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Coat + Jeans = Dressed to Kill

In the past, people wear dress coats for very few but formal occasions – prom, wedding and in the office especially if you hold a high position such as that of an ambassador or a senior executive. But these days, the men’s fashion trend for the young and hip is to wear a coat not with the usual slacks we wore at the highschool prom, but with the casual jeans we wear everyday.

Take a look at these shots below. For some reason, I am starting to like the formal look of the coat combined with the casual look of the jeans and slip-on shoes. It is a style that looks like a hybrid between formal wear and casual wear. Nevertheless, it really makes any guy dressed to kill…


So maybe you are wondering: “What should one wear inside the coat?”. The answer is simple – any t-shirt will do. Just make sure that the colors of the coat, shirt and jeans complement one another.

These coats are everywhere – in department stores and even in local men’s boutiques (Penshoppe has lots of them). They usually cost 3,000 Pesos and up. I want to get one of these but my only problem is that our office dress code is more of casual and I’m afraid that wearing a coat, even though with jeans, might still make me look overdressed.

It is nice to wear these coats and jeans in parties if you want to catch women’s attention. It is a surefire headturner!

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am the founder of Pinoy Guy Guide. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.


  • I agree, you can always remove the coat. but me personally, I won’t be caught dead in that shitty get up. Kaya nga formal attire e.

  • I’d only wear that during gigs and performances. However, I’d pair the get up with my favorite K-Pop/Gothic platform boots. If I’m gonna wear that for a simple stroll at the mall I’d be the alien among the humans around. Too much attention is awkward. lol

  • this attire is very common in China, HongKong and Macau. People here wear really wierd unlike the Philippines.

  • Actually, the cut and design of the coat says it’s casual. My colleague says the same thing as well, ‘Is this coat making me too formal?’. But obviously he was dying to wear it. So I said, you should wear what you want. Most people don’t know what ‘formal’ really means.

    If you really feel uncomfortable wearing a classy coat, then wear something with it that makes you feel comfortable. I told my colleague – wear black Chuck Taylors with your coat, you’ll feel really comfy as well as sexy. Now he wears his coat twice a week – always paired with his trusty sneakers, and now everyone says he’s quite stylish.

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