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Neutrogena for Men

I have a male cousin who recommended Neutrogena Facial Scrub. Though I have never tried it he said that it was good and it actually is, because it improved his skin a lot. Then a month has passed and I saw the same facial scrub being used by another male officemate. The name is Neutrogena Deep Clean. Anyone using it here?

Image credit: Dermstore

It’s more like a woman’s facial scrub so I was surprised that men are actually using it. Anyway, I was wondering why they haven’t released the men’s version here. I went to Neutrogena’s website today and they do have a complete product line-up for men.

Image Credit: Neutrogena

So far I haven’t seen any of those here in the Philippines. Does anyone have?

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  • Mabuhay! I’m currently using a facial scrub from Simple. It is free of colour and perfume. I am not sure whether it is sold in the Philippines but after using it for half a year, I have less problem with oily skin.

    Thanks for dropping by my site.

  • yup, neutrogena is very effective. kahit na yung walang scrub, effective din siya. i think kahit anung facial wash is unisex. symepre, for marketing purposes, may gagawin sila for males kasi diba guys would think na it’s too “gay” to be using as such so kaya they make a wide range of products for guys. pero in reality, they work the same.

  • sa bagay @ anonymous. I guess it’s a marketing strategy. The content is just the same, the label is different

  • Cetaphil are skin cleansers and moisturizers specially formulated for dry sensitive skin. Although pwede din naman xa for normal skin. Iv’e tried Neutrogena Deep Clean, maganda din xa sa mukha parang ang lambot ng feeling at malinis tignan.

  • I do agree with Anonymous there. products that are released as the “for men” version is only for plain marketing. it is the same formula.
    however i would totally agree that neutrogena deep clean facial foam is a good face soap especially for oily skin.

    Personally i have oily skin and the best thing to do with oily-skin-types:

    Wash twice a day. preferably in the morning and before bedtime. you can wash your face depending on the type of work or environment you are exposed to. Too much washing may cause dryness for normal skin and excessive oily-ness for oily skin-types. I know it may sound weird, however as you relieve your face of dirt and oil more often than recommended, your skin will compensate for the dryness because of excessive washing and will tend to secrete more sebum or oil.

    TIP: NO to excessive washing!
    RECOMMENDATION: Cetaphil Facial wash for normal to oily skin,
    Neutrogena deep clean facial foam and
    Ponds clear solution anti-bacterial facial scrub.

    Because you cannot help your skin for secreting oils naturally, I recommend a blotting paper or film. It will instantly take oils and shine from your face. Another is using a pressed powder formulated for oily skin types, however this is optional, because men (but not all)especially of this day and age are more inclined with the physical aspects and are called “metro sexual” because of being vain. There is no harm in being high maintenance with one’s self for ones in a while.Back to the pressed powder, generally you just have to look out for products that are non-comedogenic, it means it will not block the pores.

    TIP:If your work is more inclined toward the fields-of-work that are exposed to pollution or just the outdoors, Use wet wipes, it will cool your face down and also remove dirt.

    RECOMMENDATION: for oil films any type is OK, as well as for wet wipes, however I would suggest buying an anti-becterial wet wipes like from Kleenex.For pressed powders, MAC’s blot powder pressed for a high end brand and CoverGirl’s(haha. these are suggestions.)CLEAN pressed poweder and for a more budget friendly product there is maybelline.

    Oily skin-types tend to have more break outs and acne problems. its because of the bacteria and clogged pores. So one solution for lessening acne and breakouts is to avoid touching the face and popping the pimple. It is a known fact the the hands are the parts of the body most exposed to bacterias and dirt.

    TIP: NO to face touching & WASH your hands and sanitized! there is no such thing as being too clean in this day and age.


  • ang cetaphil poh ay may “PARABEN ” pero i dont know kung bakit ni rerecomend sya ng mga doctor pero i respect na lang din doctor sila ehh.. researcher lang ako ehh.

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  • hello po! where can i avail Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser here in Philippines? kasi po paubos na yung ginagamit ko… thanks! = ]

  • hello po! where can i avail Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser here in Philippines? kasi po paubos na yung ginagamit ko… thanks! = ],,, pasalubong lang po kc yun from Hongkong, and its feels good and useful to my oily and sensitive skin.. pls feel free to email me here pdftacla@yahoo.com

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