adrian

    OO.. bawal magpaaraw pag gumagamit nyan.. hassle talaga, eh nakatira tayo sa bansang tropical ang climate eh, ang hirap umiwas sa araw… tsaka mamumula pa ang mukha mo at mainit yung pakiramdam… di na ako uulit sa maxipeel na yan..

    but, whatever suits you adrian… panindigan mo lang, tsaka kargo mo balat mo, karagdagang pag-iingat talaga sa hydroquinone.. good luck


    magkapareho lang yung skinwhite at skintel.. yung face solution ng skinwhite contains glycolic acid, while skintel contains alpha hydroxy acid.. Both are the same keratolytic ingredients than refine the texture of the skin.. at tama ka na naglalighten ang skin kasi nga keratoytic eh ang mga yun.. may alcohol nga yung skinwhite unlike skintel, pero di naman talaga nakakaputi yung skinwhite eh… it just lifts off the top-most layer of our skin, thus “keratolytic”.. good for pimples and discolorations.. ang skinwhite may tingling sensation ng konti, while ang skintel malamig sa mukha.. ang skintel mahal, while ang skinwhite mura.. hahaha…

    but overall, both are toners… ang pinagkaiba lang is may alcohol ang skinwhite, tsaka mas madaling maglift off ng top layer ang skinwhite compared to skintel based on my experience..

  • yo! unti-unti nang bumabalik yung kulay ko prior to pangingitim due to music video shoot.. yehey… galing talaga ng YSA… ^_^

  • ang ginagawa ko after using any whitening soaps and scrubbing or exfoliating i use dove soap para moisturized ang skin. mas malinis at pantay tignan after using dove lalo n sa face. try it guys.

  • Guys, ok ba yung Loreal Expert Men whitening line? Nivea For Men kasi gamit ko and I’m planning to shift to Loreal.

  • @Boytot,

    Ask mo si Pao, xa ang whitening guru namin dito, hehe.

    Ako naman, persnoally I don’t think effective ang Nivea for Men. I have already tried Nivea for Men 5-in-1 Whitening Moisturiser, and it never gave my face any improvements. On the lighter side, it’s nice for moisturising. But for the whitening, I doubt.

  • @Bunsoi

    Thanks. Been using Nivea for Men for almost a year na pero hindi nmn ako masyadong pumuti.


    Pao, tanong lng ako if Ok itong bagong routine ko. Kahapon ko lng binili yung iba dito. Retire ko na yung Nivea For Men Whitening ko.


    capsules taken everday
    (Myra-E Vit E 400UI and Centrum)

    1. BioDerm Germicidal Soap (face and neck only)
    2. YSA Lemon Bleaching Soap
    3. Soap Opera Bath Shop Whitening Gluta Soap
    4. Soap Opera PowerWhitening Body Scrub (every 2-3 days)
    5. Loreal Expert Men whitening Facial Wash
    6. skinWhite PowerWhitening Face Solution
    7. Myre-E Whitening Face Lotion (Moisturizer)

  • @boytoy

    yeah.. ayos na yan.. basta whatever works for you..
    pero, how about wearing sunscreen? (may SPF15 na yung myra-e) pero not just on your face but also on others parts of your body na exposed sa rays of the sun.. pinakaimportante yun sa lahat..

  • @Pao

    I’m using Nivea For Men Whitening 5-in-1 Lotion. SPf-4 lng sya. ok lng ba yun? yun yung ginagamit ko sa body ko, kaso hindi everyday, minsan lng. Any better suggestions?

  • @boytoy

    nakagamit na ako nyan noon bago pa inilabas yan sa market… bale, nakasample ako ng isang malaking botelya nyan.. hanggang sa naubos ko eh wala namang visible changes sa complexion ko.. although okay siya as a body moisturizer… tsaka, SPF4 is ok for indoor protection against bouncing UV rays.. pag outdoors naman a minimum of SPF10 to SPF15 ang kelangan..

  • did you know na may glutathion oral capsule na ang skinwhite ngayon? they’ve crossed the border from being just a compnay which produces soaps, lotions and face creams… grabe.. baka mas mura yung gluta nila.. wahehehe…

    may glutathione soap and lotion na rin ang skinwhite… macheck ko nga..

  • Hi pao,

    naku baka mahal naman nyan. Tapos kelangan ko pa maintenance nyan enaf na siguro d ako masyado umitim… wag naman super puti kasi d maganda tingnan, esp sa mga foreingers hahaha

  • nice yong gluta-milk by eskinal hehehe effective!

    D affective sakina ng YSA lemon bleaching soap.. 4 days lng nag last. 2x ako naliligo araw2x eh

    SALE now sa watson’s ang BELO ESSENTIALS!

    Mahal ng hawaian tropics na sun screen 170 for a 50 ml bottle! MAy mas burang EFFECTIVE sunscreen pa ba sa market ngayon? I saw 1 sa Fuller life ng asawa ng cousin ko, 190 lng same sa hawaiian tropics na SPF 30 din sya pro 100ML sya…

  • @cata

    baka naman yung sabon talaga yung ipinapasada mo sa balat mo.. tipirin mo kasi.. bawat hawak ng kamay sa sabon grabeng lather na ang napoproduce nun.. ako kahit twice a day pa maligo tumatagal naman yung YSA ah.. depende yan sa paggamit eh.. tsaka paano eepek yung sabon eh 4 days pa lang sayo, tsaka dapat 5mins talaga pinapatagal sa balat.. epektibo naman sa akin eh, ang bilis pa nga.. kita niyo naman sa picture diba? habulin niyo yung kulay na yun.. wahahaha!!!

    pero, since summer time, parang gusto ko magbabad sa araw.. sanang evenly-baked ang kulay ko sa araw.. ayoko ng tan-lines.. hehehe… ^_^

  • tsaka cata, nakita ko nga pala yung tagged pics mo sa facebook a few days ago.. mukhang pang-moreno yung undertone mo… talagang di agad2x yun effect ng YSA BS sa balat mo.. ^_^ hehehe

  • @ Pao,

    I just told my side of the story about ysa pao. As yo said hiyang-hiyangan lng yan, so who are you to say na it was because of my undertone. FYI, medically speaking the three key pigment players are melanin, eumelanin at phaeomelanin. You are in no such authority to say na mereno ang undertone ko kasi i’m of chinese and spanish decent. The pics were taken in low light (READ: BAR) at a dispicable 3.2 megaPIX. Are you medically knowledgeable sa claims mo? Tough luck because I am. The soap didn’t work I think kasi 1 pa lng na try ko at hindi pa natagalan ang gamit ko. I decided to stop using it kasi madali sya malusaw. Belo lng ako at pond’s flawlesswhite.

    If in any way I have discredited you in your ysa claims, don’t bark back at me. I am entitled to my own reviews. FYI your opinion was unsolicited.

    Too bad your photos appear blanched white due to lighting lng… DUH! Nag-aadvice2x, wala naman medical background. The nerve!

  • for a guy masyado ka maostoso ka no… i’ll upload my pix pro i’ll block you na kasi insecured ka cguro. pathetic sociopath…

  • @ pao

    trying to be very japanese ka rin ah noh? too bad you don’t have the eyes for it.

  • fighting over good looks. guys so pathetic. when it comes to whitening products i believe talagang hiyangan lang yan. like for myself. di ko alam ah pero sobrang nakakadry ang m ga whitening soaps n yan so i always follow up with dove soap. hindi lang maputi yung skin kundi healthy pa tingnan. moreno ang skintone ko pero lahat ng friends ko sinasabi n ang linis ko tignan.

    dont fight over it guys. peace!

  • This is supposed to be the comments section for further discussion of the post Whitening Skin for Men. Please show respect by means of NOT posting comments considered out-of-topic.

    Keep your cool, guys.

    And I say,

    World Peace 🙂

  • i stopped using the skinwhite powerwhitening solution or toner. natatapangan ako sa knya. bumalik na ako sa skintel coz sobrang malamig sa mukha plus nakakaganda ng skintone. super effective kahit mejo mahal.

    im still using ysa lemon bleaching soap and dove. pond’s cream pa rin sa face.

    yeah guys. lahat naman guapo eh. world peace!!!

  • @cata

    hala.. wala naman akong ibig sabihin dun.. opinion ko lang naman yun.. lahat naman tayo may opinion eh.. bakit grabe ka mag-react at bitter pa? para yun lang? natamaan ko ba yung EGO mo? Sayo na yang medical background mo.. Enjoy mo lang lahat ng terms and info.. Oo na, matalino ka na sa medicine and all..

    Well then, sorry kung di mo nagustuhan yung napost ko.. Nakalimutan ko na napakasensitive mo tulad nung sa mena post ni jhunkzee noon.. Sorry na cata.. I didn’t mean to anger you or siraan ka..

    May chinese heritage ako about 1/4 to 1/8.. I’m not trying to be japanese, I don’t need the eyes, I have all the things that I need to be asian. I’m only embracing my ASIANness because we ASIANS RULE! Oh yeah.. hehehe

    Panghuling post ko na to about you or anything concerning you. All I want is peace.. I never should’ve posted that freaking crap of opinion.. SORRY NA CATA OK? And you’re right, nadisappoint lang din ako kasi parang nadisappoint ka kasi sa YSA. Mahal ko kasi ang YSA eh, too bad it didn’t last that long for you. Tulad nung parang nadisappoint din ako sa SKINWHITE POWERWHITENING TONER, tapos pinagtanggol mo diba at sabi mo pa na huwag kong siraan. Parang ganun na rin yun.

    For the last time.. I APOLOGIZE. And sana sa ibang tao na nagbabasa ng blog, be careful of what you post in here baka kasi makainsulto kayo ng iba, take it from my experience. And also, don’t react violently over spilled milk, ego and pride ain’t everything. It’s not worth it ya’ll.


    Cata bati na tayo… Kung ayaw mo naman makipagbati eh ok lang din. Basta, naexplain ko na ang sarili ko. Maliit na bagay lang yun, wag na tayong magdwell over this.. PLEASE? I’M VERY SORRY… -_-

  • pahabol.. di kawalan ng dignidad ang mablock sa FACEBOOK.. waheheh 😀

    thanks sa description.. pero honestly, sino ba ang apektado? ^_^


  • @pao

    yeah ginagamit ko rin sa face yung dove. ok naman kasi malambot sa facial skin ko after ko gawin yun.

    moreno ang skintone ko and im not aiming n maging super puti. maging pantay lang complexion ko ok na. kaya naman ako gumagamit ng whitening soaps eh para kahit papano maging radiant ang skin. most people say n kahit moreno ako i look so clean daw and very neat.

    check nyo n lang ang friendster ko. lpharigue06@yahoo.com

    mahilig ako mag beach at talagang babad ako sa araw. di ko kayang i sacrifice ang outdoor activities ko para lang magpaputi. i use sunblock, whitening creams at soaps para naman di naman sobrang maging negro.

    ask ko lang po. ok ba yung eskinol glutamilk (tama ba name?)? i want to switch from ponds to a different whitening cream kasi parang naiimune n skin ko sa pond’s. halos wala n whitening effect. moisturizing n lang.

  • Hello,

    I have just seen that there is a little thing going on here. Please work it out guys and don’t take things personally.

    I have noticed that this post has brought about the most numerous, useful and very informative comments in PGG. Let’s continue to discuss and stay on topic.

    Now going back. Has anyone tried Neutrogena or L’OREAL for Men products? Any feedback? 🙂

  • effective ba talaga as a skin whitener yung mga glutathione pills n yan? kasi mostly n nababasa ko sa internet if taken orally di daw effective or wala talagang effect. ang expensive pa naman. mahal naman mag painject ng gluta.

    may alam ba kayong brand ng gluta n effective talaga?

  • @ Pao,

    Precisely! My point is that, did I ever made ANY COMMENT ABOUT YOU? All comments/reviews that I posted here were about the products of to the specific problem that was addressed to me. I never gave unsolicited advice. I may have given recommendations and general infos but but NOT INSINUATE or IMPLY about something OF WHICH I LACK BASIS or have not indepth knowledge. I’ll continue this later….

  • @cata

    tama na.. wag mo na icontinue.. busog na ako sa mga previous posts natin.. gets ko na ang point mo okay? mali na nga ako. I admit my mistake.. I get it already. Sheesh.. I already said sorry and I mean it. I’m not gonna discuss this further kasi tapos na to. Peace ^_^


    tationil yata yung brand na widely used “gluta IV”… nagpapa-inject si claudine baretto ng gluta kaya parang papel na yung kulay niya, di rin naman nya idineny eh..

    mas epektibo yung injectables kasi 100% ang naaabsorb diretso sa bloodstream.. pag gluta pills kasi dumadaan pa sa digestive system at ilang percentage na lang ang naaabsorb, 20% yata, although di ako sure. Si cata yata alam yung percentage of gluta absorption pag pills..

    and sejabin, may epekto naman ang gluta pills or gluta na orally taken.. kasi yung pinsan ng pinsan ko puro gluta pills… eh ngayon ang puti na talaga at ang kinis pa tingnan.. nagpablonde ng buhok, at nagsuot ng contacts.. eh ngayon para nang tisay/hybrid ang hitsura.. ang ganda tingan ng kulay niya, radiant and glowing.. pero ilang months din yata cya nagtake ng gluta pills..

    pero pag gluta IV(intravenous), mga 3 shots lang sayo along with your double-dose of vitamin C intake eh makikita mo na yung effects..

    and let’s keep in mind na di lang pampaputi ang gluta.. may mga nakausap ako na naggugluta at sabi nila they feel very alive and energetic pag take sila ng take. tsaka kumikinis nga talaga ang balat nila, with a very youthful glow.. nakakinggit nga eh.. pero di ako magpapahuli.. sa susunod magte-take na rin ako.. ^_^

  • @adrian

    nga pala.. next time na gagamit ka ng maxipeel #2 or #3.. ihalo mo cya sa toner or astringent mo.. for example 135mL ng Eskinol Clear then yung pinakamaliit na botelya ng maxipeel #2.. Optional na lagyan mo ng konting vitamin E oil..

    use this combination kung desperado ka nang mawala yung pimples (small or cystic) at dark spots.. give it a week and you’ll see great improvements..

    pag nadilute kasi yung maxipeel, di na matapang yung renewing effects niya sa balat pero it’s effect on pimples, discoloration and roughness ay nandun pa rin..

    wag lang kaligtaang maglagay ng SUNSCREEN.. at least SPF15.. IMPORTANTE YUN!

    although, after a month of two.. pagpahingahin mo muna yung balat mo sa combination na to, kasi may hydroquinone pa rin yun eh.. magswitch ka muna ng ibang toner or yung existing toner na gamit mo minus the maxipeel solution.. pag nakarest na yung balat ng ilang months, pwede nang iresume yung eskinol + maxipeel #2 combi..

    I don’t just recommend it, I use it.. ^_^
    Like, 1 week before an event, malaki ang naitutulong ng combi na to sa akin..

    Pasensya na kung di ko sinabi sayo adrian ha.. maramot ba? hehehe… oh ngayon nashare ko na.. ganito ang gawin mo next time.. PEACE! 😀

  • well parang effective nga rin yung mga whitening pills na yan. yung friend ko gumamit ng met and 2 mos pa lang talagang glowing ang skin nya. sabi nya nakatry n daw sya ng ibang brand pero no effect. yung met lang daw talaga ang gumana sa knya. pero mahal ang met compared to other glutathione pills. yung iba 1500 or 1000 lang yung met is 2300. sa watsons ako tumingin.

    hindi rin maputi yung friend ko. pareho lang kami ng skintone. pero nung nagtake n siya ng met sobrang glowing at luminis ang hitsura nya.

    gusto ko magtry kaso baka sa akin di effective.

  • yes, mas effective ang injection or intavenous(IV) na gluta. as pointed above, mas readily sya naaabsorb ng tissues kagaya ng skin. Though depending on your skin tone and ethnicity pa rin and tancha ng derma but not derma can be totally sure na pag reach mo say 3 or 5 sessions eh puputi ka na ng konti. Bare in mind na this is on a case to case basis. The 3 to 5 sessions na assumption is soley based on statistics and rests on the fact na tayong mga pinoy, majority of us falls under either in Class III or Class IV (nakalimutan ko ang tawag sa classification) among sa “skin type/tone classification.” Taking into consideration na unique ang bawat tao at mas lalo na tayong mga pinoy kasi we are a melting-pot of different combination of races, eh talagang iba-iba ang resulta. Iba cguro madaling puputi sa IV gluta. Yong iba baka delayed ang effect ng konti. Yong iba super tagal. Or yong iba talaga d tatablan ng IV gluta for skin whitenning. Which I would like to emphasize na SIDE EFFECT lng yan na gustong-gusto nating mga pinoy, pro hate nga mga westeners. Pro kahit d po kayo pumuti eh, mas more ang chances na you’ll feel more energy, lalakas ang immune system nyo, madedelay ang wear-and-tear ng katawan nyo at kikinis ang balat nyo pro yon nga lng d guarantee na puputi kayo pro kikinis.

    Fos cystic type or nodular type of acne I suggest you go to a dermatologist. As experimentation MAY have it’s fallback and damage may be catastrophic as the skin may be scared and the acne uncontrollable. With cystic type kasi, may na observe akong former classmate na parang nag deform yong face nya to the point na naging “rubber-like” at nag sag ng konti.

    If you think your acne is getting worse or is spreading, go to a certified derma na to save money and time. OTC products are only good is minimal lng acne mo at hindi super pig or problematic like the cystic type or nodular type.

    DISCLAIMER: these are just opinions and should not be in any way replace a proper consultation with a certidfied dermatologist.

  • BTW, oral gluta is reduced when it passes the digestive system as claimed aboved. The liver kasi metabolizes it along with all the other drugs in the body kahit pa ito at “liver-friendly” like gluta. so when you take a 500mg gluta more or less half na lng ang pwedeng ma utilize ng body… don’t worry that happens to all drugs that we take in kahit vitamins. Yong IV gluta since it by-passes the liver, it’s realyy 500mg that goes into your body’s general circulation kaya mas effective sya at faster kasi mas potent sya in terms of amount.

  • sorry adrian pero if you’re gonna ask me di ko talaga irerecommend ang maxi peel. lahat kasi ng kilala ko n gumamit nyan eh namuti pero mukhang sunog ang balat. halatang na abuse ang skin.

    i believe in mid potent products. when it comes to toner super recommended ko ang skintel. sabayan mo ng whitening creams mo ang skintel at magiging even ang skin tone n super healthy pa tignan.

    mejo may kamahalan nga lang ang toner n yun.

  • ayos lang naman yung maxipeel eh.. basta ba idilute lang sa toner.. tsaka kung marunong ka gumamit at magtake ng precautions when using maxipeel eh ayos lang.. nasubukan ko na yan noon.. tatlong beses pa nga eh. tsaka medyo nabilad ako sa araw ng konti, pero di naman nasunog yung balat ko.. learn to use SUNSCREEN kasi.. yun lang naman. tsaka isang pasada lang ng cotton ball sa mukha yung pag-apply, NEVER RUB IT. yun lang.. Happy PEELING adrian.. hehehe ^_^

  • effective sakin ung met, ang puti ko na compare b4…. ok na sakin kahet oral lng, mahal kase mgpaIV.

  • @james

    did you take vitamin C along with met? Tsaka, what other gluta brands can you suggest na safe, effective at hindi bogus yung dami ng contents?

  • I just bought OXIPURE tea tree plus advanced whitening. Post lng ako in the next few weeks if may improvements. Also bought the RDL papaya body wash with sunscreen.

  • @pao

    of course you have to take vit.c along with gluta, hindi pwede mwala ang vit.c just to keep the gluta in its absorbable form. met lang talga na try ko and nageffect sakin kaya hindi na ako nagtry ng iba and im really happy now, whiter, healthier, acne free and glowing skin compared before!

  • @james

    I know right… Tanong ko lang kung meron nang vitamin C na kasama yung met.. kasi pag meron nang vit.C na kasama, kelangan mo i-adjust yung intake.. kasi yung ibang brands may 100mg vitamin C nang kasama or kung anong amount ba ng vit.C.. tapos kelangan pa rin uminom ng vit.C tabs diba kasi kulang pa yung vit.C na kasama na sa isang gluta capsule… mga 2000mg vit.C for every 1000mg ng gluta dapat ang intake per day, pero di daw dapat sumobra sa 4 grams (4000mg) ang intake ng vit.C para safe.. yun ang sabi ng med student friend ko, masama na kung sobra..

    kasi dapat doble yung take ng vitamin C para sa lightening effect ng gluta to kick in diba..

    have you heard of “Immunolocal”? parang powder form cya, tapos hinahalo sa drink mo.. it raises the glutathione levels daw of the body.

  • I beg to disagree. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. That’s why the body cannot store it for prolonged periods of time and that’s the precise reason why we have to take it everyday. Any excess amounts will be excreted by the kidney via the urine, as long as there’s enough water in the body. Thus toxicity is avoided. It has a high affinity to water. So rule of thumb: if your taking large amounts of vitamin C or any drug for that matter it is highly important to increase your fluid intake, especially water.

    For the immune system to be stimulated you need at least 500mg of Vitamin C, but there’s actually no precise amount as to how much is the maximum. So most people just take 1-4 tabs of 500mg of Vit. C. As long as you take a minimum of 500-1000mg, there’s really no point in taking in megadoses if there’s no research claiming certain benefits. For glutathione to work properly, you do need to take in Vit. C but you should ask a doctor how much vit. C because it is more important to maintain a good blood level (amount of drug in the blood) for you body to constanly maximize the utilization of glutathione than taking megadoses on a daily basis. You might start with 2000mg for a few days and then down to 1000mg or even 500mg per day so as to maintain the blood level. Just ask your doctor.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaah…. yeah sinabi rin nya yun.. nagkicrystalize pa nga daw yung urine eh.. kaya marming tubig daw.. opo nurse.. susundin namin yun, sa doctor kami kokonsulta… oooh.

  • @pao

    cataclysmic is right, any excess amount of vit.c in the body will just be excreted through urine. nagtry rin ako ng gluta IV last month, ung tationil which is widely used dito satin, i must say within like 3 days lang… kita na agad ung glow and pag pink ng skin ko compare sa oral intake. thats why if you really are looking for fast, safe and effective results just go with gluta IV. matagal din kase makita results with oral intake, dumadaan pa sa digestive system which makes the body not to absorb it 100%.

  • @james

    oo nga eh.. pero mahal naman ang tationil… although pag bumili ka ng isang box, P800 lang ang pagpapa-inject sa skin clinics/doctor.. sige lang.. masusubukan ko rin yang gluta IV soon.. pwede rin ba na pag nagpainject ka eh magtake ka rin orally ng gluta? diba walang overdose naman sa gluta? hmm?..

  • Try Master Eskinol Triple-Effect Whitening Facial Cleanser.. It contains Glutathione Extract.. I’ve been using the product for almost a month now and the results are great.. I also use Met Whitening Soap to whiten my whole body.. And lastly, use whitening lotions with SPF.. I use Alaur Whitening Lotion with SPF25..

  • ah gnagamit ko is likas papaya soap i know pang babae pero sobrang efective tlaga tpos nivea whitening lotion for men tpos payong un ok na hahah

  • @jonah

    pinatest drive ng distributor ng nivea products yung ibang produkto nila sa amin.. nagamit ko na yang nivea whitening lotion for men before pa mailabas sa market dito sa philiz.. naubos ko na lang ang malaking container eh walang change sa complexion ko sa forearms.. di pumantay sa torso ko yung kulay. although it was a good body moisturizer. pero it didn’t live up to it’s main effect which should have been “Whitening”.

    tsaka wag na magpayong.. 0_o sabi mo sakin nagsasunscreen ka every 30 minutes… hehehe

    gumamit ka na lang ng sabon na may “melfade”.. di ka madaling umitim pag naarawan ka. it prevents the production of melanin from progressing kasi.. astig nga eh.. twice ako nagsasabon, dalawang klase.. hehehe

    pero wag lang sumobra at baka maging mumu na.. wahahaha! ^_^

  • Tan pinoy guys are hot. I’m a white girl and why would you want to whiten your skin?!

  • @Kat

    same reason why girls would wanna whiten their skin.. Asian White-Skin syndrome… don’t ask… it exists and it’ll be hard for that mentality to go away.. ^_^

  • Master by Eskinol has a new whitening range dubbed Whitening PLus… it has also SPF 16 and ZerOil tech

  • @cata

    have you tried the oil control moisturizer? it does work, it controls oil production for a long period of time.. and ayos din yung Master Facial Scrub Whitening Plus with Gluta Complex..

    muhkang similar lang naman sa Eskinol whitening line eh since both are sister companies.. ang scent lang ang pinagkaiba along with a few other key ingredients.

    nagamit mo na ba yung cream variant nun? ayos lang? susubok rin sana ako kasi ok yung facial scrub niya eh..

  • ngek mali pala.. sa iisang company lang pala ang Eskinol at Master.. hehe.. from Sara Lee.. ang difference lang ng both products eh yung oil-controlling ingredients at masculine scent.. ^_^

  • had a pimple break out from using retin-a cream! now on loreal pure zone to the rescue!

  • Hello again guys…long time no talk..wahehe…ask ko lang Pao..nagamit ka pa rin ba ng maxipeel??kc ako nagamit pa rin ako e..ask ko lang kung lalo kang pumuti..hehe

  • @adrian

    oo adrian.. pero diluted siya with another toner para hindi matapang.. it seems na di ako nagkakaroon ng purging stage sa tretinoin na galing sa maxipeel. ang nangyayari eh di na ako masyado nagkakabreakout. kung may pimple man na malaki eh mabilis lumiit after 3 days flat na. yung dark spots naman wala na akong problema jan kasi mabilis magfade at lalo ngang pumuti yung balat ko.. pati siko kasali… wahehe.. pero hanggang 3 months ka lang gumamit nyan ha, lalo na at puro yung gamit mo.. wag sumobra at baka ma-absorb na ng katawan mo yung hydroquinone, makakasama yan sa liver mo.. magresearch ka na lang sa bad long-term effects ng ingredients niyan..

    nice to hear from you adrian.. it’s nice to have friendly people like you here. nakakatakot kasi awayin yung mga mababait eh, unlike the not-so-frienly ones. wahaha! cheers mate! ^_^

  • elow! ghuys
    i use GARnier 2 i think my efect naman sya kc nung! start kub syang gamitin mas naging pantay ang comlexion ng skin ko!
    and i use nivea pero hindi pang men! mas light kc gamitin un eh! taz master ice pore minimizer pa efecyive sya as in pra tlagang my ice ung cooling efect mararamdaman mo talaga! and naging mas soft ung skin koh!

    at binabalak ku bumili ng placenta soup ok din poh ba gumait ng ganun?

  • Hey! ghuys

    bata palang ako guzto ku na talagang pumuti kcaku lang ang medyo dark ang skin sa family namen eh!

    marami nakung sinubukang brand!

    pero wala parin epekto!

    pero nung nag start kung gamitin ang GANIER medyo naging light at mas lumambot ang skin ko!

    ghuys! try nyo ren gumamit ng GERGEN lotion product pas makaka tulung ito! sa pag protect ng skin nyo!

  • @marthy

    I’m not teasing but can you at least spell the brand correctly so that people will get the right info? LoL.. Peace ^_^

    Btw, whatever works for your skin ayos na rin.. Magresearch ka lang.. Read the label then kung may time ka research mo sa Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary yung ingredient ng product na medyo curious ka para mapanatag ang loob mo.. that’s what I usually do.. and I learn a lot of things just by doing that. 😀

  • Ghuys!

    may na try akong new brand ng soup!
    magical gluthathion!

    i think effective nan siya kasi 2 days ko palang siya gimagamit my whitening effect na kaagad pero medyo nakaka dry lang ng skin pero lagyan neo nalang ng moisturizer!

    makikita neo kaagad ung effect nya kasi my mga dead skin cell kaagad na makikita! eh! na naalis sa skin!

    try neo ghuys!

  • Ya! it’s nice using papaya soap and dove after which in every bath; giving a fresh and effective papaya soap use OSAKA skin care product.

    I use met as my maintainance.

    I love eating pineapple, grapes and papaya bacause it helps whiten my skin

  • to marthy pakiayos naman po ng spelling ng mga products n mine mention mo. honestly di ko maintindihan.

  • avid fan ng whitening nga mukha naman katawan ng kalansay hahaha matamaan na ang matamaan hahaha evil yes i know!

  • @sejabin

    ayos lang.. clarification lang naman eh.. hehehe..

    oh siya siya, tama na wala nang parinigan na parang agitot.. peace peace na dito. pathetic na eh… go go power rangers… bwahaha!

  • @cata

    hoy manong tama na oi.. Out of topic na kasi, papagalitan na tayo ni kuya Chris.. heto naman sobra pa sa babae kung makatalak at sa pagkataklesa.. hinay2x lang manong Tata..

    tama na, ang bantot na kasi makipagparinigan eh. diretsahan na lang pero dapat on topic pa rin.. LONG LIVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!! KING OF WHITENING!!! BWAHAHAHAHA! Sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa.. we’ll miss your once melfade-treated skin… LoL!

  • pao, hindi tactless yon. it was purposely and intentionally directed towards you. anu ka ba nag mamaang-maangan lng? it was a joke na may laman or double edged-sword if you will kaya get out of my way.

    guys try nyo Whitening Plus range ng master by eskinol. galing din for whitening.

  • @sejabin

    hindi kami magkaaway.. ganito lang talaga kami magbatian at maginteract.. gusto mo sumali ka na rin.. ayos lang. bwahahah!

    but seriously, wala akong galit or sama ng loob kay cata.. mahilig lang talaga ako mang-asar. I respect him more than anything else in this forum, isa siya sa mga nauna sa forum na ito at sumunod lang tayo. he knows a lot compared to us kasi may medical background siya at tsaka he’s tested a lot of products na. kaya walang pwede kumontra sa kanya. no pun intended, seryoso yun.


    tsaka kuya cata, I’m not getting in your way, forum lang to ano ka ba. hehehe… peace.

    So, kuya cata.. tulad ng tanong ko na di mo sinagot noon.. Ayos lang ba ang Master with Gluta-complex na facial cream? 😀


    musta na ang whitening routine? ilang shades ang ipinuti mo? ^_^

  • @pao

    ok lang naman. di naman ako nagpapaputi talaga as in yung white. moreno skin tone ko so magpantay lang skin ko ok na sa akin yun.

  • Yes Pao. effective. Sun protection + whitening + oil control = gwapito points on the rise! what more can a guy ask for? everything we need all in one cream for us men. SPF 15 is enough for everyday protection. You may go to as high as SPF 30 but it gets sticky as you go higher. UNLESS if it’s oil-free or from the VMV ARMADA line which is super effective in blocking UVA/UVA na the skin lightens by itself naturally. They say the amada face shield SPF 30 is just like water with SPF! Again that’s a great buy! mahal man pero if you count the experience and quality from the product, sulit na d ba?


    1) VMV AMADA line (SPF 30 and UP, even up to 70 for the Armada Sports!)
    2) Hawaiian Tropic Ozone SPF30 and Ultimate Ozone SPF 70++
    3) SkinWhite Glutathione SPF20 best for daily protection plus whitening. It really is non-greasy.
    4) Master Glutathione Plus Cream SPF16++
    5) Suncelle by Fuller Life SPF30 face and body sun screen. Very lightweight and non-greasy. VALUE for money! With Vitamin E pa!

  • oi suncelle by fullerlife meron din ako nyan.. pero di ko ginagamit.. ayoko kasi ng amoy eh.. tsaka ko lang ginagamit pag nasa beach.. hehe..

    nga pala.. nabasa ko sa isang forum yung new Block&White Ultima with Glutathione… nadagdagan lang ng gluta pero effective pa rin.. ang daming good feedbacks.. effective daw talaga, kaya pala mahal kahit 100mL lang.. yung sa SkinWhite di ko pa natatry… curious curious…

  • na try nyo n ba yung olay white radiance? 2 weeks ko n sya gingamit. ok sya as a moisturiser pero walang whitening effect pero kumikinis naman face ko.

  • punta kau sa the face shop sa may festival mall, super effective yun ung friend ko ang ganda tlaga ng face kaso sobrang mahal nman korean shop kc un eh 🙂

  • guys help naman.. marami na ako na try na whitening soap pero wala pa din nakakapag fade away ng discoloration sa balat ko.

    anong soap ang pinaka effective??

    and what din product na makahelp na makapag whiten ng skin, yung magandang puti ng face… yung natural na puti


  • @PAO

    Ei, this is my 1st time to joined here in this kind of topic about taking care on our skin accurately. I am demanding to have this with me. ahmmmmmmm….sa tingin mo ba aus lang bang gumagamit ng chin chun su as whitening product.???

  • lurker lang ako sa site na to pero ….gusto ko talaga mag ask..xD

    ….tanong ko lang kung mag-aaply ng e.g.. ung NFM(whitening and moisturizer) every morning lang ba un??……..hmmmm kung vry morning lang un?? maproprotectahan pa rin ba ang face ko kahit morning ko sya nilagyan tapos magbibilad ako sa tanghali na? (kasi uuwi ako sa bahay namin every lunch)

    HOPE may maka answer asap ..xD thnx in adv…..

  • @ anonymous: NO if u applies it say 8AM, ideally you apply it every 2 hours. pro if you say indoors and u don’t sweat that much it’s ok. pro before you go home for lunch, wash your fash then re-apply 30 mins before or mas better if 1 hour before para it really gets absorbed before you face the sun

    @ lance: effective ang hype duo. I dnt use any placenta products. for hype duo, use epecially their intensive day cream/lotion with SPF25. effective. in 2-3weeks kita mo na agad. use it with skinwhite powerwhitening solution for 7 days or more during the night, put hype SPF25 kahit gabi + skinwhite powerwhitening cream classic to finish it up. then wake up to fairer skin. mag hype ka lng sa umaga before you go out hehehe

  • cataclysmic,

    wala na nung skinwhite powerwhitening solution di ba?
    pinalitan na nila ng skinwhite cleansers?
    pati yung powder ni kim chiu?

    yung hype duo na soap?? yung green papaya po yung tukoy ko, yun po ba yung effective?


  • thnx cata xD

    but 🙁 ..parang ndi ata kaya ng time sched ko…kasi 7:00 AM punta na ako school tapos(usually nilalagay ko ung NFM ko b4 i go to school..ok lang ba un??) break namin 11:45-12:45 at mukhang la na akong time para mag wash sa school kasi it took 20 mins(back and forth) para makarating ako sa bahay(nakasakay)……T_T..at minsan pag may time nag rewash ako sa tanghali(sa bahay na) tapos re apply ulit ng NFM….kaya lang minsan nauubusan na ng oras kasi baka malate sa class….(any advice?)

  • hmmm cge sa bahay ka na lng mag apply make sure na fully absorbed na sya before you go back to school… since time nga is your enemy

  • lance,

    meron pa yong solution nakita ko, iloilo ako. better ang solution kasi glycolic acid ang potent ingredient non unlike maxipeel na tretinoin at hydroquinone. stay away sa hydroquinone. binalik na lika ang classic cream. kasi naman we guys dont need the power finish like kim chiu

  • so 2 times po ako mag lalalagay(1 sa morning b4 school tsaka sa tanghali b4 ako babalik sa school)? …kasi nagtatan na mukha ko ndi na pantay sa balat ko T_T…….

    thnx talga kuya cata thnx thnx xD

  • good day,

    i would like to ask if where can i buy YSA BLEACHING SOAP in it’s cheapest price?

    sa mercury?
    sa south star?
    sa watsons?
    sa Ysa clinic talaga?

    saan ba pinaka cheapest? and 90 grams lang ba talaga yun? wala bang 135 grams or more? and how much??


  • pahabol nga pala.

    what ba tamang paggamit ng ysa bleaching soap? should i useit with face towel or i’ll just rub it into my skin and just massage it?

    aside from that, what does pao uses aside from ysa bleaching soap? for his face and body??


  • wait kasi madalas kasi akong pagpawisan. may epekt ba un sa pagpapaputi ko.. mej dark kasi talaga ako eh.. hehe

  • nag stop na ako sa ysa

    gusto ko i try yung swiss gluta
    P100 dito sa amin


  • ang liit ng swiss na yan, ayaw ko na dun… balik ysa lemon bleaching soap na lang ako, i will wait for 1 month for the results..

  • Hi Guys!

    This is also my first time to join here. Gusto ko lang kasi mag share ng product for whitening na naging effective for me. I don’t know if you ever heard about the “KOJIC ACID”. It is a substance found in JAPAN which is effective for whitening skin. Medyo na curious ako about it, kaya I have tried “DREAM WHITE” whitening soap. I have read the ingredients first, and it has VITAMIN C, kaya di na ako nag hesitate na gamitin. Ok sya gamitin, hindi sya yung malagkit after use, refreshing ang feeling and the citrus scent is there to relax you, kasi nga may VITAMIN C ingredient sya. I am using it for about 6 months now, and last 2 months ago, when we had a little gathering ng mga friends ko nung college…natutuwa lang ako, kasi yung pinakagwapo kong classmate, inggit na inggit sa skin ko…kasi ang puti-puti ko daw, anu ba daw ang ginagamit ko…hindi nga sya matigil ng kakukulit sakin that time. And i realized that effective nga tlg sya, even my officemates says na ang puti-puti ko ngayon. But guys, hindi ko sya ginagamit sa face, although pwde kasi face and body soap naman sya, kaya lang mahapdi kapag matagal mo nahilamusan. Saka yun nga lang guys, medyo madali syang matunaw, madalas 2 weeks ko lang sya nagagamit, pero sulit naman ang result, saka it costs less than a hundred, kayang-kaya nyo na yun. Ang ginagamit ko naman sa face ko e yung “MAXI PEEL” facial wash, effetive din sya, hindi ako pinipimple at cooling pa sa face. Tapos, nalaman ko din sa sister ko, niresetahan sya ng derma ng vitamin pampaganda ng skin, sinabi nya yun sakin at nacurious na naman ako…i don’t know if you heard about “CONZACE” yes, VITAMIN sya with VITS A, C, E, & ZINC. Iniinom ko naman yun before I sleep, ang sarap ng tulog ko kahit hindi ako maka 8 hours of sleep, prang kumpleto pa din, I’ve been taking it for years na, kasi nakakawala din sya ng pimple. I have noticed as well as my officemates na pumuputi ang face ko at nagiging rosy. Nung first time ko nga hanapin yung “CONZACE” out of stock parati, kasi nga recommended sya ng derma, at marami tlg ang bumibili dahil effective, kung wala kayo makita, you can try an alternative vitamin which is “VIGOR ACE” yung 2 yun ang nireseta ng derma sa ate ko, but i will prefer “CONZACE” than the last one. Ang hinahanap ko na lng ngayun e yung pampatanggal ng pimple scar, i have tried “PRO_ACTIV” pero wala ding nangyari. Meron akong nakita before na website, na feature na din sya sa KABUHAYAN SWAK NA SWAK ng ABS-CBN, i’m not sure of the name kung THAKADA ba yun..basta effective daw sya at may mga real life testimonials din..

  • guys… i’m a basketball varsity player,, and vanity is really an issue… usually hilamos lang tapos uwi na pagkatapos ng practice.. pero we can’t deny the importance of face care…

    here’s what i do…

    1. i wash my face with a green papaya soap..(usually leave it in face for a minute)

    2. I dry my face using a cotton towel..

    3. I put master facial moisturizer whitening..(soap can dry skin kasi)

    then boom…i did that for a month an really saw the difference.. if nasa bahay naman ako,, i do it every 4 hours…:D

    well i hope someone would suggest a better routine..

  • I recommend Top-Gel that can be bought in a chinese drugstore. Its a simple papaya soap but its very effective.

  • hello po. New po aq sa bl0g na ito and im using a cp up0n c0nnecting kaya ganito na lang style ng pagtatatype ko. . Hehe. . Anyway may gusto lang po ak0ng itan0ng at isangguni sa inyo. .

    Ngaun po, im using mena. . Inintr0duce kc un ng pinsan q saka mura lang naman kaya i go f0r it. Nag.exf0liate na po ung skin q ngaun. . Medyo nakakahya sa mga clasm8s ko kc napapansin nla ung dead skin cells. Sabi ko naman sa sab0n lang .. Medyo mahapdi rin at makati. . Effective po ba to?

    I take c0nzace po. .. . Pangalawang araw ko palang at nagugustuhan ko naman ung effects. .

    Im also using myra.e daily sun pr0tect sa umaga para di masun0g ung balat ko kc nag.eexf0liate nga c0z of mena. .

    Tapos ung sab0n ko namang ginagamit s ung hype du0. . Ung green. . Ung anti bacterial saka whitening. . Effective po b un? Tama po ba ung mga c0mbhnati0ns ko? Pls po. . I nid assistance. .

    Lastly po, pano po ba magsign.up para maka j0in na bl0g na t0? Tnx po! Aantayin ko po ung mga reply nyo. .

  • hi guys! lubos akong nagpapasalamat sa mga posts nyo! hehehe (at talagang lubos)..

    thanks sa mga post nyo kasi i got an idea how lighten to the tone of my face.. napansin na ng mga classmates ko! may something new daw in my face na di nila ma explain kung ano!!! hahaha kung alam lang nila mga paghihirap ko..wew!

    they said na kuminis daw ako at saka naglalagay ba daw ako ng foundation sa mukha kasi para raw may touch ng foundation mukha ko! hahaha… hindi kaya…

    nakakatulong rin ung conzace na vitamin na nabasa ko sa mga posts dito.. ipagpapatuloy ko pa to.. babalitaan ko kayo kung anong latest…

    pag may na discover kayong mga new whitening products (ung di mahal ha..), post nyo ha..

  • paano ka ba puputi kung oily ang skin mo??
    maputi sana ako kaso natatakpan ng oil yung face ko..
    what should i do??


  • gumamit ka ng oil removing sheet… ung sa gatsby.. its 100 plus.. gamit ko sya a long long time na until now.. effective po…

  • ok ung likas. . Effective yan. . Mag cleanser ka sa gabi ung master na papaya. . Super ung effect sakin. .

  • CAPAYA SOAP…that’s it.. not expensive.. tried many products including creams, bleaches, and masks.. pero soap lang pala ang kelangan..try it guys..

  • rbernz. effective tlaga ung conzace sa akin.super ayos ng result, nawala ung pimples ako at prang may moisturizer lgi ung face mo, smooth ung skin.

  • nung capaya soap? kabibili ko lang ng kojic soap with glutathione for sensitive skin. update ako ng result.. hehe

  • CAPAYA soap…yun ang name ng sabon..it’s the brand name already.. “CAPAYA”.. leave it on face/body for 15 minutes.,,then rinse..you can see the result in about 2 days…i have also used kojic soap,,effective din..

  • yeah super galing ng conzace. not only gaganda ang skin mo kundi pati condition ng health mo. i notice n after i started taking conzace, nbawasan ang pagka hagard ng face ko and kahit puyat di ako nanghihina o sobrang antukin. perfect for me coz i work in a call center.

  • hi im thankful nkta ku un site n to .im planing 2 buy c0nzace kc bAsed s exp. Neo ok cya. Sna nkakaputi cya. Im taking met. Din kc ok naman epek nya. Guys anu epektib n cream n mura wg naman PONDS.

  • @Jake
    -oo epektibo ung linya ng Koji-san.. kasali dun yung dreamwhite.. nagswitch na ako sa Koji-san soaps, pati yung Dermasil nila.. mas mura kesa sa Ysa BS pero epektibo rin naman..

    Tsaka nung nagwork ako sa cebu wala kasi ako masyado makitang YSA BS eh.. sulit na ako sa Koji-san line… yun nga lang medyo yellow yung undertone pag Kojic acid eh.. pero ayos lang, mababawi na yan sa creams at lotions.

    It’s good to be back.. ^_^

  • mali pala.. di pala Dermasil.. DEFENSIL pala yung sabon ng koji-san for oily skin, protects your t-zone.. ^_^

  • Correction: Undertone of the skin is determined by race and genetics and not by the soap or any other topical creams/lotions/etc. for caucasians it’s pink. for a majority of asians it’s yellow. for pinoy’s it can be either since mix tayo. just straitening up misconceptions. just use any whitening product that suits you and whatever your undertone is it will just show gradually.

  • hi. nice to be back with a new regimen. for the skin toner im still using the skintel toner. although it’s pricey parang siya lang ang toner n malamig sa mukha and parang sobrang naaabsorb ng face ko lalo yung mga creams. im currently using loreal men active whitening expert. refreshing sa mukha ang cream and it really soothes razor burns. too early to tell kung effective sya o hindi kasi 2 times ko p lang nalalagay. i’ll post again pag may changes n.

  • Pao said:
    pero totoo ba na pag naggugluta ka magiging pinkish daw yung glow mo?


    mejo may debate tungkol dito. well i’ve tried so many gluta capsules and for me yung met lang ang effective. iba yung glow ng skin, di hagard kahit puyat at pagod, maganda ang tulog. im not advertising met or anything this is just base on my experience. now im not taking met anymore kasi mejo mahal talaga sya. it’s 2300 per bottle and kung gusto mo talaga pumuti, kulang yung isang bottle sa isang buwan.

  • NO! it (gluta caps) won’t make your skin have a pinkish tone. Unless gluta caps can raise your blood capillaries to the surface like most caucasians, the answers is a NO! their fairness kasi is pinkinsh and undertone because the of the blood in the capillaries that are covered superficially by almost a translucent skin (depending of fairness, clarity and luminescence – the ability to reflect light back but not like a mirror, that’s way to literal).

  • sino naka try na ng top one papaya soap??
    nuh magandang whitening cream for oily face??

  • Mula sa earlier portions ng thread ko pa nababasa yung Skintel and yet i ahavent seen it sa stores (or baka di ko lang napapansin!) Can you suggest where i can get one?

    Ang main problem ko ngayon ay darker skin on my nape than on my neck, nabababadd sa araw pag nakakalimutan kong magpayong and nag worsen pa nung nagboating whe we went to the beach, eh mejo unhygenic pa naman tingnan ang maitim na leeg

  • sa mga watsons mo mbibili yung skintel toner. kind of pricey kasi nasa 140 to 230 yung 2 size nun pero worth it naman siya. malamig sya sa mukha and ok naman ang effects lalo n yung soap.

  • hindi ko pa din alam what whitening soap yung gagamitin ko.. help naman po gusto ko yung super intensive whitening soap… hehe


  • try mo glutawhite yun talaga intensive ang whitening nun. 120 php sa watsons pati n rin skintel whitening soap ok din.

  • hndi ko nais pumuti… kso naiingit tlga ako sa morenong malinis tignan ung kahit maitim bagay sakanila ang kulay, sakin kc moreno ako ang dungis tignan kakabwiset!!! gwapo daw ako kso di pansin dahil sa skintone ko nttkpan grrr… tsaka proud akong mereno dahil nung pumunta kaming sidney sabi ng mga puti ganda daw ng brown skin tsaka panget ng sakanila maciadong maputi prang uban hahah. problem ko lng grabe di tlga bgay skin ang pagging moreno grrr… hindi tlga ako ingit sa puti ingit ako sa morenong malinis tignan… ayaw ko sobrang puti mukha, di na pantay sa katawan mukha nang baklang espasol tpos payat pa diba?

  • Hiyaa!!its nice to be back again..hehe..hello Pao..pede bigyan mo ako ng daily routine kasi oily ung face ko ngaun..gusto ko puro moisturizer na oil-free…gusto ko kasi mag moisturize lang..d kasi ako hiyang sa myra-e..at saka bakit kaya ang laki ng mga pores ko ngaun..nagmukhan haggard tuloy face ko kahit maputi ako..

  • hi po. I need some help.. I have a very pinoy skin. and since I’m kind of hairy, mas mukha akong umiitim lalo na sa arms area. I’ve been using whitening soap and lotion but none of those became effective.. I also tried taking MET, pero wala pa rin nangyare.. Im a sporty guy and I cant avoid being exposed to the sun.. I use sunscreens naman.. I’m courting a girl but she prefers whiter men… she said if only I hav whiter skin, I cud attract more women.. i’m desperate to win this girl.. please help. 🙁

  • ^^^jon – welcome to Pinoy Guy Guide.

    a girl that is worth pursuing is a girl who goes beyond the physical looks. yes, looks are important but she needs to know who you are as a person beyond the color of your skin.

    if she doesn’t accept who you are, it’s time to move on. there are literally thousands of pretty chicks who are into the kayumanggi complexion. just look at obagi’s comment # 371 above just before yours.

  • thanks for the lift..but she never said that I have no chance of winning her.. just knowing that she is into whiter men, makes me want to become one.. i’m kinda desperate with this girl.. yea, it’s true that there are a lot of pretty women outside there who want men like me. but she’s the one I want.. all of us, I presume, would say the same thing.. I really do appreciate responses.. thanks

  • The best sa lahat ng na try kong skin whitening soaps is LIKAS papaya soap (nothing beats this!), kaya lang nakaka dry ng skin so you have to use a moisturizer. Pag lalabas ka sa araw, use L’Oréal UV Perfect sunblock with MEXORYL SX & XL (SPF 50), that’s for the face and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, dry touch – sunblock (SPF 45) for the exposed parts the body, maganda ‘to kasi hindi malagkit sa katawan pag pinawisan. And just don’t forget to take your vitamins especially Vit. C , Me I take 1000 mg. I read this somewhere that Vitamin C can whiten your skin. Pero siempre, avoid the sun if you can.

  • In accordance with the author’s regimen in achieving a white skin especially for men I strongly recommend of usage of Papaya soap. It not just whiten your skin it gently penetrate its enzyme on the lower layer of skin.It inhibits the melanin formation making skin whiter and smoother.

    Aside from Papaya soap, the calamansi extract also is a good natural whitener, it has an anti-microbial property that eliminates the harsh oxidants of the skin in and out.

    On the other side, I condemn the author’s belief about the glutathione. Glutathione had already dominates the whitening world. It also enjoys high reputation because of its efficacious promises.
    Glutathione is not only a whitener but a master anti-oxidant, liver cleanser and sex boosting pill.

    Let’s look at the Glutathione in a better way!

  • Im using Beauoxi white glutathione and kojic soap from magic potions – http://magic-potions.com and i could say it help me a lot with my pimple problems. Before i look “madungis” i have tried other glutathione brands but im not satisfied.

  • guys give me an advise naman panu ko mapapaputi ung leeg n neck ko kaz sobrang dark ..nde na na pantay sa kulay ng face ko white naman ung face ko pero ung neck ko talagang dark so anu ma aadvise niu sakin na product na effective and tested na plsssss reply ….asap…..ok ba gamitin ang NFM …..and how to apply it …?

  • i am a one year user ng likas papaya…try new kung compatible sa balat nyo? smahan nyo nrin ng scrubber….yun yung gmit ko para double white….. sigurado puputi kau…. tgnan nyu ku sa face book maputi nko…..jokenvill@yahoo.com………. or try nyu wag mgpakita sa araw ng 1month my improvement na puputi kayo or yung tita ko kasi gngwa nya binabalutan nya yung buong ktawan nya then after a week mkkta mu ung difference ng balat mo….dba yung sa wrist watch mapapansin nyo pagtinanggal mu ung watch mu ndi pantay yung kulay…..coveran nyo lang or use a calamansi ill make sure na puputi kau,,,,,tnx… npadaan lang d2….. problem ko nman naun eyebags…whwuhwuhwuhw

  • nabasa ko halos lahat ng guys d2 are fans of the Nivea Men’s Line.. hehehe para skn i think ang lotion nila nag cause ng pimples sa katawan ko hehe switched to cetaphil lotion/physiogel lotion… as for my face VMV Hypoallergenics (ID line, I believe on a Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize skin care regime) lng tlga and it’s really good but a bit pricey…. Their line of ARMADA sunblocks is great (especially their Face and Body Shield SPF 60, although I only use it for my face and neck)…. guys na try nyo na ba ung Koji-San na Anti Aging soap? kasi ung ginagamit ko ung Koji-San lng tlga (ung nsa white na box)… pareho lng dn ba ung effectiveness nun? Nice blog btw Chris…. hehehe …. email me nlng at robszkiness@rocketmail.com


  • LOREAL for Men works for me, it’s a bit pricey, though, compared to Nivea. Pero sulit na rin since may SPF component na. Whenever I applied it, I can feel some sensation deep within my skin. Whenever I look on the mirror each day I can see the difference.

  • hi chris..
    i have problems on my face,,everytime kasi na naiexpose ako sa sun,namumula yung face ko kahit saglit lang ako naarawan.. tsaka,everytime na gumigising ako,napaka oily ng face ko..what ba magandang products for these problems??

  • i have lots of pimples on my body especially sa likod.meron na rin sa braso..good thing wala sa face..pero i’m still worrying kasi nagkakascars. and nahihiya din akong mag top less kasi nga my mga pimples ako sa likod.. any advice??

  • huh! Im back po! Haha. . Tumigil ako sa paggamit ng likas! Trip ko lang pero now i notice medyo nagdarken ung skin ko! Iba pa rin ung radiance pag may ginagamit ka. . Balik likas ulit aq! Hehe. . Pacnxa na kung parang txt ang pagtype q. . Im using cp po kc.

  • hi po
    bago lang ako sa website na ito
    im using kojic soap pero not a dream white
    ..its kinis kojic soap
    effecteive rin ba ito?
    anatay ko sagot nyo!

  • hi po
    bago lang ako sa website na ito
    im using kojic soap pero not a dream white
    ..its kinis kojic soap
    effecteive rin ba ito?
    antay ko sagot nyo!.

  • Long time no post mga people! weeeeh…

    Kojic acid soap lang ang gamit ko. Tumigil na ako sa kakaexplore sa ibang brands. Wala na akong problema ngayon. Tapos… ^_^

  • hi guys..newbie din akuh…nkakaputi ba ang SILKA PAPAYA??AND OLAY??KC un dlwa ang gmit ko ngaun??naputi naman akuh ..CNU NA NAKTRY NG BELO??UNG BAGO NGAUN NA BELO FOR MEN NA SOAP??effective ba for whitening??

  • Kakaubos q lng nung 1 belo for men, ok xa pero parang d aq hyang , anu po gamit u n olay? Ok s muka ang silka?

  • HI.. just dropping by.. 🙂

    I just knew guys are also vain at times.. hihihi

    it kind of tickles me when reading this article you guys discussing whitening soaps, pills, etc.. akala ku girls lang ang ganun.. 🙂

    anyway, love the website even if girl aku.. very informative 🙂

    Q ku lang po Chris.. is there a website like this for girls? thanks 🙂


  • kryzn: oo nman vain talaga kaming mga guys .,di lang naman girls lang ang vain pati kame..hehehe.. at xempre INAAMIN KONG VAIN TALGA AKO!.wahaha

    Nga pala guys i just want to share my new Discovery in Whitening In just 2 months and its really unbelievable whitening product called ” GLOW2THIONE” whitening pills …,sa maniwala man kayo o hindi guys i swear pati kayo bibilib sa galing ng whitening pills na yan..
    After i use 2 bottles of Glow2thione is now 2 shade whiter at talgang effective kasi dati ang kulay ko medium brown but now talagang maputi nako,,maintenace na lang yung 1 capsule a day..hahahahahah so happy i found this product rami ko na rin kasi sinubakan and yet wlang naging effective sa akin until i really knew tahat this product is the only solution to all my problems in my skin

    Glow2thione is available in http://www.glow2thione.com

  • Hi! I’m a newbie in this forum. It interests me when I see this stuff, talking about skin care products for men.

    BTW Guys, have you tried Kojic Acid Soap? I found this product in Mercury Drugs and I’ve read the label about the soap that it whitens the skin tone besides it cures acne, pimples and it also removes blemishes and pimple scars. Is it really effective?

  • hmm…aq naman…pumuti lang ako dahil sa extract papaya-calamansi lotion togethr with the soaps…very effective kasama ng ponds.very1very effective pag natry neu/

  • Hello everyone. Bago lang ako dito. Happy naman ako at napakarami kong natututunan sa inyong lahat. Maloka-loka na ko nang bonggang-bongga sa dame ng comments na binabasa ko. Daig n’yo pa ang girls ah.

    @cataclysmic: ang dami mong alam sa whitening chuchu na yan

  • @Pao: pao ng-try na aq ng nivea 5-in-1 moisturiser, 1day q pa lng nagamit. pero prang umitim yung mukha q pgkatapos kng gmitin. natural lng ba e o hnde hiyang skin?

  • gagamitin q pa ba yung nivea 5-in-1 for men o hnde na? kc umtim yung mukha q after q lng nagamit. 1 day q pa lng nagamit yun~!

  • new lng aq dito. want to ask some questions lng..pag nagkakapimples kse aq most of the time nag iiwan ng dark spot sa mukha ko. what should i do to avoid dark spot at para matanggal?? madame na ko na try pati ung PANOXYL ndi effective saken e.. salamat 😛

  • @them..para sure na maalis yang dark spot mo try mo yung kojie san (skin lightening soap)maalis yan!pare!
    then follow with ponds und yellow detox!post ka if may nice na result!
    natry q ata ok naman xa!
    -wash your face then put a little baking soda on your hand then!gently rub on a circular motion in your face,,about 1 minute , then rinse!
    -after it!use moisturizer (like ponds detox)..
    -try it on a week ,,,if it doesnt relieve your acne.then stop using it.
    but i know it will help a lot on you dude!
    besides dont eat a lot of fatty foods..because it induces acne to inflammate!
    exercise, eat alot of veggie n’;fruits..
    sleep at least 8 hours..ok!
    dont irritate your skin with a lot of chemicals!!!

  • @almansur, salamat ng madame pre, peo try q munang ubusin tong MASTER 3 IN 1, kaka bili q lng kse halos ndi q pa ngagamit pag naubos to ng walang changes tatry q ung suggestion mo.. salamat ulit post q if may pag babago.. ingat 😛

  • ask q lang safe ba gamitin yung kojie san?! kse may side effect daw to at binanned na ito sa japan.. just asking lang,,

  • hi pareng chris tanong ko lang,.kung pano paputiin ung dead dry skin sa ktawan? maka2tulong din ba ung nevea?,.wla nko problem sa face ko kc ngpaderma ako last year,.so ngaun masaya nku wla ng pimples na tumutubo,..now curious lang ako dun sa tanong ko,.ty

  • Ask ko lang magand ba ang Paggamit ng Loreal products for men yung saki kasi ay Loreal pure and matte with whitening tapos toner ko ay Nivea tapos at night naglalagay ako ng Tretinoin cream for removing pimple scars as prescribe by my derma. Any way maganda ba mga Loreal? Thanks!

  • ahh….im using c.y gabriel glutathione soap for only php39.00 135grams….it works for me…\

    and i just bought Belo men whitening soap just 55.php…..lets try it

  • Hi guys, ang cute nmn pla pg gni2 pnguuspan u. Brother q kc gnyan din. Kla q bading xa. Pro aus nrn yan na conscious kau s hitsura nyo. I’m a girl but honestly I don’t put anything for my face or body. I can’t follow all those rituals. Hahaha anyway ang cute tlga…

  • kojie san breakout ang inabot q ahaha.. well hahayaan q nalang tong nsa mukha q nakakaubos ng pasensya pasasaan ba magsasawa din sila. ahaha

  • ok nmn ang loreal gmt q un loreal turnaroung whiening moisturizing cream medyo mhal nga lng

  • ok nmn ang loreal gmt q un loreal turnaroung whiening moisturizing cream medyo mhal nga lng xa

  • hi guy’z….. tips lang para sa face… a have a lot friends here in doha, using moisturizing cream, soap, kung ano ano pa sa face nila peo sa nakikita ko d naman effective lalu na dito sa middle east napaka init,, nag kaka pimple parin sila..ako since when i was child i never use soap in my face…wash lang ng water ok na.. but kain lang lagi ng fruits and vegetables.

  • hi guys….

    the biggest problem i have now is…. ngkaroon aq ng maraming pimples sa likod nde q alm qng bakit.. ngaung bakasyon lng aq ngkaroon nito.. dahil s pimples q s likod nahihiya na qng mghubad ng damit or magsando pag naglalaro kami ng basketball…

    ano po bang dapat qng gawin para mawala pimples q sa likod?????


  • hi sakin effective ang myra facial moisturizer
    also hanap din ng friends 09159285758

  • yup, almost 2 years nko gumagamit ng glutathione, hindi naman ako pumuti pero mas makinis ang balat ko at nawala ang pimples

  • Morning! May itatanong lang po ako.
    Pero ang goal ko ay ito, mag-even lang ang tone ng skin ko.

    Cases: Darker face, uneven skin tone esp. on my knees and elbows, uneven tone on one side of my arms with the other side (mas naaarawan kasi dati ung sa kabila), maitim din ang kilikili ko, baka dahil sa alcohol na inaapply ko noon just to get rid of B.O., nawala nga B.O. ko kahit pagpawisan pa ako pero maitim talaga underarm ko, oily din ang face ko at maraming pimple marks at active pa rin pimple ko lalo rin ang whiteheads. So anong gagawin ko po, suggestion please.

    Worse case: I bought vaseline men whitening liquid soap and vaseline men whitening lotion. Result, nagkapantal-pantal ng maliliit ang buong katawan ko. Angkati, last week lang ako nag-umpisang gamitin yon. Hindi ko alam kong nag-aadjust lang ang skin ko o allergy na ito. Kasi nung una sa arm lang ako nag-aapply nung lotion, doon lang ang kumati, continue pa rin, dumating ung araw na hindi na makati pero may maliliit na pantal (doon sa bawat pore na nilalabasan ng buhok), tapos nong inapply ko sa ibang parte ng katawan pati sa arm, makati ang ibang parte ng katawan ko pero hindi naman ung arm. Pero may maliliit na parang pantal pa rin ung arm ko. Ano kaya yon. Stop ko ba kasi allergy na o continue kasi nag-aadjust ang skin ko.

    Thanks in advance.

  • tanong lng po pangit po ba gamitin ang ponds? sa lalake un po kase gamit ko d ko alam kung ano maganda.

  • ung whitening po sana gus2 ko tsaka oil control tska pra po sa pimples pero parang ang d gaano effective tagal ng resulta

  • Hi Chris. Nice article since a lot of guys are into whitening. Having white skin is just like anything else, may binabagayan, like if you’re really muscular, it won’t suit you. Also, tanned skin is much more masculine. Wala sa color un actually un tanned na my ‘glow’ pa rin and makinis is much better than sa maputing halatang pinilit lang.

  • Nasaan na sina cata at pao na mga expert dito?:D

    My tanong sana ako about minimizing the pimples,wlang tigil kasi e:(

  • ..siya nga pala,today is my very first time to post here,nagpost na ko kanina looking for pao and tata for some advice..hahaha
    ..bigla na kasi sila nawala..huli na ata..hehehe

    ..malaking tulong ang blog na ito para sa mga lalaki na my problem sa skin or mga nangangailangan ng tulong..
    ..madaming mga informations..

    ..salamat sa blog na ito at mga nagpopost para tumulong…:)

  • hi there… since birth kulay brown talaga ako walang pagmamanahan kasi brown skin g mother at father ko,,but then nung High school ako nun ako naging skin concious kasi ung mga classmate ko halos apuputi lahat at halos lahat ng Girls sa school gusto ay maputi pag dating sa lalaki.. then i tried using many soap ang lotions.,, 1 year ako gumamit ng skin white not effective at Belo products 1 year also di din effective.. di ko alam kung bakit. pero one time nakakita ako ng forum na kailangan as matapang na product ang gamitin sa skin ng lalake kasi mas makapal balat natin at less sensitive comapare sa Girls. ang skin white at Belo kasi design for girls skin sya kaya mild kaya di effective for men. ngayon 2 months palang ako gumagamit ng Kojic acid soap Kojic acid lotion sa umaga tapos pinapatungan ko ng sunblock at least SPF40 kasi walang SPFung kojic lotion. tas pang gabi gamit ko Hydroquinone contating lotion kasi bawal maarawan pag gumagamit ng hydroquinone products..masisira skin pag naarawan,. tapos aun napaka effective ngayon nga magsing puti na kami Girlfriend ko pero nung una kami maitim ako hamak sa kanya… kasi ung kojic Acid at hydroquinone ay Very strong whitening Ingridients haggang 5th layer ng skin ng lalaki napepenetrate nila.. kojic acid may show gentle exfoliation at first medyo makati pero worth it naman. ung hydroquinone naman prevent production of melanin.. un ung nag cause ng kulay sa balat kaya pag gumamit ng hydroquinone puputi ka agad pero bawal lumabas ng walang sunblock kasi melanin ung humaharang sa uv at UVA rays eh inalis mo ung melanin kaya dapat mag sunblock ka.. at kahit naka sun block dont stay too long under the sun….

  • Try q yang cnsbi m cyruz.+.+.+tnx sa advice.aq tlga evr since maitim na bt still hoping to get lighter..san naman available ung hydroquinone na un?

  • ..guys help naman..ano po ang pinaka magandang product pang peel o exfoliate sa face.?
    ..ung affordable sana at safe and effective..:)

    ..sana my makatulong..any suggestions..?:)

  • @cataclysmic & @pao

    pwede kaya ipagsabay yung RDL astringent & yung mga creams? like myra, garnier facial lotion, power white face cream & ponds detox white?
    active pa kaya kayo dito? sana masagot nyo.. thanks! =)

  • @cutie_ef

    ..wala na ata sila e..nagbakasyon na ata after ng madaming post nila dito…hehehe

  • @cutie_ef

    ..wala na ata sila e..nagbakasyon na ata after ng madaming post nila dito..hehehe

    ..ako nga my mga question pa na di nasasagot..hahaha

    ..sana my makasagot na ng mga questions pa dito…=)

  • Guys, you may join us sa PGG Forums. Just register at pwede na kayong makasali sa mga discussions sa iba’t-ibang mga topic like sa mga concerns nyo. Thanks! 🙂

  • Ok din po ba pampaputi vaseline men whitening products?
    Medyo bago lng po ako sa mga ganyan. hehe. Tnx

  • anu po ba ung products na pd kong itake para pampatubo lang ng hair sa chest ko???

    anybody here from this site who can suugestme for any products???

  • Hi Mr. chris and to everyone else here, I just checked the exchange of threads, grabeh ang gagaling niyong lahat, i thought it was just only a guy like me who is very much concern in having problems in skin whitening. Tanggapin na natin, even guys during this time are very vain na din. we are very much conscious of our selvesbecause we want to look good also. I really have big insecurities re: skin problem. I really get intimidated with people who have very light fair and glowing skin, especially to guys. It really lowers my confidence especially facing other people, and sometimes, you could hardly please people the way you look. Fact na yun, kasi ang una namang tinitingnan sau, is the way you look. Impression really leaves a mark for anybody’s impression.

    I tried so many products but it did not work. When I used Kojic soap, my skin got irritated. I stopped it, the reason why I had those irritations because I did not use moisturizer lotion after using. I tried skinwhite before, and Block&white products, but it did not also work for me, I tried dove for men, it worsen my skin irritation. According to my friend, baka i have daw a sensitive skin… I am using Johnsons milkbath for months na hoping to at least have a fairer skin, but wala pa ring results. Cris, i will try Nivea for men, and other producst mentioned above sana it will help me…

  • CATACLYSMIC signinn-IN!

    Thanks to Pareng Chris, I was able to share my knowledge sa skincare. I do product research para evidence-based or at least experience-based ang mga advices ko. Pro I am more on the evidence-base of it or the science behind it…. throw your questions!

  • ..ayun sa wakas,si tata nag balik ulit sa PGG..=)
    ..welcome back cata..=D

    ..madami akong gustong itanong cata,pero dito muna sa main problem..its been a years kasi na i’ve been in a pimple breakout..
    ..mapa maliit at mapa voila Cystic pimples..=(

    ..i stopped cleansing(im using skinwhite cleanser) about a month ago na..
    ..i stopped using facial wash of ponds..black,pinkish and anti bacterial..

    ..those things didnt work,maybe ayaw tlaga ng skin ko..

    ..im just using organic soap now..

    ..my problem nlang is kung paano mawawala ung mark left behind by the cystic pimples..ung area kc is parang half an inch length and about .3 width..dark xa kaya ang panget tgnan sa chin ko plang yan..and now sa cheeks meron pa,sa right cheek ko,bale pumutok na xa kanina lng and on healing..

    ..gusto ko sana malaman kung ano ang best way to prevent cystic pimples and the best thing to use to minimize it asap if it will come out again…=/

  • ..tsaka cata,there was my previous question ko about sa peeling..

    ..i tried the Maxi-peel..hehehe
    ..i used it on my face..i feel like my face is burning..hahaha

    ..that was i guess 3weeks ago na..napeel ko entire face except sa dark circle area ng eyes..so hot naman kasi..

    ..my question lang sana ay meron bang pang alternative sa maxi-peel for peeling.?

    ..and cata i saw GT bleaching cream,do you think its effective.?
    ..it says on its box that it has a peeling effect…

  • mga pre ano bang effective na facial was o moisturizer with whitening for a 15 year old tagal na kasi ako naghahanap

  • salamat sa mga tips dito, sa ngayon mag 1 week na ako nagpapaputi and maganda nman result… sa tingin ko hindi ko na need mag pills kasi maitim lng nmn kasi sakin ung neck, face at arms ko so..

    3 days ako ngmaxi-peel cream #3 every night bago ma2log, tpos day and night kojie san soap (orange bar)… now tigil ko muna maxi-peel tapos ngswitch ako from kojie san to skinwhite powerwhitening soap kasi mas mabango skinwhite and parang may moisturizer ung skinwhite. sa ngayon nghahanap ako ng skinwhite lotion to go with the soap.

    happy ako sa result medyo pantay na kulay ng bicep ko at arms hehehe
    sa face ko medyo visible na rin ung pagputi.

  • @black jack
    ..effective ba ung maxipeel cream.?
    ..ano effect nyan sa mukha.?

    ..ako im currently using kojie san,grabe yummy pagkabango,pero in whitening parang di ko mapancn..hehehe
    ..sa face ibang soap gamit ko..pero i use dove na mga mg 2weeks na,ngaun lng ako gumamit ng moisturizer soap sa face,dati kc puro whitening lang..
    ..i have skinwhite lotion pero tamad ako maglagay…hahaha

  • @kite balmung orca
    ung maxipeel cream, exfoliant xa although atm hindi ko pa masasabi kung effective tlaga kc 3 days ko plang gamit.. pero npansin ko during the 1st day after pghilamos ko parang naging tight ung skin ko especially sa “T zone” ng face ko.. during 3rd day parang naminimize ung mga large pores ko, pero di ko nakita na ngpeel ung skin ko kc nklagay dun sa box “no visible peeling”

    mamaya mghunt ulit ako ng skinwhite lotion, puro cream nakikita ko eh tapos nakakhiya mgtanong dun sa mga saleslady lol, ma try din nga ung nivea facial scrub bka effective din sakin un.

  • ..ahh,nilalagay ata un after peeling para makita ang effect.?
    ..gumamit kc ako nung Maxipeel exfoliant #2 sa face..till now di ko masabi kung bumalik na ung nagpeel na skin..hahaha
    ..almost a month na dn ata ang nakalipas na magpeel ako..

    ..after mg peel hndi na muna ako gumamit ng mga cleanser at cream kasi parang pag gumagamit ako ng cream especially ponds ay nagkkapimples ako..so i stopped it pati ung Myra-e vitawhite moisturizer..mga 2months ng ganun..

    ..ngaun ang problema ko nlang ay napakadaming pimple mark..sa tuwing ttgnan ko sa salamin parang my pimples pa akong madami though marks nlang xa..

    ..nitong past 2 days lng ako nag cleanse,i use my Skinwhite cleanser na stock ko kaya madami pa,kapag naubos ko un babalikan ko na lang ulit Master Papaya Cleanser..sa cream naman wala pa akong mapili kung anong maganda..

    ..curious ako about GT Bleaching cream kaso di ko nabili kc mdyo nakkatakot itsura nung cream nung nakta ko ung trial cream kaya di ako bumili nung cream nila…hahaha

  • Cataclysmic

    hi, can i have any of your contacts? dami ko sanang itanong ehh.. I am from Davao and I am very much concerned in my skin because I really want to look good… I am using now the Nivea Whitening lotion, so far according to my classmate, pumuti daw ako, pero di pa ako satisfied sa results, kasi i want it to be fair and glowing… Sa face ko naman, grabeeh, halos wala na daw kalagyan ng pimple scars ang mukha ko sabi ng ate ko… gusto ko lang guwmapo at malinis tingnan, kasi madalas akong narereject eh… thanks… hope you could help me with my problem…

  • ..ako i suffer that madaming pimples..noon napakinis ko pa mukha ko using only placenta soap and master papaya cleanser..i have my pics ng mga previous years nung makinis pa..nung naubusan ako nun ng placenta soap ata e i tried other soap as substitute..till that time nagkabreak out na ko for years..i suffered pimples na maliit malaki at cystic..

    ..after a year nacurious ako sa ponds facial wash..i tried it pati cream pero parang di hiyang saakin..

    ..till then this past october i peeled my face,i tried many soap to see kung anong gagana ulit..

    ..binalikan ko ung placenta soap pero ang hapdi tlaga lalo pg my pimples ka..i tried 3 kind of soaps per wash..pero wala,cguro cause din ito ng almond nut..hahaha
    ..kc kumakain ako palagi,ayan ngat 2 cystic pimples na ang napaglipasan ko at pumutok(sorry if it is kinda grossy hehehe)

    ..and now flat na sila..isa sa right cheek mdyo sa my bone area at isa sa taas ng eyebrow..

    ..at heto lagi akong puyat hah pero di ako nagkkabreak out..nattulog na ko 5am or 6am then maggcng 1pm ganun..then parehas ulit till now ganun pa rin ako matulog..

    ..ang masasabi ko lang base on my exp ay kung my mga ginagamit ka na cream or soap try to stop muna..

    ..baka kc sa mga ginagamit mo my ingredients un na allergic ang skin mo or so hindi gusto ng skin mo kaya yan nagkkapimples ka..

    ..try buying a soap ung pang pimples,try mo kung hiyang ka..isa isa muna hah,wag sabay sabay kung my nabili ka mang iba na pang facial wash..then try a cleanser..i dont know any good cleanser since i have only tried master papaya cleanser at now ung skinwhite which tinry ko dati with cream ng ponds,topgel placenta at skinwhite,kablaam pero di ako tinigilan ng pimples..hahaha
    ..so ayun naimagine ko na hala ayaw ata ng cleanser saakin,o ung cream.?
    ..till then tinigil ko lahat..

    ..ngaun i am using soap nlang,kung okay ung soap sundan ng cleanser,kung kinabukasan wlang tumubo or wlang irritation hiyang sayo,saakin kc ganun..then cream pang gabi ko lang ung cream since night cream xa..2nights este 2 sleep ko na xang gnagwa na naglalagay ng cream e wla namang tumutubo..

    ..ang problema ko nlang mga dark pimple mark at red pimple mark..

    ..hindi agad agad ang mga result ha kaya have patience while nag hhanap ka ng gagana sayo..

    ..those are from my exp,some people here might have different opinion on curing their pimples…

  • ..atsaka mga pagkain pala,better watch out sa fatty foods especially mga peanut/nuts..hehehe

    ..maintain cleanliness ng area na lagi mong pnag stayhan especially bed and pillow sheet..kc kahit mapalinis ka sa mukha kung un madumi e dumidikit dn mga bacteria sa face..atsaka cleanliness ng kamay..

    ..naalala ko muntik na ko mapunta ng derma pero wla..hahaha
    ..hanggang sa isip ko lang,naimagine ko kung napakinis ko dati cguro kaya ko pa dn ngayon and okay naman na..un nga lang my butas na mukha ko which is cause ng ibang cystic pimples at break out..nkka deepress kapag nakkita ko kc hndi ko alam kung papano ko un mappaclose..

    ..dont pop out your pimples para di ka dn magkabutas..hehehe

    ..i hope that is somehow of some help..
    ..some people could share some better info,pero tingin ko late na din ako,tayo kc ung mga active noon di na maxado nagppost..sana bumalik pa sila…

  • during my teen yrs ung effective sakin na anti-pimple/acne ay Extraderm solution #4 yta or #3.. ngaun 26yr old na ako wla na ko pimples paisa-isa nlng kung tumubo. first day nakita ko na effect, from shiny red ung kulay ng pimples ko naging dull red tapos unti unti lumiliit tas nagdadry.

    pag hindi talaga hiyang sakin ung ibang product after applying paggcing ko sa umaga halos dumami pa pimples ko.

    tama si kite balmung, proper diet iwas ka sa mga fatty foods, junk foods, fast foods like french fries… etc

    anyway, cno na ba nkatry ng Nature’s Garden whitening lotion sbi ng fiend ng friend ko effective daw kaso nga lang may kamahalan price.

  • ..ayan my pimple ako sa chin.?
    ..natulog ako kanina wala pa to..zit.?
    ..pero okay lang,mablis din tong magddry,wag lang cystic,very tragic un..

    ..i dont know any good lotions,i only have skinwhite and Naturals skin moisturizer Papaya extract 600mL xa..madami na rin..hehehe
    ..pang moisturize ko lang xa after using kojie san soap..

    ..and sa kojie san parang di naman ako pumuputi dun e,mga mg 2months ko ng gamit..wala namang maxadong exfoliation na nangyayari and di ko makita na pumuputi ako,parang walang effect..anyway sobrang yummy smell..
    ..ung dati Silka soap ang gamit ko,for a month very visible na naglight ung skin ko after magbeach,naku sobrang toasted ako nun,sa activity namin na halos 4days babad sa araw tanghaling tapat pa hanggang hapon lahat yan wala ako sun block maski sa beach..after ng 4days nun nagbeach pa kami kaya sobrang itim,pero after using silka soap sa body e mas maputi na ako sa mga ksama ko,pero im not the type na super maputi naman,ung normal lng ba..

    ..anong soap kaya magandang substitute sa kojie san.?

  • im not using whitening soap and lotion na. im using KB glutathione. 1month na ako gumagamit at very visible ang effect.

    So far ang best whitening soap at lotion na natry ko yung B&W ultima and ung lotion nya 7 days may effect na. maganda din ung vaselione spf 24 tapos indi pa sya sticky.

    Gluta na lang ang gamit ko kc ang hirap maghanap ng whitening soap.


    advise ko sayo try mo ung shulammite carrot soap, super effective sa kin 1month na ako walang pimples. search mo sa net for reviews.

  • @mark

    Mtagal ko ng alam yan,i still have supply of that and im using other soap pa kung my effective…

  • @kite cyleina tomato soap for oily skin & pimples and kung gusto mo ng pinkish glow. cyleina black pearl for whitening. available lahat sa sm department store and watsons

  • KB glutathione, fake gluta yan tapos may mga side effect pa daw..
    watch nyu eto sa youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkIllutCKHI
    at 2:38. mas mura nga sya kaysa mga branded like MET pero… alam nyu na!

    ako dahil walang budget sabon at lotion lang, tiyagaan lang. skinwhite soap and lotion tapos minsan nlng ako mg kojie san kasi sobrang hapdi na ng kojic acid sa skin ko, makailng beses na kc ngpeel ung skin ko tapos pti lips ko ngpeel na rin.

    ung Belo for men gluta soap with kojic acid and gigawhite na try ko na din pero parang makati sa balat lalo na sa leeg ko, di lang cguro ako hiyang.

  • napanuod ko na yun. kung fake sya bakit siya naavail sa mercury and indi nga sya l-gluta, glutathione activator sya like MAX-GXL glutathione accelerator nman. malaki ang changes at very visible ang whitening sa kin. mas napapagastos ako sa mga lotion at soaps kaya gluta na lng

    Ganito pala ung paginom ko

    1cap KB gluta nac
    1cap rosehips vitamin c
    1cap kirkland vitamin c 1000mg
    – 30 mins before breakfast

    1cap KB gluta nac
    1cap rosehips vitamin c
    1cap kirkland vitamin c 1000mg
    – 30 mins before dinner

  • @kei
    ..im a user of cylena and they made my skin oilier not all the soap though..
    But i love the benefit of BP..but tomato doesnt make any change..
    ..tapos na ko mg BP,tomato and rice bran,ngaun papaya and goat’s milk naman..
    ..sa mukha ko lang gnagamit kaya i have plenty of stock pa pati ang shula..

    ..my problem now is my sleeping pattern dahil umaga na ko nakkatulog then bubulaga na lang the other day ang pimples…

  • Lalake sa lalake ang usapan.

    Master Facial Scrub Glutathione Plus, tapos after maligo, lagyan mo ng Master Facial Cleanser Glutathione Plus, then pahiran mo ng Master Facial Moisturizer Glutathione Plus. Do it 1 hr bago matulog, at sa umaga bago pumasok.

    Yung Belo Men, at Vaseline Men counterparts ok din! Di lang ako nag-Belo dahil mas mahal, at yung Vaseline Men Facial Moisturizer ay oilier sa face.

    Sa body, Dove Men Soap Bar, yung Extra Fresh, then Nivea Men Cell Repair lotion, at siyempre most effective, with Calamansi at loofah scrub (200 ML para pangmatagalan, mga Php 302, pero sulit!)

    Also, take Enervon multivitamins at Lipton Green Tea. Ung fatty acids, tinatanggal ng tea at liliit pa tiyan mo. Di ka naman papayat dahil may Enervon naman na magpapaganang kumain sa iyo. Plus, some pimples are caused by hormonal imbalance, multivatimins will do the work.

  • @Carl
    ..ayos yan dud..okay ba sa whitening ng glutathione ng master.?
    ..gamit ko soap sa face+dove as moisturizer then master papaya cleanser..

    ..then i take enervon too..but lipton i dont..i stopped drinking tea..ung Celestial..

    ..nice one bro..matte finish ba ung master glutathione na cream/moisturizer..?

  • @Carl
    ..ayos yan dud..okay ba sa whitening ng glutathione ng master.?
    ..gamit ko soap sa face+dove as moisturizer then master papaya cleanser..

    ..then i take enervon too..but lipton i dont..i stopped drinking tea..ung Celestial..

    ..nice one bro..matte finish ba ung master glutathione na cream/moisturizer.?

  • Cataclysmic, Any advice for body whitening (especially neck) i dont really have much of a problem about my face naman eh. may derma naman eh. hehe.

    ang body lang yung problema. ugh -__-
    i use Kojic Soap.

    ANY EFFECTIVE & FASTER EFFECT for body whitening? :/
    like lotions.. or etc.
    please help.

    from iloilo here 😀


  • hello! napadaan lang, mga belo products wa epek, 1year na ako gumagamit pero yun skin ko ganun pa din, maputi naman ako pero gusto ko medyo glow tignan mas ok pa nivea products, super effective yun anti-cellulite lotion nila, gamt ko sa may bandang UA ko at sa butt area.. pero mas effective for whitening yun kojic soap w/ collagen naglow yun skin ko at yun dark area natin sa sa brief line yun at yun inguinal area, kaya OZZY(O.C.) ako pag sa mga contest, di na kailangan mag body make-up gaya nun mga nakalaban ko.. @ john centeno, mag master facial toner ka na glutathone extract at facial foam nun..

  • nyay! disaster po! last month nagkaroon ako ng maraminh pimples, nag.iwan ng maraming marka. . malalaki at dark pa. . gumamit ako ng panoxyl for my pimples effective sya. nawala lahat ng pimples ko. problema ko ngayon ang pimple scars at saka dryness coz of panoxyl. . nakakabawas ng confidence pag may kausap ka. . marami kasi spots parang scar ng bulotong!

    does anyone using “garnier light complete cream”? need ko feedback. ayoko masayang pera ko. . may marecommend ba kayo na product na pampalighten ng pimple scars, nakakarestore ng dryness and at the same time whitens? please help. I’m up for your replies. thanks!

  • eto po try nyo. nagdaanan na din ako sa mga trial and error sa mga soap/facial wash. til one night nag surf ako sa net then nabasa ko na effective daw ang baking soda and apple cider vinegar. after ko nabasa un. eto ang ginawa ko.

    -facial wash (ang binibili ko un may hydration, celeteq/watsons hydration facial wash un blue) then hinahalo ko sa palad ko with baking soda, hilamos, then rinse, then dry off, then lagay ko na acv 1-acv:8-water, then hinahayaan ko for 5-10 miins, then rinse with water lang. then pag natuyo na lagaya agad ako moisturizer.

    gamit ko nga din pala ang ACV sa mga dogs ko, para sa coat nila. pinapahid ko.
    nabasa ko lang din to sa net. talagang apple cider vinegar napaka useful and effective!

    skin type ko – senstive. lagi nga pala namamalat ang face ko (pag nalamigan, pag matagal sa aircon, pag laging hilamos ng malamig na tubig = namamalat!)

    try nyo po yan ginawa ko, effective na matipid pa. guaranteed! hinding hindi ko ito ititigil dahil na try ko tigilan nag bbreak out talaga ako. wala pong mawawala. magalit na mga nag aadvertise dito, pero totoo po yan. haha!

  • pahabol po pala. ang apple cider vinegar pampaputi din pala ito. natural po. kung maselan po kayo at maarte hindi para sa inyo ito. dahil maasim po talaga ang amoy sa muka pag nakababad. mawawala din naman pag nahilamusan. nasa inyo nalang po kuhng ttry nyo o hindi. pero halos lahat ng nasabi nyong mga products na try ko na po yan =p

  • un mga nivea for men nga pala maganda din, nagamit ko na din dati un whitening un parang may beads/for scrubbing na whitening, kelangan lang sundan agad ng moisturizer kasi nakakamalat ng muka. natry ko na din un oil control, maganda din. pero medyo mahal nivea. un celeteq na may hydration mas mura pati un watsons na may hydration.

    sa katawan naman dati ang gamit ko lang un blocknwhite na milk effective un pagkakagawa dati, pero ngayon un bagong blocknwhite na lumabas di na effective, ok din ang likas papaya. pero ngayon medyo mahirap magpaputi pag medyo busy ang buhay mo/trabaho. bilad sa init. napakahirap kahit mag uv lotion ka. un koji san di ko maramdaman na effective. pero ang pinaka effective pag di ka nagllabas ng bahay plus whitening soap. haha

  • ang dami naman! haha. . I’m using acv na. . pang 2nd week ko na. pure acv nilalagay ko sa muka ko! ang hapdi! haha. . once nga pagkatapos kong maglagay sa face ko ng acv, pumasok ung isang room mate ko, ano daw yung amoy panis! haha. . sabi ko ewan. . effective ang acv. . naglighten scars ko. . sana tuloy tuloy na. . heinz gamit ko. .

  • na try ko na heinz hindi ko trip. mas ok un braggs mas natural, makikita mo pa sa loob ng bottle ng braggs un katas buo buo pa. pwede mo din inumin yan. hehe

  • anu po ba ang pampaputi ng butt area at sa singit, kainis! feeling ko ako lang ang may ganitong problem..(@jay alfon. i used belo totoo nga wa epek nga).. yun kojic nag light nga pero yun sa bandang sa hita maitim.. please help me naman guys kung paano paputiin, magsa-summer na, uso na yung trunks & shorts sa swimming.. need ko po suggestion nyo! thanks

  • hi, i agree to you bonbon & jay alfon, almost 2 years na ako gumagamit ng belo pero wala pa din epekto, and di ka nag-iisa bonbon ako din, problema ko din yun sa may inner thigh ko, maitim gawa ng pagsuot ng jeans. pero may nakapagsabi sakin na maganda daw yun CY GABRIEL, effective daw.. totoo ba yun? help us guys

  • @bonbon and jale

    ..wala naman atang mabilis na paraan para jan..siguro bili nlang ng soap na para sa whitening ng thighs and butt area..
    ..ung concentrated para sa dark areas ng ktawan..plus bli nlang ng lotion na whitening para sa thighs para mabawasan ng friction na xang nag ccause ng darkening…

  • Ive’d been using kojie san na for 2 week and effective sya sa skin whitening but nakakadry lang talaga sya that’s why I use Olay total effects it’s a really good moisturizing cream may spf 15 pa for uv sun protection.

  • ..i stopped using Kojie san whitening soap..compared to other whitening soap,kojie san talaga super drying..with lotion one ply is not enough..hahaha

    ..sa pimples mukhang di effective for me..

    ..sa whitening mejo okay naman,patience lang..

    ..but for those mentioned above for sa singit at pwet,i doubt…=p

  • Pano ba maremove yung mga dark spots? & MAG PA LIGHTEN NG SKIN. kase im aplying for ojt parang disappointment nmn kase, i feel so insicure sa mga mapuputi at makikinis. Yung Affordable yet Effective. Salamat ho sa mag aadvice. ma a-appriciate ko yun ng sobra! ngayon palang salamat ah!


  • ano po ba talaga ang the best solution to get a whiter and clearer skin sa flaw full at extra sensitive na skin like mine? i tried nivea, di pa masaydo nagchange talaga

  • hi everyone! almost 1month ko na nagamit yun c.y. gabriel, ayos lang naman pero di nya kaya yun puti na gusto ko.. at bakit ganun pag natunaw sya sa tubig at natuyong muli para syang jelly/ gulaman/ cornstarch parehas ng belo soap.. at parang ordinary soap like safeguard, zest, vaseline.. ngayon gamit ko yun Cyliena Black Pearl, malamig sya infairness kaso ang mahal nga lang, ewan ko kung effect din to dun sa inner tight ko na maitim.. babalitaan ko kayo ulit guys..

  • Hi guys!
    I hope you can help me. I have a problem kasi regarding the unwanted darkening of my butt at inner thighs eh hindi naman dating ganun. Hindi ako yung mataba. I tried some soaps pero I dont know if it could solve my problem. Sa lalaki kasi mgandang makinis rin ang butt. Can you have suggestions mga kaibigan? Thanks!

  • stfu yu as hols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tnx sa daming mga suggestions. dami na akong nagamit na whitening soap pero di parin fair skin ko..hehehe. gusto ko talga maputi yung katamtaman lang. hehehe..cge try ko products form nivea kung effective ba. plan ko naman sana mag take nalang ng glutathione. hehehe..God bless

  • hi there, can anyone give me a tip on how to whiten my underarm and “singit” heheheh ive used two gluta bottles already but it didnt work

  • Hi ! , I’m Nate 16 years old ,from Davao City … I’m just bothered ’bout my skin , so now i wanna ask for a recommendation … first my problem is my skin is not fair at all time … i mean when i sweat i’m white as in Radiantly white … when not not fair … so now i wanna ask if what product should i take and where can i buy it , and the Price thanks 🙂

  • patulong naman oh, pano kung ang problema eh yung kamay lang na part yung medyo maitim?? anong products yung magandang gamitin??

  • whitening Lotion dre take ka rin vitamin C tapos pag naliligo ka hilurin mong mabuti kamay mo, keep it dirt free, and always wash it with a whitening soap pag may time ka, wag ipababad ng matagal sa araw. ma nonotice mo rin ang result in just weeks.

  • iam 14 years old kua chris pwede na po ba ako ng Nivea for Men whitening moisturizer?? plss reply po kua Tnx

  • bryan – thanks. if you don’t have any skin problems, I recommend that you don’t apply anything yet since you’re still young.

  • I am 17 yrs old, ask lang kung what kind of product will you recommend about having scars?

  • ahm.. hello po.. im 16 yrs old..

    ano po bang magandang gamitin na lotion pampaputi sa braso… kasi po… everytime na ma aarawan ako, namumula ang balat ko…..

  • ask lng po .hhmmm. sorry po personal pero. nahihiya na po talaga ako. miron po ba ba kayong pweding ma recommend sa akin na pampaputi ng butt at ng hita .hindi naman po medyo maitim fair lng. pero gusto ko pong pumuti.w8 ko po sagot nyo.

  • anu po ba dapat ung bilhin po …. pki sagutan lng po. ung pra sa mga mukha. po lam ko naman na pra sa body ung mga product lng po pra sa mukha lng. problema ko

  • hi! guys. i’m nick 19 yrs old. i just wanna ask kung anung lotion ang magandang pampa-puti, thanks! in advance. this site helps me a lot of my skin problems 🙂

  • guyz I am jozep from bacoor cavite ..
    I an 14 years old only but not noticed becauze of my height ako ay 5’11 may itsura maputi..share ko lang sa inyo kung pipili kayo ng whitening products or cleansing products.

    1.free “PARABEN” – kung pipili kayo ng product make sure ualang “PARABEN” ingredients nia yon.. kc ang paraben ay nakaka cancer..

    2.ualang “MERCURY OR STEROIDS”

    at nga pala at age of 14 naka gamit n ako ng met at glupa na antioxidant capsule medyo pricely pero super effective ..
    nakagamit n ako ng mamahaling sabon..
    for me I recomend “MOSBEAU SOAP AND CREAM” very effective ang price ay ₱1720 lang naman sa face lang yan at sa body naman black pearl soap ,moringa O , at met tathione soap na worth of 400 at nag papa facial ako every month na try ko narin yung

    glupa soap – sobra maka peeling.
    glupa lotion- super effective first day palang may result na kaso may “PARABEN”
    skin white lotion and soap- naka mula ng balat.
    extract soap- nakakasugat ng balat.
    extract lotion – maganda rin.
    belo lotion – mabango kaso ualang effect.
    belo soap – nakaka rash.
    met tathione soap- very effective.
    nivea spf 50 – uber makaitim.
    nivea spf 35 – medyo may effect.
    nivea inner whitening – parang milk.
    skin so soft – sobrang labnaw.
    myra e yellow – maganda talaga.
    myra e new – uala effect.
    jergen lotion- ualang effect.
    kojic soap – nakakasunog.
    placenta lahat ng klase – nakaka sunog .
    gluta white lotion – medyo maganda.
    silka- maganda den.
    vaseline healthy white- maganda super.
    active white bath salt- nkaka rash.
    garnier white cream- maganda .
    defensil soap – maganda den .
    mosbeau soap – effective sa lahat ng nagamit ko.
    mosbeau cream- pinakamaganda.
    L glutathione soap -maganda den.
    pervil white soap – di naman masyado.
    gluta maxx soap – ok den.
    gluta maxx lotion – mabango uala effect.
    koji san lotion – Paraben free.
    placenta toner – super ganda.
    ponds white – maganda kaso dry.

    so all pa madami pa ako nagamit..

    iam 14 years old..

    if you have a question just pm me

    sana nakatulong…

  • Nico Angelo Salcedo

    nico kung sa lotion ang itinatanong mo marami kang pag pipilian
    pero for me ang maganda “BOTANICAL FACE AND BODY LOTION”
    maganda yan pero kung gusto mo ng madalian “GLUPA LOTION” unang gamit palang maputi kana kaso it contains “PARABEN”..ang paraben nakikita yan sa maraming comestic product dati gumagamit ako nyan kaso i supposed to stop na and back to organic nalang..

    sana nakatulong …
    kung may tanong kapa just
    contact me 09284041369 or 09104691895:)

  • cyril

    cyril kung para sa face try mo “MOSBEAU PLACENTA WHITE FACIAL SOAP AND CREAM” hindi namn sa endorser ako nyan pero base on my experience napaka effective talaga nya .. o kaya mild soap lang … kung uaa kang pimples just stay sa mild soap lang kung meron namn defensil maganda ..at kung whitening ang gusto mo “MOSBEAU CREAM AND SOAP” 1720 yan mahal pero kung nag titipid “BLACK PEARL SOAP ” at “MORING O” napakaganda nyan sabayan mo lang ng “PLACENTA TONER” o kahit ibang toner .. thanks sana nakatulong kung may iba ka pang gustong malaman pakibasa ung reviews ko dian or yung pinaka una kong comment yung august 20 2012..
    thank sana nakatulong:)

  • cyril

    your welcome..

    haii guys im back …
    for now on stop muna sa soap na “BLACK PEAR ” at ” DREAM WHITE” pati narin sa “PLACENTA GLUTATHIONE” masyado kasing kakaiba ..ngayon “mediherb papaya soap ” effective din sya ..ngayon ppunta ako ng watson hhanap ng lotion n ualang paraben ..

  • hi,17 yrs old n ko,. help namn, sobrang layo ng kulay ng braso ko sa part ng natatakpan ng damit, kaya kapagnakahubad ako, muka pa rin akong nakashirt, problem ko nayan since nung highschool pa, any suggestions ?pls,, i’ll for you reply, 🙂

  • oh hi there… 😀

    Nung isang araw ko pa to sinusubaybayan, natawa ako sa nagaway. Dapat pinayungan mo sya, para di na sikatan ng araw bukas.imba

    Ayos to! Up

  • di ako perpekto mga kaibigan at ako man ay may di mawari’y masukat at pagkukulang din sa sarili…(nakakaagos kasi ng dugo puro english, puti suot ko kanina namula nalang ngayon.) di maiba lang..
    SUBALIT! Yaman din lang na yan ang tampok sa pagpupulong na ito, may ilang bagay akong nais ipahayag.
    Ang hirap din pala magtagalog. Imimix ko nalang, ohright? So here comes my two cents guys, u know..

    Alam nyo po ba na ang lahat ng sakit sa balat o problema sa pisikal na kaanyuan(tagyawat, acne, pamumula etc.) ay may kaugnayan o kinalaman “INTERNALLY”? Lalong lalo na kung may ALLERGY ka pero di ka AWARE kung ano at saan.
    At maaring ang lahat produkto na nabanggit ay maaring hiyang sa kanya ngunit hindi sayo?
    Kaya bago kayo manghula ng produkto, mas lalong magkabutas butas itsura nyo at manlimahid. Bago magtapal ng kung ano ano sa kahit anong kabutas butasan nyo, malamang pati bulsa nyo mabutas. Ay may maipapayo ako sa inyo mga masugid na taga subaybay.

    Magpa BLOOD TEST at MAGPASURI muna kayo sa pinaka malapit na suking DOCTOR.
    ng makasigurado, one time big time to. Gumastos ka man ng sobra ng kaonti, in the long and winding run maiisip mong nakatipid ka kasi SURE ka na matutukoy ang sakit o ILLNESS, hinaing at mga katanungan mo.

    Mamahagi ng dugo. REDCROSS mga kapatid!
    gaganda na kutis mo dahil nabawasan na lumang dugo sa ugat ugat mo nakatulong ka pa sa mga kaposdugo. (kapos palad sa dugo)

    Manatiling malinis sa paligid at sarili.
    Kumain ng tama, mag bitamina gulay at prutas.
    Ehersisyong uhmmm talaga namang nkaka aww..
    Matulog ng sapat, kahit umaga kapa matulog ang mahalaga makakuha ng 7-8hrs a day. O kung kulang basta matulog ka! Oh well, mas maganda ng may tulog kahit konti, kesa walang gising.

    Hmmm.. Wala sanang kumontra, ito lang ay aking pananaw at opinyon lang mga kapatid! At sa tingin ko tama naman. Wala narin sana magaaway, malapit na ang paghuhukom dec 2012 daw e. Pero bakit yung delata na nabili ko 2013 expiration date.

    Sige mga sir/ma’am sana may napulot kayong idea, advice kahit papano.. Wla namang mawawala kung icoconsider nyo ilista to as an option sa listahan nyo. Or kiber lang parang walang nabasa kung di nyo trip. lol

    Pasensya kung mahaba ha, pikit ka para umikli.. Thanks!


  • doobieweedz

    hindi sa mamaliin ko yung opinyon mo itatama ko lang….
    there’s a two kind of soap “CHEMICAL” and “NATURAL” ryt..
    hindi muna man kaialangang mag pa “BP” o kung ano ano pa..
    at question ko lang anong kinalaman ng pag dodonate ng “DUGO” sa pag kakaroon ng magandang balat .. at hindi lahat ng “ALLERGY” start at the internal part of our body or skin ryt..

    guys advice:
    ualang masamang gumamit ng kung ano ano basta alam mo kung anong epekto nito… ang soap kc kagaya ng food kung isang food lang ang kinakaen mo nakakasawa …. maraming pwedeng pag pilian na sabon “DAHIL” may kanya kanyang “INGREDIENTS ” yan hindi lahat pare parehas .. edi kung gusto mo ng safe..
    “PAPAYA” at “KALAMANSI” slice mo at “HALF MEDIUM SIZE OF PAPAYA THEN ,, 5 PIECE OF CALAMANSI ” yan ang gawin mong soap everyday ..

    1.hindi dry skin..
    2. ualang chemical..
    3.100% sure safe..

    at anong kinalaman ng pag huhukom sa whitening skin???? sure kaba na mangyayari yon ngayong year!!!! uag nating pangunahan ang lumikha…
    .ualang ibig sabihin….

    wag mo sanang damdamin…
    comment ko lang yan sayo…

  • @josef

    Hmmm… bwahahahaha, napatawa mo ko kapatid sa iyong opinyon.. at tungkol sa panloob o INTERNAL cause at dugo, kaya nagkakaron ng maraming problema EXTERNALLY. Kya isang malaking, YES! May kinalaman. kung wala kang alam at idea, do yourself a little favore, research more. lol
    Teka, sabi mo nurse ka? Bakit parang…. Hmmm.. LOL

    At tatanungin kita kapatid wag mong masamain ha, ikaw ba sa talambuhay mo simula pagkafetus at sa kasalukuyan di kapa nagkakasakit? Nakakita kanaba ng doctor? saan ka dumideretso pag may sakit lalong lalo na pag malubha na? Siguro naman hindi sa mambabarang o albularyo.
    At sa pagkakaalam ko, wala ng mas sigurado pa sa DOCTOR kesa sa mga haka haka.. 🙂

    At tungkol sa pagkain, oo marahil yang so called “pagkain” kaya nagkakasakit ang maraming tao, kumakain ng kung ano ano at BAWAL. kaya nagkakasakit, at di alam ang sanhi. Ganun din sa produkto at pinaggagagawa natin sa sarili kapatid. at paano ka nakasigurado sa lahat ng iinumin at ginagawa mo ay siguradong tama at walang pagkakamali? Hmmmm.. Sige, mukhang dalubhasa ka, ikaw na! LOL 😀


    tungkol sa paghuhukom, alam mo ba ang salitang “DAW”? marahil may NET ka naman isearch mo ang meaning kapatid dali! O baka pati NET di mo alam at lambat ang hanapin mo ha! at maraming tao pinaguusapan yan, tapos ako bawal? Wag ganun kapatid! Nakakatawa ka naman masyado kapatid, para kang CENTRUM, u made my day complete. LOL

    peace po sa lahat! kalma lang kapatid! 😀

  • @josep

    Hmmm… tila nakiliti mo ko ng husto sa iyong opinyon kapatid.. at tungkol sa panloob o INTERNAL cause at dugo, kaya nagkakaron ng maraming problema EXTERNALLY. Kya isang malaking, YES! May kinalaman. kung wala kang alam at idea, do yourself a little favore, research more. lol
    Teka, sabi mo nurse ka? Bakit parang…. Hmmm.. LOL

    At tatanungin kita kapatid wag mong masamain ha, ikaw ba sa talambuhay mo simula pagkafetus at sa kasalukuyan di kapa nagkakasakit? Nakakita kanaba ng doctor? saan ka dumideretso pag may sakit lalong lalo na pag malubha na? Siguro naman hindi sa mambabarang o albularyo.
    At sa pagkakaalam ko, wala ng mas sigurado pa sa DOCTOR kesa sa mga haka haka.. 🙂

    At tungkol sa pagkain, oo marahil yang so called “pagkain” kaya nagkakasakit ang maraming tao, kumakain ng kung ano ano at BAWAL. kaya nagkakasakit, at di alam ang sanhi. Ganun din sa produkto at pinaggagagawa natin sa sarili kapatid. at paano ka nakasigurado sa lahat ng iinumin at ginagawa mo ay siguradong tama at walang pagkakamali? Hmmmm.. Sige, mukhang dalubhasa ka, ikaw na! LOL 😀


    tungkol sa paghuhukom, alam mo ba ang salitang “DAW”? marahil may NET ka naman isearch mo ang meaning kapatid dali! o baka lambat ang hanapin mo ha! at maraming tao pinaguusapan yan, tapos ako bawal? Wag ganun kapatid! Nakakatuwa ka naman masyado kapatid, para kang CENTRUM, u made my day complete. LOL

    peace po sa lahat! kalma lang kapatid! 😀

  • @doobiewedz

    anong pinagsasabi mo??? may sinabi ba akong nurse ako just try to review all of my comment i never say that i am a nurse .. i am only teenager…

    question ?? anong kinalaman ng simula sa pagka fetus ko??
    common sense ,, lahat ng tao nag kakasakit ryt pero it depends sa level ng karamdaman ….

    yan ang sabi mo diba!!!

    “At tungkol sa pagkain, oo marahil yang so called “pagkain” kaya nagkakasakit ang maraming tao, kumakain ng kung ano ano at BAWAL. kaya nagkakasakit, at di alam ang sanhi. Ganun din sa produkto at pinaggagagawa natin sa sarili kapatid. at paano ka nakasigurado sa lahat ng iinumin at ginagawa mo ay siguradong tama at walang pagkakamali? Hmmmm.. Sige, mukhang dalubhasa ka, ikaw na! LOL ”

    hahahahahahahahhahhaha!!! anong connection but mataas namn ako umintindi naiintindihan ko ..

    pag dating sa produkto ng sabon walang masama kung gumamit ka ng kung ano ano basta alam mo kung para saan ito ..ryt..

    ikaw ba pag ang isang product sayo ay hindi effective at nag kakaroon kapa ng sakit sa balat “ITUTULOY MO BA ANG PAGGAMIT” maraming product ang inilabas para pag pilian hindi mo kailangan mag “STICK TO ONE” ryt… my gosh …

    but for me ..hindi ko minamali ang “OPINYON MO” sapagkat ..


    kung gusto mo mag usap nalang tayo uag dto sa site na to masyadong nakakahiya ….. parang pinapakita ko na?????????..

    just contact me 09104691895..

  • …I had a super dark skin tone once..but I take Cosmo skin glutathione and it really works for me! you should try it tOo!! the only side effects is the skin whitening…but it has some other healthy benefits…

  • @jozep

    I’m 18 y/o and the only member of our family that have dark skin.. it’s been 5 years or more since i started using whitening products.. tried a lot. but honestly.. nothing worked.. still suffering from dark skin tone.. i hate this color since all of my friends have white skin tone.. my mom said i try to use gluthathione pills, but only males with the age of 21 are only allowed to use.. and also should consult a doctor…
    I’ve been wondering if you could give me tips.. i really insist of becoming whiter..
    i hope you can help me. 😀

    -Sorry for the bad english.. (newbie).. 😀

  • @CHARD

    — chard gusto ko lang sabihin sayo na ang pag tatake ng glutatahione ay 14 years old pataas (basahin mo yung review ng metathione) at ako kahet 14 years old lhn ako now nakapag take na ako ng 2 brands of glutathione but sasabihin ko sayo there’s no anything change …. gusto mo try mo COCOllagen maganda rin sia herbal tea .. be patience lang kasi if mag tatake ka ng isang bagay like pampaputi wag ka mag expect na puputi ka kaagad “EVERYTHING HAS A RYT TIME” gaya ng nasa past comment ko sa taas marami na akong nagamit ngunit ni isa ualang umepekto ..
    pero dati maitim talaga me pero after wards sa pag gamit ko ng kung ano ano hindi ko namalayan na pumuputi na pla ako…. at talaga namang maputi ako di lhn masyado ..

    if gusto mo talaga pumuti make a everyday hygene ..

    sana nakatulong..

  • im back guyzz..

    heto kkatapos lang mag pa FACIAL ..
    ayy nag palit na nmn ako ng sabon VASELINE WHITENING BODY WASH at ang promise ko sa skin ko never na akong mag lolotion..

    ayytt.. buti ngayong week mag kakaroon na ako ng time para maka pag shopping sa watson uala na akong sabon sa face ehh uala narin akong cream..


  • please tell me which is the best cream for make a white skin for men………………reply me..

  • i had a dark skin please tell me in low price of best cream to make white skin for men……………….reply me…….

  • Hello Gus, I read all your comments, much better to use Sulfur soap. One of the features of sulfur is that it causes the skin to dry out a bit and peel. When there is acne on your skin, your skin is more moist and oily than normal. Since sulfur dries the skin out, it will help decrease the inflammation of pimples and other blemishes on your skin. Sulfur can also help decrease the appearance of whiteheads on your skin by decreasing the oiliness and preventing pores from becoming blocked.

    I’ve been using this soap for so many years. Since i was in high school, when I was turning in puberty, I have a lot of pimples and whiteheads on my T-Zone(forehead and nose) that’s why my Mom told me, much better to use Sulfur soap than the other soap products, its safe to use and no harsh effect, then use face moisturizer and Skin White Lotion and I drink Vit C(contains of 1000 mg. everyday) much better to use GENERIC DRUG its cheaply than the Brand Name, you can buy this at cost of P1.25. Now I am 23 years old and working in a deluxe hotel in makati.

    by the way guys, I was consulting regularly to my Dermatologist at least twice a month.

    happy halloween Guys!!!

    (A Yuppies)

  • KB Glutathione + Glutawhite Food Supplement + Kirkland Vitamin C 1000mg (twice a day ako nainom nyan)

    dove soap lang ako ung green tapos dove lotion minsan, halos lahat na yata kasi ng soap na whitening nagamit ko na and it makes my skin dry and look old.

    ponds black ung facial wash ko, physiogel ang moisturizer ko

    nagchchemical peel din ako yung glycolic para lumiit ang pores.

  • @suraj kumar

    whitening cream na pampaputi marami.. like 4 example..
    -mena (60)
    -gluta white & firm (250)
    – nivea 50 times vit. c

    yan lang ang alm ko na mura ehh ..

    sana nkatulong pero mas maganda ang result kung mag tatake ka ng glutathione para pumantay lahat ng kulay mo sa katawan.. sana nkatulong ..
    may herbal nmn na pampaputi ng mukha o balat papaya try to research ..

    sana nakatulong..

  • hey guys. try nyo Olay soap with vit. C. sobrang effective for me. di ka madaling umitim and i got compliments na pumuti d tlaga ako and i noticed it naman. so go and try. thanks.

  • Hello.. maadvice ko lang sa mga bata pa o teenager na namomroblema sa tigyawat idad 12 hanggang 21, wag kayong masyadong atat mawala ang mga yan, di nyo kailangan ng mamahaling gamot o kung ano anong pamahid, maiistress lang kayo at lalong lalala ang sitwasyon kundi man sa present ay pwedeng sa future.. Eto obserbasyon ko, noon kasing ka idad nyo ako puno din ako ng tagyawat as in! mukhang kamatis na nalamog ang mukha ko, pero hinayaan ko lang, ang ginagawa ko lang wash ng mild facial wash or soap pagkagising sa umaga kasabay ng pagligo bago pumasok sa school, iwasang hawak hawakan ang mukha magbaon ng maraming panyo (i prefer cotton, para maabsorb ung sobrang langis) at huwag ang iisang surface lang ang pinangpupunas dahil nagbibuild up din ang bacteria dun kung iisipin natin kaya every once in a while babaliktarin o palitan agad then pagkauwi sa hapon wash uli, so 2x a day lang para di mawala ang natural oil sa balat.. Kasi ang tendency kapag naover wash ang balat lalo na sa mukha ay nagpoproduce ito lalo ng mas maraming oil..importante din kasi ang oil sa balat, mas matagal kang magkakawrinkles o tatanda tignan.. then the rest umiinom lang ako ng maraming tubig at vitamin c.. ang idad kasi ng isang tao lalo teenager yan yung purging stage (tama ba? di ako doctor nageexplain lng! hahaha) na di talaga mapipigilan na kung saan nagdedevelope pa kasi ang katawan at di pa ganun ka stable ang nangyayari physically o internally ng isang tao.. then after finishing college, 21 na ako that time (which basically i think physically and mentally matured na ang isang tao) napansin ko na matagal tagal na kong di nagkakaron ng pimples sa hindi maipaliwanag kung bakit kahit nagdaan ako sa sobrang stress, puyat at minsan di nakakapaghilamos dahil sa sobrang busy lalo na pag graduating..(yun lang eyebags naman ang problema ko! Hahaha) after ng lahat ng pasakit(hahaha) dun ako nagpursige magexercise, TAKE NOTE di mo kelangan magbuhat ng mabibigat na dumbbells! Simple brisk walking 45-1hr a day will do though it is still a form of a very good cardio exercise..for good circulation of blood at marami pang benefits etc, then tamang diet para sa paghahanda ng pag mamature(aging).. Dahil inisip ko nun na malapit na ang mga taon na magiidad na ako kasabay ng aking balat kaya ayun..Now im 27, ok naman ang skin ko though HINDI perfect at may konting blemishes na sa tingin ko di naman maiiwasan.. makinis at maayos naman ang kalagayan ng skin ko so far.. At kung sakali naman na 21yo above kana at malala parin ang kalagayan mo idagdag mo pa ang iba’t ibang condition ng balat like pagkakaroon ng ACNE though similar ata sya sa tigyawat still magkaiba parin yun, that’s the time na magpakonsulta na sa suking doctor.. again..opinyon, karanasan at obserbasyon ko lang ang lahat ng yan ha.. Sana may naitulong o naidulot ako ng konti para magkaron kayo ng idea.. ciao!

  • hi eve:)) i want to advice para sa maraming taong namomoblema sa kanilang “PIMPLES” mukhang “HAGGARD” for teenager ,, ako aaminin ko maarte akong tao at aaminin ko sobrang madami na akong nilalagay dito pero alam nio ba base on my experience and observation ,, oo gaganda ang mukha mo kikinis “PERO” kasabay nito ang pagiging sobrang sensitive nito kaya i supposed to stop many product that i use in my face also in skin.. nag isip ako kung papaano inisip ko kung papaaano mawawala ang mga pimples ko at hanggang sa naisip ko na gumamit ng natural ,,sinubukan ko sia at napansin ko nung nilagay ko siya bago ako matulog hanggang sa paggising nay malaking pag babagong naganap at gusto ko siang ipag patuloy .. oo sabihin na nating mahirap iwasan ang mga skin problem kagaya ng pimples , acne and so all . pero alam nio ba na isang pangungusap lang ang tinandaan ko dyan “EVERYTHING HAS A RIGHT TIME” kapag minadali mong tanggalin yan mabilis babalik yan pero kung tamang pag aalaga ang gagawin mo dian i sure na lahat ng taong nang lalait sayo na pangit ka isang saglit magugulat sila ..

    share ko lang ang secret ko ..

    -tootpaste (note: ung hindi gel)
    -egg (ung white lang)
    -nizoral or sulfur cream


    bago ka maligo pahiran mo ung affected area ng tootpaste mga 5-10 minutes ang hintayin mo den bago ka mag banlaw isama mo sa pag hugas ang face mo at pag katapos pahiran mo ulet at patagalin ulet ng 3 minutes then rinse well and after that kunin ang egg tanggalin ang pula na nasa loob at gawing facial mask ang natirang white ng egg then iwanan ng 20 minutes haggang sa matuyo talaga siang mabuti then kumuha ng towel basain tapos ipahid ng gently sa mukha hanggang sa mawala ang lagkit then put a nizoral cream or any anitseptic cream like sulfur cream then i promise paggising mo sa umaga you see the difference ..

    tootpaste have a capability to remove the bacteria and work as antiseptic…
    white egg may kakayahang banatin ang mukha at ilabas ang mga nana o bacteria na nasa pimples..
    nizoral or sulfur cream may kakayahang mag tanggal ng bacteria or microorganism at mag pa heal ng sugat in one night .

    masyadong cheap pero try niong gawin masasayahan kayo sa resulta ..

    sana nkatulong..
    basta always remember everything has a right time”

  • hello chris, my concern is about thighs, how to whiten it. what was the right soap to use to get a whiter, fairer, glowing skin? i used dove because it gentle and good in my skin but it doesn’t give a whitening effect. i just want to whiten my skin, i bought myravitawhite lotion and i used to apply it every night is it advisable for men to use products that designed for women complexion?because women and men are different skin complexion, i can find the right product to whiten my skin, i’m light brown but not fair skin. from palawan. thank you.

  • hi po , im christian 16 years old :))
    anu pu bng effective n gamitin para
    pumuti ung muka ? effective po ba
    ung MASTER active whitening with
    papaya extract and zero oil deep cleanser ? Txtbk
    ASAP po

  • the best way to keep your skin fair is by using lotions with spf. btw, im using belo essentials (pink) spf 330. try morning and night. very effective for me

    try NIVEA FOR MEN cleanser and scrub with 10x whitening small size around 120 pesos at watson

  • @christian

    -uag kang gumamit ng facial wash na nag sasabing zero oil , because the oil is the production of water going out to our skin for moisturazation . kapag inalis mo ang oil sa mukha mo magiging prone ka sa pimples . use a whitening soap ung hindi dry for face 🙂

  • hi ! 14 years old po .
    hindi masyadong maitim, pro gustong pumuti . ano po ba ang gagamitin ko para maging maputi yung balat ko? at sa mukha ko po? i really need answers . salamat 🙂

  • hey guys, just wanna ask if you guys have also tried using Vaseline for men na whitening facial scrub and vaseline din na moisturizer?

    are these stuffs effective? kasi ive been using it for weeks na, and nothing happened. im just wondering if the effects will be seen in a long term use?

    b4 im using the carrot soap, but now, i stopped kci ung orange color niya, naiiwan sa skin q, at ung mga white shirts ko nagiging orange din .waah.

    but u know, its very effective. atsaka ang sabi, di ka daw iitim pag na expose sa sun, gaya ng kojic.

    hope some.one could help me.

    thanks! 🙂

  • yahooo.. at sa wakas ang ganda na ng mukha ko ng dahil sa w2 acbegone ..

    -hayyt bibili rin ng w2 afgf para sa boosting effect .. ang mahal nga lang 2400..ngekk..

    kita kits:)

  • hi ung skin ko kasi ay brown na medyo maputi pero after 30 min nakikita ko na medyo umitim at umoil ung face ko any suggestion na pde gamitin para pumuti ung face ko na saglit lang eh makikita na ung result na pumuti kahit medyo light lng pero pag tumagal ung pag gamit mo eh mas gaganda ung result any suggestion ??

    at ano ba ang mga dapat ko bilihin

  • @ej15.

    – alam mo kung bakit ,kc dahil yan sa blood circulation . at dahil narin yan cguro dahil active kang tao .. and one thing pansin ko lang ahh .. pag sa medyo brown and maitim na tao pag nag oily ang mukha haggard na tignan pero sa mga mapuputi mag oily mang tignan oil lang hindi haggard..
    try ka a lang ng whitening product garnier daw maganda sabi ng mga tita ko.

    pero ang pag papapti kasi you need to become patience and ang pagiging kumportable sa sabon na ginagamit makakatulong yon. at trust xiempre.


  • guys may tanong ako may gamit ako sabon gluta berry ng iwhite tska facial foam nila nasa 2 weeks na rin siguro ginagamit pero na notice ko ahh nag light kaso nag bako bako ung face ko any advice i should stop it or sabayan ko ng products na para di mag bako bako tska ano ba alam nyo product na nakaka pag pagaling ng bako bako kasi bago palang sya baka pwede pa ma agapan ayaw ko matulad kay jose eh

  • Hi, Chris

    wat do you recommend for removing pimples and to whiten it. is it natural that if you use those products that it will dry your skin and leave white marks due to dryness.

  • guys answer naman ulitin ko lang ung question ko ahh guys may tanong ako may gamit ako sabon gluta berry ng iwhite tska facial foam nila nasa 2 weeks na rin siguro ginagamit pero na notice ko ahh nag light kaso nag bako bako ung face ko any advice i should stop it or sabayan ko ng products na para di mag bako bako tska ano ba alam nyo product na nakaka pag pagaling ng bako bako kasi bago palang sya baka pwede pa ma agapan ayaw ko matulad kay jose eh

  • welcome back:)


    -if you notice that the product did you use have bad effect to you and you’re not feel comfortable discontinue use.
    may alam akong product na makakatulong sayo .. sa whitening,sa pagpapakinis at sa pag glow nang skin mo ..kaso pricely . alam mo ung W-II maganda sia ung W-II product nila para sa mukha ..mas maganda ung W-II AFGF
    mabibili mo sia sa mga robinson mall ..panoorin mo sia sa tv channel 4 pag hindi cable ewan ko lhn kung anung oras dati kasi mga 2 pm every saturday …
    basta i promise 2 u na kahit mahal sia napaka effective nia ..

    sana nakatulong:)

  • Mga Bro Secret Lang Natin to ah pero seryoso RDL gamitin niyo yung #2. 65 pesos lng isang bottle nun..

    maglagay lang kayo ng konti sa bulak tpos pahid niyo sa mukha at leeg gamitin niyo pgtpos maligo at bago matulog..

    mahapdi sya sa 1st week na pag gamit tpos magbabalat mukha mo pero tiis pogi bro, pag tpos ng isang linggo di na mahapdi sarap na sa mukha .. puputi tlga mukha mo tpos mawawala mga pimples wag k lng magtatagal/bilad sa araw bka masunog mukha mo.. effective tlga to SERYOSO ginagamit ko sya ngayon pang 2weeks na sabi skin ng mga classmate ko kumikinis daw mukha ko tpos pumuputi.

  • Hei everyone, one thing that is effective to me is lotion 2, from my dermatologist, it was a treatment to remove acne scars, and will give you a really fair skin, because of its peeling effect, and now, my friends are telling me I look like a vampire, My problem, My body needs to catch up for my color, i need tips

  • Hi everyone..i think this blog is very interesting..since nbasa q ung mga reviews ng ilan dito…i just want to tell you something..Jozep is right the more you put/use products on your face the more n mggng sensitive skin mo…and he is right again when he said using natural remedy is much better..it’s ok to use otc products but make sure u know the product really well like the ingredients..mrming products ay hormone disruptors like paraben phtalates(wrong spelling ata)LOL..and many more…and wag kau ggmit ng bar soap s mukha..cause it will over dry your skin and will become more oily…Cetaphil is a good cleanser but with paraben, toner is not really neccessary but if you like how your toner feels on your skin and nkakakita k ng improvement then use it and enjoy..moisturizer is i think essential even for oily skin..but for those with acne dnt use moisturizer…If u want to dry out your pimples overnight..dnt use toothpaste pls…Use aspirin dilluted in water..Dalicin C (antibiotic) is also good for acne if u mix it with your toner pero very drying…s sunblock wla p aq swerte jan..til now d prn aq makakita ng sunscreen for face n hihiyang sa akin…natural cleanser and toner..Lemon juice is excellent…it will fade acne scar…but it takes time..use face wash twice a day lang..dnt touch your face if not necessary,…minsan pimples pag iniicp mo lalo nalala..ewan q kung true but based on my experience prang totoo nga..LOL..and xmpre wag nating kalimutan n magpa facial cleaning once a month..its very important..for maintenance….
    kung s body nman concern nyo..Asian secret is good, the scrub and the soap together will work well on your skin then bli k nalang ng effective whitening lotion ..

  • @ EJ15
    i think u have some ice pick scar..yan ung mga bakobako…wlang Over the counter product ang makakasolve nyan..i think much better kung punta k s skin clinic..like forever flawless..and ask them qng ano magandang solution jan..nwwla p namna yan pero it takes time and medyo my kamahalan…ung product n ginagamit mo..i think its not working on your skin…stop using it..ungmga bakobako s mukha nakukuha yan pag ngka pimples ka taz piniprick mo ung pimples mo..minsan nakukuha xa pag nagpa facial k taz mabigat ung kamay ng nag facial xeo pde xa mag cause ng ice pick scar..lalo n pag malalim tlga ung pimples…

  • Based on my experience…

    Best Natural Skin Whitening (face) – Lemon Juice and Tomato Juice (it may sting a little if u put lemon j on ur face so better dillute it first with water.)

    Best Body Scrub and Soap- Asian Secret (tyaga lang s paggamit, ung scrub every other day q xa gngamit.) the eason why i like this products kc very moisturizing xa s balat and at the same time refreshing and mpansin mo n paunti unti k nakakakita ng im[provement s dark patches s ktwan mo…(before ginamit q ung kojic san..effective xa as whitening pero sobrang nkakadry ng skin taz medyo nangangati aq ng konti…

    Best Body Lotion – Vaseline for men.(im a fan of nivea pero mas nakakita aq ng results s vaseline for men lotion)

    Best Facial toner – Dickinsons Witch Hazel (ung yellow) all natural yan..walang harmful chemicals (mbibili nyo yan s healthy options)

    Facial Wash – Cetaphil Gentle cleanser for all skin type..(its not the best for me kc my paraben xa eh pero yan gngmit q kc e2 ung nagwowork s skin q eh. dnt use facial cleanser like clean and clear kc sobrang harsh s skin nun..bsta tandaan nyo lang pag ggmit kau ng cleanser ung very mild s skin wag ung masakit s skin..kc mas magkakaproblema skin nyo..ang purpose lang nman kc ng facial wash to clean your face.

    and the secret to get results from all the products n ggmitin nyo eh STICK WITH IT.. 🙂

  • ang pinakamahalaga sa pagpapaputi e syempre yung disiplina p rin. d cheapest way p rin ng pagpapaputi e yung pag-iwas sa madalas n pagbababad sa sikat ng araw.(Bkit?) nakakatulong ang exposure sa sikat ng araw sa pagdami ng melanin production. .Melanin ang dahilan kung bkit umiitim ang kulay ng balat ..w
    lng silbi yung mga whitening product kung palagi kng expose sa sikat ng araw. try mong magstay sa dark areas ng bahay nyo plus whitening soap…ako kc i use LIKAS PAPAYA effective sa akin..ndi
    rin instant ang pagputi ng balat u hav to wait for a couple of time. Ibang tao yung mas makakapansin ng pagbabago sa kulay mo once n may nagsb sau nprng nangingitim k dun k lng magpalit ng brand. kpag nag-astringent be sure wag magpainit nakakapekas always use sunblock kung nid lumabas then patungan ng powder pr ndi mas dumikit yung mga alikabok o dumi sa mukha. Wax ,gel clay at other hair products nakakapimple mas maraming dumi kc yung pdng dumikit at kpg nagpawis ulo ntin at umagos sa mukha aun n ..be sure n before bedtime anlawan ang buhok or ryt aftergaling sa skul o kung san man banlawan ang buhok using shampoo and conditioner mabaho din kc sa anit at magiging mas prone sa balakubak. If u r using face cream or lotion mas magandang maglagay ng powder pagkatuyo mas kumakapit kc ang dumi .BODY RECIPE CALAMANSI AND TAWAS DEO mild ,natural at mabango amoy baby lng unlike mga deo for men ang tapang ng amoy kya mabaho lalo pag pinawisan nd rin nakakaitim ng kilikili. GLYSOLID CREAM effective sa mga .amumutok n talampakan. Iblade muna ang kalyo then file it apply glysolid as often as u nid to moisturize ur feet.apply it regularly and you will c d good effect online xa mabibili but if u have relatives sa Saudi magpadala k nlng. Dandruff dnt scratch it with ur finger nails just use finger tips ..hudhurin mo lng maigi ng finger tipsYung anit mo while shapooing hair any shampoo will do khit ndi anti dandruff. wash ur face palagi pagkagaling sa labas ku.g may pinuntahan man with pure water and facial foam or wash before going to sleep..kung ndi nmn masyado importante ang lakad wag n day tim
    e umalis kung kailan mataas ang ckat ng araw pahapon nlng..better if u use bimpo n pang hilod..kung gagamit ng whitening soap let it stay sa skin as long as u can but there are soaps n mahapdi kpg tumatagal in dat kpag nararamdamn n ang hapdi rinse it.. LIKAS PAPAYA ndi mahapdi mas maganda rin n hbng binababad kuskusin ng palad yung buong katawan para mas naaabsorb ng balat. Take note mas magandang alamin kung ano yung sabon n mas hihiyang sau..sa mukha ganu din kpag naghihilamos rub your chosen product all over your face do not scratch just rub it ng maigi using finger tips u wil notice unti unting mawawala ang white heads and blackheads ..wag yung tipong mabasa lng ang mukha dapat
    tamang kuskos. If u av sensitive skin avoid using facial scrub it may irritate ur skin use face foam instead,,

  • Hi guys
    14 pa lang me |
    ask ko lng anung mas mabisa na pampaputi sa mukha at sa katawan?
    im using Cy Gabriel na soap 4 2 weeks Pero wlang nangyare 🙁
    pzzz answer me 🙂

  • Hi guys

    ask ko lng anung mas mabisa na pampaputi sa mukha at sa katawan?
    im using Cy Gabriel na soap 4 2 weeks Pero wlang nangyare 🙁
    pzzz answer me 🙂

  • @ jozep

    Good to know, gumagamit ka rin pala ng AFGF
    I just bought WII AFGF last Feb. 22, 2013. Pricey pero ok naman.

    I noticed na nagf-fade yung red pimple marks ko sa face. At maraming nakakapansin sa improvement ng face ko.

    Big pores na lang problem ko.
    Pero, dapat pala AcbeGone muna binili ko. Hehe

    Nag-iintay pa ko ng results.

  • Guys Ask Ko Lang Maputi Na Kasi Mukha Ko Tapos Wala Ng Pimples Pero Nung Nawala Kc Pimples Ko Nagiwan Ng Mga PEKLAT anong Gagawin Ko..

    Thanks in advance sa magreply 🙂

    im Yuu

  • @janno
    same age lhn tau ahh:)
    gamit ka ng glupa try mo effective sia saakin ung soap lhn gamitin mo .. ung lotion kc effective kaso parang pilit ung pag kaputi.. sa face likas papaya gamit ko ngaun ubos na kc ung acbegone ko ehh..

  • @nil:)

    oo wII acbegone muna un ginamit ko taz afgf maganda un result nia .. kea nga lhn pricey maxiado ngaun i plan na mag pa facial para sa maintenance .. next gusto ko i try ung la raina nila:)

    Good luck s result:)

  • im back:)

    ayyt summer n nmn .. ingat na ingat n nmn sa sun:(
    ayyy … buti nlhn alaga parin skin ko ..

    guyz try nio asian secret body scrub .. maganda result .. matagal nga lang makawala ng mga maiitim na part sa katawan:)

    see you:)

  • Hi guyz!! im new 2 dis site..by d way i have a fair skin but d sya gaanong maputi tama lang..but i like 2 make it more lighter prang artista LOL..ambisyoso lang..hehehe seriously i use silka papaya b4 when i was studying and now i use kojic soap(kojie san) 4 a year or more medu lighten lang pero di gaano..i also tried yong ky kuya keiji matsumoto na Gluta Slim nag iihi lang ako pero di ako pumuti..and im concerned about my face kasi lage cya my pimples at yong iba nag scar na..tsk tsk sumone can help me? kasi i really want 2 improve myself naman..

  • Just want to share with you guys.

    For face, I use POND’S WHITE BEAUTY LIGHTENING FACIAL FOAM with vitamin B3. It takes me a week para mawala yung pimples, and another week to fade its marks. Also, nakakapagpakinis din ng mukha.

    I use it twice a day when I first start using it, but after a month. . . just one wash nalang. Ayoko kasing magpink yung mukha ko kapag nasobrahan sa gamit. Di ko ginagamit yung cream nun, and any other cream kasi it brings me to have pimples din.

    Php. 70+ for medium sized bottle and Php. 150+ para sa pinakamalaki. I recommend you just try muna yung medium sized. Since it can take you a month bago maubos yun if you are just applying it in your face and neck. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product if you have rough and blemished face.

    After having the good result, you can maintain it with Master facial wash with papaya extract to avoid the oiliness and dirtiness which is the main reason why you get pimples. Just took you Php. 25+ for half dozen sachet good for 2 weeks.

    For whitening, I use CY GABRIEL GLUTHATIONE SOAP with milk extract. It is very delicate in skin even for those who are sensitive. You can see the effect for just days or a week of continues using.

    The gluthatione ingredient can regulate the melanin content of your skin caused by sun rays kaya kahit maglakad ka sa tapat ng araw without sunscreen, hindi ka basta basta iitim. Since hindi ako gumagamit ng sunscreen kasi it leaves dangerous risk on your health. The higher the SPF, the more it will be dangerous. The milk extract can moisturize your skin. You have to use it on your body, face and ears for a good complexion.

    The soap costs you Php. 90+ for 2 bars (Buy 1 take 1) available at large grocery stores or SM Hypermarkets in NCR. The most affordable gluthatione soap now available in the market.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for whitening. I don’t recommend whitening lotion or cream because it has a high risk of danger in health, yet it is also expensive. For assurance, just use soap. I am a very tanned guy before, and tried out Kojic, Belo Men, Placenta, Papaya. But this soap only gives me twice lightened skin tone for 2 month time usage.

    I hope this helps.

  • . . . If the products I recommend you doesn’t work on you, please be patient like 2 weeks. Also, it is much of discovery din for the perfect one. Trial and error lang yan. If it gives you undesired result like scars or other blemishes, stop using it immediately. If you have question, please send me an email to ethandeguia@gmail.com . Enjoy the SUMMER!

  • This is my thing
    use Kojic Soap for face and body. after bath, use Nivea for Men Extra whitening and moisturiser. then, sa body, Neutrogena SPF50. if you want, try finding exfoliants from Thailand na Spa Milk Salt. it’ll exfoliat gently, hindi magrereact harshly sa skin na sensitive. it’ll whiten skin at sobra smooth. basta always use Nivea for Men Extra whitening moisturiser and UV blocks SPF30 and above. avoid sun exposure esp around 10am-4pm kasi nakakasira yan ng cells and it’ll surely damage ur complexion. goodluck guys

  • HI.

    My skin is more whitened except for my face.
    i want to know what should i use for my face because it has dead skin. they said that using ice will do. is it true?

  • what is the most effective scar remover? like pimple scars? ive been suffering from it for a couple of years already..I want to eradicate it badly..

  • @HENRY. I think using ice wouldn’t remove dead skin on your face. if you have time, you should have some treatments in a trusted derma like “let’s face it” or ‘belo’ but if you cant, you should use bleaching cleanser or whitening cleanser that are heavy to remove deaad skin (cleanser, i mean soap or face foam,scrub etc.) but choose trusted brands or you may have allergic reactions. you may use exfoliants, mild exfoliants kasi sa face lang nman, tsaka right after arriving home, go fash your face na para maalis agad and outdoor dirts. then, before bed, must wash face again, pagkagising ng umaga, buhusan m ng ice water para magclose ang pores para hindi kumapit ang dirt sa mukha. you have another options din, use cleanser like master na whitening para deeper ung cleansing mo, may exfoliant na din kasi sya, pero if you got irritations, stop use. use nivea for men whitening moisturiser, effective sya for whitening.

  • hayyy.. im so very dissapointed sa skinwhite .. nang dahil sa lotion na yan lahat ng perfection ko sa katawan nawala .. back to normal color .. ngaun medyo nabalik na sa pagkaputi sa tulong ng GLUPA at RDL soap.. sa face wala na ako problema .. light na sia maxiado panget pag sobrang puti nawawala ang dignidad ng pagiging lalake.. .. update nlhn ulit..

    guyz shared lhn ang ganda ng result saakin ng sublingual spray glutathione.. one week plhn umangat na ang melanin ng skin ko .. at after 2 weeks again it becomes light and glowing na ..

  • Hello Guys 🙂
    Ask lang ako kung paano ba mawawala ang Uneven Skin Tone ? Haltang halata na kasi ang Tan Line sa arms ko at sa neck. Kakasuot ng Tshirt. Please help. Btw 17 yrs old na po ako 🙂 Thanks.

  • hi guys,
    @jozep, @cata, @pao – mga boss namin lalo na si sir chris.
    Tanung ko lang po kung anu ba tlaga makakapag paputi ng tuhod, leeg at butt… sana may makatulong, nasubukan ko na rin yung mga tips pero sad to say hindi pa rin tlaga nagbago ung kulay. pag ginamitan ba ng hydroquinone ung mga parts na yun eh may pag-asa pa bang magbago ung kulay kahit kunti lang, kaso kasi delikado daw ang mga products na may hydroquinone. suggest naman po kau! maraming salamt po tlaga… lalo na sa mga bossing natin pag dating sa mga ganitong usapin…
    Maraming salamat tlga..

  • @ bingo

    – ung tuhod , leeg pwedeng hydroquinone ,, pero ung butt.. i dont think so ..
    try mo erase solution .. nakakputi pero pag naligo ka wag mong kukuskusin masiado ung nilagyan mo..pero ako rdl na pure sa siko at tuhod gamit ko..

    sana nakatulong:)

  • @jozep
    maraming salmat sau., akala ko wlang sa2got.
    cge sundin ko payo mo, pero anu ba magandang steps na pwede mo sa akin i-advise para matuloy2 ko paggamit ng rdl.. sorry kung masyadong matanung.. hehe salmat ulit sau pare. mabuhay ka!

  • @bingo

    -depende nmn un kung hiyang ka ako hiyang ako sa rdl #3 ,trial muna .. wag muna umasa sa resulta .. kung hindi talaga kaya ng rdl .
    NOTE: ‘rdl cannot be used more than 2 months”

    .. bleaching cream nlhn gamitin mo o kaya kalamansi . pag ung tita ko nabili ng white princess na bleaching powder ..un ung ginagamit ko sa mga dark areas ng katawan ko.. effective nmn sia .. kaso lhn pag ginamit mo sa katawan nagiging blonde ung hair ng skin..

    kung 18above ka .. erase nlhn gamitin mo ..pero try mo padin rdl un kc effective saakin ehh:)


  • @jozep- maraming salamt tlaga.
    Bumili nga pala ako kanina ng rdl ung babyface ba yun #2 ung nakalagay. Ok na cguro yun? cge sundin ko lahat ng advice mo. pero kung wala pa rin resulta eh su2bok na lang ulit ng ibang paraan, anjan ka nman eh.. hehe! nga pala 19 years old na ko.. cguro pede na ko gumamit ng rdl… salamat ng marami pare. mabuhay ka!

  • hello po..
    17 palang po ako ..hindi naman maitim na maitim pero gustong gusto ko po na pumuti ako kahit papano.. d po kasi pantay ang kulay ng skin ko..
    ask ko lang po kung ano ang pwedeng gamitin na soap or products pampaputi..
    sana po may mag.suggest.. yung effective na affordable lang ..hehehe

    i was a huge fan of your blog Chris ..at ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob na magtanong..
    thank you.. i’ll wait po..


  • @bingo .

    – cge pre abang lhn ng result.. nga pla para saakin mas matapang ang #2 kesa sa #3 ..

    puputi din nyan antay lhn.

  • @ jozep..

    hello pare..
    tatanung lang sana ako kung anong products ang effective na pampaputi..
    esp. sa katawan…
    sensiya na kung matanung ako.. 🙂
    thank you in advance pare..

  • @bernie

    – try mo “GLUPA” soap .. unang gamit mahapdi talaga sia taz exfoliate kaagad ung skin ..pero after a days mawawala na sia .. sa unang araw wag mo ikuskus sa balat mo masiado o kaya gamit ka muna ng isang sabon taz pag kabanlaw sunod mo ung glupa .. pero pag di kana nahapdian pwede mo na isolo yun taz pede mo narin ipang rub sa katawan.. o kaya cosmo skin soap maganda rin sia nakakapag pinu ng balat ..

    pero gamit ko latest soap..
    una ung cosmo skin soap.. nag stop ako kc tinamad ako pumunta na ng watson . taz pinag combine ko ung rdl with milk soap at glupa. tinigil ko ung rdl ..

    ngaun glupa nlhn gamit ko so far ok nmn .. un nga lang madaling maubos it cost 140 per soap .. basta cosmo skin soap , rdl with milk , glupa.. dian ka nlhn mamili para saakin yan nlhn effective salahat ng ginamit ko. taz kung kaya wag kana mag lotion ..

  • @ jozep..

    salamat pare sa advice..
    try ko rin yung advice mu.. maganda ba ang glupa sa sensitive skin?? 🙂
    medyo sensitive kasi skin ko..
    pero try ko rin naman kung mag.work..
    salamat sa effort pre..
    pano rin pala paputiin ang tuhod,siko tsaka pwet? 🙂
    kahit ma.lighten lang naman ng kunti..

    salamat ulit..
    txt me nalang if you mind 09359763162 tnx..

  • ask ko lang kong anu ung best product para ma less ung pore ko sa face. any1 can answer ds. thanks po?

  • mga brad na try ko ung glupa lotion effective ba talaga ito ?

    at ano pa kaya ang pde gamitin sa face na hindi nakaka harsh ??

  • Im a newbie here… im a skin white user… sabi nila mas nag good ung skin tone ng face ko nung bumaba ako sa barko…

    for face; skin white face cream yung pink after nung skin white cleanser na pink
    for body: skin white lotion advance with spf20
    for soap; skin white advance

    im sure your skin glow…

    perhaps effective naman sila i want to try products na kahit here in the philippines effective kasi sa init dito sa pinas… ilang weeks palang ako dito bumabalik na yung dating collr ko… some suggestion pls

  • Sa mga gusto mag-whiten yung skin, try Met Tathione. Tried it yung 60 caps and within a month, pumuti ako then nag-glow balat ko. Kailangan nga lang ng maintenance dahil mawawala yung glow after a few days. Now I’m taking Belo gluta+collagen hehehe mas mura kasi may nabibiling blister pack which contains 480 for 10 caps. Then bibili din ako Belo essentials (lotions and facial wash ganun)

  • Anyway, Met 60 caps costs 2700 tapos yung 30 caps 1400. Ganun din yung Belo pero meron silang per blister pack (Thank God) lol. Be sure to take 2 caps a day with vit c na atleast 500mg or above. Then pag na-achieve mo na yung desired color mo, you can take 1 cap a day for maintenance. Gluta is liver food and with extra supply of it, tataas capability ng liver mo na magdetoxify and at the same time, gaganda balat mo. Never tried KB and never will kasi sabi cheap daw yon lol. Hope that helps. Stay pogi mga topa (=

  • hi pareng chris!

    bago lang ako sa blog mo. actually kagabi lang. at simula kagabi binabasa ko mga comment nitong article nagsimula 2007. until now binabasa ko pa at hndi pa ko tapos 🙂 natututwa ako kina pau at cata sa conversation nila. hehe. pero paraming salamat sa article na eto dami kong nalaman about skin care for men.

    can i ask. ano ba dpt sunod sunod na ilgay after washing your face? cleanser,scrub,toner,moizturizer? tama ba yan??

  • D`consciousGUY

    Salamat tol sa pagbasa. Glad to have helped.

    To be honest, I only use soap these days. Pag sinisipag, may cleanser. Hehe.

  • :))

    mga brad masaya na sa wakas.
    i achive what i want:)

    stop na sa lahat ng pagamit ng kung anu ano ..
    i found the best thing that i never found before..

    happy na mga brad:)

  • haha.nakakatuwa po binasa ko yung blog na to, from the start 2007 pa.haha xD napaka vain talaga natin mga lalake.xD

    ginagamit ko lang po sa face na pampaputi ay
    -kojic acid soap
    -apricot scrub yung brightening
    -cetaphil cleanser
    -master facial moisturizer
    -amira magic cream/ milk magic cream

    -bb cream. (optional) hahaha pang make.up lang to pero it help ur face a lot. ^^

    super,effective to. it helps to clear ur skin and have a whiter complexion. 🙂

  • Hi my skin is fair what products that i can use ?:) and ilang times gmitin gsto ko ksi panntay ang mukha at katawan 🙂 thanks

  • mga brad:)

    bagong gamit ko mga brad:)

    sa face.

    -ponds clear solution
    -st ives

    sa body

    -kojie san


    yan mga brad .. although pumuti ako sa glupa pero mas kuminis ako sa kojie san at nag lilighten lahat ng marks sa katawan ..

    basta mga brad never use lotion sa umaga .. it may cause sensitivity at mas nagiging prone ang balat na maging darken ..

  • hi guys.
    this is my first time visiting this article.
    after reading the article I read the comments, I didn’t notice the date at first I just kept reading and reading and after an hour reading I realized the the comments was from 2007. So I got tired reading and decided to start writing my comment and also ask my question hoping you could recommend a something for me.

    I’m 18yrs old from Baguio,

    I ride a mountain bike almost everyday and when I’m on a long ride I spend almost 9 hrs under the sun travelling out of Baguio with my MTB.

    I need your suggestions on soaps that will make my skin whiter(especially the arms, legs, neck and face)

    I also need your suggestions that will remove the dark spots that a pimple leaves on my face. I have an oily face, I sweat a lot when outdoors and I also spend a lot of time in front of computers.

    I also need something(a lotion?) that will protect me from the UV rays of the sun and will also maintain/lessen my skin from turning dark again. a product that won’t be washed off when my sweat starts dripping when riding the MTB.

    hope you could enlighten me on this topic cuz this is my first time taking countermeasures for my skin from darkening 😀

  • hahaha!! i have a Brown skin tone! what can u suggest on me, Soap for my face and Soap & Lotion of Body! Thanks !! :)))

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    You’re very intelligent. You understand thus considerably when it comes to this topic, made me in my view believe it from numerous various angles. Its like men and women are not interested until it is something to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. All the time take care of it up!

  • hi,im 24 years old male,from cotabato,eto nga pala regimen ko

    Morning: take 1 tablet of ishigaki gluta and 1000mg of vitaminc c on empty stomach
    jhonson top to toe (face)
    Neutrogena fine fairness oil free moisture (face)
    summer teen bb cream spf 15 (face)
    blackpearl soap (body)
    vaseline lotion spf 50 (body)

    1 tablet of ishigaki gluta and 1000mg of vitaminc c after meal
    Evening: jhonson top to toe (face)
    GNC vitamin c moisturizer (face)
    Kojie san soap (body)
    Nivea extra whitening lotion (body)

    check nyo fb ko pumuti tlga ako hehe: pancit02@yahoo.com

  • Why is that after taking a bath I have experienced that my face is so white and light but after an hour it comes back to my normal skin. Please Answer my question Thanks.

  • I used Master facial wash, facial cleanser and moisturizer for a few years and no good effects at all..it’s time for me to shift on using Nivea products, let see if whats d result after few weeks..

  • I suggest Kb glutathione…google it…masasabi kong effective for me….may kaitiman kc ako noon…1-3wks may result na…before vacation of province yan..almost complete na ang 1 mnth tapos napansin ng lolo ko,mom ko at tita…my mom ask me if may iniinom akong gamot…kac pumuputi daw ako…try this kb glutatione…almost 3 years ko ng gamit until now pero hindi nga lang consistent ang pagiinom ko…sinabayn ko rin ng mga whitening soaps and moisturizer.

  • Anyone na best whitening soap na mabilis umEffective at also can remove pimples,Acne marks,and Dark spots?
    Please re[ly Pals 🙂
    Thank you!!

  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog?

    My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Pampaputi ba ng skin? try nyo KOJIC SOAP. 🙂 medyo matapang pero effective. 101.9% makakaramdam ka ng konting hapdi depende sa pag-scrub mo. Vaseline lotion naman after maligo. tapos tapat ka sa electricfan para matuyo. 🙂 Tapos PONDS para sa mukha. Facial scrub & facial foam .. samahan mo na din ng DETOX cream for better result. 🙂

  • Papaya soap?well based on my experience…dis is my 1st soap….maglilighten naman skin mo but walang dating at d pansin…..kulang ang effect…well may be it is also depend to your skin kung hiyang ka…

  • the next one is Belo men whitening soap….for me it is more effective than papaya soap…..compost of glutathione,kojis acid and giga white,it is belo owned formula…

  • guys i really suggest to try Kb Glutathione…cheapest but quality effective…trial pack is 300+ and 2nd one is 975….pwede rin sa lalaki yan but something akward coz babae madalas gumamit…available mercury drugstore nationwide..ito bumago sa akin…lalo na sa confidence ko….in 3wks napansin na agad…mamulamula ang pisngi ko at naggo-glow lalo na kapag may araw…bec of glutathione and rosehips vit.C it helps to heal my acne scar…halos lahat ng tao gumagamit ng glutathione prdcs..try nyo rin…..you can check my facebook….eric jaravata…just search that..

  • welcome back mga pre:)

    update ko lang ngaun :))

    gamit ko na ngaun

    -kojie san * twice a day * body
    -kojie san lotion * after bath* body
    -kojie san crean * after bath * face
    -ponds *ung bago ngaun* face
    -st ives *exfoliating srub* face
    -rosy peel *skin supplement*
    –> very effective 2ng rosy peel cheaper than glutathione
    it makes your skin glowing , whiter , pinkish
    -calcium cee *vitamin c*

    yan lang gamit ko .. so far super effective yang procedure ..
    inaasar nga ako sa school ..
    nasaaken na daw ang lahat .. matangkad , maputi , pogi 🙂

    sana nakatulong.

  • Silver – I believe they are available in Mercury Drug branches which not only has a pharmacy but also have a grocery with it.

  • guys ,,ano pla mgndng remedy sa undereye circles?? mejo lumalala na xa kasi lage ako puyat at my insomia pa,, anyway call center agent pq,, some tips please,, im currently using nivea 10x whitening for men ,, ung facial wash at ung cream,,soap ko ung belo whitening,, so far,,may epekto naman,, mejo brown ang balat,,pinoy n pinoy,,eyebags lng problem ko..pumuputi nmn ako kht pano.

  • Helklo there! This article could not be writtten much better!
    Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept talling about this. I will forward this poost tto him.
    Pretty sure he will have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

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  • Try nyo tokyo love soap..super effective…first use mo plng mkikita mo na agad whitening effect..

  • effective skin whitening soap

    1. Tokyo love soap(see result after use)
    2. Swis glutathione(within 3days mejo may makikitang whitening effect
    3. kojie san soap
    4. orange peel l-glutathione soap
    5. psalmtre goats milk soap

    * remember always use sun screen…

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  • guys.. back again 🙂

    i amazed that ysa papaya + kojic gives me fastest result of whitening and glowing ..

    ngayon gamit ko ..

    face and body – ysa papaya + kojic as early 5 days i see a result:)
    met thathione – as early 2 days my skin become super glowing ..
    no need lotion !!!

    diamond peel soap at lotion although effective sia as in but nag kaka tagyawat ako sa dibdib 🙁

    now wait ko lang maubos yung first bar ko ng ysa combine ko na sia na met thathione soap 🙂


  • Nag try ako ng Nivea Whitening Moisturizer it had no effect for me 🙁 Please suggest ung effective na soap and lotion…. Thanks.. 18 yrs old from imus Cavite

  • each time i used to read smaller articles or reviews which
    also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading at this place.

  • Ask ko lang po kung may alam kaung murang glutha or pwdng mbilhan ng glutha vial mas effective kc daw un eh.

  • Hi guys.,kakabasa q ng mga info d2 dmi q nlmam n dming vain n guys..hehe.,
    Aq gumagmit ng ponds product from facial,toner,cream mdyo mgnda nmn effect pro ngayon plano q n mgplit ittry q ung nivea men products,hope mas mngda effect nito skin…

  • pili na lang kau..Bago ako pumuti at hanggang ngaun ito mga gimagamit ko..Likas papaya,belo(whitening),Master: whitening glutathione facial scrub or wash/moisturizer/glutathione toner/papaya Nivea: lotion(whitening),moisturizer(whitening), facial scrub(whitening) Kojie san(kojic acid/orange) vaseline men moisturizer and lotion(whitening)

    BEST for me
    my one and only is my whitening pills(KB Glutathione)avl. in Mercury drugstore
    if i’m not mistaken this is the cheapest oral glutathione but i think super effective(google it for more info)

    BETTER for me
    toner- Master(papaya)
    Facial moisturizer- Nivea(whitening,the new one with pore minimiser)
    facila scrub for exfoliation- Nivea facial scrub(whitening)
    Body lotion- Nivea(whitening)
    Soap- Belo(whitening) and koiie san kijic acid

    GOOD for me are other products in list

    -Derma says”dapat every month nagpapalit ng whitening soap para maging effective ung whitening effect”
    -drinking a lot of water
    -moisturizer with sun block is important(always)
    -iwasann magpa-araw
    -whitening products lang dapat kung gusto pumuti
    -sapat na tulog
    -well balance eating habits with nutritious foods

  • always don’t forget to have “BODY SCRUB” pra mapalitan ang balat at mag-regenerate ulit

  • Guys, musta na? ok sa akin ung orange peel and L-glutathione tapos sabayan mo ng kojie san.. ang puti ko kaso ang dami ko namang dark spots sa mukha… panu ba to guys mawawala.. 2 months ko na itong pinoproblema.. patulong nman oh.. @chris, @jozep, at syempre sa iba na rin dito sa forum.. maraming salamat sa inyo.. tulungan lang tau guys para lahat tau gwapings. heheh 🙂

  • good eve po kuya cris. . ahhm. .bago poh ako sa blog nato. . and its so good to know na meron pala nito para sa guy. . ahmmm anu po ba mas magandang pang hairstyle??

  • @BINGO try mo ang Pond’s na volcanic clay bro. I’ve used it before bago ako nagchange sa master whitening facial wash eh.. 🙂

  • hey guys, almost 1 year ko na pinoproblema yung neck ko specialy sa nape(back ng neck) ko kasi ang itim eh. any product recomendation namn po kung paano ko paputiin to na hindi gaano gagastos. And any suggestion din kung paano mag paputi ng pantay from head to toe.

  • Chris, could you pls post all of the whitening products that you use so i can buy them and try them out for myself. Pls po paki post.

  • Simon – sorry for the late reply. The latest product I’m using is Vaseline Men Face Antispot + Whitening. Try it. It’s good. 🙂

  • Chris, help naman . di ko kase talaga ma achieve yung puti at kinis na habol ko. from 1-10 highest is 10, siguro nasa mga 6 ako. Pano ba gumamit ba sila gumamit nang whitening soap? nagbababad paba sila for about 5 minutes? and then di ko magets kung baket yung iba 2 soaps ginagamit nila for face, anu un? after nila magbabad for the 1st soap , babad naman sa pangalawa? thx.

    Btw. gamit ko ngayon is kojie san for men. and master facial scrub. pero feeling ko lalo ako umiitim then nagkaroon na ako nang spots sa muka.

  • Jay… Ako oo binababad ko muna ung soap sa katawan ko….for me mga 3-5 mins…..ngaun kac kojie san gamit ko both for face and body…then if I have budget nivea face scrub for exfoliating…I used kb gluta- it is gluta activator…pero parang d na sya ganun ka effective but masasab ko na ito talaga ung nagpaputi sa akin- pills

  • Hi Chris, what is the best whitening skin for 12-year-old. I been using Silka but it didn’t work.