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Fashionable Face Masks for Men

by Chris
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Whether you care to admit it or not, face masks have become a staple of menswear and are here to stay for a while.

And while it is still highly recommended to wear medical masks and N95s since they are the most effective during the pandemic, sometimes, they don’t go well with suits, office wear and weddings.

So if you are attending a wedding outdoors, you may want to consider these fashionable face masks with a replaceable 3-ply insert.

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They go well with dress shirts and even suits. Just make sure that you don’t forget to insert a medical-grade filter so that you are not only safe but stylish as well.

Use this only when there is good air circulation or when you are outdoors where your attendance to the event is absolutely necessary.

Other than that, better to stay home as much as you can.

You can get 3 pieces of these face masks for 350 Pesos only from Wharton.

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